The door clicked again and opened. Stacy sat watching an athletic man walk in with something in his hand. As he moved beyond the back lighting she got a better look at him and he smiled. "I'm Master Brad. I own this place, and you provided some amazing atmosphere with Madame T last night while I was away." She started to say something but he cut her off. "I didn't say I wanted to hear you speak. I'm going to take you to my office, but I want you in this so you look appropriate." He reached out with a collar and she pulled back.

"Hey, I came here to talk, what's with that?"

He kept moving closer and she kept squirming away. "I'll make this as simple as I can. You put this on and follow me, or I send the video I hove of you and Madame T to every porn site I can find with your real name. I'm sure somebody you know will see it."

She looked at him with narrowed eyes. "Why do I keep hearing about a video? And why can't I just follow you?" He dropped the smile. "Because after last night you showed that you are a slut, and all sluts in this building move around on a leash. All slut actions in this building are collected on video, in case the record is ever needed for correcting attitudes. Are you done pretending this won't excite you?"

She sat, felt the collar around her neck, then pulled tight, then a slight 'snik' as a lock closed. She looked up at him as he clipped on a leash. "The lock wasn't part of the deal." He pulled sharply on the leash and she stood up. "As uncooperative as you've been, I'm not going to risk you pulling it off. This is my domain and I make the rules. Let's go."

Once in his office Brad led her to a place in front of his desk. "Strip and sit down." She looked at him, noticing that the video that had been mentioned was playing on a monitor behind the desk. She smiled. She really did look quite sexy in the video and even when the angle changed she had to compliment the person who placed the cameras. She shrugged and removed her clothes, folding each item and putting it on a chair, then she sat.

Brad leaned back against his desk. "You really are a slut, aren't you? That took nothing, or are you worried where that video might end up?"

"Slut is such a harsh word. Let me put it this way, if this is what I need to do to get a real cock, then this is what I'll do. I just don't like being told what I have to do, and this bit of blackmail is not what I went looking for last night."

"Not a perfect marriage? Or is your husband trained to accept whatever you do?"

Stacy smiled. "I never watched porn. I heard stories, but didn't watch it. Then my sweet husband wanted me to watch with him, he said it would help fire him up to snuggle while watching. I finally gave in and for the first time I saw real cocks. I mean, real cocks that would make you moan just looking at them. And the girls, wow, I never thought of sex with a woman, but some of them were really hot to watch and I started wondering how it would feel. Last night I finally found out, with a real porn star, and it was fucking amaaaaazing."

Brad was quiet for a minute. "You have your phone?" She nodded. "Call you husband and tell him you're staying late, don't know when you'll be back wherever you're staying, then hang up and give me your phone."

She complied, handed over her phone and watched him put it into a drawer of his desk and lock it. "You want to be a porn star? Let's get you started."

"Whoa, wait. I said I wanted porn star cock, not that I wanted to be a porn star."

"The easiest way to the cock is to be in porn. Besides, Di Mindy is leaving us and we need a replacement to play with Madame T. Your timing was perfect. You'll get your cocks, by the dozen." He pulled on the leash and led her back to the main hall, then down past the lounge and into the special room. Tanya was already there, on the bed. When she saw Stacy walk in naked and leashed her heart sank. It fell lower when he put Stacy into one of the cages near the bed and locked her in. Then he pulled out his cock and told her to suck it.

Stacy looked at the cock, licked her lips and moved her head around as she licked the shaft. "That's what I mean. A real cock. This is at least twice as big as my Mister Tiny." She thought she saw where the cameras were, was pretty sure they were recording, and 5 minutes later had Brad's cum in her mouth. She showed him and he told her to swallow. Again she showed him. "You're really good, slut. I may replace some of these older bitches with you and the other new girl." He looked at Tanya and smiled, then looked back at Stacy. "Maybe I'll call your husband and tell him to just pack up and go home. You sure aren't going anywhere tonight."

Stacy's eyes narrowed again. "I didn't agree to staying here. I told him ..."

Brad interrupted in a loud voice. "I don't give a fuck what you told him. You're in my club, and you are in a fucking locked cage. You get out when I want you out, and that isn't going to be tonight unless I have you sucking cocks everywhere in this club while you're on a leash." Brad looked at Kelly and Tanya, then at the empty cage. "Where the hell is SHE?" And he walked out.

