The Cast of Characters:

ADRIAN: Our hero.

KELLY: Fiancée-to-be

TOM: Katie's' boyfriend

KATIE: Twin sister


MAE: Mom

* Kelly finally meets the family and the family meets her! The epic conclusion

It took a while to set up, but eventually, a public holiday came up that worked for the six of us to be able to get away from our various commitments - mainly work. And so we all met up in our family home.

As we crossed the threshold, Kelly came face to face with Katie for the first time, and a little cold fire passed between the two women. I couldn't tell if they liked each other... or hated each other.

I myself embraced Tom, and Mom and Dad joined us for a group hug.

"Come on you guys, let's all have our festive dinner" said Dad.

After a long, hearty dinner, the after dinner drinks began to flow and we started to talk about the real reason we were all there.

"So, I gather that you're thinking of joining our family for good?" asked Mom.

"I am... intrigued by your family traditions" answered Kelly, "But I must confess to being a little intimidated by them."

"Don't be" laughed Dad, "we aren't stuck up or anything. If it's not for you, no harm done, that's what I always say."

"I'm impressed that you can be so honest about it." admitted Kelly, "I mean, it can't be easy to..."

"Just talk about it?" asked Katie. "It's not so hard when you're open minded - like Tom" she went on, fondling her husbands' chest through his top.

"How was it when you joined them for the first time, Tom?" asked my soon-to-be fiancée.

"It was a little scary and weird at first - I mean who wants to have to compete with a womans' own father, brother, AND mother? But I soon realized that it wasn't like that at all. We all just... share the love, you know?"

Kelly warmed to Tom's matter-of-fact style... and she seemed attracted to him as well. "Love is quite hard to find, I have to admit" she said huskily. "And you are... all... very, very lovely." Her eyelids fluttered.

"We think you're lovely, too." said Tom. "Yeah!" chimed in the rest of the family, even Katie melting a little and admitting "I think you're hot!"

"Thank you!" smiled Kelly. Then she said "I think you're hot too!" and kissed Katie, just a peck on the lips.

Katie kissed back, and Kelly gave as good as she got. Soon, both of them were in a passionate embrace... and so, we were off to the races. Tom kissed Katie and Kelly on the cheek, and was soon admitted to a tender three-way kiss...

"It's so good to see you, Mom and Dad" I told my parents, and kissed them both - and they, again, kissed back. Soon we, too, were snogging. As I fondled Mom and Dad's butts, I could feel Dad's hard on brush mine through our jeans. As ever, I had to have it - to feel its power and strength in my mouth.

"Got something for me, Dad?" I asked, and put my hand down his pants. Even before I started wanking it, his cock was throbbing for me, and I wanted it even more. But first I had to make sure Kelly was OK - I looked around and saw that he three-way cinch had evolved into a two-way examination of my sisters' boobs; that reminded me to kiss Mom's tits as I wanked Dad off, so she wouldn't get left out. Me and Dad were soon both licking and sucking Mom's nipples and wanking each other off as Tom and Kelly both did the same to my sister; not wanting to rush Kelly, I waited for her to set the pace.

It wasn't long, and she and Katie were soon sucking Tom's cock. Score!

As I took Dad's cock out, I was amazed, even now, at its power and size. I slipped it into my mouth and reached for Mom's skirts. Being as I love to give pleasure as much, if not more, than to receive it, I sucked Dad's cock as I frigged Mom's pussy, and was once again pleased to see my girlfriend do the same to my sister and brother-in-law.

Soon Dad's precum was pulsing into my mouth and I knew I had to slow things down for him or he would cum too soon. So I swapped and started licking Mom out instead; her musky, feminine pussy perfectly complemented Dad's large, manly cock.

Soon, Mom and Dad could take no more of this teasing and began to fuck. He took a chair and she simply sat on his cock and opened her legs to readmit my roving tongue, and I went back to licking her out - and licking and sucking Dad's cock!

