When Annette dropped her ass - and pussy - back down onto Leonard, the wet, slapping sound sent chills through his body. He reached up with both hands and grasped Annette's breasts as she worked Leonard's dick, making his thighs and balls wetter - and his cock harder.

Her fucking then intensified as she slammed her ass down on him. Leonard was on the cusp of exploding before Annette yelled out, "OOOOOOHH, GOD!" Her entire body tensed for several seconds, her teeth clenching and her nails digging into his chest as her pussy squeezed out another orgasm before Leonard could climax.

As her body began to relax, Annette's head hung down between her still outstretched arms while she caught her breath. Leonard's hands rested on Annette's thighs as his toes curled in anticipation of feeling her pussy return to gliding up and down his dick. He otherwise patiently waited for her to gather herself.

Her breathing normalize as she lifted her head to look at Leonard. "What the fuck?" she said as she continued to pant. "What the fuck does it take to make you cum?"

Leonard smiled as he shrugged. "You almost had me that time. But you came first."

Annette chuckled. She then bit her bottom lip before clenching her pussy and causing Leonard to gasp. Nodding, she said, "OK. Let's finish our story."

Annette slid Leonard out of her and climbed to the center of the bed as he sat up. She was on all fours with her knees spread and her back arched. As they looked at one another, Annette said, "Come on."

Leonard nodded before moving onto his knees behind Annette. He panted as he studied her ass. He then shook his head, stunned that Annette looked even better from behind with no clothes on than she did in her tight skirt - which had seemed impossible to him.

He placed one hand on her hip as he took the base of his shaft in his other hand. He eased his tip back inside her as she rested her forehead on the bed and took a fistfull of the bedspread into each of her hands.

Leonard desired to savor the moment. He, inch by inch, eased his cock through Annette's wet lips and back inside her warm center. Through tremendous will, he was able to control the pace at which he stroked her... until Annette threw her ass backward and into Leonard's crotch.

She gasped as he felt his tip touch deep inside of her. Annette then looked back at Leonard and said, "Fuck me."

Annette pushed back once more, but that didn't matter. Leonard pulled out of her until his tip was between her lips. He then grabbed her hips and pulled her toward him as he rammed his rock hard, aching dick back inside of her.

Annette cried out as Leonard ignored the pain of his balls slapping against her ass. Again and again he controlled himself sliding almost completely out of her body before throwing his throbbing dick back into her and luxuriating in the feel of her juicy, sexy ass smashing against the base of his shaft.

Annette's screams into the bedspread as she twisted it up in her hands triggered Leonard's body. He then continued to pump Annette's body hard and fast as he filled her pussy full of his cum.

It seemed like the flow would never stop. Along with Annette creaming on his dick as she climaxed for the fourth time, their combined passions caused a sloshing sound that intensified their simultaneous orgasm. The wetness also caused her ass to glisten, along with the front of his and back of her thighs.

Leonard's body calmed as his cock sat half-inside of her. Annette - through heavy breathing - began laughing into the sheet in which her face was still buried. "Oh my god! You made me cum again!"

Leonard wanted to respond, but he had just enough energy to keep himself balanced on his knees behind her. He managed to say, "I hope that was OK," before he slid out of her and laid on the bed next to her.

Annette rolled off of her knees and onto her side facing Leonard. As they looked at one another with soft smiles...


... Leonard eased back from the keyboard wearing a soft smile. Examining the café in which he sat, he looked at the empty booth where he had imagined Annette sitting. He then looked out of the café window and at the posh hotel across the street. A hotel he had never visited.

The night before, he had enjoyed coming up with the idea of a story about himself writing a story in a coffee shop and acquiring the help of a sexy stranger. He found that he enjoyed actually writing the story even more than conjuring it.

The smile remained on Leonard's face as he rose from his seat to get another cup of coffee. His pleasant expression turned to shock as he joined the line in front of the café counter. A familiar figure stood directly in front of him wearing a long, flowing black skirt, a long-sleeved white t-shirt, and a knit cap over her pixie haircut.

Leonard's heart raced as the woman turned to see who was standing behind her. She gave a cursory smile before, again, facing forward. Leonard's body didn't have enough time to react or return the obligatory greeting. It was just as well, because his body was having a hard time receiving signals from his brain.

His eyes then grew as the woman turned back around with a furrowed brow. A smile eased onto her face as she said, "I see you here quite a bit, don't I?"

Leonard nodded. "I... um... I come here often. Just about every day."

"So do I," she said. She then pointed at the booth at which Leonard had imagined the woman from his story. "I usually sit over there. I love this coffee shop."

"It's nice," Leonard said as he looked around the café. "It has a lot of character."

They both then turned toward the counter as the customer in front of them stepped to the side to wait for their coffee drink to be made.

"Hi, Billy," the woman said to the cashier. "I'd like my usual: a short vanilla sweet cream cold brew."

"No problem, Annette," Billy said as he wrote her name on an empty coffee cup and handed it to the barista.

As she reached for her handbag, Leonard said, "I'll pay for hers."

Billy nodded. "And an English breakfast tea with milk for you, Leonard?"

Leonard nodded. He then turned toward Annette, who was smiling at him. "Thank you so much. That's really nice of you."

The two of them stepped to the side to wait for their drinks as Leonard shrugged. "It's only a coffee."

"Still. It was sweet of you."

He smiled. He then asked Annette, "So what brings you into the café so often?"

"I work around the corner. I come here on my lunch breaks to relax. I'm an accountant."

"I haven't run into many female accountants."

"I'm the only one in my office," she said before asking, "What do you do?"

"Oh. I'm a writer. I write fiction."

"Really? Well, I definitely don't run into many fiction authors. What genre do you write?"

Leonard pursed his lips before saying, "Romance. With... erotic... elements."

Leonard then grinned as he watched Annette's lips curl into a mischievous smile.


Leonard and Annette chuckled as the two sat across from one another at his booth with their drinks. He then said, "I didn't imagine accountants to be so funny."

"Yeah, we're full of surprises," she said before taking a sip of her coffee. She then asked him, "What got you into writing romance?"

"I'm a romantic... I guess. I like exploring relationships and how couples in a relationship interact with one another. And... I'm a romantic."

Annette smiled. "That's a good thing to be. So... have you ever put people you know into your stories?"

"Um..." Leonard said, chuckling and shifting in his seat. "Not too many. Every now and then someone will make it into a story."

"Do you tell them?"

Leonard shook his head. "Not typically."

Lifting her coffee to her lips - and just before drinking it - Annette peered at Leonard and asked, "Do you think you could put me into one of your stories?"

Leonard grinned as he studied Annette's flirtatious eyes. "I think that could be arranged."












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