This is a short work of erotic fiction containing furry, or anthropomorphic, characters, which are animals that either demonstrate human intelligence or walk on two legs, for the purposes of these tales. It is a thriving and growing fandom in which creators are prevalent in art and writing especially.

All characters are over eighteen and clearly written to be so, as in all of my stories.


"These smell great! I can't believe we've never made these before!"

Unlike many lizards, Ahnik was quite alike with his father, the sort of pair that seemed to get on well for some reason while his friend had grown apart from family as they "grew up". Yet he still returned, even as an adult, to make sure that he spent some quality time with his father, their closeness something that others had questioned but that the two of them had simply rolled with.

Some things, after all, were just not worth questioning.

Dvorak, however, was much larger and bulkier than Ahnik, even if the lizard merely remembered him in that way, so much larger and more dominating than him. He had always been thickly muscular with a wicked grin, though the crest of spines on top of their heads always linked them as father and son even if nothing else did. The shade of green that was the rest of their scales too rendered their similarity, though Ahnik's father was a good head taller than him with how he held himself. Maybe it was just that he had more life experience but, well, things like that tended to come with age.

What they had baked was perfect, the gingerbread cookies cut into traditional Christmas shapes. Ahnik, of course, had taken the liberty of cutting out the most Christmas trees, making sure to use every last bit of the dough that he possibly could to get the most cookies. He was not about to let anything go to waste, though laying the still-warm goodies out on the kitchen counter, he frowned.

"Oh no... No, dad, I forgot the milk!"

Grumbling, the lizard swept his hand back over his head-spines, pressing them back as flat as they would go and letting them spring up again. Just what was he going to do with that missing? He couldn't have gingerbread cookies without milk! Maybe the shop just down the road was still open? He would have to see.

Yet his father had a smirk in store for him, holding out his hand and shaking his head before Ahnik could even get out of the kitchen.

"Oh... No, I think you'll do just fine here, Ahnik."

Dvorak laughed throatily, shaking his head, advancing step by step, a swing in his tail heralding his approach. He closed the distance between them so easily that it was quite as if he didn't have something wicked up his sleeve, pulling down his loose T-shirt so that his nipple was exposed.

Ahnik swallowed, hard. No, no, no, he couldn't do something like that again - not because he didn't want to but because it was the wrong time entirely! Dvorak squeezed his pec muscle on that side, allowing his milky nipples to lactate, something that had never been quite explained in his biology but, frankly, was not something that had ever bothered the larger lizard. Truth be told, there just wasn't all that much that Dvorak was, in fact, bothered by, whether it was a difficult situation or just pushing the limits and boundaries of things that others had taken for granted.

His son shook his head, but his lips had parted and he had not left the kitchen when he could have very easily have simply walked around Dvorak. It was all in the set of his body, how he tipped towards his father desperately, the sheen in his eyes telling his father that he only needed a little push, a little shove. All only in the right direction, of course, when it came to such lewd delights.

"Come on now," Dvorak chuckled throatily, his eyes glinting with mischief. "I think this is a much better idea, don't you think so too? Now, you don't have to run out anywhere to get milk but enjoy it straight from the tap. Don't you think it'll be so much thicker and creamier from here?"

He rubbed his chest enticingly, knowing that his son was already lost to him, the heat prickling at Ahnik's scales impossible to miss as it crept down his neck. He wanted it even though he thought that he "shouldn't", everything consensual and out in the open between the two of them. It just had to be lured in, yes, of course, led to the tap to drink as his father guided his muzzle down gently to his teasingly exposed nipple.

Ahnik shuddered. He barely knew when Dvorak had slipped his fingers around to the back of his head. He only knew that he wanted to be there, his lips parting to lock around that milky nipple, his father's chest so broad and thick that he could have truly become lost in it if he had been left to his own devices.

But that was just why he had Dvorak there to lead the way, his father letting out a pleased rumble.

"Mmm, you're easy to persuade..."

Truth be told, it didn't take very much persuading at all, not for something like that, not as his milk flowed forth into the lizard's muzzle. Ahnik moaned around his chest, the pectoral muscle pushing insistently into his mouth, for all it took was a light roll and shift of his father's body to tease it lightly deeper into his muzzle. He was just so ready for it, so wanton, that he didn't feel like he wanted any say in the matter at all, gulping down what he could, his tongue swirling the delectably creamy warmth around his muzzle.

He almost forgot about the cookies that he had lavished attention on with so much milk flowing down his throat. As Dvorak had said, he was, indeed, drinking everything that he could have ever wanted or needed straight from the tap, moaning around his father's nipple, the other woefully left out. It was simply so good, so much of it trickling down his throat with needy gulp after gulp that he could not help himself from taking more, head swirling and spinning, need rising with every pump of cream going down the hatch.