Again I glanced over to see how the other three was doing, and again I was pleased to see my sister fucking Tom, and my fiancée. licking them both as they fucked. Then, Kelly glanced back at me - and a wicked smile crossed her face.

She pointed at herself, then at me, then at herself again, then me, in quick succession while mouthing the word "Swap!"

So we did. I gave Mom's pussy one last lick and then Kelly and me swapped places - I went to my sisters' pussy, she went to my Mom's. When the two women realized what was happening they gasped with pleasure - Mom ground my fiancées face into her cunt and my twin whispered to me: "I should have known you couldn't stay away from my cunt, bro..." to which I replied "And Tom's cock, sis!" On hearing this, Tom moved his cock out of my sisters' pussy, allowing me to eagerly stuff it in my mouth while nuzzling her clit with my nose. Both of them gasped and groaned with pleasure, only to be overshadowed by Mom's orgasm - as Kelly did exactly the same thing to her and Dad!

Soon the two men were cumming too, filling our mouths with their delicious spunk. I drank most of Tom's cum down, then lapped at my sisters' cunt one last time - then kissed my fiancée.`. Her mouth was as full of Dad's cum and Mom's cunt juice as mine was full of Tom and Katie's; the taste as the sexual fluids of four of the five people I loved most in the world melted together on the tongue of the fifth was exquisite.

I looked down to see Mom licking and sucking my cock while my sister did the same to Kelly's cunt. Those two were insatiable...

So we lay down on the sofa while Mom and Sis took turns licking Kelly out and sucking me off, tasting the cum of my father and brother-in-law on each others' mouths as we kissed... and then she said it.

"Honey" said my beautiful fiancée.`, "I want to be a proper member of your family. I want to fuck your Dad."

"Are you sure Hun?" I asked. "It is a very big step" I said, looking over at him and Tom. The two men were slowly wanking each other off, steadily stroking each others cocks back to hardness. Dad would be able to fuck my wife-to-be soon enough...

"Baby" said Kelly, "I've never been as sure about anything in my whole life. I want your father to put his cock in my cunt and fuck me silly... and I want YOU to put it there. I want you to lick my pussy while he does it, as well... and I want you to fuck me alongside him, too. I want your cock to rub against his inside me and I want you both to cum together in my cunt so your cum fills me up... Then I want your Mom. Then Tom... then your sister."

"I want your whole family to fuck me, darling, and I want you to fuck me too. I want to rub my pussy against your sisters', and feel your cock enter her next to mine... I want to join you in a world of naughty, transgressive, taboo sex!"

"OK Hun. Shall we go into the bedroom?"

She agreed, and we all slipped out of our remaining clothes and wandered off to the master bedroom.

Dad lay down on the bed and the rest of the family sat around and watched as Kelly, my beautiful, gorgeous girlfriend and wife to be, passionately joined me and Dad together in a hot three-way makeout session. Then we both kissed our way down his chest and stomach to his cock and licked and sucked it together until it was properly hard... and then Katie drew herself up, squatted over him, and said "Go on. Put his cock in my cunt."

I picked up my father's erect penis, and teased it against my fiancées cunt. It pulsed and emitted precum as she rubbed herself against it. I licked his cock and her cunt with one lap. Then I sucked the head of his cock and nuzzled her clit, all the while using Dad's cock like a dildo on her, teasing them both.

Finally I slipped it between the lips of her pussy, licking it and her cunt as he slowly entered her, enjoying his firm hardness against her soft pussy, sometimes taking it out and sucking it before inserting my tongue deep inside her and tasting his precum before putting it back in, enjoying the taste of their sex, and all while the rest of my family stroked and kissed the three of us...

Soon we changed position. She pushed me over on my back and squatted over me while Dad got up and positioned himself behind her, his cock rubbing against mine in an exquisite joust, then pushed our cocks into her cunt.

