Looking down, I saw the doctor duck his head into my vision. His face wore the grin of an evil mastermind as he shook what looked like a smartphone in his hand.

"This is the remote control to your neurotransmitter. In addition to projecting sensory data into your head and modulating your responses, it's also linked to an implant on the top of your spine. What I've just done is disable all active muscle control to the rest of your body. Your organs will continue to function as they receive passive signals from your brain, but you can no longer move any part of your body below your neck."

'My god he really has turned me into a plaything', my thoughts ran aghast. There was now a *remote control* for my body! How much more degrading could it be than to be turned on and off by a phone app!?

"The effect is similar to those with spinal injuries." The doctor's face left my gaze as the men carried me out into the hallway. "However this block effect is one-way. You will continue to receive nerve feedback from the rest of your body."

As if to demonstrate, I felt a his hand rub my exposed, raised buttocks. I gasped as he even dipped a finger into my drenched slit. However I couldn't help feel my disappointment as he withdrew as quickly as he came. My cheeks burned like charcoals as this one action from him left me feeling utterly humiliated!

"The neurotransmitter can also be programmed to automatically disable your muscle control when certain parameters are met. For example, if you leave the range of your remote. Currently it is set to the wifi signal in this facility. So even if you were somehow able to escape, you'll just drop paralyzed on the grounds outside."

My only response came in the form of a tear sliding down from my eyes. I had already come to the realization that I couldn't escape. At this point he was just rubbing salt on my wounds.

After turning around a few corners, the men entered another room and put me down, flat on my stomach on top of a padded operating table. My air cut off briefly when my gag met the cushioned surface, but the doctor quickly adjusted this by bending my head back as far as my neck would allow.

I could hear equipment being sorted though and prepared, before the doctor re-entered my sight. He held a long, thin rod in his hands, one that ended in a flexible-looking plastic 'T'.

"You might recognize this as an IUD, or Intrauterine Device," he spoke cheerily.

I stared back, unamused, as I considered why they might wish to install a long-term birth control device.

"However, this one is special," he continued, his fingers spinning the rod as he did. "You see, rather than a receptacle that slowly releases hormones, this little toy here releases nanites -- itty bitty molecular machines and another cutting-edge technology -- into your system. They will settle inside your womb and convert your nutrient-rich uterus lining from a baby-making factory into a nano-robotics factory..."

My eyes ballooned in size. I tried to scream at him, but the long, muffling gag between my lips turned it into little more than a whimper. I couldn't believe they would... not just violate, but completely alter my body in such a...

The system did not like my negativity as an electrical jolt triggered inside my brain. My thoughts shattered in a most horrible manner that let me mentally stunned. I would have curled up into a ball if I could but my body didn't listen to me. All I could do was stare back in tears as my head reassembled a new frame of mind.

By the time my awareness returned properly, the doctor had left my vision. I felt the two men spread my legs as as flexible bars -- the top of the 'T' -- pressed into my love tunnel. With my body paralyzed, I was helpless to resist as it teased my sensitive folds on its way to my womb. All I could do was moan in response, before it poked disconcertingly through my cervical passage and entered my uterus.

The evil doctor soon walked back into my sight. His fingers continued to spin the thin rod -- having exchanged its T-shaped device for a thin coating of my juices.

"I'd say you rather enjoyed that!" He grinned as my lips trembled.

I was afraid to focus on my hatred for him in case the chip behind my head took notice and shocked me again. Instead a deep feeling of shame and self-loathing overwhelmed my emotions and simply made me want to die.

"You should be more grateful though," he continued. "Your IUD will become not only become the production center, but also the control center for a host of nanites that will modify you with the newest technological breakthroughs. Just think: no menstrual periods, no monthly cramps, perfect skin, faster immune adaptation, enhanced recovery during sleep. The nanites will even patrol your body to eliminate defective cells, which should make you immune to a wide range of cancers and viral diseases. Last and best of all, it will decrease your metabolism while helping to repair your DNA telomeres, which could extend your life to as much as three centuries! This treatment may be still experimental, but people are already willing to pay huge sums for just to try it!"

