"Buy something nice for Lisa." Lisa was Bob's wife. Bob cried the rest of the night.

The limo, which was a standard Cadillac model, arrived a few minutes before 6. It was a split-level house with a nice size yard. Big house for one person Jacob thought. He rang the bell. Susan had replaced her jeans with a very nice short printed dress. Vee-neck which showed her ample cleavage. A nice pair of sandals completed the outfit. She wore pink lipstick, hoop earrings and little facial makeup.

"You like? You're staring at my tits again, Jacob." Susan asked while staring at Jake.

"Like is not the word I would use. You look.... I'm trying to find the right word. I think cute, no just kidding. Sexy would be appropriate. And yes, I'm staring."

"Thank you. I thought this would open your eyes," as Susan laughed as she gave him a kiss on the cheek.

"The effect had an effect on more than my eyes."

Susan's eyes drifted down to his crotch.

"Time to go," Jake broke his trance. "Susan, I would like you to meet a good friend of mine, Bob Casey. Bob owns the limo company, but he enjoys driving on occasion."

"Nice to meet you Susan."

"Same here."

"By the way," Jake asked Susan, "who did you call earlier today when you took my phone?

"Someone I know in the police department. They told me you weren't an ax murderer."

"That's good to know. I want to give you a rundown about the restaurant. It's about an hour maybe a little more depending on the traffic to the restaurant in Hoboken. Augustino's is owned by Buddy and Sharon. Sharon also works as a server. Sharon's sister, Christine is the most important person in the restaurant. There is room for about 28 people at the tables. If you want a table on a Saturday you have to commit to being able to come to the restaurant once a month. In November, I give the dates I would be available to Christine for the following year. I've been coming here for 9 years, every since they decided to "sell" the tables. During the week, you may be able to get a table without a reservation, but not on the weekend. One other thing. Sharon talks like a sailor. Don't be offended."

He reached for her hand in the car and was pleased when she took it. She moved closer to him. Susan said, "You're a good man Jacob Gould. I'm glad I ran into you this morning." They sat quietly for most of the rest of the ride until she surprised him when she turned toward him and kissed him strongly on the mouth. Jake was surprised but glad that Susan took the lead. Jake returned the kiss and then they were making out like two teenagers for about five minutes when the limo stopped.

Jake said, "We are here. Bob opened the doors for both of them. "I'll see you around 9:30." .

"Sounds good. Enjoy the dinner," Bob replied.

They walked into the crowded restaurant, went by the bar, passing Christine in the first seat. Jake said hello.

Susan asked, "You want to sit down and get a drink?" pointing to the bar.

"Let's wait. They let the people without reservations take these seats. Our table will be ready in a minute or two."

Just then, Sharon walked past them carrying the food that smelled delicious. "I'll see you at the table."

A minute later Christine said, "You know where to sit" as she was multi-tasking, pointing and talking on the phone.

They sat at his usual first table by the partition. Sharon came by two minutes later. Jake got up and they hugged. "Sharon, this is my friend Susan."

"So, you finally brought a broad with you to dinner! He always comes in with a business guy from work," she said to Susan. "You must be special. About fuckin' time."

"She is special." Susan blushed.

"When did you meet her," Sharon asked.

"Actually, this morning."

"No fucking way."

"He was looking at my tits at Whole Foods. First, he asked me to go on a picnic and then he asked me to come to dinner. All in one day," Susan said.

Looking down at her cleavage, "Well, you do have great tits. And you trusted him?" Sharon was hysterical. When she calmed down, she asked them, "What would you like to drink?" She gave Susan the wine list. "Pick something expensive. He can afford it," Sharon said as she shook her head and continued to laugh.

"I'll let you pick the wine so Sharon won't be pissed at me."

Sharon came back with a bottle of the most expensive bottle on the list. "Let me tell you the specials," and she rattled off appetizers and entrees. Her charm came through when Susan had the audacity to ask just how good a certain special was.

"So fuckin' good, amazing."

They ordered, both choosing the signature appetizer, shrimp in brandy sauce with the Italian bread that followed to the table. They couldn't decide if dipping the bread into the sauce was better than the shrimp alone.

"This food is amazing," Susan said.

