Roughly thirty beers were lifted into the air in my direction and the crowd responded, "Hooters!" Then the party resumed as if it was nothing unusual to meet a new girl named Hooters. In fact, one of the couples there who couldn't have been any younger than their fifties were introduced to me as "Aces and his old lady, Tits." I am not making this up. It was an accurate name too. Aces took a picture later of Sarah, Tits, and me standing together talking. It wasn't posed, but it was pretty obvious what the common connection was.

It was a fun party, but jeez there was a whole lot of smoking and drinking. Leave it to Sarah though to cut people off if they started to go around the bend and to not let anyone mount up when they weren't safe and legal to ride. I do not drink, and I do not smoke; however, I did run into trouble at the snack table through my extreme naivety. It was completely unintentional, and I have plausible deniability, but I will be a little unspecific here just to provide the same for Sarah.

There were chips, cookies, brownies, salsa, etc., all kinds of stuff on the snack table along with the soft drinks that I was drinking and a big birthday cake for Sarah. One odd thing was that one brownie pan was labeled "Straight Brownies". The other had no label, but it was the one that had more missing. I just figured it was a way of letting people know which ones had walnuts or something, so toward the end of the evening I ate one of the unlabeled brownies. Then I ate another. That was two, total. That's important to remember.

Fast forward a bit and folks are filtering out and heading home, but I kept feeling increasingly tired and fuzzy. By the time it was down to only a couple of people I felt like I was back on the heavy pain meds I had been on for my dirt bike accident, only everything was funny. I was sitting on the sofa with a great lady named Cheryl and laughing my ass off about something she said that I can't remember. Sarah came up and shook her head at the two of us.

"Gawdammit! You're both stoned as goats. What am I going to do with you?"

"What?" I giggled.

"Did you get into the brownies, Elain?"

"Yeah but... oh shit izzat what's going on?" I asked as I finally connected the dots.

"You didn't know?" asked Cheryl. "Oh baby, how many did you have?"

"Two I think," I said.

"And you?" Sarah pointed at Cheryl.

She held up two fingers in a peace sign and giggled.

"Gawdammit..." Sarah repeated. "You two are useless for riding. I forbid you to go anywhere until the morning. Is Gary still here?"

I took it to mean that Gary was Cheryl's husband.

"Outside finishing a cigar. He's sober, but he rode the racer here. I can't ride pillion on it; it ain't got one."

"I'll tell him you're staying," Sarah said and walked away.

It appeared that everyone else was gone, or at least no one else was in the house. Suddenly it just seemed too quiet and I started to freak out little.

Cheryl scooted up right next to me and spent the next several minutes coaching me to relax. Apparently, I was very stoned, but not in any danger. She also told me that the effects of ingested marijuana can last longer than smoked marijuana, so it was good that I wasn't going anywhere until morning. In the meantime, I was safe, just extraordinarily silly. I could just sleep it off.

Cheryl also kept staring at my tits and tugging down the front of her halter top to maximize her cleavage. It was nice cleavage. I know nice cleavage when I see it, and I apparently was staring a lot at her tits too.

"They're real but ain't as big as yours," she said, breaking the ice. "Yours are amazing!"

Before I could process that and reply, Sarah came back up.

"All right you hooligans, what do you want to do?" Sarah said as she helped us up from the sofa.

Cheryl held up her peace sign again, then giggled and wiggled her tongue between the fingers. Sarah quickly shot me a look, but I was staring open mouthed at Cheryl.

"I some PUSSY!" declared Cheryl unambiguously.

"Cher?" Sarah began but Cheryl interrupted her.

"Oh, Elain already told me she was bi."

"I did?"

"Like four times already."

"I did," I said, and nodded emphatically at Sarah.

"You know weed makes me horny," Cheryl continued to Sarah. "And it's your fuckin' birthday. And Elain is hot as hell. And you and I haven't played in a while."

"Whoa, whoa... Elain isn't into this kind of thing."

"Maybe I am tonight," I mumbled quietly. Heat was blooming in my crotch as what they were discussing filtered into my slow brain. I can't blame it on the brownies; I was silly and uninhibited, but I was clear enough that I could tell what I was saying and what it would mean.

Sarah blinked slowly, "Seriously. You want to grind shinies with Cher and me?"

