Trevor grunted with pleasure. He was sure he had never cum so much in his life. He had no idea how he could be so exhausted... and so ready for more. His dick was limp between his legs but his hole was still begging to be fucked. He felt an empty ache deep in his ass that needed to be stretched and filled.

He looked over at his wife who had dismounted and was wiping her juices off his face and chest. As she cleaned him she held his gaze while she began stroking her cock.

"You want this?"

"Yes. Oh god yes."

"Say please."

"Yes, please. Fuck me please."

Cassie straddled Trevor again and shimmied her way down his body, stroking her cock the whole time. She grabbed a bottle of lube and drizzled it onto her cock, using her other hand to stroke it, coating every inch. Wasting no time, she teased his tight hole with the violet tip of her dildo before entering him, sliding herself right to the hilt.

Trevor gasped. She was usually so thorough, teasing him, preparing him, making him wait agonizingly for the moment he could have her inside him. The sudden assertiveness took him by surprise. It was so fucking hot. She was fucking him like she needed it as badly as he did, as if she could feel every stroke on her cock as she moved it in and out of him. He could hear her moaning as her dick pressed against her clit.

Cassie was so comfortable with this particular dildo, so familiar with it that she knew just how to use it to make him crazy. She knew just where to press and how hard to stroke. She angled herself just right so that the tip of her cock was in constant contact with his prostate. While she fucked him she turned up the dirty talk. "You know what's coming next don't you, baby?"

"Oh god, yes." Trevor moaned.

"I bet you can't wait to have that big cock in your tight little ass. I bet you can't wait for Dale to take his rod and ram it up your fuck hole. You're such a little cock slut, aren't you baby? Tell me you're a cock slut!" Cassie commanded.

"Oh yes, I'm such a cock slut!" he cried.

"I'm going to watch you take it up the ass. I'm going to watch Dale ream your little hole with his gigantic cock and then blow his hot load deep inside of you. And you're going to fucking love it aren't you baby?"

"Oh god yes, fuck, I need it! Fuck me please!"

Suddenly she stopped. She pulled out and he could feel her fiddling with her cock. He realized she was swapping out the one she was wearing with the one she had just been fucking. The one that had her pussy all over it. She gave him no warning, just another shot of lube and then she was back inside him, the bigger cock stretching him wider and stroking him deeper.

Kneeled between his legs she rode his ass as hard as she could. "You like that, don't you, you little slut? Don't you love my dick in your ass?"

"Oh fuck, I love your dick, it's so good," he groaned back. She had never fucked him quite like this before. It was like she was taking instead of giving. Taking the fucking that she needed, like his ass was there to make her dick feel good, instead of the other way around.

She lifted his legs and crouched over him and he could feel her press in deeper. Harder, she fucked him, and faster, riding him, possessing him. He had never felt this before. She was completely in control. She owned him. He just had to lie there and take it. And he took every inch.

Dale, who had been watching their interlude and stroking himself, suddenly presented his cock to Trevor's mouth, fully erect. "Suck it," he commanded. Trevor obeyed and swallowed Dale's cock whole while Dale fucked his throat, thrusting his hips back and forth.

Cassie shifted her angle again and she began pumping up and down like a piston in his hole. She was stroking just the right spot. He was powerless against her... he could feel the orgasm approaching, radiating from every inch of his body and travelling right to his prostate and cock. She fucked faster and harder still, she knew he was close.

"Oh fuck! Cum for me you little whore!" she yelled, slapping his ass in time with her thrusting. She pounded him over and over, pressing his button again and again. "Oh baby I'm going to cum in your ass! Cum with me!" Cassie cried. She grabbed his dick and stroked it as hard and fast as she was fucking him.

"Oh fuck!" he shouted around his mouthful of Dale's dick as he came. His ass clenched around Cassies cock while his dick spurted cum across his chest. Dale wasn't far behind and quickly shot off his load in Trevor's mouth.

While Cassie watched her husband drink Dale's cum with relish, she slid her cock from his hole.

"All warmed up now, baby?" Cassie got off the bed and walked over to the table of goodies. She selected a bottle of lube, and glanced at Dale, who nodded affirmatively as he removed his cock from Trevor's throat, and two cock rings.

She handed the lube to Dale who got busy stroking his cock back to full mast while staring Trevor down with dark eyes, filled with lust and power. Trevor quivered with anticipation.

