It was very late; after midnight easily. I showered, washed my hair, and lingered a little bit longer on my belly, on my legs, and on my pussy. I was preparing for a night of a fantasy and I needed to get my mind and my body in the right state. The warm water felt soothing and made my skin feel touchable.

This was different than preparing for a date with a man. This was preparing for the unknown feeling of being seduced by a beautiful woman; one much more beautiful than me. This was anticipating her seeing me for the first time. Her eyes on me; studying me.

Women know a woman's body. We know where her insecurities are. We know what we'd like to hide about ourselves and what we most want to see on another woman.

I toweled my hair and dried off with a soft towel. I looked in the mirror one last time before I entered my bedroom and decided I was as ready as I would ever be. Tonight, I didn't even bother with a robe. I simply wanted to put myself in the best position mentally to allow myself to be taken. Taken by another woman. Not yet sure of the things that my mind would create for me, but I was ready.

My sheets are silky and smooth. A steel gray color. I pushed away the top sheet and the cotton blanket, then I lay down, propped up my bottom on a firm pillow and closed my eyes, with a smile ...

I imagined a theater, dark and quiet.

I was given the address while at the talent agency's office for an audition. My role was to be an executive assistant for a major healthcare company. I wore a simple navy suit, elegant but plain. Pearl earrings, matching necklace. My hair loose but styled. Underneath my suit, I chose a navy and white push up bra -- not too racy, but elegant. The matching panties were the high cut variety. Covering my tummy but I felt sexy in them. I wore nude thigh highs and simple pump heels. I hoped my attempt at appearing elegant, capable and efficient would impress the director, the talent agent, and my male boss in his role.

I found the heavy dark door to the theater. One last deep breath for good luck and I pulled it open. It was very dark, save for the tiny lights along the aisle. I followed the aisle, trying to walk confidently and trying to ignore the butterflies in my tummy.

As I approached the stage, I noticed the table where the director and talent agent sat. Two middle-aged men, neither especially good-looking, and I smiled and

introduced myself. "Hi, I'm Juliet and I'm here for the executive assistant role?"

Dang it, I thought. Be confident, I told myself. You got this, I thought, trying to will my mind and body into the confident professional I knew I could be. But my dry mouth and question in my voice betrayed me.

I tried again. "Shall I sit, or are you ready for my audition?"

The director barked at me to get on stage and get on with it. He thrust the script into my hand and sat back down.

As I walked on stage, my heels clicked loudly on the floor. I walked to the desk, and sat in the chair. I automatically began to fuss with the props on the desk; the phone, the notepad, the pencil cup. I was already distracted when I heard someone approach. In a split second, I looked up to find the most sensual and stunning woman I have ever seen in my life.

She was just about everything I was not -- physically tall, striking blonde hair, bright and beautiful eyes glaring into mine, and wearing a silky red dress that was molded to her figure like it was made for her and her alone. My mind went numb as I stared at her with my mouth open.

I was speechless.

"Well, I don't have all day," she spat. "Do you have the presentation ready for me or not?"

In an instant, I forgot who I was. Where I was. Why I was there. Why this creature was speaking to me in such a tone. I never anticipated she was the boss I was to be serving. All I could think of was how incredibly sensual she was and how much I wanted to touch her.

Never, ever did I have such a reaction to anyone else -- not a man, certainly. I was struck with a swell of desire to be with this woman. It not only surprised me, but it terrified me.

The audition was forgotten. Who she was -- that was meaningless to me. I stood up and without breaking eye contact, started to walk towards her.


I snapped out of my trance, and whipped my head to the sound of the shout I just heard.

"It's called a script! That's why you're here, idiot! Now sit back down, get your head out of your ass and FOLLOW THE SCRIPT!!!"

My face turned two shades of red. The forgotten script lay on the desk 10 feet away. Humiliated, I turned back toward the desk and sat down. Willing my brain into composure, I tried again.

"Well, I don't have all day," she spat. "Do you have the presentation ready for me or not?"

This time, I managed to react, but it was to fumble with a stack of papers on the desk, and to my horror, they began to slide off the desk onto the floor.

"Jesus! What the hell is going on here?" My heart sank as I looked up at my Queen, my Fantasy, the woman who just stolen my breath. "I thought you said you had a professional coming in today!!"

I was almost in tears as I rose to my feet. "Please," I begged. "Please let me have another chance. I assure you I am ready for this part and I need just another minute."

I felt the tears sting my face and I wanted to curl up in a ball and just disappear. I was humiliated and embarrassed to be stumbling in front of this gorgeous creature, but somehow I managed to find the strength to say again, "Please. Just one more chance. I can DO this."

Time stood still as I waited for her to respond.