"Never had a bad meal here." Just then a group of four came over to the table to say hello before they sat down at their table. They were regulars that had a table at the same time as Jake. "I've been coming here 9 years. There are certain rules. If I can't use the table, I have to give it back. I can't give it to a business associate because they have so many people on their waiting list, they need to keep people happy. That's why I take business associates out if I use the reservation."

"I should be honored as I'm not a business associate."

"You are on a second date with me." Jake was smiling. So was Susan.

They were in a contest to see who could soak up the brandy sauce first. Susan remarked, as she twirled a piece of bread in the air, "I'm savoring this, leave me alone," Susan uttered.

Sharon walked by the table. "Pretty frekin' good."

Susan just mumbled her response as she nodded her head up and down.

A few minutes, and after a second poured glass of wine, the entrees arrived. Veal Parm on the bone for Jake and the fish special for Susan. Both had pasta side dishes.

"I don't know how you are going to top this food on our third date?"

Jake beamed, and then deadpanned, "Third date. I guess the picnic was our first date, this is our second, Oh, wow." he now faked shock, "You mean I have to ask you out again. What have I gotten myself into?"

Susan just stared at him. "I'm savoring, leave me alone."

He offered her a piece of his veal and Susan reciprocated with a piece of her fish. When they were done, the dishes cleared, and the coffee served Susan began to talk.

"I've decided to tell you a little about myself. I usually don't open up about myself, especially to someone who I met 12 hours ago. But I have a good feeling about you. You create a trust that I feel."

"I'm honored."

"You know I grew up in Morganville. Went to NYU and then Harvard Law." Jake gave her a surprised look. "Yeah, I know. I missed you by about 7 years. After law school, got a job with big firm in the city. Worked on cases involving sexual harassment. The firm was the industry leader in handling cases like this. That's been my interest since the first day of law school. Was there for about two years when I started dating my boss. Bad idea. He was about 10 years older than me. Everything was good for the first few months. Then he started pressuring me to move in with him. I thought about it. I was living in a one-bedroom apartment and he had this perfect loft in the Village. Then, one night while we were having dinner at his place, out of the blue he accused me of cheating on him with a guy I went to law school with. He had seen us at bar one night having a drink, and thought I was cheating on him. We were just catching up as friends. No matter what I said, he grew increasingly angrier. He grabbed my arm, hit me a few times. I got out of the house as fast as I could. I called the police to report the assault. They went to his house, arrested him, gave him a desk ticket and he was home in no time.

The next day I reported this to the managing partner. An hour later, I was told that the firm would handle this. Three weeks later, nothing. He was still my boss and no matter what I said to him, he continued to stalk me. I got a restraining order, but I couldn't stay at the firm. I turned in my resignation the following day. I came back to New Jersey, staying holed up in the house, just going out for food, not looking for a job, feeling so bad for myself. My boss was never disciplined and the case never made it past the plea bargain stage. He got 30 hours of community service. I threatened to sue the firm. They gave me a check for my silence. It's been almost two years. I still keep looking over my shoulder. But today, I feel like I don't have to look anymore."

"I'm so sorry Susan. That will never happen to you again as long as I'm around." He reached for her hand. She grabbed his and also reached for the napkin to wipe away some tears from her eyes.

Trying to change the subject, Jake roared, "Harvard? Now that I think about it, there was this great looking girl, my first year at Harvard, walking across the campus that looked like you?" Of course, he was joking. "Could it be that if I walked over to you that day, we could have had our first date years ago instead of waiting until this morning?"

Laughing Susan said, "At that time years ago our first date may have involved pizza, not this great meal and it would have meant that you were going out with someone in 10th grade. I don't think my parents would have approved."

"I guess not," Jake gave her a wry smirk.

Sharon came to the table and said, "You guys finally finished?"

When Jake said they were, Sharon gave him the bill. He threw some bills on table, "They only take cash," he said to Susan. They got up and went to say goodbye to Christine and Sharon.

"I want to see her back here again," Sharon said to Jake as she was hugging him. It was more of an order than a suggestion. Sharon then turned and gave Susan a kiss and a hug. "I am going to see you again."

"You will. The food was amazing. Thank you."

Bob was waiting for them. As they got into the car, Jacob handed him a package. "Thanks for the food."

