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It's also the only social media platform that currently supports visual search, so it's a good idea to jump on this trend early. As the fourth most popular social media platform in the u.S. And with over 235 million monthly international users, pinterest can open your business up to millions of new customers. On pinterest, users share and save content to virtual collections called boards.

When it comes to inappropriate content, kids are at risk of seeing some pretty gnarly things while they’re innocently pinning memes and pictures of the hottest new sneakers. In this post, we explain the top 5 things you need to know about this popular social media platform. What comes to mind when you think of pinterest?

To do this from the pinterest desktop app, click on the three dots on the top right-hand corner of the screen and select ‘log out’. For businesses, that’s a huge amount of users ready, willing and able to spend based on what they discover on pinterest. Adding links to pins makes it super-easy for a pinterest user to find out more about the pin that has caught their eye, and potentially go on to make a purchase. When comparing pinterest to instagram, the ability to easily add links is what sets pinterest apart from instagram as a powerful marketing strategy.

This is because a whopping 85% of users have made a purchase based on seeing a branded pin. About a quarter of each user’s time spent on the platform is spent actively shopping or searching for products. This means promoted pins and pinterest seo are two areas you need to focus on when creating shoppable pins.

Add a "Decorations" or "Party games" section to your birthday party board to keep similar ideas in the same place. Organize your pins in whatever way makes sense to you. You can also add dates to your board if you’re using it to plan an event or add notes to create checklists or other reminders. Your home feed is where you'll find pins, people and businesses we think you'll love, based on your recent activity.

Inboard makes saving and categorizing things a lot simpler by using tags. This screen asks which of your boards you want to save the image to. Once you choose, the image is viewable on your board, and has a link to the corresponding website where pinterest found it when you hover over it.

The biggest interest areas on pinterest ranges from fashion, food, auto, interiors and travel, so there are touch-points for a huge variety of users. Pinterest drives 3.8 times more sales than other platforms and 87% of pinners have purchased a product because of pinterest. There are over 200 million monthly pinterest users worldwide, all seeking and sharing helpful, inspiring ideas on the platform. Average number of monthly searches on pinterest is 2 billion. 47% social media users saw pinterest as the platform for discovering and shopping for products.

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