Dinner proceeded happily yet uneventful; without any indication of any plan was in the works. After dinner everyone went to the club for cocktails so that Alex could share her plan with Ollie.

"Ollie, do you think you will be able to do that for the family?" Alex asked.

"Nothing comes before family Momma. I can do it, without a second thought." Ollie said.

Ollie snaked her way through the crowd and found her Uncle Denver and Aunt Alley. She asked them if they could walk along the sea side cliffs, because something was bugging her about her parents that she needed to get off her chest. While they were walking up and around the winding paths along the cliffs. Ollie started to complain about how her mother and Francis came in her and Stan's room in the middle of the night to lie to them about the switching of the wine.

Denver knew that Alley must have turned on him. Denver attacked Alley and he began beating her bloody. Ollie knew this was her only chance. She wrestled Denver to the edge of the cliff and pushed him over. That was not planned, it was in defense of Alley. It was better than what had been planned. Alley was beaten unconscious and Denver was lying very dead at the bottom of a cliff. Those problems were solved. Now Ollie needed to become hysterical as planned.

Ollie busted into the night club and screamed at the club security guard.

"Call 911! There has been an accident! My Aunt and Uncle were in an argument on the cliffs, he fell and she is badly injured!" She screamed. "There is so much blood!"

Ollie had blood all over her hands face and clothes. Alex heard the commotion grabbed the rest of the family and followed Ollie up the cliffs.

Alley was lying on the ground close to the cliff edge, covered in blood, Denver was nowhere to be found.

"Ollie, what happened?" Trent asked.

The first time she was to tell the story needed to be the same as the fifteen hundredth time she told it.

"We came up here and we were have a peaceful conversation about parties. All of a sudden Uncle Denver began beating Aunt Alley in the face. Poor Aunt Alley. All that Blood. I was afraid for Aunt Alley so I wrestled with Uncle Denver. He slipped and fell down there." Ollie sobbed.

Trent Christian and Francis looked at the bottom of the cliff and they saw Denver lying twisted in an unnatural position. All three reeled at the sight of his broken body on the rocks below.

"It's not your fault, Ollie." Alex said.

In reality it was exactly her fault. However Alley would take the blame for this. As far as anyone in the family would ever know, Denver and Alley had a falling out about the party. He beat the shit out of her. In his surprise at the damage he must have staggered back to get away from the horror and fell off the cliff.

"She has a pulse, she has normal responses in both eyes, but her nose is broken. Lucky for her she knows a great surgeon. It looks like the rest of the damage is superficial." Christian said.

"Superficial? Look at her face! You better fix that fucking pizza!" Francis said with tears welling in her eyes. "No woman deserves that treatment!"

"Don't worry Francis, I've done more with far worse." Christian said.

Paramedics were arriving and taking over with Alley. Trent and Christian were both giving credentials and offering any assistance as well as contact information. The police arrived at the same time as the paramedics.

"Hello. My name is Detective Kona from Honolulu Police Department. I would like to ask some questions, if I may. First, who are you and how did you get covered in blood?" Detective Kona said.

"The three of us, my Uncle Denver Sanchez, Aunt Alley Sanchez, and I'm Ollie Sanchez. We came up here and we were have a conversation about parties we have had on vacation. All of a sudden Uncle Denver began beating Aunt Alley in the face. Poor Aunt Alley. All that Blood. I was afraid for Aunt Alley. This was so unlike Uncle Denver so I wrestled with him to get him to stop hitting her. In the struggle we slipped on the rocks and he fell down there, nearly taking me with him." Ollie said and pointed over the cliff.

"Let's get CSU down there to recover the body." Kona said to a uniformed police officer standing with him.

"The body? Maybe he's hurt, maybe he needs help. He can't be..." Ollie sobbed.

"I see you have blood on you. Have you been seen by the paramedics?" Kona checked.

Ollie tried to compose herself.

"My family are doctors as well as my Uncle Denver." Ollie began to sob uncontrollably.

Stan moved forward to comfort her with a soothing hug. Then the family closed around her tightly.

"Keep it up Ollie, good work." Alex whispered. The huddle parted and Ollie composed herself, smoothing the bloodstained miniskirt she was wearing and looking at the blood on her hands. She was a mess. Blood was everywhere, she was crying uncontrollably, and snot was even flying out of her nose. Alex was proud of her.

