I turned and went into the groping room and was surprised it was way darker than I expected. I could barely see my hand as I held it out in front of myself.

As I move further into the room with my hands out in front of me, I bumped into a person, and immediately the person reached out and ran their hands over me. Going for my chest first and finding no boobs, the person moved away; this went on and on as I moved around the room. As I thought, the room had mostly horny men in it, but where was the female half of these men? No single men were allowed in on this night. One or two of the guys attempted to get their hand into my open fly; I was very horny but not that horny at the moment, so I moved away from them.

I moved around a bit more, and my hands felt another person in front of me. This person instantly started feeling around my body and ran their hands down to my crotch. When they felt the opening in my fly, their hand snaked inside and grabbed my cock. It was a small soft hand, and she pulled my cock out of my fly and started stroking it. I reached out and felt for her and found her breast. She was topless or at least had her shirt open to expose her large round breast. They felt amazing. Her nipples were hard as rocks, and I massaged them between my fingers, causing her to moan slightly.

As I continued to run my hands over her fantastic breast, she started stroking my now fully erect cock harder and faster.

She leaned into me and whispered, "you have a nice cock."

Then she let go of my hard-on and pushed me backward until my legs hit a couch or bench. She pushed me down onto the couch and felt around until she found my cock.

Reaching up to touch her, I realized she was standing in front of me now, bending over. With one hand, I fumbled around with her breast while running my other hand up her between her thighs. As I slid my hand up higher, I felt her part her legs, letting me know I was free to continue moving my hand higher.

Then I felt her lean down further into me and take my cock in her mouth. Oh, shit was my first thought. I didn't think things went this far in here. She was sucking my entire length down her throat.

It was one of the most erotic blow jobs I have ever had, having no idea who this woman was with my cock in her mouth. She was showing no signs of stopping either.

I pushed my hand further until I found her panty free pussy. She was soaking wet, and her pussy lips were fully engorged.

When my fingers found her clit, she grunted on my cock as she pushed her mouth down further, attempting to get my entire seven inch prick in her mouth.

I began rubbing her clit in slow rhythmic circles as she continued gobbling up my cock. As I thought to push a finger into her hot fuck hole, it crossed my mind, with her bent over like she is and her legs parted, if a guy attempted to enter her from behind, he would meet no resistance.

Sure enough, just as I thought that I felt the head of a cock start rubbing over her swollen cunt lips and against my fingers. I quickly pulled my hand out from between her legs, not wanting to cock block her new guest.

She didn't resist the cock at all, and it only encouraged her to suck my cock harder as he entered her pussy.

The entire situation was all very erotic, and before I knew it was blowing my load into this stranger's mouth. She took every drop and never pulled off. I eventually had to reach out and make her stop sucking me as she continued sucking my cock long after I had emptied my load down her throat.

Whoever was behind her was pounding her good and hard. It caused her face to get buried into my crotch every time he drove his cock home in her pussy. She loved every hard thrust into her cunt, and started to grunt and moaned very loudly from the pleasure she was enjoying from the fucking. Her grunting brought cheers and, eventually, applause from the others in the room when she screamed out her orgasm.

With her finally reaching an orgasm, I was able to extricate myself from the couch and zip up my pants.

I walked out of the groping booth to find Amy still standing in the corner. She was talking to a very attractive black couple. The man was tall and muscular about my height; the woman was slim with short dark hair. When she turned and smiled at me, I lost my breath. Even in the low light, I could see she was gorgeous. She looked to be in her early 30's, while the man looked like he was closer to Amy and my age.

As I walked up to them, I suddenly felt a little embarrassed about having been in the groping room.

I approached them, and I heard the beautiful black woman say to Amy, "Oh my, that guy is very handsome."

I turned to see who might be standing behind me and who she could be referring to.

I heard Amy say, "Yes he is, that's my husband. John come and meet this lovely couple. Lamar and Tanesha, this is my husband, John. He is the braver of us two, to venture into that room."

Amy reached out and grabbed my crotch right in front of this couple and said, "feels like you had a good time in there, babe."

Blushing somewhat, I said, "It was different, that's for sure."

Amy said, "John, you ok? How was it in there? This lovely couple is Lamar and Tanesha's, and it is their first time here. They have been keeping me company while I waited. Both of them are as skeptical about that booth as I am.

Tanesha said, "So, John, what's it like on the other side of the current?"

Stumbling over my words and staring at Tanesha, I said, "pretty much what I expected. Mostly guys were walking around looking for the odd lady that might be in there."

Tanesha looked at Lamar and said, "See Honey, I knew that is what it would be like there. Any woman that goes in there would probably get mauled."

Then while giggling, Tanesha said, "Not that, that is a bad thing, but it would be nice to know who's doing the mauling, and I doubt any woman is finding another woman in there."

Amy reached out and hugged Tanesha and said, "Oh, I like your thinking. You are not only gorgeous but smart, too, a lady after my own heart. Although it sounded like one lady in, there found someone to take care of her. She was moaning and screaming a porn start."

Tenesha said, "yeah, lucky girl, sounds like she was having a very good time with at least one person, if not more."

Amy looked at me with a questioning eye, and I knew she wanted to ask if I was involved with the screaming woman.

Before she could, Tanesha said, "You two are fun; I wish we didn't have to leave so soon; it would be fun to get to know you two better in one of these fun rooms. This is our first time doing anything like this; we aren't even sure what comes next, to be honest."

Amy then surprised me.

She said, "Are you two busy Saturday night? We are having a little dinner party with some vanilla friends; we would love it if you can attend."

Lamar said, "Saturday night? We didn't have any plans until just now."

Amy said, "Perfect, we live in the east bay."

