So this all started with me discovering erotic stories about wives fucking other men. I found an erotic story site and spent some time on various stories and if I liked them I would navigate to the similar stories section. Eventually I ended up in a corner of stories about wives that were encouraged to fuck another man. These stories involve long married wives fucking new men for the first time since marriage with complete approval from the husband, usually the husband's idea and fantasy coming to fruition.

I got really focused on a few of these stories and replaced the husband and wife in the stories with myself and my wife in my imagination. I tried to imagine how we would react, in real life, to the sexual situations that really turned me on. We have not lived the life of these types of promiscuous situations so it's exciting to imagine us straying so far out of our comfort zone to pursue sexual fantasies. There was one story in particular that worked perfectly for me when mentally placing my wife and I in the characters position.

My wife and I have been married for 13 years and we are both in our early 40's. We have kids and live the typical suburban professional life. Work, school, daycare, family, etc. We both look young for our age and my wife Laura still looks pretty hot after the family building was complete. We have a pretty mundane sex life that is typical of many married couples with families and professional responsibilities. I don't think we even have sex every month of the year. Some months are more active than others when a spark is lit.

So I really lit a spark in this relationship! One night, after we had some drinks during the afternoon, we were relaxing in our outdoor hot tub that we've only recently purchased. The kids were in bed and the three-season porch that encloses the tub is very private. Due to the privacy, we were both naked and after a few minutes we were close together and touching each other in a lazy manner expected from a couple that was feeling super relaxed. We started talking slightly dirty while lightly fondling each other and I decided to escalate the situation a little bit. I asked Laura to be completely honest and tell me what her biggest fantasy was. Not the fantasy that could ever actually happen but the fantasy that you can only imagine but turns you on more than any other.

Laura's answer was somewhat exciting. She wanted to make love outside on a summer night when a warm rain was falling down. That "ultimate" fantasy was easily fulfilled and I was surprised that her fantasy was so sexually tame. I told her I could take care of that fantasy the next time the weather presents itself in the summer. Laura was slowly stroking my dick while I was fondling her tits, rubbing her nipples between my fingers below the surface of the perfectly warm and relaxing water. We were enjoying each other but content with just talking at that point.

Then Laura asked me what my biggest fantasy. After her answer, I could have easily made up some slightly sexy scenario and moved on but, since I was so comfortable and somewhat intoxicated, I blurted out, "My most recurring fantasy is watching you fuck another man, preferably with a huge cock and the blacker the better." There was a silence in the tub, with all motion below water ceasing and my wife covering her mouth in shock for probably 10 silent seconds. "Oh my god!!, is that something you would really want me to do?!? That's sick, I'm a married woman."

"No! Of course not. I wouldn't want you to do that, it's just a fantasy. It's something that really turns me on to think about but purely a fantasy. I understand fantasy and reality but we we're just talking about fantasies here." After a few minutes of some awkward backtracking I said, "I think I got this idea because I just read a bunch of erotic stories about wives fucking other men and the husbands loving every minute of it."

"You read crazy stories like that?"

"Yeah, I just found this site and read a bunch of stories because I found a story I liked and then I kept reading the suggested similar stories at the end. I really got carried away the last few days. It has me thinking strange."

"OK. I'm very surprised that you are reading perverted things like that but make sure you know it's strictly fantasy you perv."

"Yes, I understand that. I really went with a wild fantasy, sorry."

My wife moved one seat away from me in the hot tub and we watched the TV on the wall for about five minutes in silence. Then Laura climbed out of the tub, wrapped her robe around herself and went into the house without acknowledging me at all. I stayed in and finished my beer. I got out about 15 minutes later and when I went into the house my wife had already gone to bed. This was a pretty typical bedtime for her so I wasn't sure if she was mad at me for my offensive fantasy or just going to bed. I stayed up for a few more hours to have a couple more drinks and wonder if I really offended my wife.

