I started profusely sweating at this point.

With a diabolical half-smile, half-sneer, Kyla continued. "Even though it was not my fertile time I knew that it could happen; but once I left the doctor's office a strange thought hit me. It was strange that numerous fucks with Aiden even in my fertile time didn't produce a baby, but suddenly when not even in my fertile time I got knocked up at the resort. I asked myself what was different about the resort. For one, I was more relaxed than normal so that could have done it -- but also I had two toe-curling mega-orgasms compliments of Rob Johnson depositing loads of sperm into my vagina."

Now I had to actually wipe the sweat off my brow with a napkin, and my right foot started to jiggle like I had St. Vitus Dance. I gulped hard as Kyla continued.

"So, to be sure what was up I did two things. I had Aiden's seminal fluid tested for sperm count, and as soon as I could have an in-womb DNA test -- which was this last Saturday -- I did one. Guess what? # 1, Aiden has a very low sperm count -- less than 15 million per milliliter; #2, comparison of Aiden's and the fetus' DNA proves that Aiden isn't the father. Since the only other person I've had sex with since I married Aiden is you -- guess what? You're going to be the proud dad of a bouncing baby boy!"

She delivered the last statement with a combination of sarcasm, irony, and humor, although I saw nothing funny about it.

"To confirm it, however, after lunch I'm going to swab your cheek," she continued, subtly displaying a cotton swab that looked like it came straight from the CSI television show.

I was dumbstruck. Despite being as chatty a salesman as there is I was at a total loss for words. As I sat there, probably drooling, and certainly sweating, I didn't even react when the waitress put our orders down in front of us. Kyla started eating like she hadn't had a meal in a days while I left my food alone. Between a couple of mouthfuls she grumbled, "Just so you know I'm not terminating my pregnancy; we're going to have to decide how to handle it."

I didn't expect her to terminate the pregnancy and would never ask her to, but she was absolutely right -- we had to decide how to handle it.

By the time that we left the restaurant the only -- hardly startling -- conclusion that we came to was that we would keep it a secret, only tell the child when he was twenty-one, and act as normal as possible, whatever that means. She did get my cheek swab before she had me open her car door for her and actually gave me a quick kiss on the lips and chirped "Don't look so glum daddy."

I was in a funk for several weeks after the revelation, especially when Aiden and Kyla proudly made the announcement a week after I lunched with Kyla. Kyra and the entire Jonson family was thrilled for them. I must be a better actor than I thought because no one ever asked me "Is there something wrong, Rob?" or gave any indication that they thought that I was behaving strangely. I went thorough periods of guilt, and even self-loathing, but every time that I saw Kyla -- which now was more often than usual since everyone in the family wanted constant contact with the mother of the first Jonson and Miller (Kyla's maiden name) grandchild-to-be -- there were all sorts of get-togethers and offers of help -- I got a stirring in my loins.

Surprisingly, Kyla's personality seemed to improve as her pregnancy moved along; and she was one of those lucky women who glows when pregnant and doesn't gain weight except where it's necessary. While much easier to get along with now, she still had a devilish streak in her. She insisted that I take her to two doctor's appointments, both set up when she knew that Aiden would be unavailable. She carried the conversation during the drives to and from those appointments, and "innocently" exposed her thighs and part of when had now become D cup breasts. She also complained that Aiden had been much less anxious for sex, and she was getting horny; I made no reply.

Then thinks got worse for me.

Kyla had an excellent maternity program where she worked, and as intelligent as she is got all of her projects into good shape so that by the time that she was six and a half months pregnant she was allowed to go on maternity leave. The second weekend that she was on maternity leave Aiden went out of town for a wedding of his best friend from college, and Kyla was told by her doctor not to go since it required flying. That Saturday morning Kyra got a call on her cellphone from Kyla. When she smilingly terminated the call Kyra said "Kyla is having trouble with the air conditioner. Could you go over and help her? I've promised to go shopping with Mom for the upcoming baby shower," which, knowing them, would take at least three hours, "so I won't be around anyway."

What was I supposed to say? NO? Call a repairman? Tough it out? So I apprehensively went.

