Nia blinked at her cell phone screen as she felt her pussy start to tingle and get wet. She wriggled slightly in her seat feeling the sensation of the pressure as her clit and pussy lips swelled. The words in front of her had an instantaneous effect. "I masturbated in front of my mom last night," read the text from her best friend and confidante, Lisa. She couldn't believe the words fully yet but there was no denying how she felt about them.

She'd been amazingly serendipitously lucky to have found someone who shared the same...fetish...predilection...inclination, whatever you wanted to call it, as her. Her freshman year roommate had borrowed her computer and stumbled across all her browser searches for "daughter seduces mother" and thankfully, instead of shaming her Lisa had admitted her own crush on her own mother. It had brought them very close and they'd shared their fantasies with each other. It had been such a relief to find someone else in the same predicament.

Nia and Lisa had kept in touch over the summer and into this new school year which unfortunately had found them using zoom to attend classes both stuck at home with the objects of their sexual obsessions. They had leaned heavily on each other for sanity during what would be a rough time for anyone but was an especially rough time for two 19 year old girls crushing on their mothers.

Now it seemed like there had been a major development. Nia had immediately texted back asking for more information but Lisa hadn't responded in hours. Which could mean all sorts of things good or bad. Nia knew that if it went well Lisa wouldn't be wasting time texting right now, but if it had gone poorly then Lisa might be being sent to a mental institution at this very moment!

They'd both discussed their remarkably similar fantasies of their mothers walking in while they were naked and spread eagle fingering themselves and their mothers joining in. Maybe that had happened for Lisa! Nia could barely breathe, in such a short amount of time she had become wildly wet, she could feel how wet her panties were, it may have already even soaked through her yoga pants.

Maybe this was a sign? The universe had brought her and Lisa together as friends for a reason, to help her fulfill her deepest and darkest desires? They'd spent so much time discussing this, going over how it hurt no one, sharing dreams that their mothers felt the same way and that they could be together, it was almost like discussing crushes at a slumber party but it felt more real, more serious.

They'd call them crushes but it felt more like...more like true love or soulmates. Nia and Lisa had both grown up the only children of young single mothers who they were incredibly close with and they had both always felt a connection that was something more than other girls had with their moms, but it wasn't until going away to college for the first time that both of them had started to have a feeling and longing for something more.

All their classmates had started having sex with each other but Nia and Lisa had longed for their mothers and increasingly had started feeling a desire to be close to them in a more adult way. It felt almost natural, they'd both talked about how it seemed like that's what they were meant for. They'd go home on weekends and breaks and cuddle their moms as much as possible, returning to school to discuss the deepening and intensifying sexual feelings with each other.

Things hadn't changed when school had let out; they'd gotten even more intense and serious. Nia frequently watched scary possession movies with her mother, a favorite genre for both of them, and they'd both be too scared to sleep alone so they'd frequently begun sleeping in the same bed. Nia often found herself waking up moaning, entangled with her mother's limbs, she'd have to masturbate in the shower every morning to calm herself.

Lisa had been doing workouts with her mother daily, stretching out each other's hamstrings, getting out of breath and sweaty together. It was stimulating to say the least. Now it seemed like things might be kicking up even higher, Nia wasn't quite sure what to do, she was breathing hard and grinding against the seat of her chair as the gears turned in her head, round and round. She took a deep breath to steady herself and made a split second decision, standing quickly to go to the living room before she could talk herself out of it.

Her mother sat on the couch in the living room in a tank top and pair of shorts, her hair pulled up in a gleaming red pony tail that cascaded down her back. Nia, while she had her mother's same shiny red hair keep hers short in a pixie cut, unable to tolerate the amount of work it took to maintain long hair but she loved playing with her mother's hair at night when she let it down before bed. Nia's mother looked at her over her thick rimmed glasses and smiled flashing the dimples they both shared that made Nia's heart pound in her chest. She was doing some work while also playing a movie in the background, a frequent habit of hers. "Hey baby, wanna come watch this movie with me? It's terrible."

