Thursday's longer itchy.

"After that stunt I pulled in shop class I hope detention gets juicy. I know there's no football practice tonight before tomorrow's game so I should have at least a few of my baller boys. Things have been crazy but not crazy enough for my tastes. Thanks to some unruly freshmen up here, and dealing with Mace fucking Tina Wiles in my bed, yesterday was an eye opener. I really need to stay more focused."

Piper Cherry mused over events while sitting at her desk in Detention room 69, located right next door to the Sun. Even at almost 4:00 in the afternoon it was like 120 degrees in there. "I've probably shed five pounds just sitting here for an hour each day. I hate to say it but I miss my jocks too much. Wood shop earlier was fun but it wasn't that first day in Detention. All those stroking cocks..." Thinking of it made her crazy wet, "FUCK ME! That first day was more amazing than I care to admit. I know the guys are hoping for more and I do have my toy that I promised with me in my locked desk drawer, although I should burn it after Mace and Tina using it. The timing just hasn't worked in their favor."

"I'm horny as hell too. I can't seem to get enough these days. I should really take up the offers of some of my other co-workers. Heck, I'd get laid every day if I did. Even my neighbor Henry is too busy to pop over much. Too busy for his own wife too. Josie's almost as insatiable as I am." Probably worse but she was not privy to everything about her bestie yet, almost but not all. "Between her favorite Coach and some students she's keeping satisfied. At least I can't feel too bad over that move, if she can get away with it. Against school policy but what the hell, they're of age, like my posse. I'm glad she and Henry can at least confide and conquer. Now that they've opened up about their relationship things seem calm. Before the storm? Who knows."

Having changed dresses due to sawdust Piper now wore a grey wraparound mini dress with a sash belt holding it around her body like a tight bathrobe, she looked stunning. Cleavage as ever bulging, her hemHISphere as she called her hip hugger hideout nearly crossing the line of showing off her backside should she bend over, Piper was ready should today be her luckier day. No panties worn these days she did still keep a pair handy just in case in her cubicle office next to Carl's. Wearing them only from the gym back to her cubicle just to accumulate her scent she removed them and left them as a gift in Carl's briefcase. She was ready if Angus and the boys showed up. After earlier she was certain the word was out amongst the jocks that she was needy.

"Fingers crossed. I need to see some dicks in action. I might even let them cum on me like they wanted if nothing gets in the way. They'll love that, even though a few of them already did last time. Only Darryl got a second chance outside during lunch yesterday, cumming on my toes. It's kind of fun knowing they're keeping things a secret, but eyeballing videos of me in their quiet time." Clock watching she knew her first arrivals would be showing very soon. Sure enough she heard voices in the hallway. Keeping her posture simple until she knew who her prisoners were she was delighted in seeing Antoine and Calvin show up. Darryl and Toby not far behind. The more boys that entered her adrenalin spiked. So far so good.

"Afternoon Busty Dusty." Toby saluted her with a friendly wave. She playfully flipped him off praying her itching didn't return. It was still hard not to laugh about it.

"There's my troublemakers. How many of you actually got a detention this time?" Not a single boy confirmed they had, "How many just wanted to come see me again?" Every hand rose laughing. "I thought so. Good thing you boys picked a fight over me again enough to make me give each of you a months detention." Untrue but funny, at least she had their participation covered. Not that anyone really noticed. With no football practice they were free to do as they pleased.

"We get worse. You haven't seen anything yet Miss Cherry." Calvin grinned.

"Oh? I'm shaking in my boobs." She shakes her chest playfully. "Sorry I left my boots at home. Heels again, just not six inch daggers this time around." They knew her heels well from Shop class.

"Boobs are better. Can't suck your toes again in boots." Antoine wagged his brows in a flirtatious manner. "Of course we could suck your nipples instead."

Eyes flaring at his hopefulness she trembled in a good way, "You have no idea how badly I need another massage."

"Just your feet again?" Toby licked his lips.

"Hmmm? I am kind of sore all over. I've been wrestling with my puppy at home. Huge Rottweiler." She lifted her cell up and located a selfie of the two of them together. "Isn't he adorable?"

"That's one big pooch." Calvin nodded.

