This is a continuation of a story. It will make more sense if you read the first four chapters. Enjoy...


I wanted my hands free so I could rub my dripping cunt. I felt very humiliated and horny. I was sitting strapped to a chair in the mall security office after being caught masturbating in the bathroom. So much had happened today. The man on the bus playing with me; masturbating; and security catching me, searching me and filming me. Thinking about it all made me moan. Just days ago, I'd been a bit of a prude. I was still technically a virgin but now I was consumed with the idea of being fucked and I couldn't stop masturbating. I'd be masturbating right now, strapped to the chair, in the mall security office if I could. That first simple survey I'd agreed to do, a few days ago, had changed my life.

Finally, the door opened and a man walked in. He was small and wiry, with amazing green eyes. He stared intensely at me. Strapped to the chair in my short skirt and halter top, I knew I looked like a slut. My vibrator sat in the middle of the table, advertising what I'd been doing. I hoped he was with Gurls, the maker of the surveys. I'd come to the mall to find them. He grabbed a pair of scissors from the table and snapped the zip tie off my wrists. "Thank you, Sir," I murmured trying to keep from reaching for my dripping pussy. I didn't usually call men sir, but it seemed right.

"Come with me. Don't forget your vibrator. In fact, why don't you put it in your mouth and suck on it," he commanded. I was dismayed at how eagerly I obeyed him as I slipped it in my mouth and followed him. He led me into the back hallway and down to the room I'd taken the first survey in. I was so excited to be there.

The man I thought of as Mr. Handsome was in the room and his eyes roamed my body as I entered. "I hear you got into trouble. You better not give us any problems," Mr. Handsome said, as Green Eyes guided me into the room with his hand pressing against me. Mr. Handsome's face grew stern. "Well, are you going to be a problem?" I tried to answer around the vibrator still in my mouth. "Go on, answer me".

I pulled the vibrator from my mouth, holding it as it dripped with my drool. "No, no, I'll be good, Sir," I promised not even sure what good meant anymore. Part of my brain whispered the words from their video: slut, fuck, suck, obey. Mr. Handsome handed me a drink and I grabbed it to keep my free hand busy, so I couldn't play with myself. Like before, the diet coke tasted slightly funny but it seemed more satisfying than I remembered and I quickly drank it down.

"Good girl". Mr. Handsome's words brought a gush to my pussy and I moaned. The hand holding the vibrator clenched as I longed to shove it under my skirt. "Are you sure you want to take our last survey. You seem to be having some problems?" he smiled mockingly.

"Please sir." my voice was husky with desire as I gazed at him. I wasn't sure if I was asking to do the survey, use the dildo or pleading with him to use me. "I need it." I knew I wasn't going to be able to resist much longer. Not with both of them so close. Not when I felt the constant stream of yearning.

"This survey is a bit different. It's more of an experiment." I shivered hearing this. Green eyes lead me to a different room. There was what looked like a dental chair, except there were two rods sticking up from the seat. "Climb on, I'm sure you can figure out where the probes go." I hesitated, a small distant part of my brain telling me this was a mistake. "Is there a problem?" he asked as his hand slid along my butt.

His hand felt so good and reminded me of the plug in my ass. "Sir, I... I have a butt plug in". I stammered, only dimly embarrassed, unable to focus on anything beside the feeling of his hands and thoughts of my holes filled. His hand slid under my skirt. Everywhere he touched felt silken and on fire. I couldn't believe I'd become even more sensitive. I closed my eyes as I felt him touch and then work the plug slowly out of my ass.

"Suck." I didn't want to. The idea disgusted me; it had just been in my ass but my mouth opened automatically. "Good girl." The videos and surveys seemed to have conditioned me to those words and a rush of pleasure ran through me. The pleasure only seemed to be strengthened by the feelings of disgust and I felt close to orgasm. "Any other issues or are you ready for the experiment."

I was unable to answer. Not just because of the butt plug in my mouth but the intensity of emotions, I felt him push me towards the chair. A tiny part of me still knew I should resist, but my hunger to have my holes filled was much too strong. I eased on, pulling my skirt up and positioning the probes over each entryway and slowly working my way down them. I could hear the grunting noises I made around the plug in my mouth.

