In Talks with Mamdouh Bayan: The Art of Being Original in Media

They say art is always subjective and that one can never pass a statement over an artistic piece

or creation of it being not ‘too good’. But, there definitely can be a discussion about how original

an artist’s work is. Because when it is not, the audience will automatically dislike the content and

the artist won’t get the recognition deserved otherwise.

Mamdouh Bayan doesn’t call himself an artist but he believes it is vital to be ‘original’ in the

media industry. With all this intense competition, the only ladder to success and fame in the

media and entertainment industry is to be creative and original.

Here is what Mamdouh Bayan thinks helps a media person being original in the media industry:

1) Believe in your thoughts and your work

It is very essential for a content creator or a media personality to have a firm belief and faith in

his or her work. The success of an idea starts from within and if there is no internal confidence,

it might result in the idea failing afterwards. Your confidence helps you succeed in the race of

being original.

2) Enrich your thoughts

In order to emerge as an original content creator, you must be consistent with research and

exploring the fields you are working in. No matter how much time it takes for you to conduct a

research, it is the only solid way to enrich your thoughts and shape them into an original idea or

a concept that you can execute.

3) Dedicate deserving time period to each project

A lot of content creators and artists do not dedicate enough time to the projects and

collaborations they are working for. This results in them losing their focus and falling short on

deadlines, leading to copying others’ ideas.

4) Invest more time into preparation

It goes without saying that a media person or an artist has to focus on the idea brainstorming

and planning before they start to work on the execution. One must understand the importance of

pre-event preparation to gauge the loopholes in the process and concept. This practice helps

the artists in making their own original content.

5) Try to be unique

This might come off as something self-explanatory but trying to be unique when it comes to

creating content and art that your audience can fall in love with and relate to is very important.

You simply cannot continue with following the same approach which people have already seen

on their screens.

So, the idea is simple. Focus on and believe in your own thoughts. Never let the lack of

confidence disturb your concept creation and execution processes.

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