Despite her nerves this made Nia grin back at her. "Of course, mommy." The endearment made the butterflies flutter in her stomach, she'd only started calling her "mommy" recently and it felt so secret and sexual, a special thrill and a loving name. Her mother had seemed somewhat surprised at first to have her 19 year old daughter suddenly start calling her "mommy" as frequently as possible but she had accepted it and seemed to enjoy it, in whatever capacity it meant to her at least.

Nia's mother put her work aside on the end table and then patted the cushion next to her on the love seat. Not having to be told twice Nia curled herself onto the seat leaning against her mother's side as her mom put her arm around Nia's shoulders. Nia got comfortable and forced herself to watch the movie to calm her frazzled nerves. The movie playing was Idle Hands, something they hadn't watched in a long time, a movie about possession that was actually a comedy. They both settled into the silly movie laughing at the bad jokes and not too bad acting by Devon Sawa and Seth Green. Nia's desire was obviously still inflamed and being cuddled into her mother's side hadn't lessened it at all. Where her head was resting below her shoulder was so close to the swell of her mother's breasts.

Nia's mother was a short top heavy woman. She had curvy hips and a large ass but none of it could quite balance out her huge breasts. She'd of course seen her mother naked many times as happens growing up in a tiny house without a lot of privacy. She'd been fascinated by them, huge and surprisingly buoyant and torpedo shaped with large round dark nipples. While Nia took after her mother in many ways this was not one of them, she had small round breasts with small pale pink nipples, she wasn't jealous she was just...hungry for her mother's.

Gathering her courage from her seat to the right of her mother Nia reached out with her right hand and touched her mother's bare knee. The movie became incomprehensible behind the wall of static in her mind as she gently stroked at the smooth cap of her knee. Her mother didn't seem to pay any mind which was encouraging. Nia moved her head so she was gently nuzzling at her mother's neck, the sensitive juncture between the shoulder and her throat. Her mother let out a gentle pleased (Nia hoped) humming noise. Nia moved her hand up from her mother's knee to the meat of her thick thigh, halfway to her crotch she stopped. She moved her fingers in circles and up and down, keeping her eyes fixed on the movie she was definitely not actually paying attention to the whole time.

This drew another hum out of her mother which she resolved to take as encouragement. Her mother also seemed to have slightly parted her legs so it was possible to get Nia's hand between her thick fleshy thighs. Nia loved her mother's curves, more pronounced than her own both seemingly from genetics and weight that came from having carried and birthed Nia.

The pictures from before Nia was born seemed to indicate her mother had been somewhat less thick but her body still hadn't been the same, it was a little tighter but stocky. She had fantasized about what it would have been like to have known her mom before she was a mom at 19, it held a lot of appeal but Nia had always found her mother incredibly sexy with more weight on her frame. Her heavy hips, the heft of her ass, the thrust of her breasts, she was an incredibly sexual looking woman, with big heavy lidded eyes and plump lips that Nia actually did share. She looked like a sexy cartoon in some ways, an idealized impossible feminine woman. It amazed Nia that her mother had never found a man to be with, she was so sexy, so womanly, so inviting, so soft.

Nia moved her hand higher on her mother's thigh and further between them both, her index finger brushed against the crotch of her mother's short denim cut offs that were tight against the mound of her pussy. Another deeper hum emerged from her mother. When Nia glanced at her own crotch her pink yoga pants were visibly darker where her wetness had begun to soak through. She could feel herself blushing, she tended to get very very wet but she'd never completely soaked through both her panties and her pants before.

She felt wild with arousal, out of control, so full of want and desire in a way she'd never experienced before. She turned her hand and pressed her full palm against the crotch of her mother's shorts, felt the intense heat there and pressed, rubbing the heel of her hand hard against the seam in the denim. The noise her mother made was now a moan, not just a hum. Nia risked a glance at her mother's face and saw her turned toward her, mouth slightly opened looking dazed and flushed, two round circles of red high on her cheeks, eyes glassy.

Nia, still pressing against her mother's pussy with her right hand raised her left hand to caress her mother's cheek as they looked into each other's eyes. She ran her thumb over her mother's plump, pink bottom lip and then leaned in and kissed her.