My own animal noises and having all my holes stuffed was too much and I began to thrust my hips. "We haven't even started yet, slut." I barely registered his words, my thirst to cum too strong. Instead of dental tools, the suspended arm on the chair had a flat screen and a camera. He moved the screen in front of my eyes and I could see myself rutting and sucking. I watched in the camera as he pulled my halter top up exposing my tits. He rolled a nipple between his fingers. It had become so hard to orgasm, but I watched myself climax. "That's right." he murmured and then slipped headphones over my ears.

I was replaced with a spiral which soon resolved into a video as familiar words whispered. "Slut, suck, fuck, obey, beg, slave, suck, fuck, obey," mingled with the sounds of sex; moans, cries, slapping flesh. Whenever the word slave or obey was uttered, the probes vibrated. Images flashed: slaves being auctioned, caged, kneeling at their masters feet, fucked in every hole and begging to be used. Every time I came, a voice affirmed, "Good girl." After days of frustration, of finding it harder and harder to orgasm, I now couldn't seem to stop. I thrashed, lost in a world of physical bliss that soon became overwhelming. The images sped up, and the words slave and beg became more frequent. I could feel something breaking in my brain. A part of my mind switched off and I became a thing of sensation, floating on a cloud of pleasure and exertion.

I have no idea I was lost in this world of ideas and commands, but finally Green Eyes removed the headphones. The monitors moved back to the image of me, plugged and probed; wet with cum and sweat; panting and staring dazedly.

Mr. Handsome ran a finger across my hard nipple and I turned to gaze at him. He pushed a button and the probes withdrew. I felt so empty without their presence. "Ready for the questions?" Even if I wasn't still sucking on the butt plug I couldn't have answered. My mind was floating wordlessly. He pinched my nipple hard. "What do you do?"

Now words were clear in my head. "Obey." I croaked after pulling the butt plug from my mouth.

"Good girl." Green Eyes ran his hand over my clit and I whimpered. It felt so good but it wasn't enough. I'd desperately needed a break from cumming but now I found the lack of stimulation left me feeling lost and uncomfortable. "What else do you do?" he asked as he withdrew his hands

"Fuck, suck, obey," the words were automatic. I wanted his hands back. I wanted them to throw me to the floor and slam into me.

"Good girl." Those words brought such intense satisfaction. "What else."

"Beg" I moaned. As if the word had unlocked something, words began to pour out. "Please, please sir, I'll do whatever you want. Make me your slave. Fuck me. Use me. Humiliate me. I need your cock. I need you inside of me. I need to fuck and suck and serve and obey. Do whatever you want. Please I -"

A slap interrupted my torrent. Green Eyes had stepped forward. "That's enough, I thought you were a virgin? I thought you wanted to make the world a better place. That's what you said in the first survey you took. Are you going to throw that all away?"

My hand slipped into my wet slit. "Yes, yes, I will. Please I need to be fucked. I need cock inside me. I need to obey. I-" Again I was cut off,

Mr. Handsome had slapped my tit. "I didn't say you could touch yourself," he yelled. I couldn't stop until he slapped my hand hard.

"Good girl" Mr. Handsome said as my hand withdrew. The pleasure of those words were a relief. "Do the needs of a slave matter?" Crying, I shook my head "no", unable to speak.

"We can give you what you need. We know exactly what it is. We made you with our survey program, videos and drinks. That pleasure you felt strapped into our machine can be yours, but once you give yourself to us, there's no turning back. You'll be a slave for life. We will sell you. You'll be fucked until you are used up and thrown away. Is that what you want" Mr. Handsome's hand was back on me, sliding along my thigh.

"Yes!" my voice sounded both broken and eager. I wanted his hand inside me. I didn't even care what hole. I wanted his cock pounding me. I didn't care that I was now just an object. Hands pulled me roughly from the chair.

"Get on your knees and beg to be our slave." I dropped to my knees and begged without hesitation. I wasn't even aware of what words I was saying. I so badly wanted them to fcuk me. My focus was quickly taken by Mr. Handsome and Green Eyes unzipping their pants. "We can't use your cunt, you're too valuable as a virgin. But this hole we can take."

Stepping forward, Green Eyes grabbed my hair and thrust his cock roughly into my mouth. Choking, I instantly came. As they continued to fuck my mouth, I was dimly aware that they discussed their plans for selling me and how much they could get for me. All I could think was, "slave, fuck, suck, obey" as waves of deep pleasure washed through me.


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