9 best henna hair dyes of 2021 that support healthier strands

I have the nastiest shade of orange ever seen on the human head. My bathroom however has a lovely shade of medium brown speckles here there and everywhere. I am still washing brown color out of my hair and it has been a week and a half.

Vaseline along the hair line & a nasty old t-shirt help too. And while plastic wrap is a great 1st layer, add a shower cap on top of that. Finally, leave it on for hours, 4 minimum. Preferably sit in front of a hot fire or in the sun . Rinse w/ conditioner only & wait a good 24 hours (longer if you can stand it, I can’t) to do a full wash.

After looking around online I decided that I felt confident in my decision to try this out, and I really didn’t have much of a choice in the matter. I don’t want to use chemical color anymore, so henna is my only option left. I was planning to go to the henna salon in the d.C.

And they don’t want you to throw a hissy fit and try to sue them. Another great thing about using henna is that you can make a paste to suit your hair type. Some people who are concerned about their hair becoming dry add special essential oils to their henna paste. People add floral water, eggs and other natural dyes to their pastes in order to create the perfect paste. With gentle and natural care, you can ensure that your hair colour remains intensive for a particularly long time.

I also use and love the henna from mehandi.Com. Don’t want to sound like a commercial for them but I have never been disappointed in their products and services. I’ve tried mixing mine with everything from wine to vinegar because the lemon juice seemed to make a lighter color than I wanted. Using a little indigo with the henna usually gets me to the dark reddish brown I love.

Black Henna Hair Dye


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