Authoresses notes: This is the sequel to Imperial Sex Exchange. Jedi Jysella Horn Myri Antilles, the daughters of Corran Horn Wedge Antilles, are assigned to partner with an Imperial Security Officer. They quickly decide to spend most of their time having kinky sex with him, and each other! He responds by seeing how far he can push them into becoming Imperial Sluts!


Colonel Drasi, Myri, and Jysella were in the Colonel's apartment, sitting at his bar, enjoying dinner. He was on the kitchen side, while their backs were to the main room. He had changed out of his uniform into a pair of comfortable dark gray pants, and a light gray undershirt. They were still wearing their issued uniforms, tight dark gray mini-dresses with built-in corsets, with the tops unzipped for a bit of comfort, exposing the top half of their breasts. Their comlinks cuffs were still maglocked around their wrists—Imperial on their right, Jedi on their left. Their towering glossy black stiletto heeled boots were still on their feet as well.

"So, ladies, I was thinking," Colonel Drasi began. "Why don't we get the two of you into some TIE-simulators?"

Jysella and Myri exchanged a glance. They had talked about that last week, right after Jysella had gone to that lifeday dinner with Colonel Drasi. They had decided that Jysella definitely shouldn't, in case the Empire had biometric sensors in the simulators, and learned something about Jedi they shouldn't. While Myri did get some combat simulator time in back home, she wasn't very interested doing it against Imperials.

"I thought you didn't want us flying simulators against the Imperial Navy's pilots, Sir?" Jysella asked with a polite smile, after she took a swallow of her wine.

"Not in any serious way," he replied with a dismissive shrug. "I definitely don't want every TIE jock in the system lining up to dogfight a Jedi and the daughter of Wedge Antilles. But, I was thinking I could log you into the network with some anonymous IDs, and just let you have some fun," he explained with a friendly smile.

"Are you talking about the rec room, Sir?" Jysella asked.

The station had a large rec room with a hundred or so recreational-grade simulators that served as a lounge for off-duty crewers, or anyone that wanted to have some fun. The simulators weren't even enclosed properly. They were just a seat with a wide screen in front, and basic controls.

"No, I was thinking of something more... private."

Jysella and Myri glanced at each other again.

"No thank you, Colonel," Myri answered between bites.

Colonel Drasi frowned a bit. "You two are pilots. Very good ones. You mean to tell me neither of you want to get a little simulator time in? Especially more time practicing in TIEs?"

"We're fine, Sir," Jysella responded. "We're just here for our mission."

"And sex," Myri added with an evil smirk. "At least I am."

Colonel Drasi couldn't help but grin back. "Well, that's a bit of what I was thinking of."

Jysella and Myri exchanged another glance with each other.

"You want to have sex in a simulator, Colonel?" Myri asked, skeptically as Jysella took a bite of her dinner.

"Not exactly," he responded with a chuckle. "I want to put you in simulators, anonymously, of course, flying against random pilots. You'll be in somewhat of a modified uniform underneath your flight suit, and receive certain rewards and punishments during the dogfights."

Now Myri was definitely intrigued, and she could tell that Jysella was too.

"What sort of punishments, Sir?" Myri inquired.

"That's a surprise," he told them with a smile. "You will be wearing your bondage collars though, and have vibrators in both your pussies, and asses."

This time Myri and Jysella glanced at each other, and exchanged grins. There was still one problem though.

"I might give it a shot, Sir," Myri told him. "But Jysella's gonna have to pass."

Jysella responded with an audible huff.

"And why is that?" he asked, glancing at Jysella, who was obviously disappointed with this.

"Well Sir, Myri and I talked about this a bit after the lifeday dinner we went to, and she believes that the Empire could monitor my biometrics during a simulator run, and gain knowledge of Jedi that may be used against us later," Jysella explained.

Colonel Drasi frowned in thought a moment. "I admit that is a fair suspicion, but I assure you, that will not happen." He paused, then added, "And that's very shrewd of you to anticipate that, Tech Antilles. You're a natural at this."

Myri raised her eyebrows, not at all taken in by his flattery. She didn't need him to tell her how good she was. She wasn't quite convinced of his assurances, but she knew that Jysella would use the Force to sense if there were danger.

"So you're going to have us fly simulators against Imperial pilots while wearing shock collars to punish us, and vibrators in our pussies and asses to reward us?" Jysella asked.

