Brent somehow woke up the morning after his first foursome with his wife and their twin daughters with a boner. He had dumped three big loads into his daughters the night before thanks to a little help from an ED pill his wife had given him. He fell asleep very content but also very drained and dreamt of Danielle. The warmth of Katie's mouth sucking on his hog woke him up and got his blood flowing to all the right places despite how spent he felt.

He looked over and saw that Kat was watching Katie work while she casually rubbed her own slit. Becky was fast asleep at the far end of the bed. Before long, Kat had retrieved her strapon and she and Brent got to work on their daughter. Kat convinced Brent to try to double stuff Katie's ass with their dicks. Despite how willing Katie was to make it happen, the whole affair turned out to be messy, painful, and frustrating for all three of them. Kat's rubber dick was way too hard when mashed up against Brent's fleshy rod as they struggled to get their dicks inside of Katie's tightest hole. She was a good sport about it but Brent could tell her little butt was no match for their combined girth. By the time they gave up, Brent's dick was so sore that it had gone limp and Becky, who had woken up to the sounds of their frustrated grunts, was laughing at them hysterically.

Brent looked around at the mess they had made both last night and this morning. Dried cum and pussy juice stained the sheets which were torn loose from the bed. Lube, both dried and freshly spilled, had soaked in as well, giving the bed sheets a faintly tie dyed look. Enough sex toys to film a porno littered the room too. Any thoughts Brent had about scolding Becky evaporated once he realized how ridiculous he would look lecturing her with his limp dick flapping around amid this chaos.

Instead, he rolled out of bed, pulled on some cotton shorts, and said, "I'm making breakfast."

Before Katie could beg him to stay, Kat had already rolled on top of her and filled her pussy with thick, plastic dick. Katie gasped in surprise then moaned quietly once her mom set to work.

"Take your time, honey," Kat said over her shoulder. She turned back to Katie and gave her a quick but lusty kiss before whispering, "See. Mommy's is better. It never gets soft."

Brent made breakfast to the sounds of his wife making his daughter cum at least twice in quick succession. Surprisingly, neither his failure to perform, nor his wife's success this morning, bothered him too much. He knew his plans had succeeded and the fact that the girls felt comfortable bonding with each other around him was actually rather good news. It meant everyone was fair game now without all of them having to be involved at the same time. Still, the idea that he could not perform did weigh on him. Becky walked in totally naked and sat at the kitchen bar, which brought back to reality. Even better, his cock gave a little twitch.

"You done already?" asked Brent.

"Eh, I wasn't into that this morning. Anyway, speak for yourself, old man. You going soft?"

"Ha, Ha. You're a real comedian. Did it feel soft last night?"

Becky actually blushed a bit. "No, daddy. You, uh, actually felt harder than usual, if that's possible." She sighed wistfully. "It was great."

Brent flipped a few pancakes without saying anything in return.

"How long until breakfast is ready?" she asked to break the silence.

"Just a few minutes. I'm just doing pancakes. No sausage."

"You might have to take Kate and mom's to them. Sounds like they are still busy. Maybe we even have time to... make sausage."

Brent looked over and saw that Becky had moved over to the kitchen table and was bent over it. She reached back and spread her butt cheeks.

"If I let you play with my butt, do you think you can get it up?"


Brent felt his dick twinge just at the thought of Becky giving up her ass. He turned off the burner and dropped his shorts as he turned toward her.

"You're not fucking my ass...but you can rub it there if it helps you get hard."

Brent grabbed a vial of olive oil from the counter and walked over to where his daughter was bent over the table. He could hear Kat and Katie still going at it in the other room. Lathering his dick in olive oil with Becky's tight little ass staring up at him got him halfway hard in seconds. Brent pressed up against his daughter and drizzled a little more oil onto her butt. He rested his semi soft cock between her cheeks while he used his hands to rub the oil in.

Becky let her butt go and slid her hands around to her pussy. She felt her dad's hands gliding across her lower back and butt. He was incredibly strong, but his touch was so gentle whenever he got close to her little hole. Anytime his fingers strayed hear their, Becky felt his cock twinge and grow. She rested her head on the table and set to work on her pussy with her middle finger. She realized that she was getting her daddy hard when Katie hadn't been able to. She dipped her finger into her cunt which had suddenly grown very wet at the thought of one-upping Katie.

