Part I

It's the night of your office holiday party, and you've had a few drinks. You brought your boyfriend to the party, and he looks amazing, and he's been so good at talking to all of your work friends. You look over across the room at him now, and you've never been more attracted to him than you are right now. What's weird is that you realize this at the same moment that you realize who your boyfriend is currently talking to. He's talking to me. I'm your office crush. We've worked together now for a couple of years. And the whole time you've had an innocent but intense crush on me. You sometimes find yourself fantasizing about me while sitting at your desk or even when you're sleeping. The image of me standing there next to your boyfriend right now makes you instantly wet. You walk over to us, and without saying anything, you take your boyfriend's hand and pull him away and start walking away down a hallway. But before you and your boyfriend are out of sight, you look back over your shoulder at me and eyefuck the shit out of me.

As soon as you and your boyfriend turn a corner down another hallway, you push your boyfriend into a corner up against a wall and start kissing him passionately. You thrust your tongue inside his mouth, and he responds eagerly. You cup his face with your hands to draw him in closer and then move your hands down his chest and over his sides and then down to his cock. You feel him harden as you rub him over his suit pants. You are so fucking horny. You need him so bad. You need his mouth on you. You need his fingers inside you. You decide to show him what you want. You take him by the shoulders and move him away from the wall and stand in his place with your back up against the wall. And in a breathy whisper you say to him, "I want you to eat me right here right now." You see his eyes glimmer with desire, and you push his head down, and he gets on his knees below you and pulls your skirt up to your waist and takes one of your legs and lifts it up and rests it over his shoulder. And then he looks up hungrily at your pussy and slides your panties to the side and takes out his tongue and starts to lick your lips.

Just as your boyfriend's tongue touches your pussy lips, you look up and see me emerge from around the corner. I stop dead in my tracks, at first not believing what I'm seeing. I turn to go, but then I see the look on your face. That look. That look of pure lust. Of total and complete uninhibited desire. You are living a fantasy, and you will me with your eyes to take part in it.

* * * * *

* * * * *

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