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My friend Tadeus, 19, thought it would be a good idea to be inside his garage, all day, fixing up his car, in what seemed like the hottest weather of our whole existence, almost like the sun was caressing your body.

And since I was his pal, he asked me to come and help him. He started out on a Monday morning, and since he was no specialist, and my help consisted in sitting around and talking to him, he was going to take his sweet time.

Tadeus's garage door was open at all times while we were there, but no breeze was able to disperse that kind of heat.

On the very first day, we realized we had to wear as little clothing as possible; that meant no shirt at first. But a few hours later, after I joked about taking off the rest, we did exactly that.

His house was a bit more far away from the rest, closer to the beach. We lived in a small coast town, and every one knew every one, except for a few tourists that would come from time to time. So some people who passed by and looked inside the garage and saw me and Tadeus wearing nothing but our underwear, they laughed and understood us completely.

We were all used to bathing in the sea, and showing off our bodies. So, there was nothing to warn me against the coming danger.

Close to midday, Tadeus was focused on some problem on the front wheel, and had to kneel to do I didn't know what. I was sitting on a bench a little back, in an angle that placed me exactly behind him, admiring his dedication while trying to distract him with some jests. His back was turned, glistening with sweat. I had always been a little jealous of his complexion. His tan made him look golden sometimes. He was one of those lucky people that would always take a bit of sun gracefully, while I was pale and, although I could get some good tan, I would usually get all red first.

Then, Tadeus bent over to look at something, and gave me a full view of his butt, the tight boxers letting show a bit of his tan line. I looked at him, not realizing at first what I was doing. My eyes rested on that plentiful ass and admired it, because for a moment there, it looked completely like a girl's ass. I should have made some joke, or just stopped looking. But I was amazed at the beautiful form of it. Then Tadeus reclined a bit, bringing his ass a little bit closer, and my cock got so hard, sending a jolt of pain through me, it took me out of the trance. I lost my erection quickly after the shock.

For a moment I couldn't believe myself, and laughed. Tadeus looked at me and asked me why I was laughing, but I couldn't say. We got into one of those silly fights when someone doesn't want to reveal a secret, but the other one keeps insisting. He gave up first, a little annoyed, but he changed the subject quickly. Only his flustered cheeks indicated that he might have known what I was laughing about. He didn't go back to his revealing position.

I wondered for a moment if he had done it on purpose and rejected the idea right away.

Tadeus's father, Mr. Linhares, showed up not long after that. He looked like his son, but fatter. His gruffy way made him only tolerable to most people, thankfully Tadeus took after his mom.

While Mr. Linhares judged his son's work, Tadeus came to sit beside me on the small bench, and he listened to his father's disapproving words, saying that he could have done this or that a little better. His voice was just white noise to me.

Then, Mr. Linhares looked at Tadeus and smiled, pointing to the silver necklace he was wearing. The fat man asked why he was still using it, when it had been given by his ex-girlfriend. He made fun of his own son.

I instantly noticed how Tadeus recoiled with shame and humiliation. He looked down at the little necklace around his neck and seemed to realize for the first time since his breakup that he was still wearing it. It had been given by the girl who broke his heart, the situation made worst by his shithole of a father.

When Mr. Linhares left, Tadeus took off the necklace and threw it on the trash.

He came back to his work, looking as gloomy as possible. I tried to cheer him up and slowly succeeded. But then I started talking about how I thought that his work was very well done when we both knew I was completely ignorant. He laughed, and I was glad that I was able to take him out of his sad state.

I remember clearly how he sat beside me again after a few moments, and told me he actually enjoyed the necklace because it looked good on him, but now he would not wear any ever again.

I came back the next day to keep him company. He was on his small shorts when I entered the dusty garage, but I took everything off apart from my underwear after a few minutes.

I was getting wet with sweat, so from my part, it had been an innocent choice at first.

I must admit I had been thinking about his ass, and I was planning to see it again, even if just to prove myself that I wasn't into it. I wasn't hoping, though, that he would offer me a view as generous as yesterday.

