I met Sandra the first time on a whim when I spotted her massage add in paper. The massage therapists in town with quite wild and erotic and I didn't have nothing to lose sexually straightforward forward questions. I called her up and asked her if she could fuck my ass with a strap on? Not saying no she immediately questioned me whether I was from law-enforcement? After listening to my story about being divorced from my ex-wife who used to screw my ass she started getting ready to say yes. Finally sensing that I was legit she invited me over reminding me to bring my own harness and dildo giggling that she had plenty of lube. I was quite excited about meeting this lady who was willing to pleasure my ass with a good screwing that I was deprived of from my ex.

She lived about 10 miles away so I took off in my car to her downtown flat. Knocking on the door I was met by this cute middle age 5'8" tall, 105 pound naked lady, with dreads, 34B breasts, with no shame on her face, inviting me into the house. Liking what she saw she immediately told me to get naked. I had brought her my own harness and dildo as demanded so while I stripped she strapped on the dildo. Sandra had told me over the phone she was definitely experienced with a strap on and had actually fucked several lesbian girlfriends before with one. She had an antique rocking chair and told me to face the back kneeling on the seat enabling her to stand and fuck my ass. This was a perfect way to trap me to the back of the chair so I wouldn't try any funny business while she fucked my ass.

After snapping on a rubber glove greasing the dildo and my anus Sandra looking like a real Dyke was excited about fucking my ass. I brought a smaller 6 inch dildo because I didn't know how skilled she was but truthfully before I knew it she found my anus and started screwing me like a pro. In less than five minutes behind her closed locked door I was getting it in the ass. Having been fucked by several other ladies I knew Sandra was definitely experienced and giving it to me good. Something different was going on, she wasn't fucking me for my pleasure but fucking me for her own pleasure. She didn't allow me to touch my cock and told me to concentrate on the dildo going in and out of my ass. I didn't even get an erection because the feelings of the head of the dildo sliding back-and-forth against my prostate was so thrilling. At the same time Sandra was carefully pushing the base of the dildo against her clitoris to turn herself on. My prostate was definitely getting a work out but Sandra really wanted the pleasure all to herself. The pace became frantic and her breathing was out of control as Sandra orgasmed finally stopping pulling the dildo out of my dilated ass.

Both of us were a little ashamed but definitely wanted to do it again. Ordering me to get dressed my time was up, Sandra made me promise to call her when I got home. Once I got home I couldn't wait to call Sandra. She answered the phone immediately and we talked for a long time about what we just did. When she found out that I was single and looking for a mistress she told me she could definitely fit me in and make me her house boy. A few days later Sandra took me on as her apprentice slave testing me doing chores, driving her places, cooking meals, paying bills, and being her escort at the nude beach.

Ruling her household with the lash I found out that Sandra was a fearsome mistress when it came to discipline. Being her slave there was never a massage, butt fucking, or whipping without payment. Not wanting to get taken advantage of Sandra felt it was quite appropriate for an after work slave to pay for both pleasure and discipline. We definitely enjoyed each other's company as Sandra taught me my place under her so we both got along fine. We enjoyed each other's company and could make each other laugh which we both needed. Everyone at the nude beach knew that I was Sandra's slave and never inquired about my tell tale marks from a recent whipping. All of the women at the beach were female dominants and were actually proud of Sandra for making sure I was obedient by using the lash.

At the beach Sandra loved to show off her power in front of her girlfriends embarrassing me by explicitly talking to them about her exploits, either fucking my ass or giving me a whipping. One afternoon Sandra and I took a dip in the ocean and after getting quite sexually playful I ended up fucking her in waist deep water. Everyone on the beach knew what we were doing and began wondering what Sandra's response would be. I was standing as Sandra was riding my cock with her legs wrapped around my waist as we French kissed. Her vaginal muscles were squeezing and kneading my cock so I didn't even have to move until I finally came deep inside her. Sandra sensing when I came, broke the kiss and whispered in my ear that I would have a price to pay fucking in front of her friends.