"He might outweigh me." She shared a thought. As she bantered further, more of her first day class entered offering her a high five on the way by in taking a seat, a couple low fives played with her ass. In ten minutes before detention officially began 19 of her 21 originals were in attendance, minus Angus. She was almost disappointed, but she did know he had started chasing Dakota McKellen since that first detention. Maybe he was content to be with her, even though her parents really didn't know much about him, at least as far as Piper knew. She wasn't aware of Josie McKellen's dealings with the football team yet.

It was mainly Josie their mother that was leery so far as Piper knew, Angus had quite a reputation it seemed, a rep that didn't faze Piper in the least. Luckily, Josie had her hands full with Coach Roman Crandell, right below Detention even as she pondered over it, only with Basketball player Reese Teller. She still found Roman's last name amusing being so closely associated to the word candle. "Hmmm?" She pondered, "This morning Josie was protecting a boy named Nolan. He hasn't been up here yet, I wonder why not him being on the team? Curious. I need to investigate this more with my Bestie."

Of course Piper had her own secrets so being nosey might disrupt her own flow, not even aware of what Piper herself had done with the boys her very first Detention. Secrets kept meant not even Piper was willing to risk losing her job. The boys had all stayed true to their words and hid their perverted run in with Piper on her second day at Horton-Dexter High School, so far her Shop class flaunting. Although, a number of new boys saw her dance recital she hoped her jocks kept them in line. She was fortunate to say the least, so grateful that it inspired her to reward them in some way. To be determined she thought. Risky though it was, she couldn't ignore the fun in it all.

At exactly 4:00 on the very second she left her classroom and stood in the hallway waiting on stragglers that might be running late. With seconds to spare Angus made an appearance huffing from running all the way from the gym, not really he was just downstairs but he was a good actor. "You're late. Punishment required." She swatted him on the ass as he passed by.

"Anyone new?" He asked.

"No. Same ole' pervs. Our lucky day."

"Awesome. That means I can do this." In a brash move he picked her up, throwing her over his shoulder like a rag doll, and carried her squealing into the classroom. Leaving the door open behind them was probably a bad idea but neither of them cared at the moment. Once in the room he stood Piper down on her feet in front of her desk for all to see, and instantly untied her sash before yanking her dress from her perfect 10 body in a Lynda Carter spin. She found his aggressive approach breathtaking.

"I guess you must be happy to see me." She giggled as he tossed her dress away and picked her up as he had before, legs kicking at the air. On a quick tour through the aisles he held her firmly as boy after boy swatted her ass. Twenty slaps later her cheeks were rosy. "HOLY FUCK!" She whimpered. On the final swat he took her to her desk and sat her down, her bottom sensitive now that she had endured so much. Wincing at her aching buns she growled under her breath. "I was going to reward you guys for keeping our secret, now I'm reconsidering."

"Awwwww noooo!" Finn Rice shared the sorrow of the boys. She began to hop down when Angus planted his palms directly over her tits and squeezed them. Lowering her chin to observe his fingers leaving impressions she sighed.

"Starting my massage there AngAss?"

"Yep! Lay your ass down long ways on the desk." He barked as she stretched out on her tummy, he then set about taking off her shoes, calf wrapping coiled until removed. "You're up Toetruckers."

Antoine and Toby instantly hurried in to begin work on her feet. A cooing noise heard, Piper buried her face in her arms to mask far too early moans. Angus motioned three others in to scoot her swivel chair aside in order to surround her. Producing a small bottle of baby oil Angus squirted her backside from neck to heels, a healthy amount between her butt cheeks. Without wasting time the three boys, Darryl being one, Dandy Wright, and Lucas Raines the other two. They hadn't had any real contact last time and pointed that out. Hands scoured her backside thoroughly. At her butt crack fingers roamed deep without even asking. Feeling a finger taunting her butt pucker she lifted her hips higher as if asking for further attention. "How we doing Piper?" Angus chuckled.

"Work out the tension. Don't just play with my whistler." She demanded.

"You heard the Counsellor. Work her over." As more oil trickled down the guys dedicated a deeper kneading in all the right places. Between their hands, her toes being sucked on and the body massage she was in Heaven. This was better than her last massage parlor visit in Atlanta, she tried hard not to think of Mace's massage. Didn't happen! It did!

