***This may or may not be a semi-true story***

Joseph slid into the dark theater for the third time that month. He moved into an empty seat in front of the big screen, nervous and excited as he always was when he came in here. The darkness was deep with the only light coming from directly in front of him. There was an overly made up Latino taking dick up her ass by some overly buffed white guy. The background was whimsical but cheesy, making the flick look comical. Joseph sat for a few minutes, letting his eyes adjust to the dimly lighted area. He glanced to his right saw a couple of other patrons sitting in front and behind him further down the rows. They seemed to be enjoying the show. Although he didn't look, Joseph could tell that someone was behind and to the left of him.

He watched more of the scene, trying to come to terms with the feeling of fear he was experiencing. The first time he came here, Joseph just sat in these seats and watched a couple of the main features on the big screen. When he visited the second time, he discovered the booths and the gloryholes. The show he received when he peeked into one shocked him, but after the initial shock, he was so turned on he jacked off in his stall. He saw one guy giving head to another guy. Just thinking about a live show turned him on. And when the receiver stiffened and the giver swallowed, Joseph messed up the wall.

A bulge was growing in his pants now, so Joseph stood and headed to the stalls. There was a small gathering of guys lined up along the walls. No one talked to each other. Most just watched him pass; some with smiles. Joseph checked a few doors, but they were locked. He went to a door that was somewhat in the middle of the row and found it open. The movie playing had one of his favorite porn actresses on the screen giving head to some guy with a big dick, so he locked the door and sat down on the bench to watch.

The scene was good, but his curiosity got the best of him and he found himself bending down and looking through the hole on the left wall. He could see a guy sitting down and watching a movie. The guy was fat and greasy looking, so Joseph moved away. He moved to the second hole and peered through and saw an eye looking back at him. He was started, so he quickly moved to his seat and focused on the movie.

After a few moments, he heard a "Psst." Another one followed and Joseph couldn't help but to look at the hole. He was beckoned to again and he moved over. In a low whisper, a voice called out, "Can I suck your dick?" Joseph moved back a step. "Please don't go! Can I just see it?" The voice begged. At that instant Joseph got rock hard. The thought of getting blown by a stranger he wouldn't see was a captivating feeling. Before he knew what he was doing, he had unzipped his jeans and moved his dick to the hole. Joseph could hear the voice sighing with anticipation. Slowly fear started creeping into Joseph, so before he let it change his mind, he stuck his dick through the hole.

Warm lips kissed the head of his hard dick, and then the lips parted and engulfed him. Joseph could feel the warm, wet mouth wrap around his dick. Without the face to go with it, the sensation was very different and very erotic. The wet mouth felt like a custom fitted cunt that did all the work for him. The mouth slowly moved back and forth, and Joseph could feel the tongue working the bottom of his shaft. The feeling and the experience was too much to handle for Joseph and his body tensed. He started to pull back, but the mouth tightened firmly, but not painfully. Joseph couldn't hold it any longer and released his load. He came for what felt like hours. As his dick fell limp, shame replaced eroticism. Joseph quickly gathered his member in and zipped up. He hurried out of the theater and rushed home.

For two days, Joseph's experience replayed in his mind. Sometimes the experience brought forth shame, but most of the time it conjured up arousal. He'd figured it was because he had been to busy to date after his breakup with Monica. What was it, four months? He decided to go out on a date.

When he got home, he called some of his old numbers, but most were either committed or busy. Frustrated, Joseph decided to go to a local spot. He drove aimlessly, reviewing his social life. Without even realizing it, Joseph found himself in the parking lot of the theater. Giving up the night, Joseph went in.

When he made his way to the theater, he sat in the same seat he did on his previous trip. The place had quite a few more patrons this night. He looked to his right, where a guy was giving another guy head in front of everyone! This took Joseph aback, and he almost left. But after the initial shock, Joseph watched the show. The giver looked like he was good, setting a nice pace. The guy receiving had his head aimed at the ceiling, and although Joseph couldn't see, he was sure the guy's eyes were closed. Joseph watched for many minutes, and then he saw the telltale sign. The receiver's body stiffed and jerked. Moments later, the giver got up while the receiver fixed his pants. As the giver passed Joseph, he asked, "You want a turn sexy?"

"Maybe later." Joseph replied. The guy then eased past and disappeared into the back.

