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I'm standing at the kitchen sink, washing the dishes, looking out of the window at the lawn, the vegetable patch, the path leading up to the shed at the far end of the garden.

I hear the kitchen door open behind me and Peter walk in. I know what he's going to do.

I don't turn around. I look out of the window. He stands next to me, puts his hand around my waist and leans into me. He puts his head next to mine to see out of the kitchen window where I'm looking.

He squeezes my waist and moves his hand down onto my bottom. He squeezes my bum, strokes me beneath my skirt.

He nibbles my ear, whispers: "Where is he?"

He pulls the back of my skirt up and slides his hand in underneath my skirt and inside my knickers. He rubs his hands on my bare skin. He squeezes and grips and pulls apart my arse cheeks, fingering my arsehole and reaching until his fingertips find my cunt and slide into me a little.

I let out a moan, quietly and I shuffle to accommodate his hand, pushing my bum back, out, apart to let him in. I want his fingers inside me. He rubs his lips against my neck.

"Where is he now?"

This time I answer him: "He's in the shed. Be quick."

I keep my eyes on the door of the shed as Pete pulls my cardigan, my vest top and bra straps off my shoulders, undoes my bra and pulls my tits free.

I lean forward as he stands behind me and takes my breasts, one in each hand, I can feel their size and weight in his hands.

"Quick Peter. Stop mucking about with my tits. We haven't got time. Hurry up and get it in me."

He moves his hands, lets go and my tits drop down swinging over the sink of hot water.

I keep my eyes on the shed door as he steps back, lifts my skirt up above my waist and pulls my knickers down. I let them drop down my legs, shuffle them off one foot and move my legs apart and my bottom backwards and up.

My boobs swing forward and skim the surface of the warm sink water.

I feel Peter's hands leave me for a moment as he unzips his trousers and manages his erect dick out of his pants.

I feel the head of his cock between my buttocks and then his hands grip my elbows roughly, pulling my shoulders back, making my tits swing forward, my head back and back arched and then his cock is inside me.

I keep my eyes on the shed door as he drives into my cunt from behind, pulling my arms back, my tits swinging with his strokes.

I keep my eyes on the shed at the end of the garden as my lips part to moan "Oh god Yes, that's good."

I have to make an effort to keep my eyes open as I feel an orgasm already building as he fills me and fucks me harder banging slapping against my buttocks pressed against the sink.

I keep my eyes on the shed door as Pete drives into me faster and I hear myself whimper.

There's no way Ed hear will hear us from the shed with the kitchen windows closed so I let myself go and begin to moan louder as my orgasm builds.

I keep my eyes on the shed door as Pete fucks me from behind at the kitchen sink.

I keep my eyes open looking out so that Ed won't catch us again.

I feel Pete's cock inside me and I see the door of the shed open and Ed come out carrying a spade and a garden fork and walking surprisingly quickly down the garden path.

I am about to cum, I need to cum and I must cum before Ed gets here.

My voice shudders as I shout to Pete: "Quickly, quickly he's coming look" But instead Pete only moves more slowly and pulls out of me a bit, teasing me, delaying his own orgasm.

He laughs "Oh no. Not yet, not yet mum, he's miles away."

I see Ed looking straight at me as if he can see my face and my swinging boobs through the kitchen window: as if he can see what we're doing.

Then he stops and turns round to look across the garden fence. I see him say something and wave at Colin and Jan next door in their garden. I see him walk to the fence.

They start to talk and Pete thrusts his cock really deep into me and begins to fuck me hard again, harder. I feel my body tremble and I moan loudly as I begin to cum. He fucks me harder and faster.

He pushes me forward and my tits swing forward against the window pane with a soft splat.

They make marks in the condensation. You could see that from outside, from the garden, but I don't care.

I moan louder as my orgasm crashes into me, through my body and my legs,

Pete yells that he's cumming, starts shouting, calling me names, shouting that he's fucking me with his big cock. I join in. Oh yes I'm his slut fuck me fuck me and he can fuck me with his big cock.

The sink unit shakes. A plate falls from the draining board and smashes on the kitchen floor with a loud crash.

I see Ed and Jan and Colin suddenly stop talking and the three of them look towards the house, towards the kitchen. They exchange quizzical looks.

Ed picks up the spade and fork and walks quickly toward the house, almost running.

Pete thrusts inside me, grunts as he cums and I feel him discharge his semen inside my cunt.

Ed is at the side of the house now where I can't see him, almost by the door. Pete pulls out of my cunt with a plop and he's gone.

I hear the door to the garden open and a garden spade and fork drop to the floor of the hallway.

I quickly pull up the front of my cardigan to hide my boobs, pull the back of my skirt back down over my bum and pull my knickers up.

It would be quicker to kick them off and under the unit but Ed will check to see if I'm wearing knickers.

I can feel Pete's cum dribble down my thigh. I squat down and start picking up the pieces of broken plate my hands trembling, panting, my breath still fast.

My face is red. My tender hard nipples rub against the rough wool of my cardigan. My tits are lower than they would be if they were in my bra. My bra strap is still undone. Ed's bound to notice.

These are the things he looks for. I'm kneeling on the kitchen floor holding pieces of broken china plate when Ed steps into the kitchen.

"What happened? Why did you break that plate? Where's Peter?"

"Sorry. I don't know. It slipped out of my hands. I don't know where he is. Watching telly still or doing his homework probably. I haven't seen him since you went out into the garden"

I smile to myself; at least that was true. I hadn't taken my eyes off the shed while Peter fucked me.

Ed storms out of the kitchen. I hear the door to the lounge open and I hear their muffled voices.

I stand up and put my tits back in my bra, fasten the clip at the back, pull the straps onto my shoulders adjust my vest, cardigan, knickers, my skirt.

I put the pieces of broken plate into the kitchen bin. I wash the pieces of cutlery left at the bottom of the sink. I dry my hands on a tea towel and I feel more of Pete's cum leak out of my cunt and become cold and wet down the inside of my thigh.

I feel it trickling down my legs inside my knees below the hem of my skirt. Ed might see it there. It feels good. Makes me think of the feel of Pete's cock inside me.

I think of us fucking while Ed was in the garden talking with our neighbours. I lift the front of my skirt up, part my legs and insert 3 fingers inside my cunt.

I am very wet. I rub myself for a moment. I hear Ed's feet outside. I move my hand to my face, smell my fingers then wipe them on my skirt quickly as Ed walks back into the kitchen. I smile at him.

"Okay Ed?"

"I don't know Mary, is everything okay?"

"Yes. It is. Of course it is." I smile at him: "Do you want me to bring you a cup of tea in the living room?"

"Okay. Yes. Thank you. I'm going to watch the news."

He turns to go. I want him to go. But I keep him from leaving the room, speaking to him. Perhaps it'll make him less suspicious.

I feel more of Pete's cum dribble out of my cunt. Perhaps I want Ed to look at me while Peter's semen dribbles out of me.

"How are Jan and Colin? I saw you talking to them in the garden."

"You were watching me in the garden were you? From the kitchen window? Okay. Why? Why were you watching me? Why didn't you come out?"

"I was washing the dishes Ed."

He looks at me as if deciding whether to believe me.

"For fucks sake Ed I was just washing the dishes."

I can feel Pete's cum leaking out of my pussy into my knickers. I can feel it drying on the inside of my thighs. I turn away and pull the plug out of the kitchen sink. I wipe my hands on a tea towel. I hear Ed close the kitchen door behind him as he leaves the room...


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