After Amy's training concluded, she was ready to head out into the village and serve the local Congolese community. Her task was to bring basic life skills education and services primarily to younger women who were reportedly stuck in a trap of getting pregnant and then never finishing school, let alone progressing onward to college.

Amy was excited to finally get out there and make a difference. Furthermore, she would be serving a previously unserved community. Only recently had an agreement been brokered with the local chieftain in concert with the provincial and national governments. The details were fuzzy, but the work was the same. She'd be provided a small facility and nominal resources with which she could advise and assist local women.

She packed the night before and barely got any sleep in anticipation of what was to come. She woke up early the next morning and was given a ride by Mike to the bus stop that would take her the eight-hour journey northeast from the capital to a small rural village near the Congo River. Unfortunately, the bus didn't take her the whole journey. She understood it would be a moderately long walk to the village; however, the sign along the road indicated it would be another 25 km. It was approximately 3pm, and if she didn't figure it out, she'd be stuck on the road after nightfall... not her idea of a good time. But she didn't want to waste any time, so she trudged on ahead hoping she could beat the sun. God knew what kind of threats she might encounter after sundown.

About two hours later, hungry, hot, and tired, a truck carrying vegetables ambled down the road. Amy couldn't believe her luck. She hailed the truck jumping up and down, ecstatic somebody was going her way. To her good fortune the driver pulled over and allowed her to ride with her. She pointed to the village on her map, and the man smiled and nodded. It seemed they were headed in the same direction.

'What a relief!' Amy sighed to herself. This Peace Corps business was no joke. You had to want to do it. You had to be prepared for anything it seemed. She had no idea how true this was...

About 20 minutes later, the truck arrived at the small village due east of Owando. It turned out the driver wasn't stopping. Amy offered him the equivalent of three US dollars, a hefty sum for a short ride, but he decided not to accept, only too happy to have helped out such an exotic hitchhiker.

Amy walked toward the village, and just as she entered from the outskirts, she was struck by how nobody was wearing any clothing save for some tribal accoutrements. From the smallest child to the oldest lady, everybody was letting it all hang out. Except for the younger ladies, all the breasts were sagging from lack of support and excessive sun damage. Furthermore, all the men were essentially showing off their God-given endowments, and it was no surprise to Amy, this was one well-endowed village. The average cock must have been ten inches limp, the heads of their cocks extending well beyond mid-thigh.

"Jesus Christ," Amy muttered under her breath. "This is something straight out of National Geographic."

Suddenly, one of the older ladies started scolding Amy for some unknown reason. She tugged on Amy's blouse a little, shouted something else, and then walked away. Some of the other villagers, mostly ladies and kids all called out to her, looking somewhat cross, saying something unintelligible to Amy, leaving her clueless and confused.

Finally, a relatively well-spoken younger man, approximately college aged, approached Amy and in a calm voice said, "Welcome to our village! You'll have to excuse the villagers, but you are breaking the local custom. You must take off your clothes at once."

"I beg your pardon," Amy replied.

"I know it is a lot to ask, however that is the tradition here. No one is permitted clothing," the man said.

Not knowing what to do, whether to return back to Kinshasa or accept these terms, Amy just stood there confused. She couldn't easily return to the capital. It had been a journey to get here.

"No one said anything about this. Surely you can understand what kind of position you are putting me in. This simply isn't done in my culture," Amy argued.

"I realize this, believe me," the man continued. "I've been beyond the village and I am aware that most of the world wears clothing like you. Still, it should have been made clear through the agreement your organization agreed to. Peace Corps was it?"

"Yes, but no one said anything. I'm a volunteer, but I didn't volunteer for this," Amy replied.

"Well, you can't go back tonight. It's too late, there are no vehicles to take you, and it's not safe otherwise," he continued. "I suggest you at least stay the night and think about it. You don't really have any options."

With that, the man waved a hand and three ladies approached Amy, all totally naked and on the younger side, and started to motion her toward a nearby hut. Confused but obviously unable to come up with a coherent argument, Amy went with the ladies toward the hut.

