Recently, I underwent an experience that I never thought I'd end up going through with. I am by all means a straight man; I know for certain that being intimate with a fellow man in a loving kind of way is something that I am not capable of. However, I have always been sexually stimulated by penises and ball sacks, and since a young age I'd occasionally sneak a gay fuck into my masturbation content. And of course, I have always been in love with asshole ... especially gaping wide assholes that love cock. A few weeks ago, I realized that I love any asshole, irrespective of gender.

I always loved watching a big strong grown man with a huge and pulsing cock pound a little twink white boy. Something was just so special about gay porn to me ... I always had such a great time when I got into phases watching it. I found it fascinating, even magical, seeing two men pleasuring each other sexually, ramming cock into asshole while watching your subject's cock and balls bounce around. I always had a craving in the back of my mind to suck the little dicks of some of my friends with slimmer builds and fuck their asses in doggy, but I always knew that was just content for masturbating and didn't think it'd ever come to light. I think I made up for those cravings, in a way, by getting into the assholes of many of the women I have sex with, perhaps subconsciously drawn to it from my gay fantasies.

It took 26 years before I finally found myself with the opportunity to use a young man as a fuck toy, and when push came to shove, I caved in and absolutely loved the experience.

It all started a month ago when I had entered a phase where I wanted to enjoy some cock content. When I want gay content, I usually search for compilations of gay, white, twinks getting pounded and gaped by huge cocks. I love me some skinny, pale, hairless white boys with tight little cocks and ballsacks getting ropes of semen planted into their assholes after a nice hard fucking - and always hunt for that kind of content. There are hundreds of these compilations, so I keep switching it up all the time.

This particular night, my cock was super hungry. 20-minute video after 20-minute video of men using twink asshole for their nuts, my cock just refused to shoot it's load out. I was sitting on a fucking 50 megaton explosion of semen after having jerked my diamond hard rod for nearly an hour. It was getting late and I was getting tired, so I was preparing to go back to my favorite compilation clip of the night to bust the massive load and call it a night. Deep into the video I was watching, somewhere into the 22nd minute, I came across a discovery I simply couldn't believe.

I was watching Bennett, a neighbor in my apartment building, on his back, legs spread wide, getting his asshole absolutely rammed and gaped-out by huge and hungry cock.

I recognized his face and physique immediately. He was a skinny little 19-year-old white boy with emo, skater boy haircut, standing about 5 foot 9. He lived a few stories down from me, and I knew his mom well from seeing her around the building. They moved in like 4 years ago, and while I never talked to him, his mom always was nice to everyone and I had spoke with her many times. He was in school for music and always was advertising to give piano lessons on the bulletin board in the common area of the building. Here I was, watching his asshole getting absolutely demolished.

I was fucking loving it! I can't remember the last time my cock was that hard. I couldn't believe that the little twerp downstairs was into getting manhandled by huge cocks. Holy fuck, I loved looking at him take cock and I loved the size of his dick and balls - I would've sucked them clean on the spot, while he was taking cock from that man going absolutely Neanderthal on his asshole. Every time the beast pulled his cock from Bennett it made a crazy suction cup sound, I wished it was my dick getting to enjoy it ... especially since I had a bigger cock and harder fucking to offer than the man in the video. I loved how he was practically clean shaven but still had some nice peach fuzz around the asshole and sprinkled on his balls.

It was a good thing I had stuck my cock into a cum-sock before Bennett's part of the compilation started, because after seeing that gape, a pint of semen rushed from the depths of my nuclear bomb ball sack, through the shaft and into the cold, cruel, unknown. I literally fell to bed on the spot, cock still in my hand, after such a paralyzing nut. I must've dreamed about fucking Bennett that night as I woke up the next morning super hard.

Bennett's clip in the compilation was only a minute and only contained shots of his asshole getting worked in missionary. The next day I spent hours looking for the full video, and even commented on the video on the porn website, asking for the video at his timestamp. I even messaged the uploader, all to no avail. There was no finding the full video on the internet; the damn compilation only had the video in 420p as well, so I couldn't even enjoy it in HD. Either way, I visited it every night that week and by the end of the week, I was jacking my cock off to fantasies of busting down his door and taking his asshole by force, only for him to fucking love it.