While she was entertained physically Angus motioned a fellow football player to keep a lookout at the door. Noting an all clear Angus turned to the remaining classmates and used both hands to instruct a large scale movement. Without Piper being aware the students all stood up and very quietly stripped out of their clothing, not a single zipper was heard. Even those that were shy last time were convinced to participate. Literally every boy in the room including Angus stood naked, dick mighty. Piper Cherry just had that influence over them. Over the last few days even in passing she slyly flirted and when possible even got handsy. She had even mooned them outside near the lockers. Darryl and Finn knowing her toes well from her lunch hour pedicure. Their sexy ass Counsellor was pure adrenalin frenzy. Truthfully they hoped to push her even further. Today could either do that, or make their dicks fall flat.

In order for Toby and Antoine to strip other boys took over massaging her feet, same for those boys rubbing her backside enthusiastically. Once nude they reclaimed their prize with even more sensuality. Individual toes were sucked on, even between each toe found a tongue frolicking attention.

"Shit! This is even better than the first time." She whimpered, her face still burrowed in her arms. While sighing heavily Angus crouched down at the side of her desk facing her forehead. Arms folded charmingly, his chin resting on a forearm he watched her intently, casually sweeping her hair aside to allow him to see at least a thin portion of her hidden features. In feeling his gentleness she opened her eyes and lifted enough to look serenely into his brown eyes.

"Hey beautiful! You have some pretty amazing eyes yourself. We all get lost in those big orbs of yours."

"Not just you AngASS?"

"Nope. We've all noticed. Even before I heard about Wood shop I was planning on us all meeting here today. The stunts you pull off in the halls has us all studying you more closely. I don't know where you came from but please don't ever go back."

"Awww! No worries I...rather like my new surroundings." A hand squeezes the tension in her neck, swiping her lengthy blond mane to her side for a better grip. She reacted to the hand by sharing a delighted wince at Angus. "I've so needed this."

"You need a lot of things gorgeous."

"Do I?" She moans slightly, almost seductively, as fingers tease her butt pucker yet again. "They seem to like my ass."

"There isn't a straight guy in this school that wouldn't. We hear rumblings, even the faculty wants a piece of you. Roger Dundee showed you off I hear."

"He did." She winks, "I'm the moment. You've taken your shirt off." She noticed allowing her right arm to abandon her chin to reach over and caress his chest.

"Pants too." He grins staring at her as if he really wanted to kiss her.

"Why are the natives so quiet?" She realized tilting her gaze to see her entire class either standing or sitting in total nudity. "Well now, aren't they getting brave."

"We talk, we just felt like we should step up our..."

"Game?" She finishes his sentence, "I'm a game now?"

"That's not what I meant...I meant some of us were shy last time. We all agreed to not be so shy. If you can be bold then so can we."

"I see." She waves at her class watching her friendly greeting lead to a house full of jerking cocks. All looking at her with a starvation sneer.

"You know when I saw you in the hallway yesterday leaning against the lockers by the water fountain, talking to Mrs. McKellen, I envisioned turning you to face the lockers and taking you from behind."

"Right combination." She winks. "36-24-36."

"Do you...fantasize about some of us...doing that to you?"

"Of course I do. I fantasize 90% of my work day. What little work I do. Here's a thought, maybe I should set up counselling sessions with each of you in...private."

"Oh fuck yes."

"I considered asking Carl if I could fix this classroom up with my own money, turn it into my actual office as well as Detention. Daylight would be awesome. Add some fans to cool us off, maybe an...actual sofa to relax my patients."

"Sounds more like a Shrink's office." He chuckles, "None of us want to shrink. We want our big heads handled more professionally."

"Mmmm! If I do this right, I can make Detention so much"

"It took us two days to get together again. It might be another if..."

"I've been thinking about that too. I can always let certain students out of their punishment."

"All to ourselves?"

"Perhaps. I think I need my front massaged now...don't you?"

"On it." He stands up quickly not even thinking about his cock being level with her face. She flared her eyes as Angus bobbed to a halt in a glory pose. "Roll her over." In an abrasive manhandling Piper found herself face up with eyes exploring her body. "No more baby oil, this massage gets the good stuff." Angus goes to his pants and produces a second bottle of oil showing it to her, "I even bought Wild Cherry in your honor." Before she could even object he squirted her chest, belly, abdomen, and even her pussy. She gasped at it's sudden coolness. "Dig in you bastards."