"Well I'm more fuzzy than shiny. Can I maybe start out watching?"


"I don't care whose pussy I get to eat, so long as I get to eat pussy. And I don't care who eats my pussy as long as they do it good."

"Well hell's bells! Let's go!" Sarah said and led us both by the hand back into her bedroom.

Okay, you readers know from my previous chapters, that I am not a casual sex kind of person. I need an emotional connection and a feeling of safety to be that vulnerable with someone. I was not planning on actually having sex with Sarah and Cheryl, but I was extremely horny and thought that watching would be a lot of fun. If you recall, Angel did that when Kim and I had sex that time, and I still thought about Jessi-K and her room full of naked models. All this was in my mind at least... when we started.

Sarah's bedroom was a cave -- all heavy furniture and fabric and not a lot of direct light. I very much remember having the impression that I was being led into a nest. While I was looking around, Cheryl seemed familiar with the space and flopped herself backward on the bed. Sarah leaned over her and kissed her on the mouth while Cheryl kicked her shoes off and began unfastening her jeans. I knew what Sarah's kisses felt like and it made me even hotter. My head was buzzing and my pussy felt sticky in my jeans.

Cheryl got her jeans and panties off while her tongue danced with Sarah's and then spread her legs wide apart. I was standing in the direction her thighs invited and had a very clear, close up view as she began to massage her bare cleft. The building moisture slicked her whole crotch in no time, and she was, as promised, shiny with excitement. Her halter top and bra vanished next thanks to Sarah's quick fingers and she was left naked in the middle of the bed humping her pussy against her own manipulations, while Sarah quickly shucked off her clothes. It gave me a moment to study Cheryl's body, so I owe you a description.

Cheryl was, without any criticism intended, a very average looking lady. Light brown hair, kind of square through the hips and soft in the middle without being heavy, and nice big wobbly tits. Her best features were her smile, her legs, and her feet. As strange as it may sound, Cheryl was one of those ladies who is blessed with pretty feet and who benefits from toenail polish. I was impressed. Her pussy was also very sexy and looked incredibly inviting.

She sensed my gaze and caught my eye as she ran a finger around her small clit, "Like me Elain?"

"Yeah," I breathed.

"C'mon get shucked," she said.

I started to undress myself as I watched Sarah climb up next to her and replace Cheryl's hands with her own. By the time I was down to my underwear, Sarah had two fingers inside Cheryl and was biting her neck. The squishing sounds of her thrusting and probing were clearly audible even over Cheryl's panting.

I hesitated getting all the way naked for some reason. I remember thinking, If I get naked, then I don't know what will happen. I will lose control and do something I didn't plan and may regret. Then another part of me thought, Maybe I need some of that. Maybe it is exactly what I need. Maybe I can have fun when fun presents itself and it will be okay. But, I argued, I did regret it last time with Kim. I'm just not a casual sex kind of person.

"I don't think I can do this," I said aloud. "I'm not a casual sex kind of person."

"It's okay, hon," Sarah said, "You don't have to do anything you don't want to."

"I can't leave though, so I don't know what to do."

"Are you horny?" Cheryl asked as well as she could with (now) three fingers banging her pussy.


"Then get your damn clothes off and get on the bed! There is no sense in passing this up. We're friends here, and this is not supposed to be serious. It's supposed to be fun."

"Cheryl," Sarah interrupted gently. "Shut up." She pulled her hand from Cheryl's pussy and helped her sit up.

Then to me, "What's holding you back, hon?"

"Like I've said before, I'm not a 'no strings' kind of girl. I don't think I can be sexually available to someone I have no emotional attachment to."

"I get that. I respect that."

"So ..."

"So, you need to decide. This is a safe place, and we are safe people if you want to get your needs met. We are just playing. If you want to jump in, you are welcome. If not, no worries. You won't be judged either way."

With that, she lay Cheryl back and resumed kissing her. Soon her hand was back between Cheryl's thighs.

I thought about it. As fuzzy as my head was and as hot as my pussy felt, I really thought about it. I ached for sexual connection. It had been a long time since Jessi-K, and I will be as blunt as to say that I ached for the smell, taste, and feel of another woman. I really wondered if I could do it, and maybe in a backward kind of way, if I would regret not doing it. What it came down to really was that I wanted to do it, but I was afraid. With Kim, I hadn't really wanted to do it. It was something that happened to me that I chose not to stop. This was fundamentally different. Once I got to that point, I made up my mind.