She handed Trevor the larger of the cock rings. He went to put it on himself but she stopped him. "No," she commanded. "On him," nodding at Dale. Dale knelt beside Trevor, who was still lying on the bed, and presented his near-full erection to him. Trevor slipped the ring over Dale's massive head, down to the base of his cock. When it was in place, he licked the dribble of precum that had oozed from Dale's rod. Following suit, Dale took the other cock ring from Cassie, and took Trevor in his mouth, sucking gently as he became swollen and rigid. Dale slipped the ring to the base of Trevor's cock and licked the drop of cum that had begun to form at the tip.

Cassie climbed back on the bed and kneeled behind Trevor. She placed her hands on his shoulders, lovingly, and asked, "Are you ready, baby?"

Trevor lay there, yearning. He had thought about this for so long and he wanted it so bad his ass hole tingled. He took a deep breath in an attempt to calm his nerves and temper his expectations, and nodded.

Then suddenly he felt Dale's strong hands on his legs, lifting them, exposing his ass to the sultry air they had created in the bedroom with all their debauchery thus far. No one but Cassie had ever seen him like this. He felt so on-display and so fucking sexy. He spread his legs, giving Dale full access to his orifice.

Dale brought his face to Trevor's ass and began to fuck him with his mouth. He pressed his face as deep as he could between Trevor's cheeks; Trevor exhaled a breath he didn't know he'd been holding; he could feel the sharp stubble scratch the sensitive skin around his tender hole, while Dale's long tongue felt soft and slick, sliding in and out of his anus. Trevor's legs shook as he reveled in the new sensations.

"Cassie tells me you've got a nice little virgin ass for me," Dale spoke in a low, slow rumble, the vibrations tingling Trevor deep inside. "You've never had a real cock in you, huh?"

"No," Trevor said, almost pleadingly. "You're... you'll be... I mean, this would be the first time."

"I can see your wife has several big beautiful cocks... she use those on you often?"


"I thought so," Dale grinned. "That will make this easier. And a lot more fun. For both of us."

As Dale continued to rim him, Trevor's hard cock was leaking precum all over his stomach, making it cool and slippery. Dale's fingers joined his tongue in Trevor's ass, stroking deep inside, in and out, and around, touching every inch of his tunnel.

"Oh fuck," Trevor moaned. Dale kept licking and stroking, alternating slow and fast, hard and soft, taking him to edge and back again, but never letting him cum.

Trevor wasn't sure whether an hour had passed or five minutes, when Dale suddenly spoke, "That's enough of that. My dick is so fucking hard, I can't wait anymore. I need your ass now."

Trevor's ass throbbed; he couldn't wait to be used as Dale's little fuck boy. But before Trevor could speak, he could feel Dale's big throbbing head at his entrance. Dale was quickly coating his cock in lube and applying it toTrevor's hole, making sure it was slick and ready.

"Here it comes, baby," he heard Cassie whisper in his ear. "I can't wait to see you get fucked by another man. This is so hot."

Trevor could feel pressure as Dale pressed himself slowly into Trevor's waiting hole. There was resistance as Trevor's sphincter tightened and then relaxed around Dale's large knob. Dale paused, watching and waiting for Trevor's reaction. Trevor responded with a deep moan. "Oh fuck, more please," he begged.

Dale obliged with his hard, thick length, sliding it achingly slowly into Trevor's hole, stretching and filling him. Trevor marvelled at how the different sensations were from Cassie fucking him. There was no stiff harness in the way: just hot skin against skin. The warmth of Dale's swelling shaft seemed to expand and fill every crevice inside of him, a welcome contrast to the smooth but cold, unyielding dildo. And as practiced as Cassie was at fucking him by now, her still-careful, almost hesitant movements couldn't compare to the confidence with which Dale used his equipment. Dale knew every inch of his cock like the back of his hand and had taken many an asshole; he knew how to fuck a man.

Dale groaned as Trevor's ass sheathed his aching cock. He loved fucking virgins and this one had such a nice tight little hole, but had obviously used it enough for it to know how to take Dale's girth. Newbies usually had a hard time taking in his entire dick; Trevor's ass had just gobbled him like candy.

"Are you ready for me to fuck you, you little cock tease?" Dale hissed, desperate to start pounding his hole.

"Yes, please, oh fuck my ass please. Fuck me good," Trevor moaned.

Dale started thrusting, listening for Trevor's moans to know when he was hitting just the right spot. He started shallow - he'd pull his cock out, just until Trevor's ass clenched around his knob, and then back in, just a little deeper each time. After several minutes of stroking every inch of Trevor's asshole slowly with his throbbing cock, Dale started to pick up speed.