Now we were both fucking her, just as we had fucked my mother and sister so many times, my cock rubbing against his and both of us against the walls of her tight, wet cunt. I could feel his foreskin and the head of his penis sliding against mine as her pussy enveloped us both, hugging us together. My fiancee's pussy juiced up as our cocks emitted copious amounts of precum and soon we were sliding around in there together, out three bodies grinding against each other as our two cocks ground together inside her hot, wet cunt. I felt my fathers' orgasm build alongside mine as his cock pulsed with greater and greater power, setting off the same reaction in my own cock and in Kelly's pussy, thanks to copious lubrication I felt everything, every vein and ridge of my fathers' cock as it rubbed against mine, every feature of Kelly's cunt as we ground together inside her.

Finally, we came. Dad's cum blasted against my cock and Kelly's cunt, and my cum washed against Dad and Kelly a moment later. Kelly moaned and squealed with pleasure as we both filled her up, clenching her cunt muscles against our cocks as if trying to keep us inside her forever.

The three of us embraced and kissed. It was not enough; we needed to keep going. As we continued to fuck, Mom said to her "Hey honey - Would you like to lick my pussy while you fuck my husband and son?"

My sister piped up, "And would you like to lick mine, Bro? Would you like to lick your twin sister's pussy while you and Dad fuck your fiancée.?"

"Don't leave Tom out!" I answered, and she said "Of course. You can have Tom's cock and my cunt together!"

The two of them sat on me and soon I was fucklicking two of the people I loved the most in the world, once again a man's hardness and a woman's softness, the bisexual ideal, while my cock and Dad's both pleasured my fiancée. while she licked my Mom's cunt.

Again we swapped. Tom withdrew his cock from my sister's pussy, turned around, and entered my Mom from behind. Now it was Kelly's turn to enjoy the pleasures of fucklicking while I inserted my tongue deep into my sisters' vulva. She shuddered with pleasure and kept repeating "Yeah, lick me Bro, lick me there, there, there...!" her moans of pleasure were overlaid with Mom and Tom and Kelly and Dad's, and soon my sister came, squirting pussy juice all over my face; Mom and Tom soon followed suit.

The three of them disentangled themselves and lay down together to recuperate while me, Dad, and Kelly continued our three-way fuck. We were all very close now; I could feel Dad's cock pulsing again and Kelly's pussy beginning to contract around us again, crushing our cocks together...

Once again, it started with my father. I felt his large cock pulse and send powerful jets of cum deep into Kelly's cunt, causing us both to groan with pleasure. I felt one jet of his spunk splatter against the head of my cock, and then I, too was cumming. Now we were both sending our cum deep inside my fiancée., and she could not hold on against such an onslaught - and came with a gasping, screaming shout of "OH FUCK YEAH OMYGOOOOOODDDD!!" as we all clung together, our arms wrapped around each others bodies.

All was silent for a few seconds as we came down from the massive orgasmic high. We slipped our cocks out of Kelly's cunt so she could roll off and lie down on her back. Dad lay on the far side so that Kelly was between us and we both just cuddled up to her and enjoyed another passionate three-way kiss... and then she said something that made my cock leap in anticipation, even though I had just cum for the second time in a few minutes: "I want to do your Mom next!"

"Of course, honey!" Mom said, "You can do all of us!" and climbed on top of her. They kissed, kissed again, and the two women began to rub their cunts together... of course, the rest of us couldn't resist joining in!

Katie sat on Kelly's face and Dad presented his cock to Mom while I wasted no time positioning myself behind her. "Can I fuck you, Mom?" I asked politely, to which she consented. "Yes please!" She popped her ass back to allow me access, then as soon as I had worked my cock inside her, she moved forward again, lying down almost flat so that we were both grinding against Kelly's well-fucked cunt; each stroke I took inside Mom caused her to clash against my fiancées juicy clam, arousing them both still further even as Mom took Dad's cock out of her mouth and swapped it for my sisters' pussy so that my fiancée could have another turn on Dad's massive dick, even as Mom told my sister, "I wanna kiss Kelly, honey..." and both she and Dad moved aside and gently wanked each other in the background so that Mom and Kelly could kiss... eventually Kelly demanded that I fuck her as well, and Mom moved her body so that I could fuck Kelly while Mom and she continued to grind their cunts together.

