Come here. Tell me your secrets. Tell me the thing that scares you.

Tell me the thing that if anyone found out, you would be terrified and vulnerable.

What is the thing that holds you back in life?

Let yourself melt into my arms that I hold out for you. Wrap your arms around me and breathe me in. Take me into your lungs and let me circulate through your system, Relaxing you as I go.

Give into me.

You feel my heartbeat quicken as you wrap yourself around me, and I feel you tense as you start to get aroused. I feel your hand go under my shirt as we stand there. Your words flow through my ears as I ask the question I care about the most right now.

"What is the one thing that holds you back in life?"

"Fear. The Fear of being not enough or not being desired."

I take you by the hips and look at you in those deep eyes.

I grab your face and kiss you. Your lips are touching mine for the first time, and a shock goes coursing through my spine. Im feeling the desire, the passion, the hunger for more, so I part your lips with my tongue and feel yours swirl around mine as we kiss. I run my hands through your hair, and I start to feel the animalistic side begin to peek its head out from inside.

I grab your hair and pull you back so I can catch my breath. You took it out of my lungs as we kissed.

Your lips are perfectly curved to fit into mine. Your tongue is wet and smooth as it glides across my teeth and own tongue. I feel the inside of my cheek being caressed by it—your spit in my mouth as I look at you standing in front of me.

"You are more than desired, baby girl. You are the cure to my hunger and the liquid to my thirst."

As soon as I say that, I see you looking at me, but you are led to the bed within seconds. I sit you down on the edge of the mattress—a mattress you have shared before with someone, not me. I see the thought cross your mind but, I don't let you think about it. I pull your shirt off and reveal your body at least one pat for now. I take off your bra, and I grab your face again. Deep kisses fill the space as I run my hands down your back and feel your bare skin against me. I feel your hands running up my leg and begin to pull at my shirt and shorts waistline. I smile through the kiss and step back. Taking my shirt off and watch you admire my body. Soak me in before reaching out for me. Taking my waistline in your hands and kissing my V line. You kiss and lick me in ways that have me shaking already. You find my smiley face and kiss and suck on me there. My legs start to tremble.

I take my shirt off, and I push your head off of me.

I playfully push you down onto the bed.

I grab your pants and unbutton them. I start to slide them down your ass and your legs. I was watching you the entire time.

I take your panties down with it. You don't need those now.

I take your perfect body in as I begin to stroke myself to you. Your legs bent and feet flat on the bed. I see you looking down at me as you lie there. You part your legs naturally for me as you see me with my cock in my hand. I come at you and see you scramble backward as I approach. You are giving me room to get between your perfectly smooth legs. I start to kiss you again, first your feet, up your shin and calf. Making sure I don't miss a single inch. Down your thigh and inner thigh. Blowing lightly on your pussy as I move to the left side and kiss and bite your tender inner thigh. I come back face to face with your pussy. I admire it and its creation. The lips tight, the smoothness of your skin. The smell of your sex is starting to appear and glisten on the lips.

I smile and start to kiss them. I feel your hips begin to move as I do. First, just kissing. Then I use my tongue to open you. To part, you extend and taste you. Instantly you thrust your hips up, so my tongue goes deeper inside of you. I feel your legs wrap tightly around my head, and I am stuffing my tongue inside of your little tight pussy. You gasp for breath as I rip open your legs and pull your lips apart. Revealing the part, I love the most. The clit. I take yours in my mouth and suck. Slow at first, but then I pick the pace up. I begin to suck in and out like a toy would. I feel your hand start to comb through my hair and push and pull me back and forth as I suck faster and harder. I can feel your clit begin to swell as I suck you. I reach under my chin and shove a finger inside of you. Feeling inside of you. Instantly soaking my finger. I stop sucking your clit, and I suck my finger clean. I begin to suck on your pussy again. This time with my teeth holding your clit in place. Every time you make a sound, I bite down slightly. You make another noise I bite down again. It's a vicious cycle because you're going to love the pain and hate it simultaneously.

I hear your breath become shallow and rapid as your muscles tense around my head through your legs. Your smell is becoming so strong. I know you are going to be filling my mouth with your juice soon. I suck and suck till I feel your hand grip my hair and pull me into you hard. Suffocating me. Your legs tighten around my head, and you scream out my name.

"Ohhhh fuck Seeeth!! Fuuckk fuck!!! Keep going, keep....keep!!!! Keep going, baby!!! Suck my pussy! There it is....there it is!"