Hands rolled the scarlet lotion in everywhere. Three hands became six, Toby and Antoine still tormenting her toes, moving to the front and back of her desk to pry her legs apart. Smothered in palms she trembles at just how erotic this was getting. Once the lotion was rolled into her pores each of the six football players stopped touching her, allowing her to look about as if offering her a chance to say no.

"What? He said dig in. Dig the fuck in."

Laughing at her eager demands they lowered their faces and feasted on every inch of her body. Both nipples swallowed with tongues swirling about, and teeth lightly nibbling she recited her favorite phrase, "FUCK ME!" Lips and tongues roamed her body while Angus took advantage of her lost thoughts enough to allow two more boys to hold her wrists away from touching anyone, even herself. Easily overpowered she enjoyed letting them take advantage of her. What made her curious was why nobody was eating her out. Fingers had rubbed the cherry oil into her clitoral area. Gathering her senses she tilts her gaze to locate Angus still behind her. "Is it because I let my landing strip grow?"

"No." Angus chuckled, "Just waiting until you beg for it."

"I like the airfield. Nice touch Miss Cherry." Calvin reached his large arm in between predators to lightly pet her two inch by one inch, soft, well groomed pubic fur. "Purr for us." She offered her best kitten purr then laughed.

"As close to a cougar as you get Calvin. Oh, wait! Hobbs was a tiger wasn't he?"

"May I do the honors?" Calvin asked permission. It stunned her slightly.

"Bone appetitty!" She winked. "I offered you guys a reward for being quiet so lick it good Buddy Boy." Pushing bodies aside Calvin makes his way into position at the foot of the desk. Those close to her pussy just roamed her inner thighs with warm exhales until Calvin grabbed her hips and drug her closer to him. Antoine and Toby chose to lift her legs further forward over her vultures. Wiping his chin Calvin looked over her terrain and grinned, "Going in Coach."

Digging in he evaded her clit and went straight for hole. His tongue digging as deep as it could possibly go while his thick lips were good enough to smother and tantalize her clit in just the perfect rhythm of rolls. Large fingers pried her hole wider for a bounty of juicy goodness. An ever so brief image of Carl Manley fisting her earlier in the day made her flutter her lashes. Lifting up just long enough to share his wet face Calvin grinned, "I love cherry gobbler." Cobbler! Knobbler! All in the same vein.

Laughter filled the room as Angus eyed the doorway, his lookout still shrugging as if expecting something to happen. A glance at the wall clock seemed to make him nervous. Whatever the reason Piper's shrill moans distracted him back toward her. "Daaaaamn! She likes being eaten out." Angus praises her soft performance, he wanted louder. Patting her cheek she looks back at him from an upside down angle, "Don't keep it in. We've got the hallway covered. We need to know how much you like our attention."

"LOVE IT! FUCK MEEEEEEE!" She screeched then shared a minor orgasm. Body quaking like a leaf the young men were wowed by her change in behavior. Hearing her cry out, "Fuck Meeeeee.", as she had, made them jerk that much harder. The entire room was moving in around her now. Again, chairs were scooted in to stand on for a better view over the taller men. Not perfect but certainly better.

Angus remaining at her head decided as her mouth gaped wide to chance something new. Taking his fuck you finger he trailed the ring of her lips then entered her mouth to touch her tongue. Instantly Piper Cherry began sucking on his finger with a heartfelt dedication. Angus looked around at his friends with a puckered lower lip, "Someone else is hungry."

Her moans escalated but her closed mouth muffled most of the drama. Calvin had added more fingers up inside her alongside his tongue. She tensed up yelping under her breath, but not once giving Angus any chance of his finger escaping. The guys were totally focused on her now. Not only were the usual's fixated on her feet, and pussy, her tits were popular eating places, even her belly button had a tongue in it. Fighting their way in snuggly, two boys managed to kiss her neck and suck on an earlobe. Piper Cherry was cumming hard. Poor Calvin had to weather the storm. Gusher after gusher flooded his face. Did he stop? HELL NO! Three fingers deep now.

While she grew more and more invested, the boy watching the hall wavered in his desire to participate, he was the only one fully dressed because of his mission. As the stairwell door opened at the far end of the hallway he grinned excitably then raced in to get the attention of Angus, forced to jump up and down waving to get his attention. Unwilling to remove his finger from it's alluring prison, mesmerized by Piper's sensuality, Angus merely shot a glance his way and nodded. & id=486121

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