"That's about it," Colonel Drasi replied with an affirmative nod, as he raised his glass, then took a swallow of his wine.

"And we'll be flying with anonymous IDs, against whatever pilots happen to be logged into the simulator network at that time, Sir?" Myri asked.

"Correct," he responded.

"Won't they see us get in the simulators though, Sir? And figure out who we're flying as?"

"I've thought of that. I'll have two of our simulators moved to a secure room, by people that I trust. Then I'll borrow two simulators from the Navy, so the rest of our people won't notice we're short," he explained. "We don't have a lot of TIE simulators, so they would be missed."

"Sounds like fun, then, Colonel," Jysella said with a smile.

"Great. I should have everything set up tomorrow night."

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

The following evening, in a secure, mostly empty room...

"You want us to wear this, Sir?" Jysella asked with a half-amused smirk.

"Are you surprised?" Myri asked, already unzipping her uniform mini-dress.

"I guess not," Jysella admitted.

They took off their Imperial duty uniforms, and laid them neatly across one of the tables that had been pushed against the wall. Their boots, tights, and underwear followed, leaving them naked except for their durasteel chokers, and comlink cuffs.

Then Colonel Drasi had them lube up a pair of black metal vibrators. Myri pushed one into Jysella's pussy, and Jysella pushed the second one into Myri's. Next he locked their six centimeter wide black durasteel bondage collars around their necks.

Then he produced two more pieces of black metal, each about ten centimeters long, and maybe five across at their widest, tampering to small round tops. Both women quickly recognized them as butt plugs.

Myri raised an eyebrow expectantly, and a heartbeat later, Colonel Drasi grinned in triumph as he turned the plugs so they could see the bottoms.

"Really?" Jysella asked, seeing the Imperial Emblem embossed on the flat base of each plug.

"Sexy," Myri commented dryly. "The Empire will literately be fucking our ass."

Neither woman was a stranger to anal sex. They quickly began working together, and in a couple of minutes they had the plugs in their asses. Then they pulled on the tight synthrubber bodysuits, and strapped on the modified flight harness over it. Then, he had them put their stiletto-heeled knee-boots back on. Myri hadn't realized there weren't any proper boots with the gear, but she couldn't say she was surprised that Colonel Drasi was making them fly in their high-heeled boots, especially considering the vibrators and butt plugs.

"Can we even wear flight gloves with our nails, Sir?" Jysella asked, holding up her hand and displaying her perfectly manicured centimeter long nails.

"You'll be fine," he responded with an amused nod. "If you break one, I'll just send you back to the salon."

They climbed into the ball-shaped simulators from the rear. Inside, Myri found her flight helmet, slid it on, and locked it in place. The simulator was quite a bit roomier than the X-wing ones she normally flew in. The synthrubber flight suit wasn't too bad, but flying in seventeen-centimeter stiletto-heeled boots was going to be a bit tricky.

"Alright ladies, Jysella is One, Myri is Two," Colonel Drasi informed them over the comm. "Both of you are flying Interceptors today. Your IDs have you both as pilots a few months out of flight school. Instead of a specific mission, the computer will randomly match you up against two opponents. Good hunting."

"The controls feel a little sluggish, Sir," Jysella said after several seconds.

Myri had just started to suspect the same thing herself, as she'd begun wiggling her control yoke.

"Oh, I've dialed down your TIEs' capabilities a bit," he replied. "Makes it more fun, I think."

Maybe for you, Myri thought to herself. But then again, wasn't that the point them flying in shock collars, vibrators, and high-heeled boots?

Two signals appeared on her HUD, both marked as enemies. They were just over three klicks out, heading their way. Myri started wiggling her yoke a bit more, to make sure they couldn't get a long-distance target lock on her. Just before they closed to two klicks, Myri saw a flash of lasers from Jysella's fighter, which was just ahead of her on her HUD. Myri knew she probably wouldn't hit anything at this range, so she had planned on waiting a few more seconds. Since Jysella did though—Myri fired off a pair of laser blasts from her own TIE.

A split-second later, she noted the lead TIE register a glancing hit, from Jysella's laser cannons.

"Oww! What the Frakk!?" Jysella shouted over the comm.

"That was your punishment, One," Drasi said, obviously amused.

As he spoke, Myri's shots missed wide to port.

"But I shot him!" Jysella protested.