Tanya looked at the new girl, sure that was Stacy's voice. Of course she had never seen the girl naked before, but the face seemed to be the right shape. Suddenly she noticed Stacy was looking at her and very slightly shaking her head. Tanya looked to Kelly who was staring at the door. She just couldn't understand why she was here. And why was she pretending she was married?


When Carla awoke she found her arms tied at wrists and elbows behind her back. She struggled a little to sit up on the couch and looked around.

"So you finally decided to wake up again. I never saw a girl drop out over losing pills and then you were out for a half hour. We'd better not get to the club late today. You're going to be an honored guest. The venue is to let your sister take on a couple of big men and get all sloppy, then you get out of your cage to lick her clean. Then the guys start on you. See how it works? Master Brad really likes you. I'm glad I got you so I just rent the rooms, but he has to pay me to use you."

She opened her mouth to say something, but Kyle cut her off. "Don't worry about the pills. You'll still be under their effect. I'm calculating I can loan you out for at least 2 weeks before I need to put a chastity belt on you to guarantee the first baby at least is mine."

The drive was a little quicker than normal as Kyle tried to make up time. They parked about a block away and Carla recognized Ellie's car nearby. If she had been up all night editing, did she ever sleep any more? From the scenario Kyle had given her, she had no doubt Ellie would be there, either watching or directing the cameras. There would be a video made and it would be available for distribution tomorrow.

They entered the club and Kyle led her directly to the room with only 2 minutes left until the doors opened. As Kyle put her into the second cage she looked at Tanya on the bed and a strange girl in a cage on the other side. Her heart sank. Had they caught another girl? But this one had a confident smile, and seemed to enjoy being naked in a cage. Oh, naked. Kyle pulled down her top and removed her thong before locking the door to the cage.

Ellie walked in, out of breath, just before the doors opened. "I want you to know," she looked at Tanya, "that the shipment is underway. My day is finally here and he is out of my life forever." She moved right to the foot of the bed and stared at Tanya. "And yours." She seemed to only then notice the naked girl in the cage. "Somebody new? And why are you in here?"

Tanya stayed with the original conversation. "He was right about you."

"Yes, dear sister, he was right about me. Guess what, though. You started listening about a month too late. And now, you won't be listening to him again. Now," she turned back toward the new girl, "who is this?"

Stacy stretched before answering, pushing out her chest. "I stopped by yesterday to get licked by a porn star, because I want porn star cock. Master Brad said I need to be a porn star myself to get the real man cocks. My husband has such a dinky thing." She held up a pinky and pouted before laughing.

Ellie looked at the locked collar. "I hate to break it to you, girl, but I don't think you're leaving this place again. And that ring on your finger, well, that will make you a few extra dollars but that's all it's worth now."

Tanya looked again. There was still the hoarse voice, and the long hair fell across a lot of her face, but surely Ellie recognized the girl? Then again, Ellie was in a hurry. Brad had only briefly met her. Kyle had hurried in. And she had a way of constantly changing her angle, so people didn't get a long look at her from any single direction. Had she gotten locked in a cage on purpose?

The doors opened and a group of about 30 people pressed in. Two men moved ahead to the crowd and approached the bed. By the time they got there, they had pulled off their pants, then they climbed on, one at Tanya's head, and one between her legs. After they came, two more men came up, but they carried rope. Tanya resisted and squirmed but they soon had her arms tied to the sides of the bed. Again, one took her head and the other her pussy, but they pulled out before cumming, spraying face and belly. After an hour Tanya was quite a mess, and that was when they tied her arms behind her at wrist and elbow and opened the cage for Carla to come out and clean her up.


Diana watched as first Marcia disappeared behind the side of her crate. The square panel was put in place and screws drilled in to seal her inside. Her eyes were glazed and she was slumped as much as she could be. The drugs had definitely taken hold of her. Diana struggled to keep some focus, clinging to an image of Tanya in his mind, refusing to let go. Then her crate was sealed, she felt the crate moved onto something and then came the odd sensation of rolling. There was noise, then a pause. A truck lift sounded, followed by a roll up door, and then they were moved again, banging hard across the narrow gap between lift and truck. Two booms followed as the crates were put against the wall and movement stopped. Diana was fighting the drugs and losing as she heard other things moved into the back of the truck. Of course they would try to put the people in first and then hide them with other cargo.