I realized at this point that I could swap between the two of them at will and had a great time fucking first one woman, then the other, then the first again, then the other. Then Mom pushed me backwards with her butt, out of Kelly's pussy and away from them both. "What's wrong Mom?" I asked, and she said "Nothing Hun, I just wanted to turn over."

Kelly and Mom rolled over so that Kelly was on top and we did it all over again until finally, I had to cum again and just let go, swapping partners as I came - the first spurt into my mother, the second into Kelly, the third into Mom... and so on until I was finally spent, my cum seeping between the two women like some depraved magic potion. But they weren't finished with each other, and soon they were 69ing, each one licking my cum out of the others cunt as they both moaned with pleasure.

Then my sister joined them... soon the three of them were tangled in a wild and beautiful knot of lesbian sex, gasping and fingering and licking each other into repeated orgasms. Me and Tom and Dad all slowly wanked each other off as we watched the spectacle, occasionally going down to lick and / or suck each other off a little.

Eventually though, Mom tapped out and my twin sister had Kelly all to her self. They lay facing each other side by side and clamped their pussies together, and me and Tom decided we were ready for more. Tom said to my partner, "I'd love to fuck you while you rub against my fiancée" to which Kelly raised one leg to let him in from behind, and I asked my sister, "Can I fuck you too, Sis?" to which she also agreed.

So there I was - fucking my sister from behind while she rubbed her clit against my fiancee's pussy, who was in turn being fucked by my sisters' own husband. We were so close together I could feel both Kelly's cunt and Tom's cock going in and out of her while I fucked Katie; that by itself was almost enough to make me cum.

But then something happened that blew me away. Tom said to me "Hey buddy, it's been a while - can I fuck you as well?"

HELL YES was what I thought, but all I could do was nod my head. He took his cock out of my fiancee's pussy, came round behind me and my sister, and lay down spooning us. I could feel his cock between my sensitive buttocks, then it slowly came into contact with my asshole proper, steadily working its way between my ass cheeks and right inside my anus. I gasped with pleasure and pain as it breached my butthole, and groaned as it slowly worked its way deep inside me. Katie moaned in turn, and clutched Kelly to her as the new rhythm was established.

Then Dad joined in again.

He moved over to my fiancée and asked if he could fuck her also - again, Kelly said "yes please!" and raised her leg to admit him. He entered her and I actually rubbed against his powerful, manly cock as I fucked my sister and took her husband's own penis in my ass. We were almost ready for a massive group orgasm - but what was Mom going to do?

"Fancy a snack, Hun?" she said, winking, and placed her cunt between my sister and my fiancées' mouths, so they could both eat her pussy together while being fucked by her son and husband... it was perfect.

Renewed, I quickly slipped my cock into my fiancee's cunt alongside Dad, and he slipped out and briefly fucked my sister, our cocks rubbing together as they crossed. We got up a rhythm of swapping cunts, then swapping back, sometimes landing in the same place, but never leaving one woman un-fucked long enough for them to start seriously missing us.

Mom began to move between us, offering each in turn her pussy like some perverted party favor for us to devour; with each lick she got wetter and wetter, until, back between Katie and Kelly, she groaned in orgasmic bliss. My sisters' cunt clenched as she, too, came, and so did my ass - and Tom and me came in quick succession.

The wave of pleasure washed back through my sister and into my fiancée, who pressed herself against my sisters' cunt as our Dad, finally, also creamed inside her. I felt his load as it coursed through his cock and into her cunt, and that set me up for another wave of pleasure. Orgasms rippled through our little group again and again, as we all came multiple times - finally subsiding as we reached the limits of the physically possible.

As we lay in our collective post-coital bliss, I kissed Kelly on the mouth, tasting cum and pussy juice and Kelly herself.

"Welcome to the family, Hun."

THE END & uid=28828#tab2

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