"I'm in," I said and shed my undergarments.

Cheryl was lying on her back with her legs spread wide and her arms back over her head. Sarah was pressed full length against her right side and was working multiple fingers into Cheryl's pussy. I crawled up behind Sarah and molded myself to her body from the back, pressing my tits and belly into her. Then, reaching around her, I hefted her ridiculously large right breast in my hand and began to massage it. I felt that I had a more intimate connection with Sarah since we had known each other longer, had flirted, and had been naked together. I was attracted to Cheryl, but we had just met. I had to work up to her.

Sarah didn't give me much of a chance. Given our size difference, she was difficult for me to reach around. I also think she didn't want me to hide behind her. She lifted her mouth from Cheryl's right nipple and told me, "Come on around. I'll move."

Before I knew it, I was the one lying next to Cheryl with my right hand where Sarah's had been. Cheryl's pussy was very warm, soft, and giving. She was also positively dripping wet. She pressed her upper body against me, pillowing our tits together, and pulled my mouth to hers. Oh my, girl kisses... you can't beat them.

Rather than my previous experience of second-guessing, being tense, being in doubt, etc., I just relaxed into where I was, what I was doing, and who I was with. I was dueling tongues with a woman I had met only an hour or two before and had three fingers pumping into her very receptive pussy. Rather than be freaked out, I chose to be aroused. It was fun, and I was super horny. I just let go and went with it.

Sarah worked my right leg up and out and pressed her mouth to my pussy. I think it would be safe to say that I have had my pussy eaten by people who were really good at it, but that came to them over time and with practice. Angel, Jessi-K, and Ethan all got good at it, but Sarah was in a different class of experience. She played my body like she had been doing it for years and held me in the near-orgasm zone effortlessly. All the while I was sucking on Cheryl's tongue and working her incredibly wet pussy with my hand as deftly as I could.

About the time Cheryl's hips started uncontrollably jerking in dynamic climax, Sarah took me over the edge as well, and I came hard on her mouth. It was intense.

We just lay there like that for a few minutes to get our bearings back and then Sarah suggested we switch around. The whole multiple-partner thing was throwing me off, but they seemed to know what they were doing. I ended up on my back in a sixty-nine with Cheryl; however, she was shifted slightly to one side to eat Sarah's pussy instead of mine. Sarah was sitting up with her legs open to give Cheryl good access, but she was not in a position to please me. It was okay, and I could touch myself if I needed to.

Cheryl was in complete heaven. In no way saying that this is a negative thing -- Sarah had a huge pussy, and Cheryl's face was literally buried in it.

In my experience the size of the vulva and vagina don't appear to have a direct correlation with the size of the woman. Coincidentally though, Cheryl had an average sized pussy and Sarah's was very large. If I had to say which I liked better, I would definitely say Sarah's. There was just so much more of it to enjoy.

Meanwhile, I had my tongue working round and round Cheryl's swollen clit. She was so wet that I was covered in her honey in very little time. She had almost no flavor, but she felt wonderful to my lips and tongue. I was enjoying the hell out of eating her. I found her sweet zone and kept her there on the edge of cumming until her legs were shaking non-stop. When I felt her really starting to go weak, I took her the last bit of distance over into a long moaning orgasm.

"Good one sugar," I heard a man's voice say from near the door. I was too relaxed and uninhibited to be startled, but it did confuse me greatly. There wasn't supposed to be a man here. Was there?

"You want I should go?" the voice asked.

"I'm good either way." This was from Sarah.

"Me too," from Cheryl, albeit a bit breathlessly.

Then a bearded face appeared over the top of Cheryl's ass, and I met her husband.

"Hi babe," he said cheerfully. "I'm Gary. Good job with the tongue on my old lady. I'm gonna fuck the birthday girl here in a minute if she lets me, but unless you tell me otherwise, I'm gonna assume you are off limits. We don't know each other, and this is a full consent only kind of thing if you get my drift."

I nodded and tried to continue my go with the flow mentality. To this day I am amazed I didn't completely freak out in that moment. It didn't occur to me until much later that my legs were spread wide open and facing the door, so the first thing Gary would have seen from the doorway would have been my blazing red pussy. Had that occurred to me in the moment, I don't know what I would have done.