Once inside, the ladies began to help Amy undress. She tried to stop them at first, but they kept at her which resulted in a long, drawn out event where they would take off one piece of clothing, and then Amy would cover that part of her body, until they removed another more private place, and then she'd try to cover that too, until she was basically fully naked with one arm across her breasts and another covering her vagina.

The ladies smiled, and then motioned for her to follow them outside, making gestures that it was time to eat dinner. Hungry, Amy had no choice but to go with them. She reluctantly walked out of the hut, and sure enough by this time, what appeared to be the whole village had rallied outside of the hut to see the new visitor.

Amy was surprised by the sudden turnout, her face turning a beet red from being exposed in from of all the locals. However, the village was full of smiles, their white teeth showing in excitement for their new visitor. The village didn't get much in the way of visitors, the village being located literally in the middle of nowhere, and their curiosity was piqued by the fact that she was pure white and blonde. Most of them had never seen a white person before, so it was truly a novelty.

Virtually every person walked up to her and rubbed a shoulder or arm, or in the case of the children her leg or her buttocks, as well as her long blonde hair, as it was too amazing an opportunity to pass up. How different she was. How beautiful her skin and her hair. After what felt like an eternity but was really only about three minutes, the villagers began to amble toward the eating area which was literally a section of ground around a fire where everyone sat and ate.

Amy followed them and was given a central seat so that they could watch her try their food and continue to observe their guest. They dined on roasted gazelle and soup which turned out to be quite agreeable. It had helped that her training allowed her to acclimate to some African customs and food prior to making it to the village.

Later, around the fire, the natives danced. It was quite a spectacle as all kinds of body parts flailed about, in many instances one got quite the eyeful of cock and balls and pussy. The culture left virtually nothing to the imagination.

Later that evening, it was bedtime. Amy was set up in a hut with five of the women. At one point, four men came to their hut, looking to have sex with some of the ladies. The men entered the hut, and they just stood there looking at the six of them as if waiting to be taken up.

Amy quickly realized that apparently this was one of the cultures where there are no couples...just a bunch of single people belonging to a community. Randomly, one lady giave a signal with her index finger to come join her, and before long all four men were getting their hung cocks sucked by each of the ladies.

Amy just sat there on her cot in amazement as what was basically an orgy ensued around her. Each man had a cock large enough to qualify as a monster cock...something you'd expect in a porno for interracial sex. The women took their time while their man's cock continued to grow. Then one by one, the two would start fucking in a variety of styles from missionary to doggy to anything in between. Amy was surprised that the women could handle such a fucking from such large cocks, but it seemed that it was no big deal in the end. They all took it like champs, and one could tell that they enjoyed it as there was significant moaning to go around from all participants. You could see the whitish female cum on the dark cocks as they continued to penetrate their way to completion.

Amy couldn't help but become aroused by the scene. There she lay, watching all this sex while her pussy got hotter and moister. Before she realized it, she started rubbing her own pussy while everybody was going at it. This whole time she had resigned herself to planning on returning to Kinshasa the next day. However, once she'd relaxed a little, she'd realized that she was actually enjoying herself. Once she'd agreed to take off her clothes, everyone had become much friendlier. The food was actually quite excellent and fresh. The dancing and festivities were very enjoyable. And now love across the community. Naturally she would never contemplate getting involved herself, but it was still an amazing thing to witness...

The next morning, the same young man that had approached her the day prior came to her during breakfast.

"So, Amy, is it? What have you decided? Do you plan to return to Kinshasa? If so, we can have someone escort you back to the main road to wait for the bus for you. If so, you must hurry because you don't want to miss it," he said.

"Hi, yes, actually, I think I was quick to judgment yesterday. I think I will give it more time. Everyone has been so friendly, and I've truly stopped caring about the nakedness," she replied.

"I can see that," he replied, smiling and glancing down at Amy's exposed body, at this time making no attempt at covering herself any longer.

"Fantastic!" he replied. "I know that the service you were meant to provide to our community will do a lot to help make life here that much better."