Slipping off my cock she stood before me and started cursing slapping my face hard promising me a whipping. Sandra was forced to show her dominant girlfriends that she was still in charge. Everyone curiously watched Sandra wondering what she was going to do next. Grabbing me by the balls quite embarrassingly, she led me down the beach to a private rock where there was a stand of fresh growing cane blowing in the breeze. Ordering me to cut a fresh 4 ft. cane and make it ready for a whipping, I quickly obeyed.

Standing by my side Sandra pushed two fingers into her just fucked pussy retrieving enough semen coating both of them. Ordering me to open my mouth she stuffed her fingers with all the come into my mouth forcing me to lick it off. At the same time she thanked me for the great fuck but was going to have to whip me to save face with her girlfriends. Taking the cane from my hand Sandra actually apologized but told me to take it like a good slave to honor her wishes. Forcing me to stand and lean against the rock with my hands up she stood behind me and started whipping me from my shoulders all the way down to my calves lightly at first rhythmically snapping the cane against my bare wet flesh to gain my false confidence. Slowly she increased the intensity until I was crying out after every blow and my body was writhing with each strike. Finally, when Sandra was satisfied with my body streaked with welts she handed me back the cane grabbed me by my semi-erect cock and escorted be back to our blanket.

I was still in tears, my bare whipped flesh stinging as we drew near to our beach blanket embarrassing me with everyone watching. They all knew exactly what Sandra was up to but never said a word gawking at my well whipped body. With a big smirk on her face Sandra made me lay on my belly on the blanket straddled my body then began massaging a healing ointment into my welts. Wearing welts showing them off was a must being Sandra's slave. Lewdly she began rubbing her own body with the ointment placed herself over my body using it as a way to massage my welts with her entire body. Usually it would be an erotic stimulation but her body rubbing against the welts made them sting all over again. Simulating anal intercourse she began rubbing her pubic bone against my tailbone getting herself quite turned on. Some of her girlfriends began openly masturbating knowing what Sandra was going to do to me once we got home. "Frottage" was frowned upon on the beach but today nobody complained. Sandra was so turned on stimulating her clitoris against my tailbone she actually cried out openly coming in front of everyone.

Things got even more out of control after that when she started squirting juices all over me and then stood up and started pissing giving me a golden shower. We quickly gathered up all of our things as Sandra nastily pushed her middle finger up my butt escorting both of us back to the car. I carried the souvenir cane with a promise from Sandra she would use it until it broke. Kiddingly Sandra told me that her girlfriends were never going to forget the show today. My body was still hurting from the intense caning but Sandra was so exciting she promised to use this method of discipline more often.

I drove us home and we took a quick shower as Sandra played with my asshole finding it clear enough to fuck. Not wanting to hurt me she strapped on her best tightest harness and a seven inch dildo where the base would fit snuggly against her clitoris so she could enjoy fucking me. Taking me to bed flopping me flat on my belly Sandra quickly impaled me on the dildo using my ass to stimulate her clit to several orgasms. Depriving me of any prostate stimulation she kept the dildo completely buried inside my ass grinding away giving herself all the pleasure. I also had a huge erection pressed into my belly with no way to stimulate myself other than squirming against the sheets. I was prohibited by Sandra to have an orgasm so I could only get close. Finally she pulled the dildo out of my ass giggly telling me that this was exactly what her girlfriends fantasized about her doing to me at home at the beach. Sandra sent me home to deal with her clients telling me she would call me later.

Meanwhile in a crazy phone call from my ex-wife Judy complicated things by telling me that she wanted me back. Admitting mistakes were made having to clean up a former relationship Judy after giving me a goodby whipping realized she could have made me her slave saving me other relationships. I confessed getting into female dominant relationships meeting women into whipping and strapon sex. This information was far from a surprise with Judy admitting that if she had had a strap on a dildo she would've fucked my ass a long time ago.

Admitting her time away from me Judy said things changed 180 degrees. After so much bad luck with men Judy was seduced by my her best girlfriend Denise and they became lesbian lovers. She told me that she had a lust for cunnilingus when were married now she's addicted to it. She giggled telling me that after going to bed with her girlfriend they both experimented with strap on sex and became quite good at it and for the first time in their lives they were able to give each other orgasms through vaginal intercourse. Now being so comfortable wearing a cock the thought of fucking a guy in the ass was becoming quite exciting. Judy admitted that strap on sex when we're married was unavailable and not on the table but if it was she would've bent me over and screwed my ass.

