I was walking through the mall when a guy stopped me and asked me if I wanted to participate in a study and earn $5.00. I'd been to the book store and nothing else in the mall was very interesting. He was very flirty, which made me feel both awkward and flattered. I know guys sometimes find me attractive, but I am the ultimate nerd. I've never been with a guy and am really not that interested. I was broke and bored though, so I said yes.

I was led down a hallway into a small room. There was a different guy there. He offered a choice of sodas and they had some cookies. I was happy to take a diet coke. The glass was full of ice, as well as the soda and it tasted a bit funny at first. I filled out a short survey that asked me some basic questions, like my age, gender, relationship status, that kind of thing. Then I was asked to watch a video. I can't remember a lot about it. It was about make-up and clothes and things like that. I was sort of amused at first, because I am so not into that stuff. But there was something compelling about the video. The graphics were amazing, with these swirling transitions between segments. I shouldn't have been interested, but I was mesmerized. It felt like the video ended way too soon but it also felt like I'd been watching forever.

I was then asked to fill out another survey. This one asked about products I'd used in the past and if I was interested in trying anything different now that I'd seen the video. I was surprised by my answers. I still wasn't into make-up but some of the cute, more revealing blouses and some of the hair styles were really interesting. While I was filling out the survey, the guy offered me another diet coke. I realized I was super thirsty and said yes.

He asked me to wait a moment while he fed my survey results into the computer. He started flirting with me too. I couldn't believe I was getting hit on again. Normally my bookish, sloppy way of dressing discouraged guys. I know I was blushing but I didn't really mind. He was cute. He commented on the fact I'd finished my diet coke and offered me another. I hadn't even noticed I'd drunk it all, but another one sounded really good. I told the guy all these diet cokes were going to make me pee like crazy later and immediately blushed more. Why did I tell him that?

The computer pinged and he took a look at it. He said that I fit a special, limited criterion, and if I wanted, I could watch another video and earn $20.00. This video was 30 minutes. It was my day off, which is why I was wandering around the mall even though I had no money. The video had been interesting and getting money was great so I said yes. I have to admit, I was also oddly interested in watching. I wondered if it would be as compelling as the last one.

The next video was much more risqué. There were a lot of girls I'd consider bimbos parading around in super short shirts and skirts. They didn't seem to be wearing bras and they were acting so trampy. I should have hated it but again I was entranced. I lost all sense of time and the world shrank to those girls on the screen. The spirals between the segments seemed to flow right into those amazing girls. When the video ended, I was disappointed. I was also turned on which made me feel ashamed. I'm not into girls and I believe women shouldn't be treated as brainless sex objects.

The cute guy asked me to fill out a short survey. It was so embarrassing! It asked me all these questions about my sexual experience (none) and if I masturbated (rarely) and how I masturbated. I was shocked at some of the questions. I didn't own sex toys and had never been in one of those shops. It also asked me questions about what turned me own. I found myself clicking on things I had never even thought about, like getting tied up and orgasm denial. I don't really know why I chose those things and told myself I was just messing with their survey because it was so messed up. It all just made me hornier which was super embarrassing and confusing.

After I finished, I had to wait again for the computer to tally my results. The cute guy and I flirted while we waited. I sort of hoped he would ask me out but of course I was way to plain and nerdy. I wondered what it would be like to have sex with him, which was so weird. I just didn't usually have those thoughts. I assumed it was because of the survey I had filled out. The computer pinged and Mr. Handsome took a look. He told me my profile fit with the companies interests and I could maybe make more money. All I needed to do was give them my email. Of course, I did. I needed money and those videos were so enthralling. Part of my mind was screaming at me to say no. Another part of my brain was hoping Mr. Handsome would use my email to get in touch with me. I didn't understand what was happening. The videos and the surveys were so wrong. They were against what I believed, but I couldn't seem to listen to the reasonable part of my brain.

Right beside the mall is a sex shop and I was actually tempted to go in. The survey had really gotten to me and I decided to go home and refocus on my priorities. When I got home, I was super restless and finally decided I needed to masturbate and get it out of my system. Normally, I don't think much when I masturbate. I just rub on the pillow, but this time I found myself thinking about being tied up. When I orgasmed, I was amazed. It had never felt so good before. I wanted to keep rubbing, but it was all so wrong. Even the shame I was feeling at being so needy just seemed to turn me on.

The next few days I found it hard to focus on things. Even at work I was super distracted. At night I had the most horrible (and wonderful dreams). I got raped, fucked, sucked and all sorts of debasing things. I was masturbating a ton. I couldn't seem to help myself. I had never actually touched myself down there, when masturbating. It always sort of grossed me out and I just used the pillow. Now I found that fingering myself brought me more pleasure than the pillows.

Then I got an email from Gurls.com. At first, I thought it was spam, but then I remembered the promise of more surveys and clicked on it. Sure enough, it as an opportunity to earn more money. Part of my mind whispered to me, that if I earned a bit more money, I could go into that sex shop and buy some toys. I hated the way my brain was working lately. I told myself clicking on the link would be wrong. That last survey had been way too personal and the last video had displayed women like they were only meant for men's pleasure. I could feel a pull to do it, because those videos had been so compelling. I justified doing the survey by telling myself I needed the money and I could mess with the results and screw Gurls.com. I tried to ignore how turned on I was.

Once I clicked the button that took me to their website, I had to agree to their terms. It looked like the usual sort of thing and I didn't pay much attention. I was distracted by the fact I was getting wet. Maybe this was a bad idea. A survey popped up and I told myself, nothing was wrong and answering a few questions was no big deal. This survey was much like he last one. What turned me on. How often did I masturbate? What toys did I own? What was I planning on purchasing? How often did I have sex? There were so many questions and my answers were so embarrassing. I now masturbated multiple times a day and imagined being used by men who saw me only as an object.

The survey ended with a pop up that said, "Good gurl". I really hated this. I thought about stopping but knew I'd just go masturbate. The survey had made me super horny. If I did that right after the survey, it would seem like I liked those questions. While I was thinking this, the "Good gurl" dissolved into a serious of spirals. I am not sure how long I sat watching, but then a link popped up, saying push "submit" for a video. Before I could stop myself, I pushed submit.

The video stared with another swirl and then it moved on to bimbos like the last video. Soon it changed and it had all these situations, where women were propositioned by guys. At first it was pretty stereotypical rude guys at bars scenarios, but soon it became worse and worse. There was all sorts of workplace sexual harassment. There was men catcalling women on the street and the sluts, instead of walking away, walked up to the men and went with them. It never showed what happened after the hoes went with the women, it was just an endless stream of them giving in to the men's demands. Finally, the video transitioned back to the spirals that eventually transitioned to a "Good Gurl" button.

I was ashamed to realize I had been masturbating to the video. I pulled my fingers from my clit and pushed the button. Another short survey appeared. I groaned. I didn't want to fill it out, but I knew I had to. I answered the questions about my fantasies and who I would have sex with. Finally, the "Good Gurl" button appeared. I felt a surge of pleasure that I'd completed the survey and pushed the button. To get my money, I had to provide my address, phone number and even where I worked. I hesitated just for a moment but it promised to send me a $150.00 within two days. I pushed submit and then stumbled to my bed to masturbate.

To be continued...











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