Amy thought to herself that indeed she had a big impact to make and was ready to get started.

For the next few days, Amy really started taking to the community. She enjoyed playing games with the children, the space she needed to work out of was to her liking, and everyone treated her with respect. She felt that living and working naked was also quite freeing. 'No wonder nudists love hanging out at the nude beaches so much!' she thought to herself.

Nights in the village were starting to have their effect on Amy, too. Each night, at least one or more men would visit the hut she was sleeping in, and before long, the men would nervously glance at Amy wondering if there was any chance she would put out. As polite as the village was during the day, behind closed doors, the men were all beginning to hope that they might get to sample the exotic blonde from the west.

Amy couldn't help but notice these glances. Rather than turn her back, she would simply watch as a woman would invite the man to her bed, it always being a turn on for Amy. More often than not, Amy would reach down between her legs and rub that special place while the man and woman celebrated life through the act.

Sex like this had its effects. A solid 20% of the women that were of childbearing age were pregnant at one time. If they weren't pregnant, they were either breastfeeding or something was wrong with their bodies, causing them to be infertile, but it didn't seem very common. After all, these people were active, they basically ate organic, and had very little impacts from the modern age other than the positive ones such as access to soap, toothbrushes, clean water, etc. Reportedly the Red Cross would also travel to the area every few years to do checkups to ensure that the basics were covered.

There was one man that Amy couldn't help but secretly think about. He was one of the older men of the village, probably 50. While mostly fit, his gut was slightly larger than the others, but he wore it well. He hadn't yet come to their hut at night, and Amy couldn't quite figure out why. Amy, aware of these thoughts, put them in the back of her mind, trying to keep her thoughts pure...a difficult challenged when exposed to the evening dance and sex rituals.

Finally, after what must have been three weeks, the elder came to their hut. When he came in, he didn't look at Amy. He looked at the others, and as usual, one of them beckoned to him. Almost immediately, the young lady put his oversized penis into her mouth and gently began sucking on his cock. As she continued for what was probably five minutes, he would steal little glances at Amy to see if she was looking. Each time he did, Amy would look away as if to pretend she wasn't watching, although it was obvious that she had been. After all, her hand never left her vagina.

Finally, he put the young woman on her back and entered her while standing. He entered her nice and slowly while she acclimated to his giant penis. Her vagina was already slick from anticipation, and he was able to enter her completely within a minute of slow penetration. From there, he continued to fuck her nice and steady while the lady focused on her own orgasm.

Meanwhile, Amy continued to rub her pussy, three fingers inside her vagina with her right hand from around her leg, and three on her clitoris, making soft squishy noises but frigging more furiously as the two continued to fuck.

The man's rhythm slowly climbed as he grew nearer to his climax. As his cock stiffened further, the female began to nut all over his cock, sending little jets of liquid out of her pussy as he continued to nail her. This sent Amy over the edge as she let out a quiet moan when an orgasm of her own consumed her body while the man finally spilled his seed deep into the young woman's fertile hole. His balls shrunk from low and hanging to big and tight. 'What are these people eating that their cocks are so huge?' Amy thought to herself.

As the man pulled out, a steady stream of fluid poured out of the young woman's pussy, leaving a sticky mess of sex on the ground by her cot. He glanced back at Amy one last time. This time she didn't look away. She looked at his large penis as it continued to soften, and then into his eyes while he left the hut.

Another week went by. It was this night that a man came to Amy's hut, and frustrated that Amy never put out, possible inebriated too, approached Amy without consent. He grabbed her head in one hand and tried to put his penis in her mouth with the other. Two of the ladies rushed out to get help. After only about twenty seconds of struggle, the older man that she'd masturbated to came rushing in, grabbed the man by the throat and threw him outside of the hut. He then pursued the younger man and proceeded to kick him until he finally got to his feet and ran away. Then the older man came back to the hut to check on Amy. Amy rushed to him and gave him a big hug, her arms around his neck, her breasts pushed against his chest. He returned her hug, putting his arms around her back. He gave her a pat on the back, and then they separated.

