Chapter 3: A Surprising Reaction

Mary breathlessly watched her dear father's ass push forward and start rocking farther and farther forward, thrusting his organ deeper and deeper into Margaret, the Jones's dusky housekeeper, and a personal friend of Mary's only a few years older than Mary herself. Margaret was making happy noises, so presumably she wasn't being hurt. In fact the process sounded very, very pleasurable based on Margaret's sighs, moans, and twitching legs. Mary felt very guilty watching her dear father procreate with her dear friend, but was helplessly transfixed by it.

In sympathy, Mary urgently set down her notepad and illuminated pen, grabbed her lean breast with one hand, and thrust two fingers deeply into her vagina. She immediately felt what must be a dim portion of the sensation Margaret sounded like she was feeling at the moment from her father's huge penis. Mary's body, of its own volition, rose up onto her knees, and her ass twitched uncontrollably as a never before known overload of pleasure swept her body. It was like being kicked and stomped by pleasure. Her breath hissed out of her unfortunately pretty loudly. No martial arts match had ever prepared her for the overwhelming walloping of this feeling.

She looked back through the keyhole to find her father thrusting forcefully into Margaret, who was making cooing noises, her legs shaking. Mary's fingers were still moving in her own vagina, and she felt another rush of overwhelming pleasure overtake her. This time her leg yanked against the handcuff. Accident? She was glad it was there. Would she really ever let her father breed her?

Her mind said adamantly no, but her shaking legs and ass and next wave of pleasure through her body suggested maybe. If he was the only man on Earth, she thought, then absolutely yes. But he was not the only man on Earth, she knew. This was dangerous. She must remedy this. She must retreat for now. She was far from being an impartial scientific observer anyway. She gathered her belongings and unlocked the handcuffs.

Just as she was about to retreat, she heard a loud grunt of pure satisfaction from her father through the door. Was this the moment of insemination? Her curiosity got the better of her, and she looked through the keyhole again and saw that the action had stopped. A moment later, her father rolled off of Margaret, and she could see an abundance of white fluid, undoubtedly human semen, pouring out of Margaret's little pink bulls eye.

Mary's knees shook and her legs grew weak at the sight of this. Like a poisoned dagger thrust into her brain, it came to her that her father could not actually impregnate her because of the operation, so there was no danger of inbreeding from accepting his penis and semen. She backed away from the keyhole like it was poison and crept quickly like a cat back to her own bedroom and shut and locked the door. She wondered whether she should handcuff herself to the bed. It seemed as though she was more in control now that she was away from the sights and sounds of her father's and Margaret's lovemaking.

Just to be sure, she climbed into bed and handcuffed her ankle to the bedpost. Then she slipped two fingers into her love hole again and pushed them in and out in the rhythm she had witnessed. After many more minutes and two more shaking waves of pleasure, her body calmed, and she finally could think about things other than what she had just witnessed.

Now that she had witnessed the act and had been so affected by it, she knew that she had to form a satisfactory situation as Margaret had where she was being bred on a regular basis. She was horrified at the thought of her father acting as her bull, however. She absolutely must find another. Yet, with another boy or man, for example, George Rush, who she liked very much, he was probably fertile, and she would soon be pregnant, which was also unacceptable. She had to attend Vassar and then become the first G-Woman. She would not have time in her life for babies. She had a moment of sadness, realizing that therefore, because of her intended arc of her life, she was to be the last of the Joneses.

When Mary arrived at the breakfast table the following morning, Margaret was sitting in her father's lap and they were kissing deeply. She collected her morning coffee and yogurt and sat quietly down at the table with them. They broke their kiss, and her father immediately repeated, "Hooliganism!"

"You shouldn't get so upset," Margaret said.

Mary was hoping they hadn't discovered that she had spied on them last night. She swallowed hard and asked, "What is so upsetting you, father?"

Mr. Jones answered, "It's your own high school mascot the Old Cock; it has been stolen from its moorings in front of the school."

"You mean that disgusting metal bird sculpture?" asked Mary, and added with double relief, "Good riddance."

"How can you say such a thing, Mary? Where is your school spirit? And have you forgotten that the old bird contains a time capsule from the year 1900? Your mother's high school class created it. A picture of your own dear mother is in there, preserved for the ages."

"I'm sorry, father, I'd forgotten," Mary said. "But all the kids always made fun of it as a terrible eyesore, and none of our sports teams ever liked being called 'The Fighting Cocks' or 'The Fighting Hens.' I remember our team names being met with derisive laughter on many an away game," she recalled with embarrassment.

"Well," said Mr. Jones, "be that as it may. More important for me to say to you this morning, my precious daughter, is that I'm sorry I tried to hide my relationship with Margaret from you."

"I understand," Mary replied immediately. "You were trying to protect me. You were trying to protect all of us. Luckily for you darling father, I was already on the job steering away all the eligible ladies in town from our doorstep!"

"I admit it without you having to spell it out, I was an idiot. Can you forgive me? Forgive Margaret?"

"You? There's nothing to forgive, really. If I wasn't good enough to know by my own means, I sure shouldn't have known. As for Margaret, she is fully innocent, being clearly under your spell." Mary continued in a more serious tone, "I need some advice, perhaps from both of you. Perhaps I could say you two have inspired me a little. Since I've now reached adulthood, I've a desire to go on a few dates and see what the romantic facet of life could offer me."

Mary's father answered her in all kindness and understanding, "Although I'm worried, because a young heart can be so easily broken, I knew this day was probably coming, and no doubt sooner than I would wish. On the other hand, I know you to be an extremely sensible girl, and I know you can well take care of yourself. You have my blessing. My only request is that you come to me for advice early and often in these matters."

"Of course, father, and thank you both. One area of immediate concern to me is, well... delicate."

"Many matters surrounding this aspect of life can be. Don't worry; you can be straight with your old dad. My daughter is teaching me the value of honesty, and I swear I'm learning it. Now what is it?"

"Although I doubt my research will extend this far without much further reflection and conversations with you both, I could see how matters could get out of hand with regard to these situations, specifically with regard to the risk of impregnation, and I was wondering if you had any actionable advice for me, since all my schooling taught me was, 'don't do anything,' which is not any kind of realistic course of action given any interest in the matter."

"My daughter, this is a very sensible concern, and so thoughtful and reasonable for you to ask. Luckily, there are many things you can do to protect yourself against such an eventuality, and just in case things escalate, you don't need to risk all. There are these wonderful things called condoms."


"Yes, they're like a little surgical glove for a man's, um, equipment. You roll it on, and although not perfect, if used properly, it is a very effective deterrent to pregnancy without being too invasive. Additionally, they also offer some protection against disease."

"How do I get some?"

"You could not, at least not without some damage to your reputation around town, but I can easily obtain some for you from the druggist without any fuss or comment. I'll do so today and give them to you this evening."

"Thank you so much, daddy. And thanks for your understanding."

"Anything for the little North Star of my life. So brilliant. So sensible."

"Now I'm off to the university library and will return in the evening." This was a standard and fairly frequent road trip for Mary, so they waved goodbye to her without comment as she walked towards the front hall. Margaret was still sitting in her father's lap. Mary didn't miss the smoldering look that passed between them just as she left the room. It was clear to her that the two of them would be missing their respective church services this Sunday morning.

As Mary climbed into the driver's seat of her powder blue Packard Custom Eight convertible for the two-hour trip to Madison, she chuckled at the cuteness of her father's and her friend's love affair. It was almost as if she was their mother now, and now that she was gone, those cute kids were going to play all over the house, no doubt.

(To be continued)

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