I was relieved when I got there that at least there was an actual, as opposed to made-up, problem (or so I initially thought). However, it turned out only to be a tripped circuit breaker. When I came up from the basement announcing that the problem was solved Kyla was standing stark naked at the top of the stairs. Her D tits were looming like the Grand Tetons, her baby bump was adorable to the extreme, and her pussy was glistening.

As I stood there, like a landed salmon, with my mouth moving up and down but no words coming out, she sashayed up to me. "Aiden hasn't had sex with me in a month; he's afraid of hurting the baby. I need you to help me out."

"I...I...uh...can't," I stammered.

"Yes, you can," she snapped. "I'm in this condition because of you."

"But...but...it was...an accident," I mumbled.

"That doesn't help me now," she retorted.

I tried to move past her but she put all of her might into blocking my exit. I would have had to hurt her to move her, and I sure as hell wasn't going to hurt a pregnant woman.

Finally, she started negotiating. Looking at her glowing body I was weakening as she talked, plead, and cajoled. Ultimately, I agreed to eat her out once, and then leave.

When we went into the guest room she closed and locked the door, and begged me to take off my shirt. "I want to see your muscled torso when you pleasure me," she moaned. I obliged.

Since I had agreed to do it I decided to go all out when I ate her pussy. I used all ten fingers, my tongue, my lips, and sometimes even my nose. I noticed that her slit was significantly smaller than Kyra's, which could have tipped me off in Room 415 if everything else hadn't convinced me that I was in Kyra's room.

Kyla went through a first small orgasm, quickly followed by a medium one, followed once more by the most intense orally-induced orgasm in my experience. If I hadn't secured her legs she probably would have flipped off the bed.

Of course, I should have expected the effect her orgasms, tits, pussy, and baby bump, would have on my cock. Once Kyla came down from her third orgasm I was rock hard; so hard that my crotch area really hurt.

As I tried to get up off the bed Kyla grabbed my neck and pulled my lips to hers and gave me a passionate kiss. "Please, please, fuck me Rob; I need it so badly," she mumbled between kisses. Then somehow one of her hands reached my midsection and she started to undo my belt. I'm only human; so I took off my pants and boxers myself. By then she was in the doggy position with her pussy gleaming and her anus appearing to wink at me.

Despite how wet she was, she was so tight that my cock didn't push right in. It took a minute or so of maneuvering before I was fully buried. Then I stared vigorously pumping in and out while she exhibited excellent control of her pc muscles and milked my cock. It didn't take long before I was ejaculating a mammoth load of cum into her expectant pussy and she was writhing and screaming in orgasm.

We collapsed next to each other, both breathing heavily. After a few delicious minutes where my mind registered only pleasure, before guilt would take its place, I heard what I thought was light sobbing. I slowly extricated my cock from her pussy -- causing an electric shock up both of our spines -- and then turned Kyla over. She was lightly sobbing; I had never seen her shed a tear before, ever.

"What's wrong?" I asked as I stroked the side of her face.

It took Kyla a few moments to regain her composure; then she sighed "Just preggo hormones, I guess. However, what we just did harkens my mind back to Room 415, and I get wistful. You probably don't want to hear this but I can't help but think of fucking you every day. Our interlude in Room 415 wasn't just my best sex ever; I felt a connection with you."

That comment surprised and scared the shit out of me! I thought that she considered herself superior to me, and the only "connection" I thought that I felt was fabulous sex.

What followed from her mouth shocked and scared me even more: "I'm glad that you're the father of my child."

I was stunned speechless. Then she kissed me and buried her head in my chest. I didn't want to be rude so I snuggled her for a few minutes and then got up to leave. "I should get going," I said trying to smile.

"I hope that you at least enjoyed yourself," she smiled.

I could not tell a lie. "I thoroughly enjoyed myself -- however once the glow of spectacular sex leaves me I'm sure that guilt will follow."

She -- considering her condition, spryly -- got off the bed. She put her arms around my neck and kissed me again. "I know that you don't want to hear this, but I'm available to you any time; all you have to do is call, or give me a 'come hither' look." Then she gave me one more kiss and pushed me to the door; "Go...go...," she said before turning her back and removing the sweaty sheets from the bed.