So I was surprised, pleasantly surprised, when he once again got on his knees, and bent over. His ass was still beautiful to look at, but on his shorts, I couldn't fully appreciate it. So I reminded him of the fact that his shorts were wet, it looked like he had peed all over himself. It seemed like a innocent jest that only could lead to me asking why he wasn't taking it off like before.

That's when he told me he wasn't wearing underwear. It felt much better to let his pack roam free.

I stared at his loose shorts for a while. I thought of Tadeus slipping his shorts down and showing me his bare ass, and once again my cock was quick to betray me. I mused about wether Tadeus was bending over on purpose, to please me. He didn't even look like he was doing anything. Suspicion arose in me.

Yet, it made no sense. Like yesterday, his father could come over at any moment, or a friend of theirs could come up - the garage was still open to be looked inside by anyone passing by. Still, there was something about Tadeus that gave me all the wrong signs. He knew exactly where I was, and he was kneeling there and pretending to be looking at whatever.

When Tadeus finally stood up, I knew I was right. He tried to hide, but his erection was showing through his shorts. And after Tadeus realized I saw it, he blushed hard and avoided eye contact. Actually, his eyes avoided me altogether, otherwise he would've noticed my own erection. We pushed away the awkwardness with our usual friendly banter, but poor Tadeus, his cock was so obviously hard on the shorts, it was becoming more and more useless to try and pretend there was nothing wrong.

We couldn't hold down our smiles.

I kind of embraced the little gayness. It was bound to be only a little play, right? I mean, I had done some things already with some other friends, like jerking off together. And it never made me gay.

I called Tadeus to look at me, and then I flashed him my cock while I smiled. But he still took it slowly, like he was shocked, but then he understood that I wasn't going to freak out on him. He grew a little braver and didn't try to hide his erection anymore.

We were both a little afraid. During that day, we managed some small touches while we pretended stealth.

I groped his ass first, giving it a little squeeze. He laughed it off, telling me to stop, but a while later he was grabbing my cock, and took way longer to let it go.

But we had to be careful too. He kept busy on his car, managing to hide his erection from both the outside and the door that gave to his house, in the possibility that his father might show up.

Mr. Linhares did not show up that day, but if he knew what his son had been doing, he probably would have. As the hours passed, Tadeus grew bolder, going so far as to rub his ass against my hard cock.

When I told him to not provoke me like that, he gave me a smirk that made my cock jolt.

It was fun. When the time came to go home, I was very disappointed to leave him. There was no weight against my consciousness to be doing something so reprehensible with my friend, and I only thought about returning the next day. I still thought that it was just innocent playfulness between two horny dudes.

I was eager to return on the morrow. On that day, I asked Tadeus to flash me a bit of his ass. It took a little convincing. He kept telling me that his father might show up, but I told him that it was supposed to be fast. I could see that he enjoyed making me beg. But he eventually did, in that kneeling position, protected from the outside view by the open door of his car. It was quick. His ass was white, so different from the rest of his skin, the contrast was amazing. And the best of it all was that I saw his tiny hole. I wanted to touch it so much. It was pink and wrinkled, still not entirely exposed.

It took only the first time for him to lose the inhibition. He kept provoking me with flashes of his ass throughout the day, smirking at me, and groping my cock. I was so filled with desire that, when he finally spread his butt-cheeks, exposing his hole, I almost cummed in my underwear.

I wanted to jerk off so badly.

Tadeus looked me in the eyes and totally saw it, how much I wanted to whip my cock out and beat it to exhaustion to his beautiful ass. He chuckled, the little shit.

By the next day, I complimented his body like we were actual lovers, like he was one of the girls I used to fuck, and he definitely enjoyed it. We were growing careless.

His father almost caught us once. But we managed to deal with it. When we heard the footsteps, we dressed up our shorts quickly and sat down on the floor, pretending we were just having a conversation.

His father was not stupid, but he was also a father... a father who looked at his son as an extension of himself and would never, never, if not given an obvious reason, suspect that their precious child enjoyed pleasing another man. I think that even if he had seen our erections, he would have assumed we were talking about some girls. It was easy to fool a father.