Brent slid his oil slicked dong up and down between Becky's ass cheeks. His fingers glided across her skin, circling ever closer to her precious little star. He let a pinky finger settle on her crinkly hole, making Becky tense up right away.

"Woah. That's enough back there," she said quietly.

"Shh. I just need a couple more minutes to play. Then I'll be ready," said Brent who had left his finger in place. He pressed in just a little bit.

"Daddy?" Becky whispered with more than hint of worry.

"It's OK. I won't go too far. Don't stop playing with yourself," he urged while wriggling his pinky around the rim of her asshole. Then he lightly pressed it in again, this time letting the tip of his oily finger penetrate her ass for the first time.

Becky gave a little gasp that made Brent's cock fully inflate. He pushed his pinky in again until his fingernail disappeared but went no further. At the same time, he felt his daughter's fingers wrap around his balls from between her legs. She kneaded them gently with one hand while her other picked up the pace in her slit. Brent's cock was throbbing now. He bent at the knees until he was low enough and guided himself into his daughter's dripping snatch. She took his length in one steady thrust that filled her completely.

"Mmm. Oh daddy," she groaned. "I knew you'd get hard for me."

Kat and Katie were making the headboard knock the wall in the other room. Brent could hear Kat saying something undoubtedly dirty to her daughter, but could not make out the words. Whatever she had said, Katie must have liked it because their pace suddenly doubled. Brent made a mental note to go back and watch the video later, even though beating off was probably off the table for the foreseeable future. He had more pussy than he could handle right now.

Not to be out done by his wife, Brent began to lay the wood to Becky's pussy. In no time at all he was driving long strokes deep into Becky's clenching cunt. Each thrust elicited a breathy groan from his daughter, who by now had let her tits and head rest flat onto the table so she could keep her fingers working her slit and his balls.

Brent ran his free hand down Becky's spine from her neck to her ass. Then he grabbed a fleshy cheek and spread his daughter's butt crack until he could clearly see where his pinky tip was hiding in her dainty little hole. He let a warm glob of spit fall into her crack and watched it run down to where his pinky had slowly started to gyrate. Becky didn't seem to notice. She was quietly but steadily moaning in time with Brent's cunt filling thrusts.

Brent decided to press his luck and pushed his pinky a little deeper. Becky's cunt latched down tightly onto his dick while the rim of her sphincter gripped his pinky's first knuckle. Becky moaned loudly and arched her back at the waist.

"Ohhh, daddy no," she groaned, but she was already so close to cumming that she started rocking her hips and ass back to meet each of Brent's thrusts.

Becky felt her dad's balls shift in her hand as his orgasm approached. Her own was beginning its shuddering cascade across her pussy despite Brent's intruding finger. She told herself she did not like it, but found herself pushing her ass back against her father anyway. His finger wormed its way deeper into her ass with each of her shuddering thrusts. Oh god, he's so warm and it's so fucking tight.

"Mmm. Daddy, don't," begged Becky half heartedly.

Brent was grunting, trying to hold himself back for a few more precious seconds. He managed to stammer out, "Rrr... what?"

"Uh... Ohh god... Daddy, no. Your finger... Oh fuck...finger in my ass."

Becky's cunt all but sucked on Brent's cock as she began to bounce her ass back against his abdomen each time his rock hard dick filled her pussy. Brent held his hand steady against his belly and watched while she fucked his pinky ever deeper into her butt. Unable to hold back any longer, Brent pushed his finger all the way into his little girl's pulsing, spasming hole just as his balls contracted for the first time.

"Oh fuck, Becky!" he moaned and shot his first jet of cum into her.

Becky's knees went weak but Brent's strong grip on her ass cheek held her up while he drove into her over and over. His finger danced and curled inside her ass while Becky's butt bounced and slapped against her dad's hard body. In the distance, she could hear her sister moaning about her mom's dick. Becky felt her dad's seed pumping into her just as her own orgasm rocked her so hard she almost passed out.