As I predicted the glow of spectacular sex left me once I returned home. Fortunately, Kyra didn't show up with baby shower purchases for another hour or so, so I had a chance to get my head partially straight. I was reluctant to seriously ponder what was happening because I was so conflicted. I grudgingly had to admit that the sex with Kyla was the best of all time -- and that I was actually starting to like her.


Before the baby was born Kyla called Kyra three more times asking me to come over for one emergency or another, and Kyra always insisted that I go. When Kyla moaned "I have a plumbing problem," I knew that the problem was with her "plumbing," not her house's. Noting my reluctance each time Kyra scolded "Rob, be nice; I know that you don't like Kyla but she's in a fragile state and we need to do everything we can to help her." Of course, she wasn't really that fragile since each time I went over there she maneuvered me into bed and required me to eat her to several orgasms and then fuck her brains out. It also disturbed me that each time I enjoyed it more and more.

Showing what a manipulator she is, Kyla also talked Kyra into having me attend a Lamaze class with her when Aiden was out of town (on one level I wished that he'd never go out of town, but on another level I wished that he would go more often). Kyla snuggled up to me both before and after the class. "What a treat to have my baby's biological father go with me," she cooed. To reward me she gave me a blowjob when I dropped her off at her house after the class.

The baby, named Kevin Robert Jonson (for reasons she didn't properly explain to others Kyla insisted that the baby's middle name be the same as my first name, Robert), was the center of attention for months. While most babies look quite a bit alike, I was convinced that he looked exactly like my baby pictures. Everyone else -- even Kyla although she winked at me when she said it -- remarked on how much the baby looked like Aiden.

I admired a number of things about Kyla once the baby was born. 1) She obviously was a good mother, and even cut back on work that she loved from her pre-pregnancy 50-60 hours a week to a hard and fast 40. Also, she insisted on nursing and despite working made it happen. 2) While I don't know where she got the time taking care of an infant, working, socializing, and maintaining a household but -- as evidenced by how she rocked a bikini -- five months after she delivered, she was back to her pre-pregnancy shape and weight. 3) Also, she became much nicer and less pompous. As a matter of fact, even if she wasn't the mother of my child, I now would have liked her. Fortunately, she didn't proposition me because I would have been hard pressed to resist her.

The new baby coming into the family got Kyra's maternal juices flowing. By the time that Kevin was six months old Kyra had successfully lobbied me to go off birth control. I guess that my little swimmers were numerous and/or potent because Kyra was pregnant as quickly as possible given the time that she went off birth control. Unfortunately, Kyra did not have an easy time of it during pregnancy like Kyla did, and in fact was bedridden by the time that she was seven months pregnant. That meant no sex for me. I was grateful that Kyla did not proposition me during that time too because then I definitely would have been too weak to resist, and I wanted to put my adulterous activities permanently behind me.

During pregnancy, probably initiated by how miserable she was, Kyra started to become demanding and bitchy, totally at odds with her personality in the six plus years we had been married. I suffered through it with fake smiles, "yes dears," and trying to be as helpful as possible but I sure was looking forward to the old Kyra returning because I never would have asked this Kyra to marry me.

Just about a week before Kyra's projected due date her OB/GYN decided to take the baby by caesarian since she had become concerned about Kyra's health. It turned out to be a good call. Everyone in the Jonson and Johnson families were eminently pleased when Kyra delivered a beautiful little baby girl, Emily Carol Johnson (no more given names in the family that were easily confused).

Unfortunately, Kyra did not snap back to her pre-pregnancy personality, shape, or weight. It was a laboriously slow transition, although she was making some progress. Surprisingly, unlike Kyla who took to motherhood like a duck to water, Kyra was not a natural-born mother, and despite my objections refused to breast feed and went back to work at her normal 50-60 hours a week by the time that little Emily was only two months old. Fortunately, about this same time I got a promotion to a supervisory position which greatly reduced travel and allowed me to work from home almost half the time, so I became the primary parental care giver to little Emily.

When Emily was about six months old on a Wednesday night Kyra was out of town. I had just fed Emily a bottle, burped her, and put her down for the night when the doorbell rang. I wasn't expecting anyone and was very surprised to see Kyla there. "Hi Kyla, what a surprise. Where's Kevin?"

"My parents have him for the night since Aiden is out of town and I needed to see you," she smiled as she gave me a quick kiss on the lips and then stroked her hand over my chest as she passed me.