"That's how it works," he told them. "You get punished when you score hits, and rewarded when you get hit. The longer you last without getting shot, the harder and longer your vibrator will reward you, but the longer you go without shooting one of your opponents, the worse your punishment will be."

What!? Myri was shocked. This was crazy.

Suddenly Myri's simulator shook from a hit from one of the enemy TIEs. A split-second later, the vibrator in her pussy came to life.


Just as quickly, it shut off.

Myri gasped in surprise—and pleasure, for a heartbeat. All thoughts of trying to vape her opponents were gone from her mind. Then she quickly got control of herself. She wasn't about to let Drasi win this easily.

"Oh, and while you can get shocked every two seconds, you can only be rewarded once in ten seconds, so no flying straight and letting your opponents blast you into orgasm."

Of course.

Myri pulled her yoke hard to starboard, and got back on Jysella's wing. She wanted to comm her privately, but Colonel Drasi was definitely monitoring their simulators' comms, and she wouldn't be able to get to her wrist comlink while flying. They wouldn't be able to talk on them while wearing their flight helmets anyway.

There was no way they were going to actually win with their controls dialed back. It was like they were flying Y-wings with no shields or torpedoes.

A few seconds later, Myri's HUD warned her of a target lock. She pulled up hard, but got hit again. She squeezed her legs together and let out another moan as her vibrator turned on for a couple of seconds.

As Myri started a twisting dive towards port to evade her pursuers, she heard Jysella moan out over the comm. Halfway through her dive, Myri got hit again. This time her vibe barely started before it shut down again. She heard Jysella yelp in pain, then about fifteen seconds or so later, let out a little moan of pleasure.

Myri got hit again, causing the vibrators in her pussy and ass to go off for a couple of seconds. When they turned off, her controls did too. Then she heard Jysella moan out in pleasure again.

"Well ladies, you both got vaped," Colonel Drasi announced over the comm. "And pretty quickly, I might add."

"Kriff you," Myri replied.

Colonel Drasi chuckled. "Ready for round two?"

"I don't suppose you're going to turn out controls back up, Sir?" Jysella asked.

"Of course not," he answered cheerfully. "Ready?"

"Sure, Sir," Jysella answered with mock reluctance.

Myri's controls came back to life, and she quickly identified a pair of enemies on her HUD. In less than a minute she was moaning out in arousal from getting shot. Barely a couple of minutes later, she was vaped.

They did a few more runs, with both of them getting blasted out of simulated space every time. Jysella did outlast Myri though. One of the runs was in an asteroid field, and one in a planetary atmosphere, just for variety. Then they were matched up against separate opponents, in solo battles. One of Myri's had her in a city, surrounded by buildings five hundred plus meters tall.

That was the only one she managed to score a hit against one of her opponents. That earned her a shock from her collar. She had to admit, getting shot was more fun.

The vibrators in her pussy and ass kept her aroused—and distracted—but Myri hadn't managed to cum, in spite of how many times she got vaped.

"Alright Rebels," Colonel Drasi began over the comm. "Had enough of the might of the Galactic Empire?"

"One more, Sir," Myri begged. "I'm sooo close."

"Well I stopped you just in time then," he responded. "We can't have you dirty Rebel sluts cumming in the Empire's TIE simulators."

Both Myri and Jysella let out groans of frustration. Myri already had one hand between her legs, but with the flight suit and her glove, she knew she couldn't get herself to orgasm like that.

Colonel Drasi shut down the simulators, and opened the rear hatches. Myri pulled off her flight helmet, and climbed out, right behind Jysella from hers.

"So, I guess the Empire knows that you two are dirty, submissive, Rebel sluts?" Colonel Drasi said with a smug grin.

"I think the Empire should use that knowledge against us, Sir," Myri said as she took off her harness. "And I mean now."

Colonel Drasi's grin turned more playful. "Perhaps we should retire to my quarters, first?"

"I think you should either give us the remote to these vibrators, and leave, or stay, and fuck us, Sir," Jysella insisted, unzipping her flight suit down to her crotch.

"This remote?" he replied, holding it up. He paused a heartbeat, then pressed it.

Both Jysella and Myri moaned out in arousal as their vibrators buzzed away in their pussies, and asses. After a moment, they started taking off their flight suits even faster. Then he suddenly switched their vibrators off, and gave them a shock from their collars. They gasped in pain and grabbed at their throats. The shocks stopped, and they pulled their flight suits down past their crotches.