"Fuck! Oh fuck," she groaned and felt her ass lock onto her dad's finger. She found herself leaning into him and really jamming her ass against him as hard as she could. "Daddy, oh shit... oh, oh, ohh, ohhh, oooohhhh! Fuuuck!"

Becky groaned and gasped for what felt like forever until she finally collapsed onto the table. Her hands were drenched in pussy juice and more than a few streamers of her dad's cum that had leaked out of her. She felt her dad's softening cock retreat, followed by his finger. She had not meant to let him go that far with her ass and was more than a little mad at herself for losing control. She told herself that was as far as he was getting back there. Then she felt him squatting down behind her. His face hovered hear her butt hole. Oh shit, he's about to eat my ass, she thought.

Instead Brent kissed each of Becky's toned runner's ass cheeks as softly as he could. Then he moved up to her lower back, along her spine, her neck, and finally kissed her ear. "You get daddy so hard," he whispered. "That perfect little ass of yours is my new favorite. Don't tell Katie." He gave it a little tickling pinch when he huffed his final words that made Becky giggle.

"I won't tell, but that was a one time thing I hope," Becky said without conviction.

Brent gave his daughter another kiss on her ear and just said, "OK." If they could have seen each other's faces, they would have known that neither of them was sure they were telling the truth.


Even a few days later, Brent's mind still kept coming back to his failed effort to pack his daughter's ass with his wife. He was not jealous of Kat at all, nor was he upset with anyone but himself. Brent simply did not like failing, nor did he ever want to look any less than perfect in his family's eyes. Sure, he had taken Becky just a short while afterward, but still, he did not want to seem less than amazing to the other two. Brent knew he could set it right. It would just take a little work.

Seated at his desk in his home office, Brent first edited and downloaded a movie of he and Kat fucking their daughters. He labeled it "Our First Time" and packaged it up in a tiny box, complete with wrapping and a bow. He knew handing out recordings of he and Kat fucking their daughters was far from the best of ideas, but she had wanted to record it and had certainly earned it. This would be his first of several gifts to his wife this week.

The risks of videoing Becky and Katie were relatively low. Everyone was an adult and no one was blood related. Still, if the videos became public, or worse, if a video of him nailing Danielle, if and when that came to fruition, ever became public, he could be ruined financially even if he avoided prosecution. Who would want to call the pervert who had videoed his own family to set up their surveillance cameras? No, Brent knew at some point all of this could come crashing down and he needed to be ready. Since fucking his family was quickly becoming a full time job anyway, Brent decided to take some steps that would free up some time as well as give him a financial safety net. He set his dirty little package aside and began making a few phone calls.

The first was to Steve, the P.I. he had used to track his wife. After a little small talk, where he assured Steve that he and Kat had worked everything out, Brent got down to business.

"So I talked to my oldest daughter the other day and she seemed off. In fact the last few times we've talked, she's been a bit evasive."

Steve gave a polite chuckle. "Hate to break it to you, Brent, but when little girls grow up into big girls, they might not want daddy snooping on them."

"When daddy is paying the bills, he doesn't much give a shit," replied Brent. "Would you be available to look into it and see if anything is going on?"

"Fair enough, fair enough. Yeah, I'll head down after I scour her social media. I assume you've done that too. Anything I need to know."

"You know, she keeps her social sites, at least the ones she friends me on, pretty clean. She has big aspirations, she told me once, and did not want to ruin them with one stupid post that would haunt her forever."

"Sounds smart, but I'll see if I can find any you don't know about, if that's cool."

Brent sighed and said, "Yeah, just be discrete. I know you will keep anything you dig up confidential. If this is just some of the usual coming of age bullshit or a bad grade, no big deal. I'm worried it's something more though, something she doesn't feel OK talking to me about."

"I hear you. You're just a worried father. I'll find out what it is and bring you up to speed so you can help her get past it."

"You're the best, Steve," said Brent. "Say, how's the business going? You think Rob might be looking to expand?"

Steve chuckled, "Going great. Guys like you keep calling and feeding us money. Why, you need a job?"

"Hardly. I might actually be looking to retire soon. Might be thinking of selling."

"No shit? Good for you. Yeah, the boss might be interested, but you'll have to ask him."

"Of course. Just making sure he's not about to go bankrupt. I'm not going out on the cheap."