I groaned again. I didn't feel grateful at all. I was only twenty years old. To be preserved for up to three hundred years as a frustrated sex slave was like being trapped in an unending nightmare!

As he spoke, the two men turned me over to lay on my back. The doctor then pinched one of nipples and rolled it between his thumb and forefinger. A moan emerged from my lips as the nerve bundle returned to its fully hardened form, just like when I was still on the frame. My face turned an even deeper shade of scarlet as my emotions were filled my shame -- even though I was as helpless to stop this as with everything else they did to me.

Next, the doctor picked up a hissing suction tube, and fitted a small platinum ring over its end. I was appalled as he lined both up over my nipple, and my throat yelped as the vacuum pulled my flesh inside. He turned off the suction and removed the tube, but picked up a pair of special pliers that gripped my nipple without crushing it. He pulled until he was satisfied that the ring firmly squeezed the base of my nipple, before lining up a needle to the side and pushing it through a hole in the ring.

"Be proud, slave." The doctor added in a jeering voice. "When we told your new master that these were required, he picked out this set for you especially!"

I barely even processed his words as my mind focused on my freshly pierced nipple. The pain was intense, and fresh tears flooded my eyes as I tried to bear the lingering pain. However, the doctor ignored my whimpering and pushed the needle through, until the tiny ball at its end met the ring. Welded onto that tiny ball was a platinum U-clip, which arced over my nipple until it ended in a matching ball stud.

He pushed the open stud over the needle point to cap my nipple piercing. The sensitive nerve bundle was now squeezed around its base by a platinum ring, and held there by a barbell piercing that anchored a lightweight 'D-ring'.

I bit down into the ball gag as he repeated the process for my other nipple. It somehow felt even more painful than the previous. A simple stud piercing that fixed an amethyst gem in my belly button followed, almost casual compared what came next.

The doctor picked up a strange-looking piece of platinum and ripped the sterile packaging off. A tiny platinum ring lay at the center of the new device. Two thin, flattened wires stuck out in a 'V' above the ring, while two minuscule platinum balls flanked the ring -- one of them with a super-thin needle already pressed into it!

'Is that meant for my crotch!?' My mind recoiled in horror as the vile doctor moved down before laying it over my vulva. He took the suction tube and lined it up with the ring at its center. Horror dawned on me as I urged my paralyzed body to resist, but I could do nothing to stop my pleasure bud from being sucked through the ring!

I felt the thin, cool metal as it settled around the base of my clitoris. A gentle ridge inside the ring captured my love button with an unforgettable squeeze. My futile resistance to stop the ring's descent only alerted the chip behind my head. It fired another jolt into my brain, yet in a moment of mercy in this cruel world, the crashing of my thoughts coincided with when the doctor pierced the base of my glans clitoris, thus relieving me the worst of the horrible pain.

As my mind recovered, I registered the terrible ache in my pleasure bud. They had actually pierced my clitoris, not the hood but the love button itself! I wept as I already knew that this ring-and-piercing combination would always keep my clitoris aroused from now on. But I still had no idea of how bad it'll be.

A milder prick of pain came as the doctor also pierced my clitoral hood vertically. He showed me a curved platinum barbell with an upper stud bejeweled by amethyst. He then installed the piercing through my hood, until I could feel the barbell brush against my swollen clitoris. As he lowered the barbell its spherical end came down to rest against my love button, its pressure remaining constant even as his hands left my crotch.

I looked upon the men's long, thick fingers, wishing they would play with my sore but tingling clitoris or penetrate my dripping pussy. But the two male hunks remained on task as they turned me back over again, their eyes oddly empty as though they took no interest in me. I couldn't help but moan as my engorged nipples rubbed against the smooth, cushioned table.

The two helpers soon unlaced my underbust corset before pulling it out from under my stomach. Having worn it for so long, my midsection now felt unnatural without the compression and support hugging me.

The two men lifted my torso slightly as they began pulling what felt like a bondage harness onto my body. The harness comprised of narrow rubber straps of 1/4-inch thickness, and was made from a single piece of rubber without any metal buckles or rings. The one exception was a curved, oval frame of 1/4-inch wide platinum, its gleaming metal perfectly positioned to outline my vulva. The two rubber rings that would were positioned to match my breasts were also oddly rigid, as they were probably stiffened by something inside them.