The investigation went on for a few more hours as CSI took pictures of every scuff, divot, mark, and chip on the ground.

"We may need to ask you some more questions. So just hang around the island for a little while longer." Kona told the family.

"No problem Detective. Denver's wife Alley is in the hospital. We plan to stay here until she is cleared to travel." Trent and Christian told Kona.

Daylight found the family still huddled on the cliff wondering about Alley

Trent and Christian sent the family back to the villa while they went to the hospital to find if they could use their expertise to help with Alley.

When they got back to the room Alex told Ollie to take a shower. She told Stan to keep her company if she needed any. Ollie was not as fragile as she was appearing to be. She was being what Alex told her she needed to be.

"Stan, I'm fine really. I'm doing what Mom told me to do. For the family." Ollie said stepping into the shower.

"For the family." Stan repeated, shaking his head slightly.

Stan knew that term was always used by the family when something unpleasant needed to be done. He knew better than to question. Accident or not someone was dead. A beautiful woman's face was fucked up. Things had become very real.

"Ollie said that she was fine without any company for now." Stan said coming in the dining room sitting at the table with Alex at the head and Francis at her right. Stan sat closest to Alex and touched her hand as he sat at the table. Alex looked at him and smiled squeezing his hand and leaned over and kissed him full on the mouth.

"Momma and Ollie have a lot to deal with today. Stan go take a nap. Aunt Francis will be in there shortly after I talk with her for a while."

"I love you Stan." Francis said squeezing his hand.

Stan got up from the table and walked into the bedroom, laid down and was asleep when Ollie got out of the shower.

Stan was completely dressed down to his shoes. Ollie took his shoes off, covered him with a blanket and went to the dining table.

Alex, Ollie, and Francis were cleaning up all of the loose ends that could potentially damage the story and the family. Johnson was found and disposed of promptly. Alex found Ollie's ripped panties and was going to throw then in the trash. Instead, she placed them in a plain paper bag that she got when she bought a souvenir. She placed this souvenir in Alley's luggage, just in case there needed to be a final nail in Denver's coffin.

Each woman's luggage was placed in the correct room. The rooms were cleaned to perfection. The bathrooms were cleaned to perfection as well. Denver's room was already clean except for Johnson.

An hour after they finished cleaning the villa they all three lay in the same bed with Stan. Ollie let Alex lay in front of Stan. She didn't complain when Francis snuggled in behind him.

"For the family now. At night he is all mine." Ollie thought.

Everyone was awakened with a startle when Alex's phone began to ring with Trent's familiar ringtone.

"Hello? Yes. That's wonderful news. Ok. Wow. Ok. That's not so wonderful news. Should I find something here? Well that's convenient. Of course. Ok. Love you too. Bye." Alex said into the phone.

"I have good news, I have bad news." Alex said.

"Fuck it. Bring on the bad." Ollie said.

"That's my girl get the shitty part out of the way first." Francis said hugging Ollie and kissing her forehead smoothing her hair behind her ear.

"We will have to leave the resort early. Denver will be cremated after the autopsy." Alex said.

"We have to go back home now? What about Alley? Why Cremated?" Stan asked.

"There is a house that we will be allowed to rent from the hospital because of the type of physicians that Trent and Christian are. They will also each be given a car to drive. Stan and Ollie will be allowed to virtual learn this semester of school. So it looks like we will be living in Hawaii for a few months at least." Alex said.

"A few months? Is the damage to Alley's face that extensive?" Ollie asked.

"Trent said there is no nerve damage. He also said Christian is the best plastic surgeon he knows." Alex said.

"When do we have to leave the villa?" Francis asked.

There was a knock on the door.

"The movers are here now. Surprise!" Alex said.

"Good, we don't have to go back home today." Stan said.

Alex opened the door and her smile of happiness quickly changed to a frown.

"You were expecting someone else?" Detective Kona asked.

"Actually, yes we are expecting a moving company. To come move our belongings to a rental house that will be closer to the hospital where my husband Trent and my brother-in-law Christian will be working for the next few months." Alex told the detective.

"We have a few more questions for Ollie. Just to tie up a few loose ends. No big deal really, this case seems pretty cut and dry." Kona said.

"Sure detective, anything I can do to help." Ollie offered.

