(Sorry for the long delay, I will hopefully post a lot more now that I'm free from my college submissions. This is Part 2 of the story. For those who haven't checked out the Part 1, please go read that first to enjoy this to the fullest)

After Rahim's manipulation with my mind the previous day, I was constantly thinking of his last request (or was it a command?) about me ditching the bra today. I mean, it's not a new experience for me as I've gone braless quite a few times but never on the job, that too before a class full of students whose pants get tight over any remotely sexual exhibition.

But then I thought about it. Just like Rahim said, I did get a lot of attention while teaching in the class. Weighing the pros and cons, I decided to go braless. I wore a sleeveless black top tucked into my maroon skirt just short of knee length with just black panties under.

As I entered the class, I could almost feel everyone's attention on my cleavage, which even though not outrageous, it was totally new and bold for the students who had never seen me like this. After I taught the class about independent choices and why women's roles in society must be detached from gendered norms, I was walking out of the class just when Rahim tapped on my shoulder from the back.

"Yes?" I asked, turning around, almost a bit too quickly.

"That was a great lecture, Manisha! Could we talk about it more, as I wanted to discuss more about it," Rahim replied, almost as if, nothing happened yesterday. Obviously, I did notice that he used my first name without reference to my authority, to address me, but I didn't object as I didn't want him, or any student for that matter to feel I am inaccessible for educational purposes.

"Sure, Rahim... But I have to rush home, so I can't really stay back and discuss."

"Oh, but these questions were bothering me quite a bit, and I thought who better than you, to address these, when you literally took a class on it... Any specific reason to rush home, Manisha?" At this point, I almost felt obligated to help him out, being a dutiful teacher.

"My friends are coming over this evening, and I needed to cook a nice dinner for them. Can we discuss this later?"

He looked straight into my eyes assertively and lowered his hand to my waist as he pushed my back to nudge me to walk, "It won't take more than half an hour to be honest... I can help you with dinner too, and ease your burden," he grinned and then winked, "Men can cook too, you know?"

"That... That would be nice.." was all I could muster as I couldn't find a legitimate excuse to get him out of my hair. "My apartment is just two blocks down this side."

As we continued walking through the street, we made casual conversation about the kind of food I wanted to cook, the guests who are to come and other related stuff.

When I opened the door to my apartment, he just strolled inside and made himself comfortable on the couch.

"I like your house. You live alone here? No boyfriend?"

"Its not very big, but it's adequate. I don't date. I support myself, and don't need anyone," I replied, a bit flustered that a typical male like Rahim obviously had to lurk around the concept of a male having to provide for me.

"That must be super lonely... Hey, where is the washroom? Just needed to freshen and I'll join your in the kitchen later."

"Right near the bedroom," I pointed him in the direction and kicked off my heels and then proceeded to the kitchen.

5 minutes later, Rahim came over and I told him what and how to cook the meal. I had totally forgotten about yesterday's conversation with him and was somehow comfortable even though he was in my apartment now. But as we proceeded to cook the rice, I had to pull out the basket of uncooked rice from a bottom shelf. As I bent over and tried to pull the heavy basket, I realised I'm not strong enough. I called out to him, "Rahim, can you just help me out here? Pulling this out is quite hard."

He looked at my ample behind and replied after a few seconds, "Hmm... Yeah, pulling out is definitely going to be hard," and them out of nowhere, he grabbed my hips and pulled me out of there, along with the basket. In the process, his pull was so strong that I felt a strong bulge poking me from behind, as I realised I was in a bent over position (again!) with his crotch planted in my ass.

"Ohh... Umm. Sorry about that," I immediately said, to douse the tension and quickly got up from the position, and turned around, which made my tits jiggle... "Thank you..Rahim." I realised I apologised for no reason. Why am I such a little girl around him?

"No thank you, Manisha... You obeyed." He looked at my cleavage as he said that.

"Huh? What?"

"Those girls. They are finally free. I told you to ditch the bra and you did. Good girl!"

"Oh! Um... Listen, Rahim... You're right, I do feel much freer this way. But don't take it the wrong way! I just did it for the lecture!"

"Sure sure.." He continued, in sarcasm, as he strolled out to the living room and sat on the couch, "Come here and look into my eyes and tell me with a straight face, that you didn't do it for any other reason." His voice was different now. He became too authoritative.

