I took hold of my throbbing tool and held it up straight. She descended and I centered it at her pink gate. She came down and the cock slid up into her. Her pussy gripped it, but allowed it to travel, and she was soon sitting heavy on me, cock sunk to the base in her hole. She began riding, bouncing up and down, rolling round and round, all the while hissing loudly.

"Hssssss, hssssss, hssssss."

I placed my hands on her thick hips as she moved on top of me, delighting in the feel of soft, sweat dampened flesh. I let my hands slide upward and take hold of her breasts, squeezing them tentatively.

"Yes baby, yes, rub mommy's bubbies ... squeeze the nipples." She cried hurriedly.

"Aaaaaaaah! Aaaaaaaah! Ooooooooh!"

I began thrusting upward in my mother's slick pussy, while massaging and squeezing her full bubbies. She leaned forward and elevated her ass a bit, to allow me to make my thrusts. I pummeled the fat pussy from behind, loving the way the brown ass jiggled. I'd never seen a batty look so beautiful and stimulating as hers did at that moment. I guess she must have sensed my admiration of the thick, bouncing batty, for she asked:

"You like your mommy's ass Edwin, honey?" she said in a crying voice.

"I love it mommy." I replied

"Ooh! It's so nice to hear you call me mommy, while your cock up in my cunt ... you wanna smack that ass?"

"Yes, mommy!" I cried.

"Smack it, my jockey, whip your mare let her run for you."

I gave her a succession of quick, little, stinging slaps on the thick backside, and she bounced up and down frenziedly, snorting like a true mare. When I stopped, she straightened up and began a slow, hard grind. I passed my hand around to the front of her and began flicking and rubbing her stiff pleasure knob. She groaned and began moving faster. She suddenly broke out in Creolese:

"Oh gawd, oh gawd ... ow mih lawd ...ow, yuh cocky sweet in mammy pussy, baba ... yuh mekking mammy feel so good ... oh shit, shit, skunt!"

And then she was cumming, hard! I grabbed her breasts and held her as she bucked wildly. I rose from the chair with my cock still buried in her. We walked comically from the recliner/rocker I was in, to her favourite sofa. She leaned forward and grabbed the back with both hands, then lifted one leg onto the arm-rest and dipped her back. My hips moved back and forth, my groin loudly drumming her fat bottom in a furious manner.

Again, in Creolese she cried out vulgarly, looking back at me, her sweet face made ugly from lusty grimacing "Pong mih puss baby ... ram it rass hard ...beat it good and proppah!"

And beat the sweet puss I did, hitting it hard and steady with deep strokes. She howled and groaned and begged me to give it to her. Telling me the pussy belonged to me and that she had been wanting to give it to me for so long but had to be sure I wanted it too and wouldn't hate her. She begged me to smack her ass again and I did, placing new welts on those already there. The big batty jiggled like caramel jello as I pounded away. I grabbed her mid-size, curly afro and pulled her head back slightly, following her demand, and I rode the fine pussy at a steady, quick rhythm, until I could hold back no longer and broke with a bang in her, filling her with thick, young semen.

"Oh, fuck, fuck, fuck!" we cried out in unison, as if reading from the same script.

We collapsed onto the sofa in a spooning position, breathing hard and sweating, my hand cupping a breast, her ass pressed back into my groin. I licked the back of her neck and she moaned softly.

We freshened up and then ate in the kitchen, chattering away and pecking each other's lips like two brown love birds.

We were in her bed, lying wrapped up, leg between legs, leg thrown over leg. I was stroking her flank.

"How long have you been wanting this, Trudy?" I asked, holding my almost fully hard cock and poking her belly with it.

"for ages, darling ... but I feel you can make an accurate guess if you search your memory," she said, looking away shyly.

"And now that you've got it, mommy?

"Need you ask, son? ... I intend to keep it for as long as you let me." She replied.

She turned over onto her back, spreading her legs, and gently smacking her pussy.