"Whenever I come here, I bring Bob dinner for him and his wife," Jake told Susan.

"Where to Jake?"

"Back home, please," Susan answered while looking and smiling at Jake. He gave her a somewhat disappointed look.

"Window up or down?" Bob asked.

"Up please," they both replied.

Susan got in and after Jake settled next to her, she moved closer. He welcomed her by placing his right arm around her. She moved her head to Jake's chest. From that position she took her arm and brought Jake's face close to hers. Close enough that she brought her face in position where they could share a kiss, or two. The kiss was very passionate and lasted, in various forms, for almost 10 minutes. When they broke for air, Jake said, "I hope you enjoyed the restaurant."

"It was amazing, but I don't want to talk about the food now." She turned and kissed him fully on his lips, open mouth pushing her tongue against his.

Her short dress was being pushed up by her movement. Jake placed his hand on her bare thigh. Susan did not remove it. His handed moved further up until he was threatening to move it close to her pussy. Susan moved into a position where her hem was higher up on her lap. Jake moved his hand up further until he discovered that she was not wearing any panties.

He looked at her and she nodded. He moved his hand to the front of her mound. He was pleased to find a full bush protecting her mons. He moved his middle finger up and down her slit, finding her very wet. He began to play with her bush as well as continuing to move his middle finger along her slit. Susan started to move her hips up and down as Jake started to rub her clit on both sides. "That feels soooooo ....so fucking good. Please don't stop."

She tried to reach for his crotch. "Later," Jake said.

He took his two middle fingers and moved them into her pussy as he began to finger fuck her. Susan was now bucking off the back seat as she was panting and moaning. It was obvious that she was approaching her orgasm. Jake started touching her g spot and that's all it took for Susan to shake and wail, "I'm cumming...............MMmmmmm, it feels so good. Aah..................cumming." Lucky the window separating the front of the car to the back was up.

Jake waited a minute before removing his fingers from her pussy. He took a bottle of water, wet a towel and offered it to Susan. She wiped her face. She asked for a second towel. With the second towel, she wiped and dried, as best she could, her still wet pussy. Jake took a wet towel and wiped his fingers.

"I think Bob is going to have to clean the seat," Susan said.

"Don't worry about it. There are no stains. Wow," he said. "Wow."

"That was nice," a flushed Susan said.

"Only nice?"

"How about real nice?" and she began to laugh hysterically as she pulled the hem of her dress down. "I need to return the favor."

"Not in the car."

"Okay. I owe you."

"I'll let you know when I want to collect."

Susan moved back and rested on Jake and said, "And yes you better take me back to the restaurant." She closed her eyes and fell into a light sleep. An hour later they pulled into her driveway.

"Time to wake up sleepy head." Susan was jolted awake. Jake helped her out of the limo. They stood by her front door. He held her around the waist.

"Jake, give me time to process what happened today. I've never done anything like this ever. But I'm not complaining. It was a great day." It was her way of not inviting Jake to stay the night.

"No problem as long as I can see you again."

"I think that is not going to be a problem. By the way why don't you take your car back tonight?"

"Then what are you going to drive?

"But, it's your car?"

"I've got another one. Also, you need a car to get around."

"But it's your car?"

"You don't like the car?"

"That's not the point. I don't believe I'm having this conversation," Susan said trying to sound angry, but failing. "Yes, I like the car."

"Then drive it."

"On one condition."

" "And that is?"

"Come for breakfast in the morning. 10:30. I need to sleep late."

Their kiss was open mouth with tongues twisting about. "I had such a great time today, Jake. It was something unexpected, no, very unexpected and it was very special. Thank you for everything."

"I never expected this in my wildest dreams. I had never done anything like this in my life. So, thank you. I'll see you for breakfast. I'll stop at Max's for bagels."

"That sounds good. Good night."

Jake went back for another kiss which Susan was only too happy to give.

And with that, Jacob jumped back into the limo for the ride back to the farm.

"Good night Jake?" Bob asked.

"Never had a better one, Bob."

No further words were exchanged as Jake closed his eyes for the ride home. When they arrived, Jake reminded Bob that they had a "date" on Monday, going into New York City for a charity event. "I'll call you tomorrow with the time."

He handed Bob some cash and said thanks and good night. Bob was on a yearly contract with Jake's company, but Jake always made it a practice of giving Bob a tip after every ride.