"I know this may be unsettling Ollie, but let's take a walk back to the location of the accident and walk me through it once more." Kona said.

"Is this necessary detective?" Alex asked.

"Perhaps I could get a court order, but that may hold up you fine people from your move." Kona said.

"Its fine take all the time you need, the movers will have to wait." Alex said.

Detective Kona held the door open for Ollie.

"After you Ms. Sanchez." Kona said.

A uniformed police officer remained at the door to have the movers wait until the detective returned. The rest of the family waited with the officer while Ollie and the detective walked up the cliffs to the place where the accident occurred.

The Pacific breeze was blowing. In the distance Ollie could see the white caps of the waves cresting as they were coming ashore. It was very peaceful here. Ollie closed her eyes breathed deeply. She pulled out her phone and discreetly began making a video. Lights! Camera! Action!

"Detective, Kona there is something that we would like to disclose to you." Ollie began to sob.

She presented the paper bag containing her soiled panties, to detective Kona. "The first night we were here Uncle Denver raped me." Ollie sobbed.

Detective Kona put on a latex glove, delicately opened the paper bag, and removed the torn stained panties.

"What are these? Kona asked.

"If you test those you will find his DNA on my panties." Ollie said.

Kona dropped the panties back in the bag and closed it back up.

"Could the contents of this bag be the topic of conversation that ultimately put Dr. Sanchez in the hospital and Dr. Sanchez at the bottom of this cliff last night?" Kona asked.

"I gave them to Alley because she is a Psychiatrist and I thought that maybe she could talk with him about his addiction. She erupted into him. She was trying to protect me. She reminded him the last girl he raped was pushed under the rug. She warned him back then if he ever raped anyone again she would report him to the police. He told her he had too much to lose and she was expendable and began to beat her mercilessly, it was horrible. I just wanted him to stop. I was willing to forget the whole matter. He told me I was expendable too and tried to push me off the cliff. I believe he stumbled on the rocks over here. We both fell over the edge here, I managed to grab that large rock there, and climb back up here. I ran back to the club and security called 911." Ollie said.

"That was certainly more enlightening. It definitely filled in the holes your first story left. I have to understand why you didn't tell me this from the beginning." Kona said.

"To be perfectly honest detective, it is very shameful. I know that I was not honest with you concerning Uncle Denver's actions from the beginning. I see now our topic conversation last night, matched with him feeling he was about to lose everything he worked so hard for because of an addiction he felt he could control". Ollie said.

"Let me ask you one important question Ms. Sanchez and I will leave you and your wonderful o'hana alone during your time of loss." Kona said looking at the paper bag. "Do you think Dr. Sanchez could control his addiction?"

"Detective, I believe that a sexual addiction is not unlike a drug addiction. In this case it has obviously ruined lives. I believe that it will make a person do things they never dreamed of doing. My Uncle Denver's addiction caused him to rape me. His addiction is what made him react the way he did on this cliff and ultimately put him literally broken on the rocks below. An addiction is funny like that, it can have you up here enjoying this beautiful scenery that your wonderful island offers, and in a second that same addiction can land you on those rocks below with nothing but misery and grief in your wake." Ollie told him.

"I wish you well Ms. Sanchez." Kona told Ollie.

Ollie returned to the villa in time to meet the movers. The movers were two guys and two SUV's. One SUV for luggage and another SUV for the four of them. Alex went to the front desk and checked out. The resort manager was discreetly notified prior to her checkout and spoke in hushed tones.

"Aloha, Mrs. Sanchez thank you for considering Kahuna Bay Resort as your vacation destination on Oahu. We are sorry for your loss, and understand that this is a very difficult time for you and your o'hana. Please understand your stay with us has been completely comped. Remember us for any future stay you may have on Oahu. Aloha." The Kahuna Bay Manager said.

"Mahalo, and please allow me to give a tip to housekeeping." Alex said.

"They would appreciate it greatly." The manager said.

Alex authorized a credit charge for one thousand dollars to go as a tip to the four people who cleaned the rooms daily. She offered a warm smile to the manager and exited the lobby. Alex would not forget the beautiful Hawaiian Resort manager named Kalina.

Kalina smelled like exotic delicate flowers. Beautiful Hawaiian women that smelled like exotic flowers made Alex's pussy wet.