As he fucked him, Dale spread Trevor's legs wider, making him feel even deeper. He shifted Trevor so his ass was lifted slightly off the bed, and Cassie slid a pillow underneath. That was the perfect height. Dale looked down at Trevor. He loved having men submit to him like this. It drove him crazy to have a little bitch beneath him, begging for his cock. Begging to have their ass reamed by him. The power was intoxicating. Suddenly Dale was desperate for his own release, and began pumping harder and faster, plunging his cock to the hilt in Trevor's hole with every thrust. Trevor moaned loudly each time Dale bottomed out inside of him.

"Oh, shit. I'm gonna cum. Oh fuck, here it comes," Dale fucked him faster and deeper until Trevor's ass was lifting off the bed and his body was being slammed closer and closer to Cassie with every thrust.

"Fuck yes, cum in my ass please!" Trevor begged. Cassie held both of his hands, preventing him from grabbing his own cock. He had soaked his stomach with precum and could feel it dripping down his sides. As the pounding continued, Trevor could feel Dale's balls slapping his ass just below where Dale was stretching him open. They felt warm and heavy, filled with the juice that Dale was about to send down his fuck hole.

"Look at me! I want you to watch me while I fill your ass with my cum!" Dale commanded. Trevor did as he was told, turned on by being treated like the slut he knew he was.

Dale gave one final thrust until he was balls deep in Trevor's ass. His giant cock began pulsating deep inside Trevor. Trevor could feel every spasm of Dale's dick as he shot stream after stream of hot cum inside of him. He could feel the heat from the jizz that filled him, and then warmth and wetness around his asshole as Dale drilled the excess out of him... there wasn't enough room for all of Dale's dick AND all his cum. Dale kept pumping his cock in and out while he came. "Oh fuck," Dale grunted as he removed his cock to spray the last few pumps of cum onto Trevor's stomach.

Trevor watched Dale's monster spurt several more streams of cum onto him. He wished desperately that he could touch it with his hands - the cum AND the cock, but he just laid there and took it like the little cum slut he was.

"Oh fuck," he moaned as Dale finished with one last stroke over him. He only wished he could have gotten there in time. He was desperate to blow his own load; he had never needed to cum so badly in his life.

"Turn over," Dale suddenly instructed in his deep voice. "I want you to present your ass to me like the dirty little slut that you are."

Trevor looked up to see that Dale's erection had not softened in the slightest; he was still rock-hard and ready to go. Unbelievable. If anything he seemed like it had gotten even bigger, if that were possible.

Cassie released his hands. Trevor took a moment to spread the cooling cum across his stomach, and sat up to use his cum-soaked hand to briefly stroke Dale. He lowered his head and took all of Dale in his mouth, licking off every drop of cum. Then he turned and lowered himself to his hands and knees and backed himself up until his ass was just grazing Dale's bobbing erection.

He was now facing Cassie. He watched her carefully, trying to gauge her reaction to watching him get fucked by another man. "That was so fucking hot baby. I loved watching you get fucked with a real cock." She crawled towards him to give him a kiss, and she reached around and gave his ass a good smack. "Lower," she said.

Trevor spread his legs apart, giving Dale a perfect view of his undercarriage. Dale knew there was no prep needed. He had lubed up Trevor's hole with his cum just a few seconds earlier. He grabbed Trevor's ass and pulled him quickly onto his hard shaft and started pumping vigorously.

Trevor loved the feeling of being filled like this. He loved the feeling of submitting to Dale, the feeling of being his fuck toy. The feeling of Dale owning his ass and taking immense pleasure in it. Dale had one knee on the bed, the other leg propped up beside Trevor's and was fucking him good. He wasn't going too fast or too slow; just a steady rhythmic stroking. The motion gave Trevor a constant feeling of fullness that felt incredible. And the angle had Dale's cock in constant contact with his prostate. Trevor pushed back against Dale's cock with every stroke, revelling in the sensation, physical and mental, of having a real cock inside of him.

Dale rode him like that for several minutes before he began to quicken his pace suddenly, before bucking roughly against Trevor's ass, his balls slapping against Trevor's. "Oh fuck I'm cumming. Oh shit!" Dale came once again, hard and fast and deep in Trevor's hole. Again pumping him full of hot cum. And again, his erection didn't subside. How was that possible?