Reminding me of my bare bottom birthday spanking the day she left, Judy regretted the fact that she should've been spanking me from the very beginning. Judy scolded me that I was a stubborn person and many times she thought in the back of her mind that if she took me into the bedroom and gave me a good whipping she could get me under control. I admitted to her that that spanking was the beginning of my addiction to female domination and the desire to serve dominant women. Warning me Judy adamantly told me that she is definitely not into fucking and sucking men and that if we got together there would be no sexual contact. She would be more than willing to take me on as a slave treating me to the proper discipline I deserved and guaranteed that she knew how to humiliate a guy in ways I never imagined. Telling me she will definitely not work for free so I will have to be taking her shopping and become her house boy willing to do anything she asks. We both agreed on a trial session that appropriately would start with Judy giving me a over the knee bare bottom spanking to break the ice.

We actually got together and within the first 15 minutes I was over her knees getting the bare bottom spanking of my life. Spanking me black and blue breathless Judy proved she still had it in her to be a mistress. I also realized that Judy found her true self becoming a butch lesbian. Any form of sex which included intercourse and oral sex was out because she definitely hated men including me. Degrading me with discipline was finally a way for her to get back at not only myself but men. Proving that she was skilled with a strap on Judy bent me over the side of my bed strapped on my harness an 8 inch dildo and fucked me into the sheets. Seeing how much I enjoyed it she told me that I would have to endure many whippings before she would do it again.

Being an Exhibitionist Judy boasted she would make love to her girlfriend and allow me to watch. She knew this was every guy's fantasy and I would relished watching. On a date with her girlfriend Judy told her she was excited to prove her lesbianism by making love to her at the nude beach. Judy confessed to me her girlfriend was so excited she ate Judy's pussy and ass. Judy decided to break the ice walking to the nearby nude beach where the three of us could chat and get acquainted. Warning me to be a good boy with hands off them both I was firmly instructed I could only watch and masturbate. Judy stripped me naked, made me lay motionless in bed on my back, grabbed my erect cock, then gave me a quickie hand job making me come all over myself. After I took a quickie shower Judy dressed me in black workout shorts preferring leaving my chest bared. I watched Judy strip down naked wrapping her sexy breasts in a black halter top and her shaved pussy in a skimpy bikini bottom.

I had my first look at her girlfriend answering my door with Judy who gave her a long lingering kiss and a hug rubbing their crotches together with enough friction to turn each other on. They finally broke their hot embrace and Judy finally introduced Denise to me, a sexy black haired Italian with a curvaceous body dressed scantily clad wearing a black see thru chamise blouse and silk shorts minus bra and panties. Judy introduced me as her former ex-husband and her slave/whipping boy. Grabbing my hips Denise looked me in the eyes telling me I was a gorgeous hunk. Pulling me to her Denise eying my erection pushed her crotch into me lewdly grinding away simulating intercourse getting my cock so stimulated I almost came. Backing away Denise grabbed my erection and squeezed giggling that Judy was right calling me a horny hunk then released my cock reminding me that that was as close as my cock would ever get to her pussy. Wanting a look at my ass she twirled me around pulled me around grinding her crotch into my ass simulating anal intercourse. Enjoying my ass Denise told Judy we aren't leaving until she packs the strapon and lube because my ass was made for fucking. Denise turned me around and kissed me passionately pushing her tongue aggressively into my mouth tickling the roof of my mouth. Pulling out her tongue she licked my lips telling me she was thrilled to meet me.

Judy laughed telling Denise she had the harness and two dildoes packed one for her and one for me. The girls made me carry the backpack while they walked arm in arm hands down each other's pants fondling each other's asses down to the beach. Denise didn't believe me when I told her I never saw Judy make it with a woman before but promised that this afternoon I was going to see things that would blow my wad. The girls stopped several times to make out fondling each other pinching nipples and rubbing pussies. My cock stayed hard and my shorts got wet from a sticky stream of pre-come as my fantasies went wild. To make sure I wasn't ignored Judy unzipped one of the pockets in the backpack, pulled out some lube and a butt plug yanked down my pants, bent me over forcefully pushing the plug into my ass, making me cry out totally embarrassed. Denise blurted out she couldn't wait till she fucks my ass then I would really squeal. Giving me several hard ass slaps Judy pulled my pants up and told me to get the fuck moving.