I followed him to where he sat and tried to muster up as much assertiveness I could, "You can't talk to me that way, Rahim. I am your Professor. But yes, I did feel free because bras are too restrictive."

"What about your panties? Did you lose them too?" He casually asked, as he reached out to the hem of my skirt in an attempt to lift it, but I tried to fend his hand off, which resulted in me losing my balance and falling over. As I got up on my knees to get up, he spoke again.

"Look, Manisha. I know women's choices matter a lot, detached from patriarchal conditioning. But why don't you admit that the only way to reject such conditioning is to rebel against them. Panties are restrictive too. What's the point of wearing skirts, if the access to wind is stopped by your underwear?"

This made little sense to me, but as I looked up from my pov, I was literally on my knees in front of him. I didn't find it a powerful position to argue.

"I guess... No, but... That makes no sense" I said, as I tried to get up.

He pushed me down by my shoulder softly, as he spoke again.

"You know what I think? I think you're doing all of this, just to appease men. Look at you. Wearing flirty clothes to your job where you teach young kids with hormones running wild, and then going braless just because I tell you, and you even invited me over to your house for what... Cooking?"

My heart sank. The feeling of vulnerability rose again. How could I be this dumb and fall for this trap again? I shouldn't have trusted him. I just needed to show him some way that he's wrong, he can't always be right, what the hell?

I mumbled back something in response, "How the..? No! My fashion choices are my own individual choices. You can't dictate them. I don't need no man to tell me. I went braless because it seemed like good advice considering the vitality of it in lectures..." I was one step away from crying, as he had exposed my vulnerability.

"You followed my advice because it was good advice? Of course, because it's a man who told you so. Its a man's world. You're just adjusting to it. Don't need no man? You couldn't even pull out a simple basket of rice!" He was laughing now. "You are nothing without a man." He stood up, and started unzipping his trousers.

"What are you... Why are you unzipping your pants?" I said as I realised what was about to happen.

"Teaching you something else apart from braless lectures that can also help students like me." He let out a laugh. He pulled out his big cock, which was atleast 7 inches long, and flaccid.

"Oh my god!! PUT IT BACK IN! This is outrageous!" I violently reacted.

"If you say so, Teach." He held my face with his left hand as he jammed his tool into my mouth until my eyes went wide.

A respectable teacher. A Feminist. An embodiment of the future. A messiah for girls who want to break out of patriarchal stereotypes and do things their style. On the floor. On her knees. In her own apartment. Being face-fucked by a student. How did it come to this?

"You're doing great," he spewed encouraging words as he slowly fucked my face, "For a self-respecting, dignified woman, you really know how to suck cock good, Manisha."

I could only mumble with his massive dick in my tiny mouth. I was defeated. I couldn't move, as he kept my head in place with his strong hands. I should be feeling angry, but somehow, my panties were moist.

After 15 minutes of this humiliating ordeal, he pulled out his cock and coated my face with his white jizz. Some of it went into my mouth, some of it coated my glasses, some of it in my shampooed, straightened hair, and some of it dripping down my chin onto my favourite black top. I stayed like that for a good 15 seconds, in shock, as I heard a *click* with a flash on me.

I looked up to see Rahim put his phone away, smiling.

"What did you do!! Delete that picture!! First, you ejaculated on my face and then you click a picture? The audacity!!" I shouted with the remnants of energy left in my throat, which was already a victim of his phallic assault.

"A lot of attitude for someone who just swallowed my cum after inviting me over to your house," he calmly replied.

"I'll report you at the school!!" My last attempt at intimidating him into deleting the picture.

"Hmm. Lets see, you invited me over, you were on your knees for me, and I have this picture of you in a very... Very.. Very compromising position, and you think they'll believe you, Manisha? Cute. See you tomorrow, girl. Lose the panties and the attitude, and you just might have a great day tomorrow at school," he winked and shut the door of my apartment on his way out.


Jizzed on.

Swallowed his juicy cum. (did I say juicy? My own mind is betraying me right now)

Blackmail material on me.

Schooled me about feminism.

Made me question my identity.

And yet, I was horny as hell. Nothing else mattered. I undressed quickly and made my way to my room where I kept my pink vibrator in the drawer. I didn't know how i could face him tomorrow, but I knew what I needed right now.

I just needed to cum.

(End of Part 2. Hope you enjoyed it! Please give feedback, through comments or email, as I'm a new writer here. Part 3 is going to get wilder. Thank you so much for the love on Part 1.)

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