He was nervously waiting for her like he promised outside of the building in the lot. His body was tight with anticipation as she slowly sauntered over to him. As he watched her, he reflected on all of their history of mutual flirting.

He considered himself a confident man who always knew what he wanted and had achieved his goals to cement a good traditional life. He was content with his regular routine, but she had caught his eye long ago and had recently stirred up his deeply buried desire that yearned to surrender to a strong, hot woman.

Greeting like comfortable friends, they made small talk and shared smiles. Finally, she slyly asked, "Well are we going out to lunch or do I get to have you for lunch and show you what I like?"

A small smile broke out on his face, he nodded briskly, and suggested they go someplace private. She returned the smiled and said, "Well then, before we go anywhere, we need to talk about limits. If at any point you want me to stop, just say red or snap your fingers in the event that you are unable to speak. Sound good?"

He nodded. She continued with a mischievous smile, "What I want from this arrangement is for both of us to have the freedom to explore and play with no judgement and to fully enjoy and appreciate each other in all ways. Deal?"

He nodded again and made a snarky comment. She rolled her eyes and stated, "Now that that's out of the way, get in the car, bitch, and no more talking. You are only to talk if I allow you," she said in a firm voice and placed a finger to her lips.

He did a double take as he wasn't used to being addressed in that manner, but felt his skin warm with excitement and did as she demanded. They slid into the front seats and drove off. As they drove, she smirked as they sat in silence as they glanced at each other.

She gently brushed her finger tips against his taut thigh and stroked the inside of his leg lazily. He started to quietly question, but she took her index finger and put it to his lips and clearly stated, "I said no talking or do you need me to pull the car over and make you stop talking?"

She pulled out the black vinyl ball gag that was in her purse and showed it to him. His eyes went wide and his lips parted as his breath hitched. Stunned and unsure of what to do, he closed his mouth while his mind raced. She went back to driving and slowly fingering the inseam of his jeans.

They found an empty parking lot at a nearby trailhead and pulled into a spot. As she shut off the car, she bit her bottom lip and turned to look him in the eye. "Now get in the back seat," she commanded.

He numbly blinked a few times and then quickly nodded his head. They both got out of the car and slid into the plush roomy back bench seat of her SUV. She directed him to sit in the middle and then straddled his lap. She ground her pelvis into his and the pressure in his crotch grew.

She looked directly into his eyes and softly stroked his cheek. She kissed him long and hard. He met her demanding mouth with desire and returned the steamy, sensual kiss with delight. She broke away and pulled her black billowy sweater over her head to reveal a black strapless bra which hugged her small breasts. His eyes went straight to her curves. He lunged forward, grabbed her slim waist firmly, then stroked her bare shoulders and chest.

She smiled and cooed, but quickly looked him in the eye and took his hands off her and pinned them to the seat back on either side of him. "No, bitch. This is about what I want."

She then took his left arm in both hands and held it firmly against the backrest of the seat. She pulled on a tether that was hidden behind the seat to reveal a black leather wrist restraint. He sharply inhaled. Once she had his hand secure, she tightened the tether so the muscles of his arm were straight and held tightly against the seat back.

She held his right hand against the seat back and ground against his pelvis again and took a deep, long kiss from him as she stroked his cheek. Slow and steady at first, but deepening with a quickening pace as their tongues intertwined.

She pulled away and moved to the other side and revealed the other leather cuff for his right hand. She secured his right hand and tightened the tether, so now both of his arms were held out stretched. She leaned back and looked at him with great appreciation. She hungrily gazed at him like he was something off a menu and she was going to savor every bite.

He made a sassy remark. She huffed, "I said STOP. TALKING. Apparently, your sexy mouth needs a time out."

She reached for the rubber ball gag and pressed her lips onto his and took a long deep kiss from him. When she pulled away, she put the ball in his mouth and secured the collar around his neck. She shook her head disapprovingly. "This disappoints me. Now I can't kiss you until my toes curl. Well, I will amuse myself in other ways and then we can try again. Eventually, you will learn."

She ran her fingers through his hair and with the nail of her index finger she slowly and deliberately drew a line down one side of his face while her tongue mirrored the action along the other. When her mouth reached his cheek, she pushed forward and found his ear. She held her breath and took his dangling earlobe in between her teeth and gently nibbled her way around. He let out a deep sigh.

She kept moving down the side of his neck, tracing the line of the collar, alternating between gentle kisses and long slow licks. She came around to his Adam's apple and licked leisurely up to his immobile mouth. She pressed her hips against his and pushed hard into him. She wiggled. He felt like her shiny new toy and she was enjoying every bit of him.

She pulled her chest away from him as she slid her fingertips along the undersides of his forearms and then upper arms. He let out a guttural noise. When she felt his rounded chest, she moaned. Through his shirt, her thumbs found his tight, pointed nipples and she rubbed slow circles, flicking them with her nails and felt him twitch. She licked her way down his chin and neck.

Her mouth first found his nipple as she gently took it in between her teeth while her right hand twisted his other nipple through his shirt. She switched her mouth to the other side and rolled the other between her thumb and index finger. She scooted her hips away from his and pulled up his shirt to reveal smooth skin studded with dark hairs.

She kissed and tongued his round belly button and stroked the warm smooth skin on the sides of his abdomen. She hitched up his shirt to reveal his strong chest and small brown pert nipples. She leisurely licked her way up from his navel to one nipple and caressed it with her tongue and lips. She planted kisses over to the other nipple and kissed it until he groaned and pulled against the restraints. He shifted his hips to adjust himself as he was so hard and confined.