After Dale released every drop he had in Trevor's cunt, he slid himself out and said "Now I want you to ride me like a filthy little whore." Dale reclined himself on the bed and stroked his meat up and down, inviting Trevor to climb aboard.

Trevor loved being told what to do. He straddled Dale's cock and slowly lowered himself down onto it, once again nearly blowing his load immediately at the feeling of being filled so completely. But he contained himself. He began bouncing up and down on Dale's dick. Each time he came down, he felt his own dick slap against Dale's hard stomach, which he had made slick with the precum that was now all but flowing from his cock. He paused every minute or two to readjust and to just enjoy the fullness in his ass.

He watched Cassie at the head of the bed, who was watching him. She alternated between looking encouraging and looking... well, horny. Occasionally her hand drifted down between her legs and she rubbed herself just long enough to bring herself to the edge... and then she stopped.

Trevor closed his eyes and continued to ride Dale's cock. Being on top gave him so much more control... he could have the cock as deep as he wanted for as long as he wanted. He experimented bobbing at the top, having Dale's thick head pop and and out of his hole. He tried sinking down as far as he could, grinding his ass hard, feeling Dale's tip reach deep inside of him.

When he opened his eyes again he realized Cassie was no longer in front of him. Then he felt her hands rubbing his shoulders, sliding down his back, and then grabbing his ass. She gently kissed his neck and then grabbed his ass and gave it a resounding smack. The sound reverberated in the bedroom as Trevor grunted "Oh, fuck, baby, this feels so good."

"I know baby. I've never seen your cock so big and hard as it is now with a dick in your ass. I just need one quick taste," she whispered in his ear. Suddenly she swung around, and climbed on top of Dale, and then quickly brought her pussy down on top of Trevor's engorged pole. She rode for a minute with her eyes closed. "Oh yes it's as big and hard as it looks. Oh fuck baby this is so good. Oh God I'm so close."

"Oh god baby, that's gonna make me cum," Trevor whimpered

"Not yet." Cassie dismounted.

She watched him ride Dale's shaft a little longer, marveling at how deep he could take it. "Oh fuck baby look how deep he's going. Your ass loves that cock!" He felt oddly proud of his cock-taking abilities when she complimented him that way. He had finally found his rhythm now and was sliding up and down on Dale's pole continuously. It was hitting all the right spots. He was getting so close. He slowed down his pace so that he could prolong his pending orgasm a little.

As he slowed, Cassie slipped in behind him and began slapping his ass. With every strike he groaned with pleasure, inching closer to nirvana. Over and over again. "You like that you cocksucker? You like it when I slap your little cock-filled ass?"

"Oh fuck baby, yes, do it again please." She did it again. "Oh fuck yeah, that's it, punish my ass!"

"You've got it baby." Cassie hands grabbed him firmly on his hips and he suddenly felt her cock too pressing against his entrance. She wasn't gentle. She wasn't hesitant. She was fucking going for it. She made sure she angled her cock just right and then in one swift motion, she thrust herself inside him, right to the hilt. She began to ride along with him.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhh fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck!!!!!!!" He was being stretched so far he was sure he would rip in two at any moment. His ass stretched to accommodate both cocks and he felt both of them pump in and out of him in tandem. He had never felt so full. It was like his ass was made for this. He could feel Dale's cock begin to throb, readying to fill him yet again with cum. He could hear Cassie breathing heavily and moaning behind him. He shifted just a bit to adjust the angle of the two dicks in his ass, "ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh," that was it. Someone's cock was hitting his prostate, ramming it over and over with the bulbous head. Trevor could feel it coming now; it was inevitable. He couldn't stop it if a truck hit him. He pushed his ass down onto the two cocks, massaging his prostate, urging the orgasm on.

Cassie came first. He felt her tremble behind him as she grabbed his arms to steady herself and heard the familiar sound of her moaning in his ear. He felt Dale cum next, just a second before he did. He felt the hot spurts of cum released deep in his ass and it sent him over the edge. Trevor started to emit a long moan and didn't stop. Every muscle in his body began coursing with pleasure. His prostate throbbed and his entire body tingled. He felt the orgasm make its way down to his cock, which began shooting massive ropes of cum. More jizz than Trevor had ever seen his cock release came pumping out all over Dale's chest before he could grab himself to control it. Dale opened his mouth to catch what he could, gripping Trevor's cock to aim the remaining spurts down his throat. He groaned with pleasure watching another man who wanted his cum this much.

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