When I realized I couldn't get more footage of him, for whatever reason, I just couldn't let go of getting more of him. I wanted to fuck the living shit out of him, and after all that fantasizing about it, I decided it was time to bust a move. I have a huge, thick, cock and I know how to use it, and I'm a good-looking guy. The dude literally appeared in a professional pornography, getting fucked by a big man with a big cock for the whole world to see. I knew he'd give me his young twink asshole and suck cum straight from my balls if I wanted him to - and by that time, that's exactly what I wanted.

It was so easy to gain access. He put his contact information on the bulletin board in the lobby, advertising his piano instruction services. He put his email and phone on there, so I just devised the perfect message to quickly gain access.

I made a new email account to hide who I was in the odd event that he wasn't down for my big dick. In the subject line, I put "seeking your piano instruction ASAP," and for the body of the message, I started by saying "I saw your video on xvideos," and sent him the link and timestamp. I then said that I wanted to enjoy him just as much as that, if not more, as soon as he could possibly allow it. I then included a nice preview of my goods, sending him the dick picks I have which best show off how much of a monster my cock is when it's hungry.

I knew he'd be turned on, but to my surprise, not even 15 minutes passed before I got a reply. It was 10:30 in the morning, and he didn't even ask who I was. He told me that my cock was beautiful and that I should come to his house at 11:00 sharp, 30 minutes from then. He said that his apartment door will be unlocked, and that I should come inside, lock the door behind me, get butt naked, walk down the hallway and enter the closed door to get the goods.

There I was, put in the situation I thought I'd never be living through. Do I really want to shoot my sperm cells into this 19 year old college kid? Honestly, all I could think of was looking down at his skater boy head, face into the bed, with his tight little white boy asshole sticking in the air and his little ballsack jiggling around as I pound him out in doggy. I was hard even before I opened the email, and I got harder once realized that I was a half hour a way from fucking my own twink's asshole.

I was so nervous when I went downstairs, twisted his doorknob, and felt that it wasn't locked. I had made my choice; it was set in stone once I stepped inside and closed the door behind me. I took a second, looked around, dropped my jeans to the ground and stepped out of them, making sure my belt hit the floor loudly to let Bennett know that his cock had arrived. My heart was pounding out of my chest as I walked butt naked through his house, down his hallway, and right up to his closed door. Not a sound was coming out of the other side. After a second, I twisted the doorknob and slowly opened the door, eagerly awaiting what was waiting for me inside.

I couldn't believe my eyes. Directly in front of me, perhaps 6 feet into the room, there he was. On the floor on his knees, face all the way on the ground, back arched to the extreme, legs spread as wide as could be, absolutely erect 5 inch cock and ballsack fighting gravity, spreading his asscheeks wide as could be to reveal his perfect gaping asshole. Sitting beside his feet was a bottle of lubricant and the lubed up 10-inch dildo he just used to warm his asshole up and gape for me. He looked back and said "holy fuck, I can't believe it's you! What a fucking amazing cock, I've wanted you to fuck me for so long."

I honestly just couldn't say a word in reply, I just didn't know what to say. He didn't know it was my first time, but I just had no idea what to say to a man, exposing his genitals to me as well he can to get my cock as hard as can be before planting it's seed into him. It's like he was using a woman's mating tactics to get a man ready to impregnate her, but he just wanted his prostate massaged and nutted into, and he knew his tactics would achieve that result. I was just mesmerized by his gaping asshole and the ring of fuzz around it, watching him force his rectum open for me.

I couldn't say anything, but that didn't stop me from springing into action. "Here we go," I thought to myself as I got up right behind his twink ass. I was about to be the actor getting to enjoy the twink assholes I've been watching in porn for years, it felt like a spiritual experience leading up to the insertion.