They both gasped again as they pulled the dildos out of their pussies. Then they exchanged a glance with each other, flashed seductive grins at Colonel Drasi, raised their dildos to each others mouths, and began licking and sucking them. The two of them eagerly licked each other's juices off the dildos, while eyeing Colonel Drasi, who didn't seem interested in retiring to his quarters anymore.

After putting on a quick show for him, and getting both dildos clean, they took off their boots, then finished stripping out of their flight suits. In moments they were both naked except for their collars, and comlink cuffs, and the vibrators still in their butts.

The three of them made their way to a poufcouch against the wall. Myri and Jysella pushed Colonel Drasi down onto it, and began stripping him naked. Myri started at his boots, while Jysella worked on his uniform jacket. As soon as his pants were off, Myri climbed onto his lap, and straddled him. Jysella finished pulling his undershirt off over his head, then moved back behind Myri, and straddled Colonel Drasi's lap as well, with Myri in the middle. Then Jysella reached around her, groping her tits, and kissing her above her collar as she kissed Colonel Drasi.

Myri's hand went behind her, and began fingering Jysella's pussy. Jysella responded by pulling her other arm back as well, and holding them together so Colonel Drasi could have easier access to her sexy body. Jysella's free hand moved down to Myri's pussy, and helped her guide it onto his rapidly hardening cock. With Jysella's help, Myri slid slowly down onto Colonel Drasi's cock. They kissed and groped each other—even Myri groped Jysella as she held her hands behind her. After a few strokes, Myri began sliding up and down on his cock faster and harder, until she was bouncing on it.

Since Myri was already pretty horny from the vibrator in the simulator, it didn't take her very long to cum. She arched her back and moaned out, while Jysella kept fingering her clit to get her to orgasm as hard as she could. Jysella finally helped her lift herself off him as Myri let out a contented sigh. Colonel Drasi was still obviously hard, and hadn't orgasmed. Jysella switched places with Myri and gave the Colonel a seductive, open-mouthed kiss. Then she wrapped her arms around his neck, her durasteel comlink cuffs clinking as they touched either other as she slid her wet snatch down onto his dick, which was still covered with Myri's juices.

Jysella was so engrossed with fucking Colonel Drasi, she barely noticed Myri stand up, and step away. A moment later she felt Myri pulling her arms behind her, just like Jysella had done with her. Instead of just holding her wrists together though, Jysella felt a nerfhide strap being wrapped around her upper arms. It was one of their uniform belts. Jysella obligingly let her wrap it around her biceps a couple of times, and cinch it tight, leaving her elbows almost touching.

Once her arms were secure, Jysella felt Myri settle in behind her, her tits pressed against her biceps. Myri snaked one hand around her, and started fingering her pussy. With her other one, she started groping her tit. Jysella purred, as she arched her back, and turned back to give her friend an open-mouthed kiss. With her bound hands, she reached down and started fingering Myri's pussy too.

Jysella quickly began bouncing up and down on Colonel Drasi's cock, with Myri tight behind her. It wasn't long before she felt him start to tense. She clinched his dick with her pussy, and a moment later, he came in her. Jysella kept squeezing him for a few seconds, then relaxed a bit, and finally slid off him. She was still horny though. Before she could even really worry about it though, Myri spoke up.

"I got you, 'Sella," she said, giving her a quick kiss on her neck. A moment later she displayed one of the vibrators.

Jysella spun around, staying in Colonel Drasi's lap, but facing away from him now. Myri put the dildo into her mouth to get it wet, then slid it into Jysella's soaking pussy.

Colonel Drasi moved his legs out from underneath hers, then snaked them over and entwining hers, and pulled them apart, holding them tight. He gripped her neck just above her collar with one hand, cutting off her air a little, and his other was wrapped around her mid-section, groping her tit. Jysella arched her back, one hand reaching up to cover Colonel Drasi's on her tit, with her elbows still strapped together behind her back, as Myri fucked her with the vibrator. Myri's other hand was moving the vibrator in Jysella's ass around, turning her on even more.

With Colonel Drasi holding her down, and Myri expertly working the vibrator in her pussy—as well as the one in her ass—Jysella orgasmed in just a couple of minutes. Myri kept the vibe pressed against her g-spot until she was all the way done. Finally she turned it off, and slowly slid it out of Jysella's pussy. She grinned seductively, and began licking it clean. & u=155822

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