The harness proved at least one size too small for me as it had to be stretched to pull over me. With some heaving from the two men, the rubber soon grasped my bikini line, dug both between and around my ass cheeks, encircled my modest breasts in perfect circular rings that wrapped around their bases, and formed an A-shaped halter outline that closed in an unforgettable rubber-padded circle around my neck. The tightness of the harness would have made my skin bulge into the gaps between them, except these areas were covered by a thin polymer sheet that already felt like it was stretched to the limit.

The doctor then took special care to position the platinum oval wrapped around the slight protrusion of my lower mons.

I could hear labored breathing coming from the men as they finished. The outfit was tight enough that it exerted even their muscular strength to pull across my body. A machine of some sort was then used to close the long slit over my back. Now, my torso felt like had been squeezed into a bondage harness integrated into a sleeveless leotard, which compressed down on me from all directions. It was especially tight around the waist, and despite not being a corset, it compressed my lungs and felt almost as tight as before.

"Normally, our Ultimate Lovedoll series goes into a full bodysuit for body shaping," the doctor spoke again as the three took a moment to rest. "However, your master chose the new option that we're trying. The material you wear is a synthetic polymer with remarkably tensile strength. It is waterproof, airtight, and mildly insulated to keep you warm. Once your nanites spread through you body and begins its work, the special organic polymers in your outfit will bond to your skin through any pores, including hair follicles. It will contract further until it reaches its ideal, pre-programmed shape, and consume any body hair in the processing making it impossible for your body to sweat. Eventually, it's skin-tight nature will be stretched to the limits, allowing your master to enjoy your soft, supple flesh while protecting the perfect, blemish-free skin maintained by your nanites."

'This thing is going to grow even tighter!?' I couldn't help think. It already felt too small for me and my lungs were once again forced to take short breathes.

As they finished their brief break, the men turned me over to lay on my back again. A mirror installed onto the ceiling show me my body, now constrained by a violet bondage harness. The polymer that filled its gaps, however, was entirely transparent, with only a glossy shine over my skin to reflects its presence. It left me naked to the eyes despite how squeezed my body felt.

They picked up what looked like a pair of pearl-white stockings with violet stripes running down the front and back like a seam. These were pulled up my slim legs until two-thirds of the way up my thighs. A violet, latex-lined band clicked shut to squeeze my sensitive flesh. Despite having the exterior appearance of glossy satin, the stockings' inside felt like the same polymer used in my leotard suit.

Rubber garter bands were then pulled up to my harness/leotard both front and back, where they used something that looked like a handheld iron to meld the ends to my harness' straps.

Two pairs of white opera gloves followed next. They had the same appearance and material as my stockings, except without the violet 'seams'. Latex-lined bands soon closed and squeezed my upper arms from just beneath my armpit. Two elastic, violet rubber straps then connected each upper arm bands to the front and rear sides of my rubber-padded collar.

The doctor soon reached down and spread my labia lips, where the platinum oval in the transparent polymer suit perfectly outlined my vulva. He pressed the two flattened wires reaching above my clitoris ring into small slots in the platinum frame, thus fixing my captive clitoris in place.

The next part he moved to install was a transparent shield shaped like a flat, slightly-triangular bowl, which would completely cover my clitoris and its jewelry. The shield was clearly meant to isolate my love button from any sense of touch, apart from the constant squeeze of the clitoris collar-ring and the downward press of the barbell piercing. A stainless steel wire penetrated the shield through a rubber-reinforced hole, ending in a tiny steel 'U' behind the shield. The doctor inserted this into narrow slots in the two platinum beads that flanked my clitoris ring, before fixing the shield into place.

Outside the shield, the stainless steel wire connected to a small ring, with a golden catbell dangling a further 2 inches beyond it. As the doctor hooked his little finger through the ring and gave it a mild tug. I cried as I felt my collared clitoris being pulled against the shield!