The next day was Sunday. Laura woke up early, as she normally does, and I slept in for a couple of hours. When I got up the normal Sunday routine with kids was already in full effect and everyone went about their normal business. I didn't get the impression that Laura was disgusted with me but she isolated herself from me more than usual that day. The next day was Monday and the start of the work/school/daycare routine had begun. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary between me and my wife. She never mentioned the fantasy divulging that occurred the previous weekend. Acted like it never happened. I was relieved that my way too honest fantasy admission didn't do any permanent damage.

Everything was completely normal for over two months. Then one night we got a babysitter and went out to dinner. It was busy so we went to the bar and ate there and settled in for a couple strong drinks and some rare "enjoying each other" adult conversation without the kids. We were chatting and laughing for over an hour and were getting more open with each other due to the alcohol. We were also talking with a fun couple to our right that was probably 10 years younger than us. The bar was getting quieter and the couple next to us were leaving. We said our goodbyes and turned back to the bar.

It wasn't 5 seconds after they left when Laura grabbed my arm tightly to get my attention, looked me in the eyes very seriously and said, "I want to read the story that gave you the idea for your fantasy." This came from nowhere and we didn't even acknowledge this topic for 2.5 months. I was feeling pretty good so I smiled, remained calm and quickly tried to think of something.

"Ahh, well. Umm...It wasn't a single story I just imagined my own fantasy about you from all the stories I was reading." Seemed like a decent stall since I really, really didn't want to share a very graphic story about a husband and wife agreeing to go to a bulls hotel suite on vacation and the husband watching the wife take the bulls BBC bareback and getting her pussy filled with his cum. Our normal sexual talk isn't even 10% as dirty as that story and I didn't want my wife thinking I was deeply perverted in a bad way.

She squeezed my arm harder and said, "Send me the one you liked best. I don't want to talk about this anymore, just send it to me."

I said, "OK, OK, I'll send it to you." Immediately I was thinking "How the hell could I possibly send her that? There's no way this is going to happen."

She let go of my arm and went back to the same type of chat as before and acted like that little sidebar didn't even happen. We stayed another 15 minutes to finish our drinks and didn't discuss the fantasy again. We settled up and headed home to relieve the babysitter. Laura was rubbing my leg and grazing my cock on the short way home so I thought she was getting horny. She paid the babysitter as I went downstairs to go to the bathroom and grab a nightcap. When I came back upstairs all of the lights were off down the hall and Laura had gone to bed. Guess she wasn't all that worked up.

It was about 10pm and I sat down in the living room with my drink and turned the TV on for some background sports. I couldn't focus at all as I now came to realize that I have to send my wife something. I went on the story website and tried a few different searches before I found the story that fascinated me the most. I read it again from a different lens. There's absolutely no way I can send this to her. She'd probably get so freaked out that she would want me out of the house. I've had no indication that she was even a little bit receptive to this kind of perverse adultery.

I did nothing. Just sat there staring at the TV with the story in my browser on the computer next to me. Just kept drinking until I could come up with a plan that would diffuse this situation. I found no good solution over the course of three drinks. I dosed off a couple of times and needed to go to bed. I sat up in a daze, took a sip of the drink I left next to me and realized that I can't go to bed without sending Laura a story remembering how tightly she grabbed my arm. She was serious. It was 2am and I was in no condition to get creative. I just said to myself, "Fuck it." I copied the URL from my browser and pasted into an email to my wife and hung my head in a defeated way. I looked back up, hit send before I changed my mind, closed the computer and walked to bed with knots in my stomach.

I was sort of expecting an angry wife when I woke up. This wasn't the case, completely normal. She didn't acknowledge that she read or even got the email. I wasn't going to push this in any way so I just ignored the issue also.

Life went on as normal for three more months with no repercussions from the dreaded email.