A few moments after he left us alone, Tadeus was so horny with the whole experience, he let me press a finger against his hole. I could see the pleasure in his eyes when later I told him how tight he was, and that I wanted to do it again. He talked back to me, calling me hung, and that I was so, so big. Bigger than him. That he was actually a bit ashamed. He knew how to drive me crazy just by stroking my cock ego.

I asked him if he would like to stroke me, and he nodded, quietly. We did it for a few minutes behind the car, ears alert for the chance of someone walking in from ahead or behind. I cummed on the floor, and he cleaned it up quickly.

As we realized that our thing was becoming more serious, we decided to find our own place... And I knew exactly where. We were both surfers, and we had plenty of beaches to choose from. Ours was a small town, and a bit of wandering off would take us to safety to practice our mischievousness.

So we set off very early in the next morning. We usually would be going with a few more friends, but that was not our intention that day.

I could only admire Tadeus in his wetsuit. I wondered if he knew how much better looking he was than me. Probably. He caught me looking and pushed me away slightly. I was ashamed of being caught in the act of appreciation.

He did not know it, couldn't know it, but I wasn't only checking him out with our usual horniness and playfulness, I was full on attracted to him. I wanted to touch every part of his body.

We found a place very far away and also a lucky rip tide to take us easily from the shore to the place where the best waves were. I did not want to spend much time surfing, though. So after we had a bit of fun on the boards, I asked him if he wanted to rest a bit below the trees. The asshole smirked at me as if he knew my thoughts exactly.

As we were walking away from the water, he was already removing his wetsuit, and I knew he would probably go home today with a darker skin.

I placed a very possessive hand on his ass as we walked, and was glad that he didn't even flinch.

We sat down in the shade, and the best part of the day begun.

Soon, Tadeus had his hand wrapped around my cock, he rubbed his fingers all over it, thumb over the head, and going all the way to my balls, and then he took his hand up to his nose. He sniffed the smell on his fingers, even closing his eyes, as if the smell was actually pretty good.

While his hand was stroking me, I was kind of turned into this very amiable creature. I started to speak very closely to his ear while he jerked me off. I was only testing if he was going to avoid my face if I got too close. He didn't. I kissed his ear, once, then twice, and bit his earlobe.

When he looked at me, I stole a kiss from his lips. A quick one. He smiled, and as I came closer again, he opened his mouth and kissed me back, and a few minutes later, I could pretty much say that kiss had been the best one of my entire life. It tasted salty like the sea.

After the kiss, Tadeus seemed determined to blow me. And I watched a bit of insecurity in his eyes as he knelt in front of me and lowered his face very close to my cock. I realized that the head of my cock was the same color as his asshole. But then Tadeus's lips brushed it slightly and I forgot all about it. I thought it was sweet how he was only giving my cock small kisses, and told him that he didn't have to do it.

My words only seemed to make him more decided. He wasn't used to sucking, so he only sucked on the bulbous head. But that he did very well. Neither of us were ready for the intense pleasure, so I cummed rather quickly, managing to warn him before shooting my cream all over myself. He told me then that he had cummed too, while sucking me.

I wanted to suck him too, but instead of his cock, I made him lay face down. As I groped and squeezed his butt, Tadeus got into position, and pushed himself against my face. I ate his ass until my cock as hard again, and then I kept eating him out until I cummed a second time.

The noises he had made told me he had enjoyed it as much as I did. Apart from my tongue, I had also pushed my nose many times against his tight hole, and felt it blink at me, daring me. I liked the feeling of owning that ass, and had asked him to blink at my command... the fact that he obeyed only tortured me more.

The look he gave me later was as clear as if he had said it aloud, 'we are crazy, man, but I don't care'.

I kept waiting for the end, for being done, for the phase to be over, for Tadeus to stop coming to the beach with me. We had tasted each other's cock in every way that we could in those first days, and it only kept getting better. The feeling of Tadeus's cum inside of my mouth was intoxicating. Even his balls I was sucking, and he loved to suck mine too.