Tanesha said, "So do we. We will be there. All of this is new to us, but you two are both very attractive, and from what I have learned, that's a good starting point, right?"

Lamar said, "Great, it's a date." He handed me a card with their cell number and said to text them the time and place.

Then he turned to Tanesha and said, "Let's go bitch, I am not paying for you to stand around and talk all night; you're $1500 a night."

Tanesha punched him in the arm and said, "This was our first time here, and we like to role play; tonight, I am a hooker, and Lamar picked me up at the bar. So, you know, we aren't married but have lived together for ten years now. I am not a hooker."

Then with a big smile on her face, Tanesha said, "none of you would have to pay. Especially you, John."

Blushing, Tanesha instantly turned to Amy and said, "Oh my goodness, I am so sorry for openly flirting with your husband like that."

Amy said, "No worries, sweetheart, as long as you don't mind me openly flirting and perhaps more with this handsome man."

Amy wrapped her arms around Lamar and planted an open mouth kiss on him.

Not wanting to be outdone, Tanesha attacked my willing mouth. Our lips touched, and her tongue entered my mouth for a long slow passionate kiss.

We broke off the kisses and hugged. My erection was back at full mast now. With the way Tanesha stood while we hugged, my hard cock got sandwiched firmly against one of her long slender legs.

She let out a little purr as she moved her leg back and forth across my cock.

Lamar and Amy hugged just as long, and when they broke off the hug, I could see Amy had gotten slightly flushed. She was obviously very attracted to Lamar.

Tanesha and Lamar said goodbye as they turned and left the groping room hallway.

All four of us were excited about seeing each other again Saturday night.

I looked at Amy, and she knew what I was going to ask.

"What, they are hot. Tanesha is gorgeous; I didn't think you mind getting to know her better? She certainly wants you." Amy said.

"Well, how are you going to introduce them to the Clemen's and Beaty's Saturday night?" I asked.

Just as Keith came out of the booth and said, "Introduce who?"

Changing the topic, Amy said, "Keith, did you find Amanda in there?"

He looked disappointed and I thought, I guess he didn't have the good fortune I had in the booth.

Keith asked, "Did Amanda come out yet?"

"Nope, all I bumped into was guys. I need to wash my hands, by the way. One of the guys put his extremely large thick cock in my hand. It had a head-on it like a giant mushroom. Totally freaked me out, so I left," Keith said.

"Don't be silly; it's ok to say you liked it a little bit Keith," Amy said.

Keith just blushed and said, "do you know, is there a bathroom up here?"

Amy said, "No idea."

I did think it was funny; he knew how big the guy's cock was and that it had a bit head on it, but I didn't say anything as just then Amanda came walking out of the booth.

She looked like she had been fucked long and hard. Her hair was a mess, and her skirt was all scrunched up in the back.

No one said anything about it, and I wondered if I imagined something in her appearance that wasn't there.

Amy said, "How was it, Amanda? Did you have fun?"

"It was interesting, I must say. I thought there would be a lot more people in there, but I barely ran into anybody," Amanda said, with a hint of disappointment in her voice.

Amanda hugged Keith and whispered something in his ear. Then she turned to us and said, "it is getting late; we should get home. Do they have a restroom here? I need to freshen up a bit."

As we walked down the stairs to the first floor and eventually out of the building, Amy said, "Amanda, we are having a small dinner party Saturday night; any chance you and Keith can attend? It is nothing fancy, just three other couples."

"We sure can; we have no plans. Do you have room for my sister? Shelly is staying with us for a couple of weeks while her kitchen gets remodeled. Her husband is out of town on business." Amanda asked.

Amy said, "sure, the more, the merrier. I am trying to think the last time I saw Shelly, gosh, has it really been since your wedding? What was she, 19? 20? Then?"

The two women walked hand in hand and talked a mile a minute about Amanda's sister Shelly and blah blah.

Keith held me back as the girls walked ahead.

"John, I need your advice," Keith said.

"Sure, what's up?" I said.

In a whisper, Keith said, "Amanda said she was disappointed that she and I bumped into each other so soon in the groping booth. She was looking forward to exploring on her own for a bit. Amanda said she was disappointed we spent the entire time in the back with her bent over the couch. She said it was super erotic having me fuck her from behind while she gave some stranger a blow job at the same time. She said I must have been just as horny as her because my cock was so hard and felt the biggest ever. She said it felt like the biggest load of cum I had ever put in her. Amanda said people cheered and applauded when she screamed out her climax and that she still had cum running down her thighs as we left the groping room."

I said, "So, what's wrong with that? She gave a stranger a blow job while you fucked her. Are you upset she sucked a stranger's cock?" My mind was spinning; it had to have been Amanda that blew me in the booth.

"John, I didn't fuck her or anybody in there tonight. I didn't even know there was a couch there, and no, it doesn't bother me that she had a stranger cock in her mouth, yet again," Keith said.

I didn't know what to say. I opened my mouth to say something, but Keith cut me off.

"Should I tell her it wasn't me? I mean, I don't care it wasn't. Amanda is just now beginning to realize she has a wild side, and we have been exploring some of her fantasies; just last weekend, we did something pretty wild, as a matter of fact. Amanda loves sucking cock, believe it or not, she blows me 4 or 5 times a week, but if I tell her she let some stranger cum inside her for the second time in less than a week, she might freak out." Keith said.

My entire opinion of Amanda had taken a complete 180-degree turn. This woman was wild, and Amy and I needed to find out just how wild she could get.

"That is quite the predicament, Keith; I don't have an answer for you. I will have to think about it. Let's talk about it Saturday night during dinner, ok?" I said.

"Talk about what?" Amanda said.











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