"Uh...what's up?" I cautiously asked.

"How about a glass of wine?" she smiled.

She followed me into the kitchen where I happened to have a bottle of her favorite red wine that had recently been uncorked, so I poured her a glass. The look that she gave me when she took a gulp made me uncomfortable.

"Now let's go into the living room and sit down," she almost cackled.

She pushed me down on the largest couch in the living room and sat right next to me. "As you know, I'm not much for chit-chat," she smiled, took another sip of wine, then continued. "Little Emily is so cute that I've decided that I want one just like her. In order for that to happen I need help from my stud -- namely you. We need to produce a little girl for me."

I started to protest -- I really did -- but Kyla is hard to dissuade. When she's got a compulsion, she's kind of like a pit bull with a bone.

"Stop gulping," she snickered. "I know from talks with Kyra that your sex life is in the toilet. She seems to have lost her sex drive, and who knows when or if it will return. I, on the other hand, are your best fuck ever, and very willing and motivated. So...with our spouses out of town and me in my fertile time I think that we can get a start on baby-making tonight." With that she pulled her top over her head exposing a pair of bare supple mammaries that seemed to not have completely retreated from her D cup when she was pregnant. "How does that sound?" she continued, ending with a diabolical laugh.

I tried to dissuade her; I really did; but Kyla was spot on about Kyra's reduced libido, Kyla's body was now virtually perfect, and with a passionate kiss all of the memories of past encounters with Kyla raced to the forefront of my brain.

After kissing me five or six times and moving one of my hands onto a conical marvel on her chest Kyla broke off contact, stood up, undid my belts, with unconscious Freudian help from me yanked off my pants and boxers, and then straddled me. Not having been laid in three weeks and staring at and manipulating Kyla's awesome boobs, I was hard as a rock. With her skirt still on, but obviously sans panties, Kyla lowered her pussy onto my flagpole. I almost came immediately, but was able to hold off.

Once I was completely buried in her snug pussy Kyla demonstrated that she had been doing lots of Kegel exercises because her pc muscles started milking me like no other had during my entire sexual history. I blew my wad quickly, but she didn't seem to care since she was more after my sperm than an orgasm; however, she obviously wanted both.

With reluctance she lifted herself off me, grabbed my hand, and virtually yanked me into the guest room of my house. She made quick work of her skirt and my shirt, lay spread eagle and ordered "eat me." I had never eaten a pussy I just fucked, but she looked so yummy that I dove right it, and didn't find it the least bit objectionable. After an oral orgasm she rolled me onto my back, sucked my cock until it was to her liking, and then assumed the doggy position. "Give me another load of baby-makers with your beautiful big cock," she groaned, and I was helpless to refuse her.

Kyla stayed the night and by the next morning had reduced me to a pile of ash. I could barely walk straight and was too tired to even finger her when we showered together the next morning. She dressed in her clothes from the night before, ran out to her car, came back with a small suitcase, and put on her work clothes while simultaneously eating the English muffin and yogurt that I had laid out for her.

I was spaced-out, but I had little Emily to get ready for the babysitter, so I chatted almost nonchalantly with Kyla as I fed wide-eyed Emily a bottle.

When Kyla was dressed and had eaten she gave me a big kiss on the lips, and Emily one on her forehead as Emily squealed in glee (she liked her Aunt Kyla). "That was a really good start, stud; I really missed your cock," Kyla smiled before giving me another kiss. "I'll be in touch about our next session," she concluded and then sprinted out the door.

"She didn't even ask me if there would be a next session," I pouted to myself. Then the part of my brain dealing with reality kicked in and I realized that I was putty in her hands. I would probably do anything she wanted for another session like the one last night. I sighed, burped Emily, changed her diaper, got her dressed, and dropped her off at the babysitter.

Over the next months Kyla was irresistible, Kyra was disinterested; Kyla was cheery and appreciative, Kyra was moody and bitchy; Kyla sparkled, Kyra darkened. Even though Kyla most likely got pregnant our first night trying to conceive a girl we fucked regularly from then on, probably an average of once a week. The only two times that Kyra was in the mood during that time she was more like a blow-up doll than a human.











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