But after the sex came the hugging and kissing, which was becoming a very favorite part of my day.

I enjoyed every bit of him, his wild tongue, the smell of his hair, the warmth of his neck. Every day, when we were apart, I would think about him in a loving way, no more friendship, only a desire to meet again and to be close. Every day I felt more vulnerable because of that.

I felt a little weak even looking at him when there were people around us and I couldn't touch him.

A few weeks after that first day in the beach, I was faced with my first real challenge. My parents.

I was dining with them, when my dad suddenly asked if I knew about the things people were saying about Tadeus. I mentioned that the city was small. We all knew each other. Ours parents seemed to have a net of their own.

I shook my head, and my mother explained that Tadeus's ex sweetheart had drank too much in a party, and her parents had caught her with two young men at once.

She had also gone around saying the reason she broke up with Tadeus was because he was - here she hesitated, then - he was a homosexual.

My parents told me this and didn't realize how I froze in that moment... At first they were attributing the rumors to jealousy and regret, because the girl started to deny everything the next day - hopefully after being scolded for her shame, although her reputation as a slut would be hard to scrub off - but then the conversation turned to how weird Tadeus had always been, and how his quiet ways could only be interpreted as him having something to hide. I listened without saying anything, hoping that they would just change the subject and forget about it.

Then my father turned to me and told me I should probably stop going to the beach with Tadeus. He never thought to assume I was homo too, you know. But I nodded to him, completely afraid that he would read my mind.

And I instantly felt the pang of regret and shame for being such a coward. I realized then that betraying Tadeus in that way would be worse than risking my parent's judgment.

I told them that I would not stop seeing my friend, and that they should stop listening to drunk stupid girls.

I wasn't quite ready to admit anything, but I would not deny Tadeus. But when I called him later to ask him if things were okay, he told me he wouldn't go surfing tomorrow, and I could hear his almost too neutral voice, and was sure of his forcing himself to sound natural, to sound okay, as if I wouldn't be able to notice. And here, our intimacy failed, because I could only be his usual bro, not being able to open up with him and to actually help.

I told him that I was going anyway. I needed to think about some things. It would be nice to have some time to myself.

And on the morning, I set off by myself. On the way, I saw something inside a store that sparked my interest. It made me think of Tadeus, and for some reason I wanted to give it to him. When I stepped out of the store, he called me to tell me I should not be going alone.

It was too dangerous to surf by myself, he knew I enjoyed taking some risks. He was going to go with me after all.

My spirits were lifted, and his seemed fine too at first. But when we set off side by side, he didn't have the same upward energy.

I could only wonder about his hurt, because I never doubted that his love for his ex had been real. Maybe he had done something to cause her to suspect, but you know, bisexual people do exist.

I was sure something was wrong when we sat down by our usual trees, and he didn't instantly jumped on me.

I was the one to start kissing him, saying nice things to comfort him. After a while, he did smile, and he did kiss me back. Some strange tourist couple managed to walk far enough to reach us, but we didn't care and kissed a few more times, even if we were sure they could see us.

He started talking. It felt so nice to have him open up to me. I stared at him right in the eyes as he spoke. He felt betrayed and also guilty. He didn't think he had done anything to be called that word by his ex - my parents had not used the word she had used - , but was also a bit afraid that maybe he had, because...

He turned to me again, and kissed me slowly, but hungrily.

He didn't have to say anything else.

We were sitting with our legs all tangled, and he was caressing my arm and belly, kissing my shoulder.

It felt good. He was really mine.

I took out the little black box from my bag, and before I could give it to him, I hesitated, because just then I realized it - the gift might have seemed like a cute idea, but it could also be the worst thing in the world to give him now.

Too late. He grabbed the box and opened it. His lips started to tremble as he took out the small silver necklace with a small surfboard pendant. I was about to apologize when he smiled at me, and only then I could breathe again.á_chegando & pageUrl=1

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