She turned and walked away. "No no," I begged again. "I'm sorry! I was nervous and I screwed up but I promise it won't happen again!!" There was something in my pleading that made her turn around slowly and look at me.

"I don't have time for fuck-ups. You get one more chance and it better be fucking right, do you hear me?"

"Yes, I hear you."

Once again, she spat at me. "Well, I don't have all day. Do you have the presentation ready for me or not?"

"Yes, Ma'am, here it is."

She snatched it out of my hands and opened it.

I was not even acting at this point. I was emotionally on a high, trying to do whatever I could to please this woman. The script was forgotten.

"Well this will have to do, I'm going to be late for the board meeting thanks to you."

She left and I went back to the desk. I realized she left her cell phone on the desk, so instinctively I grabbed it and ran after her.

"Ma'am! Your phone!"

She stopped and turned and I was so close to her that I could feel the heat from her body. I looked up at her with bated breath, and said, "Your phone."

In an instant, she took a step towards me and grabbed the back of my head. She bent her head down and those shiny red lips were inches from mine. My eyes widened as she broke into a sadistic smile.

"Well now. Much better, my pet. Perhaps you will become useful after all."

With that she forced her mouth on mine and sucked the air from my lungs. I stood frozen, hard, and opened my mouth in response.

Her tongue forced my mouth open more. Her teeth latched onto my tongue and she pulled it into her mouth. Everything outside of what she was doing to my mouth dissolved away from me. There was no longer an audition, no longer anyone else in the room, nothing else mattered except the violent kiss I was experiencing.

Without even realizing it, I softened and pressed my body against hers. My mouth followed what her mouth demanded. I was physically responding to her touch when I felt the hard stinging slap across my face.

"What are you, a whore?"

Tears flooded my eyes as another, even harder slap across my face.

She turned away and I fell to my knees. I started to sob as I knelt on the cold stage floor, oblivious to everything except my empty mouth. No longer caring about the audition or the money I was going to miss out on, I simply wept.

How many minutes passed? I will never know. I knelt there, torn stockings, dirty suit, and my face smeared with tears and makeup smudged by her assault on my mouth.

I was lost in a haze and didn't even bother to move, to collect myself, or pick myself up.

A light.

A brightness in the short distance.

Something made me pick myself up and almost crawl towards the light.

I saw her.

She was standing to my pathetic crawling on the floor. Arms behind me picked me up and stood me in front of her.

"Put her on the bed."

I was silently led to the bed. Off to the side of the stage, was a wide open area with shelves, various props and a large four poster bed. None of it made sense to me, but I was being led to this bed by someone behind me. Before I could say a word, a whish of a knife tore off my suit, my blouse and my bra. She took a huge knife and effortlessly sliced off my clothing.

I stood, in horror, before her topless and exposed.

My fight of flight instinct started up and I raised my arm up towards her face, as if to slap her. In a fraction of a second, my arm was wound backward and held tight against my back. "Oh you don't want to do that, darlin'. "

My other arm was also held and a leather strap was quickly locked on my arms behind me. My skirt was slashed from me with the knife. I was forced on the bed wearing only my panties, my torn stockings, and my heels.

Now face down on the bed, and struggling to free my arms, I felt a strong pair of legs force mine apart. I began to cry out. "NO!! LET ME GO!!"

A wad of fabric was shoved into my mouth. I gagged on the pressure. Another hard slap, this time across my bottom. And another, and another. "NO!! STOP!! NOOOO!!"

Now it wasn't just a slap, but a wooden paddle. "FUCK!! STOP!!"

My hair yanked my head up. It was then that I noticed this was being filmed. My brain tried desperately to fit the pieces together of what was happening. In absolute terror, I realized that this was not an audition at all. This was not what I thought I was trying out for. I was being forced, beaten, and humiliated by people I didn't even know, and specifically by this woman who just moments ago, had been the fantasy in the flesh, that I never knew I wanted.

Oh and I wanted her. Oh and I wanted her as if my life depended on having her. The pain and the humiliation began to cross over into a twisted sense of pleasure that I have never felt before. The scent of her perfume the taste of her lipstick, the sight of her body started to play tricks on my mind. As I endured another yank of my hair, I let my mind start to feel the pleasure. The pain became too much to bear, so my mind protected me by turning on my pleasure receptors.

I felt her weight on the bed with me. She used her stiletto heel to roll me over on the bed. She climbed atop me, still wearing the exotic red dress. With a wicked smile, she took the tip of the knife and drew it across my breasts. "Mmmm, it looks like you are enjoying this, pet." She ever-so-lightly drew the knife across my nipples, now becoming hard and red. Despite my discomfort and state of mind, I moaned softly. I reflexively arched my back towards her. "You DO like this, whore."