I didn't even want to get on my knees to fuck him doggy, I literally wanted to mount his 19 year old ass and just enjoy his doggy asshole without stopping until I shot a nut in it. I poured a ton of lube all over my hand and lathered it all over my cock and balls. As I rubbed it all over my cock, getting ready to insert, I ran my hand all over his crotch and genitals, feeling a rock solid cock and ballsack for the first time in my life. I loved the feeling of it, and feeling it get harder as I touched and ran my hands all over it. His balls were so warm, it felt so good to lather another man's ballsack in my hands, especially from that angle.

Without much more hesitation, I got into position to mount his ass and start going to town. Before I stuck the dick in, I smacked Bennett's gaped asshole a few times with the head my rod and simply loved hearing the suction sound emitted by smacking his asshole with my dick tip. Before I knew it, I guided my dick into his asshole and it just slid right in, easier than even the sluttiest woman I've ever been with. It was loosened out, but boy did it have a nice grip around my dick, and the deeper I worked it in, it became more obvious that a man's asshole is so much better than a woman's. We both moaned in satisfaction as I worked my rod in to the deepest depths of his asshole, and I loved how it felt when I finally hit his prostate. We didn't stop moaning and grunting for a moment after I started shoving my cock up there.

He squished my dick with the hard clenching of his asshole and let out a yelp as my cock head pushed right up onto his prostate after working it into his canal's depths. Once I made it all the way in, I pulled it right back out to watch my cock gape it out and hear that classic suction cup sound emitted by tight assholes. It was a fucking perfect gape and his asshole just felt so good, I just couldn't wait to lose control. Until then, I wanted to have a little fun first and plug him up a little bit, just like the guy did in the porno I saw him in.

With that, I kept ramming it in to his deepest depths, and pulling it right on out to stare at it gape and hear the air rush in while he moaned from the sheer size and solidity of my rod. Just like the guy in the video, I kind of just lost it after about 15 seconds of doing that and just went bonkers on that asshole. Once I started pounding away, I got to enjoy a 19 year old boy calling me daddy and asking for me to pump harder and harder. I'd occasionally find my hands grabbing his rock solid cock, which he was jerking off like a maniac as I fucked his butt. For what seemed like forever, I spread his asscheeks wide and used my diamond-solid dick to massage his prostate.

A problem with me is that in these new situations, I go so crazy and get filled to the brim with lust satisfying these monumental sexual desires, and I tend to bust a nut very fast. Nearly a minute into fucking him and having him call me daddy as I gaped him, I could feel a big nut brewing and knew that I'd be planting seed in him before I knew it. I wanted to cum into him right before he shot his load.

After pulling my dick out to give it a break before the final sprint, I mounted him and grabbed the shit out of his boner as I worked my dick right back up his asshole. I grabbed hold of his cock and pulled hard towards me with every thrust of my cock in and out of his asshole. Each time I'd thrust it deep inside, I'd pull backwards on his cock really hard to help me work my cock as deep into his 19 year old ass as I could.

Before I knew it, I let go of his cock, grabbed both of his ass cheeks and spread them wide, watched his solid cock and balls hang around, and shoved my cock into his gape and told him the only words I spoke to him, telling him that "the goop was coming."

After about 10 seconds of pounding like a Neanderthal, my rod was buried into the depths of his asshole, frozen in place, pumping out rope after rope of piping hot cum like a gardening hose. Shortly after, sprinkles of sperm were dripping out of his little cock onto the floor. The room was grew silent other than our heavy breathing and Bennett's moaning.

In that moment, with my cock up this man's asshole, engulfed in the sperm I just introduced to it, post-nut clarity hit me and I realized where I was - balls deep in my male 19 year old neighbor. I again found myself at a loss for words. I just pulled my cock straight out, didn't even wipe it off, and made for the exit. He didn't follow me or say anything as I put my clothes on and left.

In the days after, I beat my cock like a mad man to his clip in the compilation and to the experience of enjoying his asshole. I wanted to do so much more, enjoy him in all sorts of positions, watch his little cock bounce around as he rode daddy's big dick, but I just feel so strange about the situation. I'm sure I'll get so horny for him again that I end up caving in and going to town on him again, but until now I haven't spoken with him since. He emailed me, thanking me for the amazing fuck and asking me for my number in case I wanted to drop a load in him again, but I didn't give it to him yet. & t=67095écran-param-windows-10.970105/

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