What I did do was grab a double handful of Cheryl's ass and pull her pussy back onto my mouth. She squealed and wiggled on my face but then slid off me onto the bed.

She sat me up next to her and gave me deep tongue kiss before saying, "I need a minute. Just a minute to rest. Let's watch BB get some."

We leaned against each other in our stoned sex bliss and settled in to watch. Two things struck me even in that state. First, I was a youngster at a grown-up party. I've already mentioned that Sarah had over ten years on me, and I'd have to guess that Cheryl and Gary were older still. They were also all obviously comfortable with this group sex scene, whereas I felt conspicuous and out of place -- entirely on my own, you understand, not because they made me feel that way. I recognized that as a maturity thing, though perhaps mileage is a better word. Second, is that I wondered how you reach a state of mind where you can watch your husband or wife have sex with someone else, and it's a good thing. I had jealousy issues with Angel when we were in separate relationships, and we worked though those, but I had no way to wrap my head around extramarital sex. This is not a judgment, so much as another admission that I was out of my depth.

As these little gears where clicking in my head, Sarah lay back on the bed rubbing her pussy while Gary got undressed. He was a very average looking man -- regular height, graying hair and beard, and a bit of belly. His cock also looked to be about average and had a nice knobby head.

"How do you want it BB?"

"Can you and Cher give me a double on my pussy?"

"I'm kinda tired," Cheryl said. "Elain worked me good, but I can give it a shot."

"Let's do it," said Gary and gently helped Sarah onto all fours so that Cheryl could slide under her, with her arms behind Sarah's knees.

Cheryl placed her hands on Sarah's back side and let her sit back on her face. It put Sarah into a good supported position while Cheryl began to suck on her clit all over again. Gary moved in next and slid his cock all the way into Sarah's pussy.

"It's a helluva view," came a muffled giggle from Cheryl, "but Gary's balls sit on my forehead."

We all laughed at that, and Gary began to slowly and deliberately pump Sarah's very wet pussy. He was making special effort to go as deep as he could while his wife sucked noisily below. In no more than five minutes, Sarah had a very loud orgasm from the "double" and eased off Cheryl to one side. Something happened with nothing but eye contact between Gary and Cheryl then. She took several deep breaths, nodded, and opened her mouth back up for Gary to slide his cock between her lips. He let her suck for a couple of minutes and then backed off to let his lady rest. Cheryl grinned as stretched as Gary took a seat on the bed with his cock softening.

What struck me about this scene was that it was completely unforced and un-performative. It happened very quickly (which was just fine) and very casually (which also seemed to be just fine) and everyone was happy. Contrast that with what you can see in porn and you'll understand why it actually seemed a bit strange. Here I was sitting around naked with three middle aged folks I really didn't really know well; we all just finished having sex; and nobody was the slightest bit self-conscious.

"That was... well... really kind of hot to watch," I admitted.

"Glad you enjoyed it," Sarah sighed. "It's a rare treat, but something we like."

"Most intense one of those I can remember was Gary banging my ass while Sara ate me out," Cheryl mused. "I'm not usually up for having my ass fucked, but that was a good night."

"That one was fun," Gary agreed. "What was the other guy's name?"

"Oh... I remember him," Cheryl giggled after a minute. "He went by 'Hard Whiskey'. It was some kind of bullshit made-up outlaw name. He couldn't have been more than 21. We laughed about it because his dick was really little like a shot glass."

"Lucky for you it was," Sarah laughed. "You blew him while we doubled you. He lasted all of two minutes, shot his load in your hair, and wandered off. Needless to say, he was not invited back."

"Yup," Gary explained. "There is proper etiquette to group stuff. You gotta know your people, you gotta know your boundaries, and you really gotta communicate well. Too much can go wrong if you don't have that -- everything from consent issues, to STDs, to pregnancies, to really jealous partners.

"I remember one old friend -- y'all remember old Fork -- losing his shit because he thought his old lady was getting it from another man when they had an agreement that she only played with other ladies. Turns out his old lady was in the toilet being booze sick, and the lady he mistook her for was the other man's wife with her hair having just been colored. It was a might tense there for a couple of minutes though." & act=details & poem_id=37250 & post_id=noID & user_id=22433

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