Amy's secret crush was now her hero, too. Amy knew she was in trouble. She was away from her family, her husband, her kids. She was away from the team at the capital. She was essentially going native, "dressing" like the locals, slowly but surely learning the language, and also adopting the culture. In a sense, she'd left it all behind as she created a new sense of belonging. Yes, she had a mission to bring support and skills to the native women, but in a sense, she was the one who was a work-in-progress.

The man, whose name was Mbutu, turned to leave, Amy grabbed his hand. He stopped, turned his head back toward her, and he saw the gratitude in her eyes. There she was, naked, grateful, and safe because Mbutu came and saved her. As was the custom of the village, he followed Amy's cue. She led him to her cot, and he obliged. She sat on the cot which by design allowed her to face his big hanging cock. She knew she shouldn't. She was married. She had children. She was catholic. She had no protection, which is by design in her faith. She would blow him, and that would be that, she reasoned.

Mbutu stood before her while she did her last moment reasoning. His penis beginning to harden in anticipation, expectant. How many times had Amy frigged her pussy thinking about all the black cock in the village? How many times had she frigged it thinking about Mbutu? Now he had earned his place in her bed. He had earned the privilege of cumming care of Amy's mouth.

Amy placed her hands on Mbutu's hips and pulled him closer as her mouth found his penis head in the dark. How clean his cock tasted in her mouth. Cleaned by the sun, the air, the water. It was natural. It felt right. She continued to force her face farther, impaling her head with his staff. It was long. It was thick. No matter how hard she tried, she could barely get five inches inside her mouth. It wasn't going in her throat; it was too thick. Her best bet at this point was just to work it fast and wet and do the rest of the work with her hands.

After a moment, Mbutu's cock was now fully erect at an even 12 inches. Amy was able to get both hands around his cock, and her mouth fully onto it, and there was still exposed cock. She used her available spit that was more plentiful as she gagged on his cock trying to go as far as she could to stroke his cock as she sucked it faster and faster, harder and harder, squeezing his cock to increase the sensation, and sucking on it harder to increase the stimulation.

It was a big job, to say least. Mbutu was enjoying himself. He stroked Amy's head as she worked his footlong. It felt great as Amy was clearly more experienced and enthusiastic than the locals in providing blowjobs meant for climaxing.

Amy must have been sucking his erect cock for fifteen minutes before she realized that Mbutu wasn't getting close to cumming. She wanted to help him finish, but a hand job wouldn't cut it for her liking, and anal would also likely be too painful. She'd had two children, and she had the feeling that her pussy could probably handle it. She wanted Mbutu, she wanted him to achieve release courtesy of herself, and she was confident she must give herself fully to him to make this happen.

Amy suddenly stopped sucking Mbutu's hardness. She lay back on the cot, her sultry eyes locked on his. She then slowly spread her legs offering Mbutu the first and only glimpse of her sex in the village.

Mbutu didn't back down. He spat on his cock, making the assumption that like many of the inexperienced girls in the village, it was polite to lube up one's penis before wrecking their cunts. He rubbed it on nice and even with more generosity around the head. He leaned down onto Amy, pointing his cock at her wanting hole.

Amy held her breath, closed her eyes tightly, spread her legs as widely as she could, and used all of her concentration to loosen her vagina for the assault. To Amy's surprise, the cock managed to enter her vagina with little resistance. Apparently, childbirth and all the hard frigging she'd been doing these last few weeks had prepared her for the penetration of her lifetime.

Mbutu slowly stabbed Amy's gut with his manhood, first getting only his head in, then followed by the first three inches. Pausing. Three inches more. Pulling mostly out, then deeper, and deeper. Nine whole inches now. Amy's head was rolling around on her shoulders on swivel, reeling in the sensation of being completely filled by her hero's cock. She wanted it. She'd coveted his cock for several weeks now, and finally she was getting it. She grabbed his ass, pulling him in as he gently grinded in and out, being careful not to go all the way. Education was not renowned in the village, but one thing they knew, it was how to slowly break in their women... How to love them in a way that they were treated kindly and not hurt.

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