"Baby it's been such a long day, I could use a back rub." As soon as I said it, I knew where it would lead.

Your smile told me you knew it too as you say, "I'll get the lotion."

I ditch my top and lay face down on the bed, still wearing my little lounge shorts, I get comfy resting my head on my arms waiting for you. When you arrive you straddle my body, sitting on my rump, open the lotion and squirt some on my skin. It's cold, but the warmth of your strong hands followed rubbing them up and down my back smearing the lotion in. I start to sink into that relaxation as you caress and message my sore muscles. I begin to breathe deeply and drift away.

Your hands are like heaven. Working my neck, then my shoulders. I breathe out a deep sigh accompanied by a little whimper. Your voice is so relaxing as you tell me a little bit about your day. Such a gentle tone, as if it's attempting to lull me to sleep.

By the time your hands reach my ribs, I'm nearly in a trance, listening to you while I surrender to your touch. Your finger tips slip under my ribs gliding along the bed moving upward to cup my breasts. Your tender caress nudges my hunger to build as I feel my nipples start to harden at your finger tips. I can feel my sweet cunt becoming moist as if my nipples were hard wired to it, responding almost instantly.

You move your body further down mine positioning yourself to massage my legs and I come back to life. Your hands are wandering, then slip under the bottom hem of my shorts. Traveling their journey over my ass and hips, I feel that immediate yearning. My body wants what you've got. When your hands reemerge, you swiftly yank my shorts off leaving me exposed as you softly finger my smooth pink nether region.

I hardly have time to catch my breath when your hands spread me open to make way for your wet mouth as it begins teasing and tasting my holes. Your tongue playing discovery parting my lips to find I'm already so moist for you. My soft whimpers motivate a deeper dive of your tongue driving me wild. You whisper how you've been wanting to taste me on your lips all day in between your tongue strokes and small kisses.

I feel you move away, the sounds of your buckle to follow. Assertive hands take hold of my legs to flip me over and my heart is racing. Your fingers dance in my wetness pushing my arousal to a heightened desire as I watch you with eager eyes. Covering my body with yours, those lips I love to kiss explore my soft skin. Neck, shoulders, breasts. My breath becomes shallow when your warm mouth takes my left nipple inside, I must let out that soft gentle moan you have heard so many times. Finally, you end my torment pushing your full length inside me slowly, filling me completely. My finger tips digging into your back as you glide in so smooth, I let soft gasp escape as I tremble. My need for you so deep as I feel your stubble nestled against my neck when you whisper "I fucking love you."

I wrap my long legs around you as if I could not get you close enough. Slowly, you rock your body into mine over and over, marinating yourself in my tight moist world. You reach under my shoulder to tug at my hair, my head tilts back and you pull harder, fucking me deeper. Skin against skin, our bodies are moist from being so tightly pressed together, leaving no space between us. I feel my wave of pleasure build and keep building towards that sweet release as your cock massages and invades all areas of my hungry cunt. I dig my nails into your flesh as if to snare you upon every deep slow thrust you deliver.

I feel that wave break and wash over my body saturating my entire being with pleasure. You tug my hair once again while you endlessly push me further riding the most delicious orgasm. My pussy pulsing its sweetness over your cock making us so slick, then you breathe out a deep sensual moan in my ear as you cum filling my pussy with your warmth. Our trembling bodies tangled so tightly together, grasping for every last bit of that shared ecstasy before it subsides.











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