Some time later, Diana thought she heard a diesel engine, then there was movement. A turn, another turn, and then all sense of direction was lost, the only signs they were traveling coming when the truck hit a pothole or bump. The drugs couldn't stop the tears. He felt literally torn from his old life, and it was overwhelming.


Tanya had her head buried between Carla's legs, licking her sister closer to the climax that would have the younger sister bucking her hips and drawing wild applause from the assembled patrons. Carla had already gotten Tanya to orgasm as part of cleaning her up and Ellie declared a halt to the action to give Tanya a chance to return the attention. Carla bucked her hips and cried out as she climaxed. Tanya was still licking, letting it end gently when one man ran up with no pants on, pulled her away, and pushed his semi-hard cock into Tanya's mouth. Another man ran up to Carla, turned her around, and shoved his cock, with no preliminaries, into the wet pussy. Carla gasped but could not move much with her arms tied as they were.

Brad had come in to watch the show and moved up behind Stacy now. "Do you see how this works? You get to lick when you're told you can lick, when you're told WHO you can lick. You have given up your own choice. I'm going to release you and let you lick both girls, one after the other, while we get the video and by tomorrow night you'll be working here for me."

Stacy looked at him, "Yeah, ok, whatever you say. Do they get to lick me back. I love a good licking." Brad reached in and smacked her. "Because you asked, no. You can finger yourself." He walked around and unlocked the cage, opening the door as the two men finished up.

Another man had taken a step forward but then froze, wanting to fuck all of them but really wanting to see them licking and squirming and having orgasms. The crowd didn't seem to mind as Stacy, the only one with free hands, moved in and started licking Carla. The younger girl gasped and looked at the new girl. That is one talented tongue, she thought.


Diana had fallen asleep, probably from the drugs, but woke up when something felt different. The truck had stopped. Then suddenly it started moving again, and she could feel the acceleration. It was going at a high rate of speed. With her fastened into the crate and the crate secured to the wall of the truck she wasn't moving much so she felt every turn the truck made. They even had a strap on her forehead to keep her secure. The truck, though, was weaving back and forth and going fast. What was going on?


Kyle joined Ellie and Brad in the big room, watching as the new girl skillfully brought first Carla, then Tanya to a back arching, crying out orgasm. The trio wasn't quite sure what to do when a man came out of the crowd and grabbed the new girl, turning her around and pushing his cock against her mouth. Tanya saw Kelly take a half step, then stop and look at Brad. Brad was not sure if he should let them go, then decided to make a business decision and see if the man had paid. Assured that he had, Brad made sure a separate account was set up for the girl and provided the name from her driver's license, Charlotte. He laughed at that. She had certainly spun a web for that young man. In minutes people had paid for a chance to use the newest girl in the club and Tanya was held face down in the middle of the bed with one man on top while Stacy/Charlotte and Carla were bent over at each side. Stacy was smiling and grinding back against the cock. She was crying out, "Oh yes, oh fuck yes, it's now, oh my god it's now."

Tanya had cum sprayed on her ass and back. Then another guy was on her. The crowd was becoming more frenzied as they watched three girls, but especially as the new girl was showing so much enthusiasm for what was happening. As Carla tried to do her part and clean up she saw the new girl was already there, putting on a very sensual show with her tongue. Carla glanced at Kyle and Brad and noticed they were both rubbing themselves. Well, maybe they would cream their pants and there would be some getting back at them.

The magic was broken for Brad when one of the guards came in and whispered something. Brad immediately lost interest in what was happening in front of him and left the room. Ellie watched him, wondering what was going on.


Diana was beginning to be worried that somebody was trying to hijack the shipment and take Marcia and him for a rival group. The truck was going too fast for just a highway and kept veering back and forth. There was the sound of metal crunching metal and the truck lurched, but it continued for a while longer. In his drugged mind fantastic images began to spin around hijackings and bondage and naked people.

