I said to Bushra in a pleading way please go away from here and leave me to my destiny but she caught my hands and said if I were at her place what would I do then, I was stunned over her response and was searching for a reply she repeated the same question and said, "I know you would sacrifice everything for my sake and so do I".

I was feeling proud and a deep guilt at once proud of having such a faithful and loyal friend who is ready to sacrifice her pride for my sake and guilt as it was because of me she had to go along with this, as I was staring at her, she turned towards Zuhair and said in a low voice, "would you delete the video after I got undress and would never blackmailed her again."

I was not believing what I had heard from her she was negotiating with him for my sake and giving away her pride for to save me and my family for social humiliation. I was stunned from her question so do Zuhair. He said yes I would delete the video and never blackmail your friend but for that you not only do what I asked but also need to be my doll for the rest of the day and would do whatever I demand.

I immediately came for her rescue and said no way, I would not let you fuck my friend as per your will you son of a bitch don't you dare to talk to my friend like that do whatever you want she would not follow your commands. I would do whatever you say but keep her stay away from this as I was waiting his response Bushra said I am ready but you have to delete the video now, only then I would do as you told for the rest of the day. I was stunned by her decision I know she love me like her sister but not aware that she would go this far.

Zuhair chuckled and said though you are not in a position to put demand still I accept your wish and he took the phone and open the file folder and deleted the video right in front of us. The fate had been decided I was wondering was that real or I was dreaming with an open eyes. Bushra sighed and nod her head re- assuring what she had been agreed upon.

And I was watching in utter disbelief she step backward to completely closed the door and then turned around to look at me as if saying it's for you my darling and as I was looking at her helplessly she started unbuttoning her top from below she was wearing a white top and long green skirt as she was opening the buttons from below her naval first came in to the view she was very fair and had a very soft and hairless skin.

Zuhair had a huge grin on his face Aliya was watching in disbelief and I was helplessly watching the ordeal of my best friend and wasn't able to do anything but to resign to our fate. She unbuttoned her top and slide it down from her shoulders revealing her perky boobs. I heard a gasp from Zuhair and watched him unfastening his pants showing his bulge covered under his underwear.

Bushra also noticed his move and continued her act by unzipping her skirt from side, her skirt was loosely held around her waist just by a hook which was soon detached by her trembling fingers and in a swift motion her skirt fell down on its own and she was standing in her black panty and white bra her melons were perky and much bigger then me. I always admired her figure but never dreamed to have a look at it particularly in a situation like this.

With a trembling fingers she unhooked her bra and as the fabric loosened her melons were freed and the bra fell forward on its own, then she held the waistband of her panty and slowly started pushing it down revealing her soft chubby pussy with a puffy lips. Her panty passed through her knees to pooled around her ankles she was naked in all her glory.

It was first time I was seeing my best friend naked completely though I have seen her half naked several times before but this was the first time I have seen her all naked she had an hour glass figure right mass at right proportion. She was looking down and I know she was weeping silently.

Zuhair had now removed his underpants and stroking his erect dick openly before us and I was wondering what would happen next. I was feeling intense guilt inside me for letting this happened to my best friend and was not able to do anything for her. It was then Zuhair came forward and grabbed her left boob and started massaging it she instantly looked at him but lowered her gaze immediately as if she recalled what she had been agreed upon.

I was feeling sorry for her, he started groping her melons and standing very close to her his dick was touching at her mound and he purposely started rubbing his dick over her exposed cunt which was then glistening with moisture, like me she was having a hard time to control her betraying body which was now started responding to his touch and she was shivering with excitement.

While groping her Zuhair looked at me and said why are you standing like that remove what you had wore earlier without my permission and stay naked while I was enjoying this beauty what a boobs she has and I would love to rammed my entire 9 inches in to her gaping pussy. But words are words I would only play with her nubile body. You should be grateful to her as she had saved you.

He was right I would remain in debts for my entire life to her for what she had done for me. I lowered my panty and stepped out of it while watching Bushra tried to read what was going through her mind, but she was silent like a sea before storm. Her eyes were closed and her body was literally shaking because of what Zuhair was doing to her.

He was sucking and caressing her boobs and massaging her pussy with his right hand, her body already had started responding to his touch which was evident from the juices flowing from her virgin pussy and it must be very hard for her to control what she was feeling at that moment.

Aliya was standing behind him and watching silently what was happening before her as if digesting what was happening was real or she was dreaming, like me. Her face was blank and she appeared to be paralyzed by the event happening right in front her eyes.

There Zuhair started groping Bushra roughly causing her to moan out of pain and pleasure that he was giving. I also felt the same feeling down at my pussy as all this was enough for me to bear, I was also excited to my core by the earlier ordeal and then by seeing what was Zuhair was doing to Bushra and I didn't know when my hands went around my pussy and I shamelessly started sliding my fingers over my pussy lips the urge for a release was so intense by then, that for a moment I forgot what was happening?

I was massaging my clit with my eyes half closed because of the pleasure I was having then and my state was not concealed as I looked, Bushra was looking at me with a blank face and Aliya was watching as she knows what was going through my mind.

Bushra had surrendered completely by then and was holding the waist of Zuhair to maintain her balance and it was clear from her face that she was about to have her orgasm right there while standing against his tormentor and within a moment she held Zuhair tightly and laid her head on his shoulder while her body convulsing from the earth shattering orgasm she had. Her whole body was shaking with the impact and she was resting completely against Zuhair.

After what felt like eternity she had regained her senses and in a moment out of reflex got away from him and stared at him blankly confused over her behaviour and guilty on her body's betrayal. She looked at me for support and her eyes went wide open as I was furiously massaging my pussy with half eyes closed and looking at her with a face of no shame and as I locked my gaze on her pussy which was a moment ago massaged by Zuhair and then was glistening with her juices, my legs buckled and with a earth shattering orgasm I fell down as it was too much for me to hold.

"I know you are horny bitches since from the beginning", Zuhair said sarcastically, bringing me back to the reality. For a moment there was absolute silence. He zipped up his pants and said, now I will tell you both what to do or what to wear as for a day you both are my dolls submitted before my will, with that he moved out of the store and Bushra fell down holding her head in complete despair and the guilt she felt after the way her body responded against her will.

I stood up and hugged her tightly as if to say sorry for what she had gone through because of me. She understood and hugged me back we both wept for a while, and then there was a hand on my shoulder it was Aliya, she said after a long silence that she could understand what it felt like but what you had done for Rimsha was something that hardly can anybody would do.

We both looked at her and started wearing our clothes as we were about to leave the store Aliya said that she would do the same and now would do anything to save us from the person she once liked, (She was referring Zuhair obviously) to which we looked at her in disbelief and left for our room.

To be continued...











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