With a satisfied smirk, the vile doctor then picked up a pliable stalk of pink silicone, perhaps about 5-inches long. My entire body tensed as I felt him poke it at the entrance to my urethra. My eyes widened and my breath hissed as I felt the burning sensation of its length sinking into me, until its far end emerged into my bladder and gave me the sensation of continuous, forced peeing -- even if no actual pee came out of the catheter's end.

Before I could understand why, the doctor followed by picking up a scary-looking dildo. It was at least 7-inches long, complete with veins and a bulbous head that looked like the real thing. The only difference was that it was mostly pink for its upper 5-inches, with a transparent cylinder for the last 2-inches that stretched wider than the rest.

-- It also had an oval plate contoured like another flattened-bowl on the bottom. The plate was transparent and clearly meant to seal my love tunnel, with a thin prick near the top that matched my catheter's spot.

The doctor grinned evilly as he turned it on in his hands. I watched with heated breath as the dildo contracted. The pink section began to vibrate in a low hum as it slowly withdrew into the clear cylinder, rotating steadily as it did, until its bottom pushed out from the base plate by as much as 3-inches. Then, the pink dildo slowly rotated back inside, until the phallus inside the cover plate grew from 2-inches back to its full 7-inches!

"We made a three-dimensional scan of your new owner's fully erect penis and based the dildo off it," he grinned. "This phallus is narrower but longer, designed to train your pussy into giving him the perfect grip. I'm told that a rotating dildo also gives the most disconcerting sensation to any woman," his lips twisted with a smirk as he looked upon my fearful, shaking eyes. "Nevertheless, it -- along with the slow, randomized penetration -- is meant to reinforce your status as a sex slave."

With this fucking dildo still active, he spread my vulva lips and pushed it inside. A soft moan escaped my throat as I felt the lightly-vibrating and slowly-rotating phallus entered me, until the clear, cylindrical lower shaft stretched my pussy slightly. As the transparent cover plate soon met the platinum oval framing my crotch, I also felt a faint press against my plugged urethra. The doctor traced the edge of the cover plate with his fingers to give it a simple, all-around press. I couldn't sense any air gap at all as the heat between my legs quickly began to rise.

The dildo soon rotated slowly and inexorably in to its full length, until its tip pressed disconcertingly against my cervix. It gave me the incredibly uncomfortable sensation of being fully penetrated, and I groaned into my gag as this had crossed the line of how big an intruder I could comfortably tolerate. Then, as it began to rotate in the other direction and withdraw -- slightly faster this time -- I felt a light shock deep within my love tunnel that forced my muscles to contract and squeeze.

"The cover plate uses materials which display a passive electrostatic adhesion with your polymer suit," the doctor added as the two men turned me over again. "Once it touches, it sticks on like glue, forming an hermetic seal with your suit around your pelvis and torso for as long as your owner wishes. It can only be unlocked by the remote via a small electrical discharge."

I whimpered as the dildo slow-fucked my love tunnel. My juices and the heat of arousal steadily grew. However neither could escape from my crotch shield and its air-tight, water-tight seal. And while I noticed another small gap behind my anus as their fingers stretched it, it would not remain open for long.

I felt something like a plastic bag being shoved through my sphincter first, pushed deep into my rectum using a thin, slightly-curving rod. The bag was then inflated inside me, and I moaned as I felt its snake-like length balloon and expand into my lower colon! The inward pressure from this growing python stretched well into my large intestine before it finally stopped.

The doctor's focus then returned to my sphincter as he pushed in a fat anal bead, followed by another... and another. A total of six in a semi-rigid stack filled me before a 2-inch short buttplug that felt like a toadstool sealed my ass. The thin outer cover stayed nicely between my butt cheeks, where they probably sealed to my polymer suit in a similar way as my pussy cover.

I felt something press in against this anal cover before the inflated bag in my rectum and colon deflated.

My breath panted deeply with need by the time they turned me onto my back again. The doctor pulled out the remote with an evil smile and suddenly my anal beads turned on. Two of the beads began to tremble on a moderate setting -- not overpowering but more fiercely than the phallus that was still slow-fucking my pussy. Even my urethra insert vibrated faintly as a buzz came from the prick that pressed into it.











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