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NOTE: I apologize for the delay. Hopefully chapter 3 will be out soon. These stories contain futa transformation, non-consent, and to a certain extent mind control. All characters are over 18 years of age. Let's get back to it!

Chapter 2:

"Sorry doll, it was just too hot and I couldn't resist servicing myself." Caliban cooed. "definitely wanted to see you get high on your own supply."

"What did you do to us!?" Melanie shouted. "What the fuck did you do!?"

"Sweetie, I made you hottest thing on this side of the planet. You've got it all now, take anyone you want, fuck anyone you can, be a slut if you want to be, but after the performance I just saw, I think you're gonna love having a dick."

Melanie was dumbfounded. "Change me back!" she pleaded, "bring back Paul. He doesn't deserve this." She could still feel Paul. He was sleeping quietly in the back of her mind. She had to be careful not to bother him because she wasn't sure she wanted him awake right now.

"No can do honey. I've got to keep you this way. I had a bet with someone very powerful and if I don't keep up my end of the bargain, then they'll kill me." Caliban explained casually.

"No, no, no, no, no, this isn't right" Melanie was panicking. She noticed they were now stopped in what appeared to be an industrial part of town. She tried the door and it opened. She rushed out of the SUV hoping to get away from this monster she had been changed by. Just as she was taking her first couple of steps she heard a voice from the inside of the SUV.

"STOP." It was Caliban's voice and she found herself obeying. She couldn't take another step and she was now standing stock still a few steps away from the SUV.

"Turn around and face me, dear." Caliban commanded. Melanie found herself obeying. She also found herself having her first view of Caliban since getting in the taxi.

Caliban was short, probably a little more than 5 feet tall. She had a beautiful pixie face that would make men underestimate her. Her face was framed by a short haircut that bobbed playfully when she moved. She was also apparently naked now. Her breasts were large on her frame, but by no means the giant pair that Melanie now had. He tummy was smooth. Her hips were gentle. She also had a cock, but it wasn't as big as Melanie's. It was still big, like it would put a male pornstar to shame. She also had a set of large testicles hanging in a hairless sac.

This brought up an observation Melanie hadn't noticed before. She was much taller now. She stood about level with the SUV, putting her roughly around 6 feet tall as she towered over Caliban.

"Now, before I release you on the world, there's a few things you must know. You are now a servant of Caliban the Sly. In case you haven't guessed it yet, I'm a sex demon. I enjoy having both male and female parts and having a lot of sex. I occasionally recruit followers willingly, but someone forced me to get someone unwillingly, which is where you come in."

"You've noticed by now that I was very generous with your tits and that massive cock of yours. It's actually got me drooling right now. Paul is a lucky guy. You may have been so preoccupied with your new hardware that you didn't noticed that you still have a pussy."

Caliban stepped close and reached under Melanie's testicles and gently began fondling her pussy. Melanie hadn't noticed before, but now that she felt Caliban's gentle hands caressing her folds, she noticed she was very wet.

"Someone started the waterworks down there. No doubt Paul helped with that." Caliban giggled. She playfully slapped Melanie's ball sac. Based on the sound, not unlike hitting a cantaloupe, Caliban had hit them pretty hard, but Melanie didn't feel any pain as the large gonads swung slowly. " I'm gonna need to stop or else I'll get carried away and fuck you right here. I really don't want to do that until you've actually matured and synced up with Paul." Melanie tried to speak but found she couldn't move her mouth.

"Oh sorry dear, I'm the only talking right now. I've still got to explain the terms of what we've got going on here."

"So, you're now a servant of mine. In exchange for your enhancements, I get a tithe of sexual energy. Usually I have a contract established, but I think I'll go with what Paul thinks is good, but to put it simply, he will probably require sex at least once a day. If you try to delay it, then he will make things difficult for you. Constant boners, consistent mental yelling, suggestions, and maybe even some manipulation if you can manage to hold him off long enough. He probably will learn to control his size at some point. He can't get smaller, but oh boy, he can definitely get larger. Same with those bodacious nuts you've got hanging down there. If you piss him off, he can definitely make things weird. So I would try to stay on his good side. So, as you learned, masturbating and stroking him can help, but that's a very short-term solution. He'll want to fuck something at least once a day."