You buck your hips up, and I feel your fluids flowing rapidly through your lips. My mouth is soaked, and I can feel your cum continue. Your liquid doesn't stop. Your hips are fucking my face as your legs shake. Your core tightens, and I begin to suck even more demanding as it becomes more sensitive! You cry out and beg me to stop, but I won't not for another few seconds...You scream out my name, "SEEETTHHH!!!!" You cum one more time in my mouth, and as soon as you finish screaming my name, I release you, and you lie there shaking. I lean up and sit on my knees and ankles. Looking down at you, cum on my chin and lips as I lick it off. I can taste the saltiness. The sweet honeydew of the juice built up just begging to be released but by someone who knows you are worth the pleasure first. Someone who wants to take your cum and drink it. Someone who wants to do everything first to you. Not be selfish.

You begin to slow your breath down, and I smile down at you.

You look up at me with tired eyes as you begin to relax after your heart racing.

My cock is hard in my hands as I take my hand and wipe my face and cover my cock with you. I want to feel your heat and stickiness.

I get off the bed and grab your ankles. I pull you closer to me and, with a swift motion, swing you over to your stomach. Your perky, perfect ass right in front of me. I left you up and put you on all fours. I grab your hair and whisper in your ear..." my turn, baby girl. You will never be In this bed without thinking of me again. You will be mine by the end of this. As I take you, im going to cover you in my cum. Im going to mark you. "I line myself up to your pussy, and I hear you gasp in surprise. "you will no longer belong to anyone else after im did fucking you. Do you understand me?"

"yes daddy"

"This bed will be ruined for anyone but you and I. This pussy will belong to me just like your ass and your mouth."

As soon as the last letter escapes my lips, I shove myself inside of you.

You scream out, and I grab your mouth with my finger and hook you. I pull you back towards me and kiss you. Your hair in my left hand and your mouth hooked with my right. I grab you through with my right hand as I let to kiss you. Choking you. Squeezing tight to leave my first mark.

My cock thrusting in and out as I hear the liquid pouring from your pussy and my balls slapping you as it sticks to me and you taking it. Every inch shoved inside of you, and you are moaning for me. I let go of your hair and throat and hook two fingers on each side of your mouth and fuck you harder. I hear your screams pick up.

"ahhhh yes yes yes fu fuuuuckk!! Fuck me, daddy! Fuck me, daddy!! Fuck. Me. Daddy!!!

Shove your cock into me harder....god!!!"

I can't help but listen and obey as if you were in control. I grab your hips and squeeze. Looking down at your ass as I smack against it turns me on even more.

I throw you off me in a quick motion. I need to see your eyes when I cum inside of you.

"I want all of you, and I want to fill you up. You will belong to me, and I will take you as my own. Look at me when I fuck you slut."

Say yes, daddy! "

"yes, daddy. Im your good girl. Take me and make me yours. Fill me up and cover my insides, so I know im yours."

I suck on your nipples as I am pushing and pulling my hips against you. My cock sliding in and out. I can't help but look down and see your wet pussy pouring more and more onto my dick. It's soaked more than I have seen it before.

I grab your throat and lean down. Kissing you deeply as I squeeze harder and harder. You start to lose air, and I command you to look at me.

"Fucking look at me right now!" One slap to the face.

"Look at me right now Slut!" One more slap, and you have this fire in your eyes. As you start to slip, I can feel my cock pulsating.

I reach back one more time just as your eyes glaze, and I smack your cheek hard!

Your eyes come back to consciousness, and you scream out in passion and confusion as you come back to reality!

Your body convulses, and your pussy lips squeeze my cock, and I look right into your eyes as I kiss you one more time and shove my shaft as far into you as I can, and I unleash everything I have.

Rope after rope of cum shooting inside of you!

"Oh god!!! Im cumming!! Who do you belong to!!??"

"You Seth!! Fill me up! Make me yours"

I finish with my last load of thick cum inside of you, and I stop moving my hips. My dick is still throbbing inside of you. It's so sensitive, and with every little movement, I feel as If I will explode again.

You have this smile on your face, and I can't help but smile back.

My breath deep, and your pussy tight still around me. I look down at you and run my hand across your cheek that turned red after slapping you.

"You don't belong to him anymore. You are mine. This body belongs to me. Your mind will be infected.....Who do you belong to?" & f=45 & t=236005 & st=0#entry5624596

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