"How long have you been wanting this black girl here?" she asked, looking sideways at me with a mischievous smile on her satisfied face.

"Intently, for about a week ... but I've been admiring it, in forced denial, for a long time," I said.

"Good, I like that ... you're a decent young man ... wouldn't dream of putting your hard cock in mommy's pussy unless she invites you," she said, seriously, before cracking up with laughter.

"I need an invitation to dinner ... right now," I said.

She smiled and spread her smooth thighs wide.

"Eat away, honey, mommy is delighted to feed you."

I climbed between her legs and dragged myself back till my face was hovering above her vulva. I inhaled deeply, growing instantly heady from the strong musk of pussy lust. I kissed the bump, then I started licking slowly, drawing whimpers from her. My tongue entered her flesh cave, and she lifted her knees and pulled them back. I forced my hands under her buttocks, gripping them firmly. I alternated between holes with a probing tongue. Causing her to wiggle and giggle.

"Oooooooo! I've always wanted to experience that," she whispered as I tongued her pretty little asshole.

I couldn't believe my ears -- my dad never put his tongue in that fine ass? No wonder Trudy doesn't seem all that disturbed by his leaving. I travelled down a thigh and shapely leg licking and nibbling my way to the pedicured foot where I sucked on the toes one by one before stretching my mouth to take them all in. mom squealed and squirmed as I tongue bathed her toes and soles of the foot. On the next foot, I sucked the toes, then turned her onto her belly and travelled up the back of her leg and thigh, again licking and nibbling. I spread her ass cheeks and give her another rimming before travelling up the spine and feasting on her shoulders and back of the neck.

I turned her over and tasted the armpits before moving to a breast. I made mouth-love to those breasts like a hungry, abandoned baby who hadn't eaten for more than a day. She rubbed my short cropped wooly hair tenderly. While on the breasts, I arched my back and positioned my cock against her lady bump, occasionally probing the fleshy outside. It was she who took hold of the cock and centered it at her pulsing hole. She cried out:

"Push dis dam cock in yuh mommy pussy before yuh kill she with waiting."

I pushed forward and didn't stop until I could go no further, all in one move. As I lay buried in her, sucking her bubby, she began winding furiously and in a couple of minutes she uttered a subdued scream as she climaxed. Now I knew why she hurried me up -- she had felt the climax building up. I stayed with her and inside her until her body stopped shaking. She stroked my back, licked my chin, licked and probed my nose and my ears, then giggled and gave me a hickey on my neck.

"Marking my territory ... you can mark yours too ... give me something to show off in the salon and supermarket tomorrow, and hopefully it will still be there Monday when I go to work," she said, smiling dreamily.

I gave her the desired hickey -- a good one, midway on her slender neck. She threw her legs on my shoulders. I got on my knees, but spread them wide, taking me low, sitting on my heels. I grabbed her around the thighs and pulled her close in the V between my spread knees. I began firing away with quick, sharp jabs and she locked her ankles behind my neck. Between her legs I watched as her round, full bubbies bounced and rolled from the steady thrusting. She was shaking her head from side to side, eyes rolled back, mouth open wide and panting. I lowered her legs, using my hands to keep them pressed down flat and wide at the sides of my knees as I continued to pummel her wet and gushing pussy.

"Oh fuck, Edwin, where and when you learned all these positions and tricks ... neva mind, just keep ramming dis old mammy puss," she said.

"This thing of yours is far from old Trudy," I said, honestly.

I was ramming her for some time, when she must have felt the cum in me threatening to break loose the same time as I did, for she said:

"Ah want that load in mih mouth, baby."

A few seconds later, I pulled out, scooted forward and she guided men into her open mouth. She gave half a dozen sucks and head bobs before I was shooting cum down her welcoming throat.

Trudy is now sixty eight, still living alone, and I am a married father, but I find time to get away and pound her, now truly old, but still enjoyable pussy, a couple of times a month. Our love is like that.











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