"Here's a clue. He just bought a new Ferrari to tool around in and we are supposed to get a decent bonus the end of this year. I say go for it. Maybe I'll get a promotion out of it."

"I'll put a good word in. Send me the invoice for your expenses and fees and let me know as soon as you figure out what's going on. I'll send you all of her details."

Brent wrote up a quick bio of Danielle, attached a pic, and sent it to his P.I. with the hope that Steve did indeed find something that Brent could use to leverage his daughter out of her panties.

Switching gears, he made a call to Rob and set up a lunch meeting to tentatively discuss Brent's business proposition. They agreed to meet at Rob's favorite Italian joint later today. In the meantime, Brent watched some porn to actually do some research to overcome his little problem from the other morning. Once he found what he was looking for, he switched everything off and headed out to run his dirty errands. His first stop was his wife's office.


"Oh, Brent. You shouldn't have gotten me anything. What is this?" asked Kat while she eyed the small gift wrapped box on her desk.

"You'll see. I can't stay long, but it's something you asked about the other day," Brent said causally as he closed her office door and took a seat.

Kat tore open the wrapping and opened the little box. She held up the little flash drive with a quizzical look on her face. Brent just gave her a knowing smile that got dirtier and dirtier until she realized what she was holding.

"Jeez, Brent! I didn't even... how did you... I can't watch this here," she said. Brent knew by how she was stumbling over herself that she would indeed be watching that video just as fast as she could get a finger in her panties.

Brent pulled his laptop out of his carryall along with a set of earbuds. "Like I said, I can't stay long, but I'll leave my laptop here and lock the door on my way out." He set up the laptop and plugged the little drive into its port while Kat put her earbuds in. "Now the quality might not be the best because I had to set the cameras up in a hurry," Brent lied. In fact the video was 1080p and could stay full color even in low light. So when Kat saw their movie start, her lusty fantasy began to play out in high definition.

Kat watched her fantasy unfold on the screen as Katie settled her head on Brent's chest and slowly worked her arm down to his crotch while Becky and Kat worked Katie's shorts down. From the bird's eye view, Kat felt like she was reliving the other night as an out of body experience. Before settling in to play with herself, she looked up to thank her husband, but he had already gone.


Brent picked up the other items he needed before meeting Rob for lunch. The meeting itself went better than expected. Rob was indeed looking to expand his P.I. business and Brent's small but lucrative security company would both bolster the investigative aspect of Rob's firm and diversify him into the home and business security alarm market. By dessert they had come to a gentlemen's agreement over timing, scope, and an eight figure price that their lawyers would tweak over the next thirty days. Brent would stay on as a consultant for the foreseeable future once the deal was finalized.

Brent left lunch immensely satisfied. He was not just stuffed but had concrete plans in motion to become financially free to disappear should the need arise. Once he got home, he called his accountant and lawyer to set things in motion. Then he wrapped up Kat's next gift and set it on her pillow before taking a short, but well earned nap.

He got up around two in the afternoon thinking about Jessie. It had been a while since he had texted her and they had not met since the night he fucked her. Brent had loved making a supposed lesbian cum on his dick. He definitely wanted some more of that. Her low self esteem had helped him get into her panties, as had the fear of her parents, but he wondered if she would take his cock now simply because she had loved it. Despite being balls deep in more pussy than he could handle, Brent decided to bring Jessie on full time. If he had her in the house, having his way with her would be that much easier.

He texted Becky:

- Got a mission for you kiddo.

- Ooh. A new nasty task for mom?

- Good idea, but no. You think you could get Jessie to move in with us? Got the spare bedroom in the basement.

- Voluntarily? I don't think so. Besides, don't you have your hands full with us?

- What can I say? I'm greedy. She can be your plaything... mostly.

- Hmm, she is hot... and will do anything for me. She's been buying my lunch every day. We sneak out to her car at lunch sometimes so she can snack on my cunt, but just quickies. She hinted at a date night. Wants a long dicking session.

- From me?

- NO! Me.

- Sounds like you're in then.

- Yeah, so I'm greedy too, I suppose. I could use a servant girl.

- Why don't you spend the night tonight... for research.

- God, you are such a task master. ;) Anything for you, daddy. & u=242290

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