Fast forward one Saturday afternoon when Laura told me she is going to go out with one of her good friends. Just a typical heads up to not make plans since I would need to stay home with the kids. No problem as I didn't have any plans anyway. I went to the store to get a pack of quality beer to enjoy since I was going to spend the night by myself. My wife left at 5pm and I didn't even ask where they were going. She goes out with this same friend frequently so I know they usually go out to eat and have a couple of drinks and maybe move to the bar for another. I did note that she was dressed for attention more than usual considering she's going out in our quiet suburban town with her girlfriend. She had on her almost knee-high leather high-heeled boots with black leather tights and a lowish cut, button down sweater with the top button undone. Her C-cup breasts were pushed up more than I've ever seen since breast-feeding days so I assumed she had a new bra on. She had a coat on for the weather so I didn't get the complete view of the top. When she gave me a peck goodbye I grabbed her ass and told her she looked hot. She smiled and said, "wait for me later."

I fed the kids dinner and hung out with them until a little before their bedtime. I got a text from Laura around 8pm that she was going to pick up the kids and they were going to have a sleepover with her friend's kids. It seemed pretty late to make that kind of decision but they live very close so we could make it happen pretty quick so they would have a little while to play before bed. Mommy was home just a few minutes later and packed up the super excited kids. Off they went and I grabbed my beers and headed to the tub, typical for a Saturday night with no other plans in cold weather.

Our hot tub is in a screened room off the side of our house with entry from our bedroom or outside. When the tub is running you can't hear much outside the tub so you have no idea who is coming and going in the house. I usually know when my wife comes home while I'm in there since she drives around a circle in front of our house to park. There's only room for two cars in the circle so visitors never drive around the circle and can't be seen from the tub.

My wife didn't come home right after she dropped off the kids so I assumed she was hanging out with her friend for a while before heading home. I continued to relax in the hot tub, drink some strong IPAs and watch some sports in the background. I was in there for a while, finishing my second beer, when I received a text from my wife. "Are you in the hot tub?"

"Yes." I was actually going to get out soon.

"Good stay there and wait for me, I'll be home in 20 minutes with a surprise."

"OK, I won't going anywhere."

I have no idea what the surprise was but I assumed Laura was pretty horny by now if she was having some drinks like I was. I was looking forward to some quality time with the wife in the tub with no chance of the kids walking in.

Right on time 20 minutes later, the headlights on my wife's care went around the circle to her parking space. I grabbed another beer and got back in the warm tub on the cold night. I thought my wife would come in within a couple of minutes but I still didn't see her after 10 minutes. I then saw her shadow moving across the blinds of the door from our bedroom to the hot tub room. I saw shadows move back and forth for a few minutes, which seemed like a long time to take off your clothes, and then the door opened and my wife came out in her robe giving me a devious smile as she walked across the room. She took her robe off revealing her naked body, hung up the robe and stepped over into the tub while putting a drink and her phone on the side. I noticed that she was clean shaven tonight which was becoming unusual these days.

She drifted over to me, pulled up against my naked body (kids weren't home) and sucked on my ear for a bit. She whispered, "Hi." I replied, "Hi" and was happy that this was going to be fun with an obviously horny wife. After a little touching under the water my wife pulled back into a seat next to me and stared at me for a few seconds looking kind of serious.

"What?" I said with a confused smile.

"Remember your favorite fantasy story you sent to me?"


"Well I couldn't get that out of my head since I read it. At first I thought it was disgusting but every time I thought about it I got more and more turned on."

"Wow." I'm completely blown away here, I have nothing intelligent to say.

"I still can't believe you want me to fuck another man and I can't believe that I want to fuck another man so I can fulfill your fantasy which is now my fantasy. I haven't stopped thinking about it since I read your story."

"Wow." I feel like I was moving into an alternate reality here.

She moved back into the position close to me and whispered in my ear, "I've been busy." I had no idea what that meant, had she fucked another man tonight? I was getting very flushed. "I really wanted to fulfill our fantasy." Still kissing my ear and neck with her breast rubbing against my chest. I decided to just go with what this horny woman was saying when she said, "I did something naughty."

