After cleaning all day and running errands, I felt sweaty and dirty. I grabbed my robe and went into the shower. After getting the water started, I began undressing. I looked up to see you standing in the doorway in your boxers. I jumped a little, not expecting you there. Instinctively I covered myself and then immediately giggled. You looked at me and smiled. looked at me with a little sparkle in your eyes and said, "I want to watch you shower." I was a little taken aback by this request. My first instinct was to laugh and say no, but I can't resist you. I blushed and simply said, "Ok." After I finished undressing, I walked over to the shower with you following behind me, a chair in hand. As I stepped into the shower, you positioned yourself front and center to watch. As I reached for the soap and loofah, you said, "Use your hands, not the loofah." I paused for a moment, then poured some soap in my hands and began rubbing my body down.

Sitting there, you began admiring my body. All the things I hated about it you loved. The curves, the thickness in all the right places. As you watched my hands glide over my body, you felt yourself getting hard. You desperately wanted to get in that shower with me, touch me, taste me; but you were enjoying watching me as well. It was an internal struggle you were fighting. You weren't sure how much longer you could last before needing to feel me. Skin to skin.

I glanced over at you; your bulge very evident through your boxers. This excited me, smiling to myself I decided to slow down, kinda put on a little show. Slowly rubbing my hands over my breasts and nipples. My fingertips messaging my nipples, making them nice and hard. The sensation made me begin to softly moan. I caught you out of the corner of my eye, you sat there, a look of intensity licking your lips. I could feel your desire build and it made me smile. Working my hands over my stomach, around to my butt. I turned around so you could see as I rubbed, pulled and jiggled my cheeks for you. My legs spread apart, I bent over to wash my legs as you watched me spread, catching glimpses.

As I worked my way up my thighs, I slowly turned back to you. Soap clinging to my naked body, my hands began working over my thighs. My fingertips grazing in the middle, I slowly slip my hand and fingers over my clit. My eyes closed and I began moaning. You stood, dropping your boxers to the floor and joined me in the shower. You began kissing me, hard, deep kisses that made my body tingle. You moved my hand out of the way as you took over. My body immediately broke out in chills from your touch. My moans getting louder, you guided me under the water. The warmth of the water matching the warmth rising inside me.

You pulled away, sucking my lower lip. Suddenly your mouth on my neck, I felt your teeth lightly nibbling. You worked your way over my collar bone, across my chest. I lifted my breasts up for you and as you took my hard nipple into your mouth, you slide a finger inside me. Unconsciously, my hips began to grind slightly. I began to feel drunk, making it difficult to stand. You slid another finger inside me, your thumb working my clit and my hips grinded a little faster.

I could feel the tingle begin in my toes. My moans echoing in the shower as you worked me faster and harder. Suckling at my nipples. I began moaning, uncontrollably. With your free arm, you steadied me against the wall. As I climaxed, the explosion of warmth spreading through my body, my moans uncontrollable You lifted my leg and slid your cock inside me. Feeling you stretch me seem to intensify my orgasm. My hands gripping your biceps, my nails digging into your skin. I heard you mumble in a growl, "Fuck, you feel incredible."

You could've exploded right then, but it was too soon. You needed to enjoy me. The feeling of my warmth surrounding you. Feeling the tightness engulf you. You buried your face into my neck and grabbed my hip, pulling me to you as you thrusted deeper. I grabbed your face and kissed you. My hips grinding. Our bodies dancing in harmony. My head fell back, my back arching, you loved what you did to me. "Look at me", you whispered.

I lifted my head and looked deep into your eyes. For a moment, you just looked at me. Finally, in a raspy voice you said, "I fucking love you." As I pulled you in, you lifted my other leg, pinning me to the wall. Long, fast, hard strokes. I clung to you. My nails digging into your back, I felt you throb inside me. You kissed me again, never breaking eye contact, you pulled back and with a loud moan, you exploded inside me. & uid=769140 & do=profile

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