Max greeted Jacob by jumping on him, yelling and crying and wagging his tail. Jacob rubbed Max behind his ears and then let him out and followed him onto the yard. Max peed and ran back toward the house. Jake opened the door and Max ran in. Into the bedroom, Max jumped on Jake's bed and found a spot at the foot of the bed. Jake went to the bathroom.

Susan was ready for bed before Jake walked into his house. She had just unzipped her dress, allowing it to slip to the floor. She had not worn anything under the dress and now stood nude in her bedroom. Her nipples were rock hard and after running her fingers through her thick bush that covered her pussy and along the side of her slit, she found her pussy was still very wet to the touch. She crawled into bed and tried to fall asleep, but the events of the day made sleep difficult. Finally, she gave in to her feelings. She kept her eyes closed but used her hands to cup her big tits, rolling her nipples, pulling her nipples to a point that it felt so good that she wanted to cum. At times, just by playing with her tits and especially her nipples she was able to orgasm. She moved her hands down to her bush. She always had a lot of hair on her pussy. It made her feel like a woman, not some 18-year-old cheerleader who shaved or waxed her pussy. She was playing with her bush for a few minutes then using her fingers she began to rub her lips again. Her lips opened and Susan inserted two fingers into her molten core. She began to finger fuck herself, then used the fingers on her other hand to draw circles around her swollen bud. This caused her to lift her bottom off her mattress. As she began to roll her clit between two fingers, it didn't take long for her to let out a wail, "Oh my, so good, oh my, Jacob, Jacob I'm cumming," and she did scream out in pleasure. She had two very powerful, fulfilling orgasm's tonight.

Jake was constantly hard from the time he saw Susan by the shopping carts. Now, after seeing the tops of her tits first at the picnic and then at dinner, and being allowed to play with her pussy in the back of the limo, his cock was harder than he could remember. He removed his clothes and his cock sprang out from a forest of pubic hair. He sat on the small chair in the bathroom and began to play with his cock. He tried to envision what Susan looked like completely naked. As he started to play with his cock, a few images came to mind. He continued to rub his cock up and down, imagining her nipples begging to be sucked. He began to move his hand faster and faster, with pre-cum oozing out of his tip. He was so primed that it didn't take long for him to shoot out rope after rope of his cum onto the floor. After resting for a minute, he grabbed a towel and wiped down the floor. He tossed the towel into the hamper located in the closet in the bathroom. As he staggered back to his bedroom, he grabbed a pair of gym shorts and a tee shirt, barely able to get them on before falling into his bed. He was able to get under the covers before Rex moved to his usual position, by his side. He fell asleep immediately.

The next morning, he took his Porshe Taycan 4S to Max's. He strapped Rex into the back seat. He picked up a half dozen assorted bagels and both regular and veggie cream cheese. He got to Susan's house around 10:45. When Susan answered the door, Rex ran inside and Jake apologized for being late.

"Nice wheels. I see you brought your partner," as Rex ran up to her wagging his tail. She reached down to say hello to the pooch then opened her door. Rex ran in.

"It sometimes helps to have a co-pilot with me. You like the car? Do you want to drive it? You can always give me your car so I'm not left without a car."

She called his bluff. She tossed him the keys he gave her only yesterday.

"Can you drive a stick?" he said.

"Can you throw me back the keys I just tossed to you?"

They play so well off of each other. Both of them started laughing together.

She greeted him by putting her arms around his neck as she gave him a nice, playful kiss. "Come on in," she said.

"Good morning," he said. He handed her the bagels and cream cheese."

"I hope you like French toast and pancakes?

"Smells great. I'm sure it's delicious."

"Last night, actually yesterday was great. I had a great time. Come sit. Before it gets cold," Susan said as she led Jake into the dining room. He noticed that the split-level house was furnished in a contemporary mode. It was very pleasing to the eye.

Susan brought a tray of pancakes and French toast to the table along with the bagels. "What do you want to drink?"

"I forgot something. Give me a second. I have to go back to the car." He came back and showed Susan a bottle of Veuve Cliquot Brut Yellow Label Champagne. "I was going to ask if you had any chocolate milk, but on second thought, I think this will be okay."









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