Seeing her smile became like oxygen for me. I moaned louder. With a skilled finger, she found my thighs and slid it up to my pussy. I held my breath as she raked her nail across my lips. Involuntarily my legs parted even more than they were already. Time stopped as I tried to use my body to convey how much I wanted her inside me. My eyes grew wide with desire and I willed her to penetrate me.

She leaned down on me, and in one swift motion, she pulled the gag out of my mouth and forced her tongue inside me. Her finger against my pussy lips became two fingers. As she tongue fucked my mouth, her fingers found their way inside my aching cunt. I began to cum. My body started tensing and my cunt trapped her fingers deep inside me. It was a blissful painful pleasure, and I arched my back even higher ... only to be startled out of my orgasm by I hard slap across my thighs. Her tongue never left my mouth, her fingers never left my pussy, but the sudden sharp pain across my thighs shook me right out of my orgasm.

"Pet will not cum until she is allowed to cum, if at all. You will be punished for disobeying me."

The fabric was again roughly shoved in my mouth. She got off the bed, leaving me in need. My mouth ached for hers again. My pussy kept clenching waiting for her to fill me again. I began to sob again, feeling empty and broken.

The camera recorded every second of my pleasure and every second of my pain. I wept.

I watched helplessly as my fantasy took another woman into her arms. She slid the woman's dress over her head, revealing a young, firm body that compared to her own. Pangs of jealously hit me hard, as I watched helplessly as another woman took the kisses and the fingers from my pussy.

"Awww look at the pet. Poor pitiful thing. She looks sad," my fantasy laughed.

And I was. Sad, aching, hurting. And desperately craving the touch of a stranger, a woman no less, that only hours before I didn't even know I wanted.

And then ...


She discarded the young woman as quickly as she discarded me. She took her own red dress from her body and revealed a sculpture of a body as I had never seen. "Is this what pet wants?"

I nodded forcefully.

"You want to feel me, pet? You want to taste me, pet? You want to please me, don't you? Oh you pitiful, pathetic pet. Look at you. You're a mess. Clean yourself up before you even think of touching me."

I struggled violently to break free. How could I possibly clean myself up for her, when I was bound, gagged, and unable to move? Tears of frustration fell down my cheeks. I moaned as loudly as I could over and over.

Finally ... mercifully, she came back to the bed. She lay down and pulled me on my side, facing her. The full red lips found mine. She kissed me as I had never been kissed. In and out with her tongue, gently biting my lips. In response I took her tongue and worshipped it. I pressed against her and felt her hands stroking my hair. I wept into her kiss. She pushed me onto my back and once again, her fingers found my pussy. "Open for me," she whispered and my body complied before my brain registered what was happening.

As we shared our passionate kisses, she fucked me with her fingers, then her hand. At times she was forcing her hand deep inside me, then she'd rotate her hand, bringing me a form of exquisite pleasure that was completely new to me. I raised my hips to pull her in deeper. She stroked me, deeper and harder, as I lost myself to the most intense orgasm I have ever felt. Every cell in my body was focused on keeping that high I was feeling ... and she let me ride out that orgasm. It was a mixture of tears, pain, joy, and fulfillment so intense I have never ever imagined it.

I was allowed the briefest of moments to bathe in my orgasm. My breath was shallow. My mind was on autopilot. My pussy was wet, worn, and achingly empty as she withdrew her hand. With a soft kiss, she raised up off the bed.

She straddled me across my face. Her scent was indescribable, but it was intoxicating and I had to taste her. She teased me by lightly bringing her labia to my lips and then pulling them away. I stretched my tongue to reach her. She granted me access to her labia again. This time, I tasted her. I could not get enough of the taste of my fantasy, and I slid my tongue up to her lips. Licking, nibbling, slurping. Instinct took over and I pleased her with my tongue as hard as I could. My arms were suddenly freed from the leather strap, and as the blood flowed back into them, I wrapped them around her thighs.

Now I could leverage my shoulders and I raised up to properly fuck her pussy. My first time ever seeing a woman's pussy up close, and I was mesmerized at its scent, its texture and its depth. I fucked her as she did to me ... gently, at times, biting her, at times slipping a finger in with my tongue. She rocked her hips as she climbed to her first orgasm at my hands. I never let up as I inserted two fingers and pulled at her labia with my lips. There was no performing for the camera here; this was two lovers coming together in a primal way to give each other what they needed most. She came over and over, grabbing my hair as she rode my face. I would have done anything she asked of me at this point, but her moans and her wetness told me I was indeed giving her what she wanted and needed.

I raised my hips off the bed as I came. I was exhausted and spent.

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