It was tender and sweet, gently nipping and kissing at first, two smiles playing against each other retreating and meeting again a second later, Nia cupping her mother's face in one hand while still putting pressure against her cunt with the other hand. Her mother's hands had moved to Nia's side sliding and stroking gently there. As the kiss deepened, became less like play and more serious her mother's palms found the sensitive sides of Nia's breasts, covered just by a filmy t shirt, no bra.

Nia slipped her tongue into her mother's mouth teasing at hers gently, feeling the slick heat that she was sure would be mirrored by her mother's pussy lips. As the kiss deepened it also moved slower, sensually, they were taking their time to get to know each other in this new way. They had always known each other but they hadn't tasted each other, they hadn't explored each other in this way before, Nia knew her lips looked just like hers but she didn't know what those lips felt like from the outside.

She wanted to really learn her mother as a woman. She slid her hand around the back of her mother's neck and moved the hand that had pressed against her cunt up to her breasts instead. She wanted to feel their weight, the massive heft of them, feel the hard nipples rough against her palm. The tank top her mother was wearing was low cut and she also eschewed a bra when at home, Nia simply slid her hand in from the top moving the fabric aside so one breast was completely bared to the air. She tweaked a nipple, overcome with a hot burning desire, she bit her mother's lip gently at the same time, drawing a gasp out of her. Swinging a leg over her mother she climbed into her lap, tugging and teasing her nipple all the while.

She moved the hand stroking her mother's neck slightly and grabbed her by her long red ponytail, loving the silky feel in her hand. She pulled, hard and yanked her mother's head back, her mother stared at her with wide, wild eyes, mouth gaping. "Say it feels good. Say it, mommy." Her mother looked shocked but she was breathing hard and her nipples were incredibly hard as Nia continued to handle them roughly, alternating between gentle and squeezing tugs. "It feels so good, baby, I want it." Her mother obliged, there was no reason for her to lie, it was obvious to both of them that this was wanted.

Nia released her mother's hair and again began to stroke her face, sliding her thumb over the bruised and bitten lips and then sliding her thumb into her mouth and getting exactly what she wanted, her mother gently sucking at her thumb while she stared into her daughter's eyes, wanting to please her. Nia's mother's hands were now cupping her daughter's ass, not as big as her own but still large and tight, she gently pet it.

"Are you going to be a good girl for me, mommy?" Nia's mother simply nodded wanting whatever was being offered. "Good." Nia used both hands to rip open her mother's tank and expose her huge breasts like she had wanted to so many times.

Lisa was interested in a softer sexual relationship with her mother, which was where they differed, Lisa had always been shocked at how roughly Nia wanted to take her mother. Their fantasies were both about their mothers, but Nia was more dominant than Lisa and had darker desires, her biggest fantasy was revealing her mother's breasts in public and letting everyone see them while she teased and sucked at them. Lisa couldn't relate but she didn't judge.

Nia drove in taking one nipple in her mouth and biting, gently, but still biting. She held the massive tit in both hands sucking and biting and licking, her mother's hands went to her hair, running her fingers through Nia's short locks and arching her back up into the onslaught moaning desperately, she was speaking but not making sense, incomplete sentences that were pleading and repetitive. Nia understood, though, knew her mother better than anyone else in the world ever had, instinctively knowing how she would want to be taken.

Nia switched to the other breast, giving it the same tugging and biting treatment as her mother begged for more in gasps and moans. Nia's legs spread wide over her mother's large thick thighs, she ground her hips down but struggled to get enough friction, she moved her hips fruitlessly. Frustrated she put one hand against her mother's throat and leveraged herself into a standing position as her mother closed her eyes in pleasure at the pressure on her throat.

"Take your clothes off, mommy and then get on the fucking floor." Nia's mother jumped into action at the order peeling her ripped tank top off over her head and then unbuttoning her overly tight jean shorts and pushing them and her underwear to the ground. It was shocking how quickly the denim had been soaked through with her juices. They couldn't have been at this for longer than 15 minutes but they were both soaking and frenzied.