Eventually the truck slowed, though Diana did not know why. The truck stopped, there were voices and the door was opened. The sound of crates being moved followed and then his crate was scraping along the metal floor of the truck. Diana heard the sound of the lift, then movement, and finally nothing. Voices came through, but in her drugged state, inside the crate it was impossible to make out the words.

More voices, then the sound of a drill and screws in wood. After a minute of sound the side dropped off the crate and lights blinded Diana inside.


Slowly but steadily, the new girl was taking over. Tanya and Carla looked at each other with fear, knowing their well-being depended on their attractiveness to the venue. This girl was upsetting the cart and putting them at risk. Once again Tanya looked at Kelly and was surprised to find Kelly smiling openly.

Suddenly, the hallway guards ran into the room with Brad right behind and he threw a switch. There was a loud 'clunk' as the door locked shut. Ellie and Kyle both, wide eyed, ran to one of the girls. Brad followed, pulling his belt as he ran. Soon all three girls were no longer getting raped but were gasping with a belt around their neck and a knee in their back, slowly strangling them while confused guests looked on. Kelly moved. She kicked between Kyle's legs, causing him to release his choking of Carla. Ellie tried to turn and use Tanya as a shield, but Kelly moved one way, then another, then pushed the heel of her hand against Ellie's chest and pulled Tanya away. The new girl did her own damage, kicking Brad's shin, then his balls as he stood behind her.

With the three main antagonists out of action Stacy turned her attention to the door. There was a code pad and she began tapping numbers. She knew it was 4 digits, and she just needed to get the right ones. Finally, as Kelly protected her, there was a loud click and the doors opened. Helmeted people in black with vests bearing a white "Police" flooded into the room. A cordon was quickly in place and a smaller group went to the two women who were naked on the bed and threw blankets over them. The door open, Stacy accepted a blanket as well.


Diana felt hands supporting her as the straps were removed. The water drip and gag was removed and she was helped out of the crate and onto a gurney. Medical technicians covered the naked body and began treatment. The scene was still confusing, but it appeared the journey had been cut short. Glancing at another gurney nearby, Tyler saw Marcia, her eyes glazed from the drugs. Anger grew inside that Brad would not only toss her aside, but didn't care that she had been given a dose of drugs that did not seem to fit her smaller size. Then his thoughts turned to his own wife and the danger she would be in when Brad realized his shipment had been stopped. He struggled, trying to speak, but only managed to get out, "Ta ... tan ... tng ... "

A familiar voice spoke from behind him. "Hey brother, you've had a bitch of a time there. She's covered. We need to get you to a hospital while those drugs wear off." Tyler tried to turn over, but a hand gently held him. "No moving. Just rest for now."

Finally the two freed prisoners were loaded into ambulances and sent to hospitals. For the first time, in the bright lights of the ambulance, Tyler noticed that the medical team was in Army uniforms. He tried to ask, but the medic gave the same advice Brandon had given. Rest.


Stacy leaned against the wall while Tanya and Carla were carefully untied and told to sit on the bed while soldier medics checked them out. The person who seemed in charge explained that they weren't sure who among local medical staff could be trusted, so they managed to borrow some Army medics and ambulances. He kept an eye on things while a female officer talked with Stacy and passed updates to her. Finally he relaxed a little and said, "Everybody in the building has been accounted for."

Tanya's eyes widened as she suddenly remembered. "The apartments. There may still be girls in the apartments and the guards might be ..." she saw Kelly smiling at her and stopped. Kelly was shaking her head and when Tanya stopped she said, "All taken care of." She pulled a little at the handcuffs holding her arms behind her back. "It's been a few years since I wore a set of these. I think I prefer being arrested to what they did to me here."

Carla and Tanya looked at each other. As an officer walked up to guide Kelly out, Tanya asked, "Arrested? You saved us. What are you being arrested for?" Kelly looked at Tanya and smiled. "Because, dear Tanya, I'm part of this problem. I hope I get something mild for having a small part in ending it, but if not the price will be worth it to know this torture chamber is getting shut down. You and your boyfriend gave me the courage to do something about it."

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