Judy got really nasty giving Denise the lowdown on all of our sexual exploits so far. Not wanting to keep any secrets Judy told her all about my semen shots as well as the golden showers I got. Denise chimed in saying that now that we have a human toilet we both could teach him how to drink golden champagne this afternoon making my stomach sicken knowing that if they demanded it I would have to swallow. We were getting so horny by the time we got to the Cliff we decided to strip off what little clothing we had, store in the backpack, and walk naked all the way down to the beach. Here I was walking naked with two beautiful lesbians sporting a huge erection and not a single orifice to fuck. I also knew that after the girls tired of making love I was in line to get fucked myself by Denise with a strap on.

The beach was named "R" Beach by locals who paved road down the cliff that was eroded away but still made it safe stroll to the ocean. We stopped at the big brick sign with an R spray painted on it, celebrating by taking turns French kissing each other until all three of us were turned on. Judy grabbed me by my erection leading me down the hill to the beach holding Denise hand, as the girls told each other they couldn't wait to get their tongues in each other's pussies. Denise sensed I was in need for some discipline telling Judy my ass needed to get whipped down here for being such a bad boy. Judy agreed suggesting they do a double caning. Without a care in the world we walked down the path to the beach right past people sunning on their blankets with Judy still pulling me by my stiff cock. The only whistles we got were from two sets of lesbians that were busy fondling and kissing each other. We finally walked around some rocks and found a nice secluded spot to put our blanket.

As soon as I spread the blanket the girls aggressively wrestled each other down into a hot 69 and started making love. Judy stopped eating Denise pussy long enough to point to a stand of cane telling me to cut two 4 foot long switches and bring them back to the blanket. By now I didn't care who saw me naked and walked over to the cane blowing in the wind selecting two switches knowing they were going to be used whipping my bare ass. It was a beautiful sunny day as I returned and knelt next to the blanket watching these two beautiful women eating pussy. I didn't have any regrets that the girls weren't paying attention to me as I fortunately observed fulfilling every lesbian fantasy I ever had right in front of me, while these sexy sirens we're doing every nasty thing they could to each other.

After they both orgasmed Judy strapped on her cock to prove she definitely was a butch. When Denise saw her strap up she immediately turned into a subby and started sucking Judy's cock. Sucking the silicone cock better than any woman has ever sucked my cock made me jealous. Judy grabbed the back of her head and started fucking her mouth pushing the dildo all the way down her throat. Judy was talking as nasty as possible to her girlfriend telling her that Denise deserved a good fuck. Judy was going to fuck her pussy to orgasm then give her along hard ass screwing. Pulling the dildo out of Denise mouth, Judy slapped her across the face telling her to get on all fours facing the ocean. Denise quickly assume the position nastily wiggling her ass begging Judy to fuck it. Getting behind Denise Judy started slapping her sexy ass making Denise yelp until it was covered in red handprints. This seemed to get Denise in a more submissive mood arching her back opening her legs to get ready for fucking.

My own ass tingled wishing it was me that was going to get it first. Judy worked the big 9 inch dildo with a huge mushroom head into Denise pussy as Denise wiggled and struggled from behind. Grabbing Denise hips Judy immediately started aggressively fucking her stimulating Denise G-spot. In front of my very nose I was getting showed up as a cocksman watching my own mistress fuck better than a guy. By the way Denise was responding Judy was doing things to her pussy that no guy could ever create that much pleasure. As Judy fucked Denise she pushed a thumb full of lubricant into Denise butt hole working it so that it would be relaxed to fuck. I was so enthralled in watching I didn't even masturbate yet my cock stayed rock hard dripping pre-come watching the entire fuck. The head of the dildo pounding Denise G-spot finally produced an explosive orgasm as Denise started squealing and cursing Judy's name as she came. What a sight to see this beautiful Italian brunette giving in to her lesbian lover.


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