He lifted his head, wiping off his mouth, a little giddy and light-headed, though Ahnik didn't really have any reason to be. But his more dominant father was already there, pressing a pile of gingerbread cookies into his paw, spilling over his fingers onto the table, though Dvorak was not about to allow him to get away with it so easily.

"No, no... You made them, son, you better enjoy them. Besides, you have all the milk here that you could possibly want, haven't you?"

It was wrong that he squirmed so, wriggling in place, a big, muscled lizard like him, even though Ahnik was nowhere near as big nor as bulky as Dvorak. The lizard easily dwarfed him, drawing his shirt up and over his head in one smooth motion so that he was left completely bare-chested, grunting thickly, his nipples a little milky still as his body lactated, knowing that it was needed at that moment.

Ahnik munched and munched but his lips were back around the lizard's nipple, the other one, with gingerbread crumbs still clinging to his lips before he knew it. It would have been more proper for him to wipe the back of his paw over his lips, or look for a tissue to clean them off, but there was something more raw and carnal about the moment as he moaned against his father's chest, getting into the moment a little more. His hips shifted and squirmed as if he could not keep his weight in any one position, something thickening in his pants that he didn't want to think about too much. It made things all the more real, escalating sharply, and it was a time in which he only wanted to focus on how good it felt to drink down his father's milk, throat working noisily to gulp it all down.

"There you go... See, I told you that would be so much better..."

Dvorak smirked, his domination complete. He didn't even have to try to take such control over his son, letting Ahnik do his best work, slurping on his nipple and swirling his tongue around. His son just couldn't get enough of him as he put his arms up over his head, stretching and showing off his cool control, though it was all in good fun, something for the two of them that could well be considered a warm-up for something more.

Whether or not things would escalate to that, however, was another question entirely.

"So, uh... What are we doing to do later?"

Dvorak's eyes twinkled, nibbling a little too delicately at a piece of gingerbread.

"Well... We don't have anyone left to visit, not in the family, this year, so I guess it's just you and me for this weekend. I'm sure we'll find something to do."

His words were heavily laden with implication, tail swishing, though he didn't even have to try as he groaned, rolling his shoulders back as Ahnik came in for another drink. Maybe he was getting bolder or maybe his need was simply that great: neither of them would know.

Yet it was only for Ahnik to lean into the moment, languishing in it, a moan on his lips. He took his time, drinking down as much milk as he wanted, though there was a part of him that wondered at how creamy and thick his father's milk was. Was it right to taste like that? He didn't need to know, comforting lust coursing through him with every beat of his heart, swapping back to his gingerbread cookies and wiping the milk roughly from his muzzle while he laughed with his dad.

For there was nowhere else that he could imagine being than with his father, considering all that he had done for him through his life, everything that had come together for the two of them over and over again. Dvorak had taught him so much and how to take a leap and enjoy himself without worrying about the consequences - within reason - was just another thing that he could bear in mind, holding in hand, his tail twitching back and forth as Dvorak jostled him lightly.

"I can still take you, you know, it's not as if you can hold a muscle to me..."

Ahnik, of course, knew that was true, but there was still something more that he needed, allowing his father to smirk and push a gingerbread cookie that, to be fair, was lewdly shaped purely by accident, into his mouth. The lizard tossed his head back like he was a youngster showing off for his father all over again, though those years had long passed, the two of them adults and well enough able to take whatever lusts and pleasures that they wanted in their lives.

But there was something that drew Ahnik down to his father's chest again and again, forgetting about the cookies and merely drinking, letting his father tenderly hold his head, fingers stroking over his muzzle and the back of his head, finger easing between his head-spines. Dvorak knew just how to hold him, how to touch him, all to make him feel safe and comforted, even if things, that night, didn't go any further than they already had. Everything was well exactly as it was.

The warm flow of milk between his lips, however, was too alluring to miss out on, Ahnik leaning even more heavily into his father as Dvorak growled, arms going around him.

"I think there's something more that you want than milk and cookies..."

Dvorak's smile widened, knowing that he had everything that he wanted right there, that tongue flicking at his nipple, bringing a throbbing rise to other parts of his body too. The night was theirs to take exactly as they pleased, hips shifting wantonly from side to side, though there was most certainly no question about whichever one of them would be the dominant party in such a situation.

Drinking down his father's milk, however, would always remain Ahnik's less than secret fetish.

At least, where they were concerned. & u=20155

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