"I only expect that he's been quiet for this long because you're both shocked about the changes. But trust me, he's not as complex anymore, so he'll adjust a little quicker. My advice would be to find someone quickly. Now another thing you should know, Paul can learn from you and he might begin to recover more of himself mentally, but remember, he's literally just cock, so his desires center around one thing. And no matter how much you establish a relationship with him, even love him. He will always demand sex and you won't be able to deny him that."

"But, I've helped you out a little. You don't know this yet, but you're an absolute bombshell. You were pretty attractive before sure...however, you're just gorgeous now. I had to make a pretty face to offset that monster you're packing between your thighs there. I'll save you the details and wait until you actually see yourself a mirror for the first time. I have no doubt that you'll be able to fuck someone at least once per day. Trust me, there's some real freaks out there."

"Also babe, you're stronger than you were before. You're actually much stronger than most people. You'll be harder to kill, harder to poison, harder to take advantage of. And that's for one reason baby, I want to watch you take advantage of other people. I want to see you break them down. I want them to worship you."

Melanie was feeling a little overwhelmed at all this. She had no idea what to think but based on her experiences she had to believe Caliban. So far Caliban had demonstrated the power to do all this. Melanie was scared, she still felt like herself, but also felt different.

"Well, that's enough talking from me. I'm going to release you now and I suggest you don't try to attack me or else I'll fuck you and that might drive you insane."

The devilish shine in Caliban's eyes at that statement gave Melanie no doubt that she definitely didn't want to hang around here anymore. She would run given the chance.

"Looks like you understand sweetheart. I'm going to let you go, but keep in mind that I'll be watching you. At some point I'm going to check in for a fuck and I hope that it blows my mind. Until then though, enjoy having some sex babe." Caliban laughed.

With that, Melanie was free. She turned and ran as fast as she could away from Caliban. Luckily since she was taller and now apparently more athletic than she had been she could run pretty fast. Her cock was barely an inconvenience. A strange part of her brain wondering how men ran. And then an even odder part feeling proud that she was running with such a large dick and balls slapping her thighs. Surprisingly, this didn't wake up Paul. He was still quietly sleeping in the back of her mind. As long as she didn't think about him too much, he didn't stir, which is harder than you might think.

The further she got from Caliban the more she worried that this was some sort of trap. However, that wasn't the case. She ran turning corners in the industrial part of town until she came to alleyway that was sufficiently far away. There were two dumpsters in the alley with a spot in between. There she sat down on the ground, naked as the day she was born. Originally she had planned to rest here since she thought she might be out of breath. That wasn't the case, she was hardly winded. Well, she could plan her next move now that she maybe had some clearer headspace. This only freaked her out more and she could feel the tears coming on.

Finally for the first time all day, she cried. Overcome with everything that had happened, she let herself have a few moments to deal with everything. While she was crying, a door in the alleyway opened. She tried to break off her sobs but it was too late, they might have heard her.

"I'm telling you, he's such a fucking dick Julie." A voice said.

"I know, but he looks out for me." Said the other, just as the door opened.

"Wait, did you hear that?" the first said.

"Yeah, just over there?" the second responded.

Melanie panicked tried to cover herself. She pushed her legs together to attempt to cover her cock and put her hands over her boobs, which was not an easy task. Two girls came around the corner of the dumpster. You could tell by looking at them that they were strippers out on a break.

"Oh, honey, what the fuck? Jess, go get her a blanket so she can make herself decent." The one named Julie said.

Jess ran off to go get a blanket. "We'll get you cleaned up. Are you okay? Did they hurt you babe?" Julie asked.

Melanie found herself shaking her head as tears welled in her eyes. She was scared. Scared that they were being so nice, scared that they might hate her for what she was now. She was desperately trying to not think about Paul in her head.

Jess came back a moment later with a towel and tossed it to her. "Here you go, warm yourself up." Jess said. "We'll give you some privacy for a moment.