She pushed herself back to the seat next to me and said something that she seemed to be announcing. "MARK, YOU CAN COME IN NOW."

My instant confusion was broken by the door from our bedroom starting to open. Usually this means one of the kids is looking for us but they weren't home at the time. In my confusion, I quickly moved to cover my privates as both Laura and I were naked and someone was walking into the room. The next minute was the most life-changing moment of my life. Mark was a tall, thirty-something reasonably fit black guy that was walking nude towards our tub stairs with a towel on his shoulder. His penis was flaccid but it was still fairly big for someone that doesn't appear aroused. I though I was going to pass out. All my senses were ringing as my confusion was slowly replaced by the realization that my wife had set up a rendezvous with a black guy to satiate my fantasy that had become her fantasy more than mine. I wasn't ready for this shit at all. Given where we were at this point it was quite obvious that my wife was going to fuck this guy right next to me, and I didn't have much of a choice.

When Mark was climbing into our personal tub with my naked wife and I, I looked back to my wife and she was looking at Mark with a big sexual smile. After Mark climbed into the tub he extended his hand and said, "Hi Gary, I'm Mark. It's a pleasure to meet you." He was still standing in the shallow water and his naked cock was above the water like he wanted everyone to see it before he got in. This was happening so fast that I was almost non-functional. I reached for his hand and shook it and sort of mumbled, "Nice to meet you Mark." Still covering my privates with my other hand and obviously in shock.

As Mark slowly eased down into a seat on the other side of my wife. He said, "I work with Laura in another unit of the hospital. We got to know each other quickly the last month or so." I wasn't sure what to make of that but I wasn't thinking very well. "Ah, this is nice. I like the setup you guys have here." "Thanks," I managed to reply even though my throat was so tight. Laura leaned over towards Mark as he met her for a slow, sensual kiss. His right hand moved from her shoulder, slowly down her back into the water then back up to her shoulder. I've never seen my wife kiss another man. This was way more intense than just a kiss since they were both naked about five feet from me and it was very clear that this was just the beginning of what was to come. My paralysis let up a little so I reached for my beer and took a big sip. My wife's left hand started on Mark's chest and felt his body down below the water line. Mark's right hand moved down from Laura's shoulder and followed her arm under the water. This may have lasted only 20 second but it was happening in slow motion in my spinning head. I realized in those 20 seconds that I became rock hard watching this unfold in front of me like a live porno but the actress was my sexually conservative wife who would never consider doing something like this.

Laura pulled back a little bit was still leaning in towards Mark with her back to me. From the motion of her upper arm and the look on Mark's face I concluded that she was rubbing his cock already. Wow, this was really happening and happening fast. I've had no time to do or say anything.

The mix of strong emotions was messing with me. My senses were overloaded with fear and anxiety that this monumental event that would alter our lives was happening but at the same time I was so excited and turned on that the end result was a tingling/overheated feeling pouring through my body. Every chemical available to my brain was dumped into my system at once.

The water started to get more choppy than what was caused by just the jets. Mark was leaning back with his right arm behind his head and good left hand was wrapped around my wife pulling her in close as he was exploring her back and likely her ass since he was moving above and below the water. Laura had both hands under the water and you could tell from the movements of her shoulders and upper arms that she was giving Mark a vigorous hand job. One hand was probably stroking his shaft while the other fondling his balls. That was unless his shaft was big enough to require both of her hands which was possible based on what I saw when he got into the hot tub.

My wife was completely focused on the water directly above Mark's groin. From her position she could probably catch a glimpse of his big cock and her little hands working it over in between waves of bubbles that the jets were pushing across the surface. The blue lights were on and they are both above and below the surface so she could probably see a lot. Since I was across the tub I could only see the action above the surface due to the angle and the steam between us as it escaped into the cold air. This went on for a little while and my wife hadn't said anything or looked at either of us since Mark got into the tub. & s=view & id=727387

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