Nia waited until her mother had laid nude on the floor with her legs spread out the side, her knees bent and her feet flat on the floor before removing her own clothes. Nia knelt on the floor between her mother's spread legs. "Look at what a sloppy wet pussy you have, mommy. So wet that you're dripping onto the floor like a hungry little slut. Are you my little slut, mommy? Are you going to be a good little slut for me?" Her mother moaned, it seemed like she was unable to even respond, she spread her legs out further instead and that was enough for Nia.

She put two fingers gently onto her mother's clit, not moving, just resting the tips of her fingers there. More wordless moaning from her dear mommy. She put more pressure against her clit as a reward, staring all the while in awe at her mother's beautiful hairy pussy dripping in front of her. She suddenly and quickly swiped her fingers down and swiftly slid them inside of her mother, turning her palm up and cocking her fingers. Her mother's hips spasmed upward and Nia laughed. "I've got you in the palm of my hand, mommy," she giggled and then moved her hand so she could grind her palm against her mother's clit.

Nia was torn in several directions by all her wants. Now that they'd done this much she was sure that her mother felt the same way about her that she did about her mother, so they had their whole lives ahead of them to explore each others bodies but it was so difficult to pick one place to start.

She wanted to grind her own cunt against her mother's, she wanted to shove her face against her mother's wet pussy, she wanted to sit on her face, she wanted to fist her until she screamed. There was so much want she was practically overcome. She forced herself to take a deep breath, deep inhale through her nose, slow exhale out of her mouth, in and out. There would be time for everything eventually, she had her love. She gently removed her fingers from her mother's gaping hungry cunt and swung one leg over one of her mother's, she pressed their cunts and their thighs together grinding her hairless pussy against her mother's hairy one. She reached one hand up and pressed it against her mother's neck holding her down, feeling the vibrations of her moans in the palm of her hand, her mother arched her hips up into hers.

Nia moved her hips frantically, out of control and too close to her orgasm to control herself. Her mother orgasmed first, gasping and convulsing, her eyes rolling back in her head she was just barely able to moan out her daughter name. That pushed Nia over the edge, grinding her pussy down hard into her mother's bush she came wet and messy saying "Mommy, yes" over and over again. As she came down from what was one of the most intense orgasms she'd had so far she loosened her grip on her mother's throat and readjusted her position so she was straddling her mother's hips fully, pressing her sloppy messy wet sex fully against her belly. She smiled down at her mother and giggled. "Fuck. That was better than I had imagined." Her mother smiled back up at her and nodded.

Nia leaned down until she was laying on top of her mother, their breasts pressed together, she put her hands on either side of her mother's face and kissed her. It was meant to be a quick kiss before she got up to get cleaned up but she couldn't get enough.

She kissed her again, then again. Her mother circled her arms around her back and they kissed again, pulling back occasionally to look at each other but then being unable to avoid being pulled back into another deep kiss. They began making out like teenagers left alone on a couch. They both were joyously laughing into the kisses. As rough as Nia had been with her mother before now were they loving.

Nia couldn't believe she'd waited so long to make a move, it was obvious these feelings were reciprocated, she hated having waited so long to begin a more intimate relationship with her mother. In a surprising move her mother rolled Nia onto her back and Nia wrapped her legs around her as they kept kissing and laughing. Reluctantly her mother pulled her lips away from Nia's and then immediately pressed them to Nia's neck and down the rest of her body, to her breasts where she gently suckled at Nia's cute pink nipples and then she continued down until she pressed her lips to Nia's clit, still swollen from their earlier activity and sensitive from her orgasm.

She absolutely shocked Nia by sucking her clit into her mouth. Nia's mother put all her energy and focus into suckling and kissing Nia's clit until Nia was shaking and moaning begging for her orgasm. Her mother pressed her open hand against Nia's pussy, which was actually Nia's favorite method of masturbating, rubbing out a circle that drove Nia over the edge.

After Nia's orgasm her mother swatted at her hip. "It's time to get cleaned up, sweetie. I'll make us some dinner, I think we have a lot to talk about. Dinnertime's in an hour." Nia nodded and shakily got to her feet. As she walked through her bedroom to get to her bathroom she noticed that the notification light on her phone was flashing. She hoped that Lisa had had as good a time with her mother as she had, but that could wait. She had a dinner date.

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