She leaned back and gazed over his hard body that was displayed before her and smiled. She bit her lip, surveyed him, and blinked slowly. "Okay, let's try this again. You can talk later, but not now. Understood?"

He nodded hastily and she reached behind his head and undid the clasp as the ball gag fell away. He watched her close her eyes and breathe in deeply as her breasts rose. She slowly exhaled as she moved her hips in a slow circle in his lap. As her eyes opened they locked onto his and like a snake she moved her lips close to his, but not touching. His lips parted and he felt her hot breath on his face. She planted a few light and quick lip touches, but then moved her mouth down along his neck.

She moved her lips softly against his tight chest and along his arm letting out slow breaths warming his skin. When she reached his outstretched hand, she kissed his palm and licked the full length of his thumb. When she reached the tip, she swirled her tongue and nibbled with her teeth. She took it into her mouth and sucked while her tongue moved in slow circles.

She released the suction and licked her way to his index finger. As she took it into her mouth, she looked at him and held his gaze and curled the corners of her mouth. As their eyes locked, she licked her way to his middle finger, ring finger, and pinky. Enjoying and exploring each with slow and deliberate movements.

Her opposite hand brushed its way up his neck and her index finger found his mouth. She traced his lips and he took her finger into his mouth and sucked it gently at first, but then using his tongue he swirled and held it in place with his teeth. She moved her body and leaned in to replace her finger with her tongue in a warm lip lock. She sighed deeply.

Both of her hands ran through his thick hair and caressed the sides of his neck, then moved out along his taut muscular arms. She broke the kiss slightly to smile. She opened her eyes and locked eyes with him like a predator who was playing with its prey. He was all hers to enjoy. She then deepened the kiss as she interlaced fingers with him and rubbed slow circles with her thumbs on his palms.

As her fingers stroked his palms, she leaned back, locked eyes with him, and said in a low voice, "There's just something about you. For so long, I've known I wanted you. Just. Like. This."

She leaned further back and reached up to slip down the wrap around her breasts. Perfectly smooth, silky breasts with large pink nipples revealed themselves to him. She scooted closer and drew herself up tall. She brought one of her breasts even with his face. "Kiss me softly," she said firmly while she waited for him to come closer.

"Now suck me, nibble lightly, and show me with your sassy mouth how much you desire me." She relaxed her head and shoulders back as she held onto the outside of his thighs. She bit her lip and moaned as he took her nipple into his mouth and caressed it first slowly and then more aggressively.

She sat up straight and cooed, "Stop. The other needs attention." He let her go and she shifted her chest so her other breast was even with his hungry lips.

"Continue," she said breathlessly. He leaned in and brushed his lips lightly in a circle. His tongue tickled the elongated nipple and then took it into his mouth and sucked.

"Stop," she said in a husky tone after a time and pulled away.

As she traced her finger lightly across the skin on her chest and neck, she cooed, "Kiss and lick my chest slowly. Then make your way up my neck and when you get to my lips, I want everything you got."

He spread light kisses over her smooth chest as she arched her back and leaned her head back. His tongue drew lines along her neck and he nibbled her chin. He made his way to her lips and gently pressed his against them. She leaned in to extract a deep hungry kiss while moving her hands along his arms. She sighed as their tongues met.

She found his nipples and drew circles around them with her nails. She finally pulled away and purred, "You've asked me why I enjoy what I do. I love the power to do whatever I want to you. I know what I want and I get what I want. You. Are. All. Mine."

With that, she took her hand and pressed it against his hard crotch and rubbed. She giggled as his arms strained. As she caressed the bulge in his crotch, she cooed, "You project an image of confidence and skill, but what you really want is to submit to me and do exactly as I instruct you to do. I love your naughty, sassy, sexy ass. I get bored easily, so you pose a fun and exciting challenge. I look forward to making you want to beg."

She leaned to the side so she could continue stroking his crotch and inner thighs while taking his mouth in hers and kissing him until they were both out of breath. She nibbled on his bottom lip as he rested his head back. Her hands moved up to his warm stomach and chest as her fingers drew swirling patterns.

She pulled away and stole tiny kisses on his cheek as she made her way to his ear and nibbled on his lobe. She licked along his neck and said breathlessly, "Your body is delicious and you are full of hidden desires. So. Fucking. Hot."

She pulled away, grabbed his head with both hands and firmly kissed him on the mouth and breathed into it. She pressed her chest against his and rode his hips. Her voice, words, and actions were driving him out of his mind. He strained against the restraints to touch her.

After a long moment, she pulled away, flashed him a big satisfied grin and said, "Thank you. This was fun. I'm very much looking forward to next time."

With that, she took one last long kiss and turned, swung her legs, and unmounted him. She left him bound as she opened the door, returned to the driver's seat. He sat there still and stunned. His thoughts raced.

As she drove to the lot across the street from his building, he cleared his throat and started to speak. "Shhhhh," she directed towards the backseat.

She reminded him quietly from the front seat, "I said no talking, bitch."

After she parked, she undid her seatbelt and turned around. She leaned over into the backseat and softly stroked his outstretched arm. She slowly undid the cuff and then instructed him to release the other. He saw her smile slyly and say, "Again, thank you for a most delectable afternoon and text me next week. Now, get out of my car, bitch, and go home."











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