Kalina would not forget the beautiful woman with a velvety smooth accent named Alexandria Sanchez who smelled like citrus. Kalina never knew the smell of citrus could make her pussy wet.

Alex returned to a waiting SUV. The mini convoy left the resort and went south closer into Honolulu. They traveled into a seaside neighborhood and stopped at a large gated community. The driver pressed a button on his visor and the solid gate in front of them slowly opened revealing a neighborhood of well-manicured yards and houses with ocean views to die for. Eventually the driver snaked through the community pulling into a large single level home.

"This is it." The driver said.

"Mahalo for the drive. What is your name?" Alex said to the Samoan driver.

"You welcome pretty lady. My name is Caleb." He told her.

Alex placed her hand on his forearm.

"Thank you for going out of your way for us today Caleb." Alex said as she gave Caleb a one hundred dollar bill.

Caleb would not forget the rich lady that smelled like citrus that he brought from the north shore to Honolulu. She made his cock hard.

Caleb helped the other driver retrieve the luggage from the SUV. All bags were accounted for. Each couple had their own bedroom with a king size bed and a large bathroom with a bathtub and a large walk in shower that would comfortably fit three people. This family could comfortably fit four people in the shower.

Everyone placed their luggage in an empty room. The four pieces that remained were Denver's two pieces and Alley's two pieces. The group sat on the sofa and stared at the four pieces of luggage.

"What's done is done. Alex said, looking past the luggage. Look at that view."

Alex pushed open the ten foot wide glass wall to let in the sea breeze. She turned around facing the group with her back to the ocean, and pointed to the luggage.

"Stan, get that shit the fuck out of this living room. Put it in the available bedroom." Alex said.

"There is no available bedroom, we each have one." Stan said.

"Stan, you and I had a discussion yesterday, about that very subject. Remember?" Alex reminded.

"Ollie, you and I will be sharing a room again." Stan told Ollie.

"I knew. I was just waiting for mom to catch you up." Ollie said with a very sassy cheerleader pose.

Francis helped Stan move the luggage into the other room.

"Stan, if you need to talk about anything just remember, I'm always here." Francis said.

"Thanks, I may need you sooner than later." Stan said.

Stan shuddered as looked at Denver and Alley's luggage laying on the king size bed. He turned the lights off and gently closed the door to the windowless room.

"I don't know about everybody else but I am starving." Ollie blurted.

"I suppose we could all use something to eat. Stan, check your phone for some place that delivers." Alex said.

"Any suggestions?" Stan asked.

"Sushi." Ollie said.

"Chinese." Francis said.

"Both sound nice." Alex said.

"Ok. The Hot Wok delivers, the menu has both, and according to GPS it is the closest at two miles away. Boom! My work is done." Stan said dropping his phone on the cushion next to him.

"Wait a minute Mr. Sonic Boom. I never saw a menu, made an order, or got a foot rub." Ollie said.

"A foot rub?" Stan asked.

"Since you asked Stan, yes, I would like one too." Francis said

Francis flopped down on the opposite side of Stan and began to wiggle her toes.

"Stan, when you get through with them, I would like one as well." Alex cooed as she was looking at her phone.

Stan sent them a hi-res screenshot of the menu with a message to give him their order. He would place it online to have it delivered. Stan began rubbing Ollie's feet while the ladies studied the menu for their selections.

Francis was first to answer back in the thread. Bling" I would like wonton soup, broccoli chicken, one eggroll, and your cock." Stfrancis.

Bling" Hey, we all got that Francis." Milf.

Bling" Yeah, that was in the thread." Ollyoop.

Bling" I know. Stan, I still want that cock." Stfrancis.

Stan smiled at Francis and continued to rub Ollie's feet. Everyone gave her order in the thread. Ollie and Alex each told him what she was going to do to him in a separate message directed only to him.

The delivery driver rang the doorbell thirty minutes later while Stan was rubbing Francis' feet. The doorbell startled her awake. Francis realized her pussy was very wet from the fuck dream she was having about Stan having his face buried in her pussy.

"Shit, I was about to get that cock." Francis said referring to the dream she was having.

"From the sound of the moans you were letting out you were getting some cock." Alex said.

"Not yet, Mr. Man here was just eating the pussy." Francis reminisced.

"Stan, forgive my oversexed sister, she has always lacked tact, but I wouldn't trade her for anything in the world as she keeps me grounded." Alex said.




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