Melanie clutched the towel as the girls walked down the alley a ways having their own conversation. Eventually, Melanie bundled herself up and stood up. She saw the girls about 20 feet away having their own conversation while smoking some cigarettes. She shuffled towards them and they both turned around.

"Holy shit girl, I didn't know you were that tall. And with tits like those, you could make a killing here!" Julie exclaimed.

"Please, I just need some clothes and some money for a cab. That's all I want, I just need to get home." Melanie pleaded.

"Okay darling, we got you, but if you change your mind, I can put in a good word with Mr. A." Julie replied.

She started walking to the door and Melanie followed. They entered what Melanie guessed was the strip club. She could hear muffled music and guessed that this was the back room area where the girls changed. Julie lead her to what look like a changing room. She opened the room and motioned for Melanie to go in.

"We've seen enough girls in your spot before. Hang tight here, we'll go talk to Mr. A and get you some clean clothes and some cab fare." Julie said. Melanie doubted they'd seen anyone as fucked up as she was right now, but she went into the room anyway.

The changing room was tacky and colorful. A vanity occupied one side of the room filled with make up, discarded lingerie, and costumes and props. A full length mirror decorated the wall across from the vanity. Melanie stood there for a second. Then taking a deep breath she took of her blanket and let it fall to the floor.

There she stood in all her glory. At 6 foot 3 inches tall she was certainly an Amazon of a woman. Her face had gotten more beautiful. It definitely had much more natural beauty and she wondered that she might never need to wear makeup like this. Her hair was thick and luxurious as it tumbled over her shoulders and down to her lower back. Her breasts were large and heavy. They had a perfect teardrop shape despite their size. She was a little turned on by how perfect there were actually. Her stomach was tight and she could see some abs poking through. Lower, her massive cock protruded from her: large, proud, and powerful. It looked strange on her as veiny and masculine as it was, but it was firm and hairless. Her ball sac hung confidently below that, testicles resting comfortable. Her thighs were thick and strong. Her calves were athletic and graceful. She was a perfect woman, with the exception of her cock.

All of this admiration got her a little aroused, which awoke something else. Melanie could feel Paul stirring at the edges of her consciousness. This couldn't be happening. Not now. She had to leave. She had to leave quickly before something bad happened. She felt her cock twitch.

What...good morning...hello. Paul said. Paul was awake now. Melanie panicked. This couldn't be. She turned towards the door and began walking towards it. She would walk out of here naked if it meant she didn't have to deal with Paul in a fucking strip club.

Fuck...fuck...fuck...FUCK. Paul shouted the last word. Melanie was halfway to the door when the handle twitched. Shit. She didn't have time to go back to her blanket. The door opened and Julie stepped in. Hopefully Paul couldn't see what she saw through her own eyes.

Melanie was wrong. Julie had put on her costume for her next act apparently and it didn't leave much to the imagination. She was pretty with red hair. Her DD boobs were on display in their pushup bra and the lingerie she had on was fucking sexy. And apparently Paul noticed.

FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK. Paul shouted in her head. Melanie mentally assaulted by Paul's shouts refused to give in. She would not rape this woman. She put her hands to her head and kneeled on the floor.

"What the fuck?!" Julie said. "Are you okay babe? What the fuck is wrong with you?" Julie approached Melanie concerned. She had seen the cock, but just assumed she was a tranny on drugs apparently. "It's okay dear, we can help you out."

Melanie scrambled away. The shouts from Paul becoming unbearable. FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK. Echoing in her head, driving her insane. This was absolute torture. Paul had definitely noticed. And her dick was starting to get hard. Something else was happening too. Melanie noticed a heady, musky scent permeating the air. She didn't know where it came from but it was intoxicating. She had backed herself into the corner with Julie standing concerned above her. Melanie's erection was now fully hard. Something in her mind clicked. She submitted to the shouting from Paul. She was still in control, but she made a promise. She stood up.

At full height, Melanie dwarfed Julie's 5 foot 4 inch height. The musky scent in the room seem to have intoxicated Julie. Fuck, it was beginning to intoxicate Melanie. Melanie placed her hands on Julie's head and put pressure downwards. Guided by Melanie's strong hands, Julie began to kneel.


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