Joseph got up and went into the back also. Almost all of the booths were locked, but he finally found one near the rear. He went inside and went straight to the hole. When he looked in, the booth was empty. He decided to wait a few moments and watched the movie on the little 13 inch.

For the first time Joseph saw a shemale. A pretty, Spanish-looking woman was plowing a dick into some guy from behind. After only a few minutes, Joseph was in love with the idea. The shemale pulled out and squirted cum all over the guy's back. Joseph's dick was so hard he thought it would break in his pants. He quickly unzipped them and let his dick free.

Soon, he heard a "psst..." from the hole near the little television. He was so turned on; there was no hesitation on his part this time. He stuck his dick through the hole and heard someone gasp with pleasure. Then he felt a hot mouth engulf his member. The mouth was no novice, but because of the sexy sight of another shemale getting head from some Spanish guy, Joseph was in constant arousal. After many minutes of getting pleased by the mystery mouth, it left. Then came a familiar, but unexpected feel. The mystery person had put a condom on Joseph's dick.

Joseph was nervous, but that emotion was dwarfed by the utter arousal he was experiencing. Who knew that sex with a faceless stranger could be so exciting! He felt a tight hole hit the tip of his dick, and then the hole slowly slid over him. He could feel the light coat of lube and then the hole stopped advancing. Although he couldn't see it, Joseph knew that he was deep inside someone's ass. He held still as the ass bucked back and forth for what seemed like hours but was actually minutes. Then the ass stopped and was gone.

Joseph felt the condom being pulled from his still hard dick and the mouth returned. While before the mouth was controlled and slow, it now sucked with reckless abandon. Soon Joseph felt that build up. He tried with all his will to resist, but the wet mouth moving along his shaft felt too good. Cum erupted from him, and the mouth took his entire shaft that was in the hole. He could hear slurps and gurgles as semen flowed from him like a river. When the blast finally subsided the mouth released his soft dick and he pulled it back into his pants. Joseph exited the booth and went home with a smile.

Joseph frequented the theater several more times over the next few weeks. With each trip, he became more addicted to the secretive, taboo activities. He didn't become gay; he wasn't attracted to men or wanted to date, but he did become more open to alternative forms of sex. He watched transsexual porn, craving heavily for an experience with a shemale, as he also watched bondage-type movies. On one trip to the theater, Joseph went straight to the booths, bypassing the large theater altogether. He sat with his pants down and waited patiently as he watched a film on oral sex. It was a montage of different scenes, with women sucking men, men licking women, men sucking men, and women sucking women. There was one scene where a woman was giving head to a dog. That scene made Joseph laugh. Sometime during the movie (the scenes were all short), he heard a door open. He looked through, and although he couldn't see a face, he saw a body. It was a fat, badly shaped guy. Joseph saw the guy bend toward the hole and he stood up. When the "psst" came and fingers slid through the hole, Joseph immediately slid his hard dick through the slot. The guy went to town, sucking and slurping as if he was in competition. Joseph, wanting to cum quickly, looked at the movie and when a scene of a woman licking a woman from behind came on, Joseph shot his load. He then pulled his dick out, cleaned it off with baby wipes, and waited for the next guy to come in.

He waited and was sucked twice more before he saw what he was waiting for. A slim-bodied brother entered the next booth. Joseph inadvertently smiled. He watched the guy sit down on the bench and rub his bulge though his jeans. After steeling his resolve, Joseph was the one going "psst." He stuck his fingers through the hole a few times, feeling nervous about this first experience. Joseph didn't look, but waggled his fingers a few times. He soon felt a smooth, round head touch his fingers. Moving his hand, he watched the penis slide though the hole.

Joseph's heart skipped a beat. Closing his eyes, he kissed the tip of the head and then put his lips around the head of the strange cock. It felt smooth and tasted of body wash. More of the cock came through the hole and Joseph just slid his mouth as far as he could over it. Then he moved his head back and forth over the dick. It was an easy adjustment, and soon Joseph was bobbing quickly over the cock, letting himself go. He felt the guy's dick jerk and quickly removed his mouth. He watched as white cum oozed from the head like a water hose. He grabbed the shaft and rubbed cum over it and the head. The sight made his dick hard and he started jerking off as he milked cum from the stranger. As soon as he let go, the stranger stuck his hands in the hole, and Joseph, horny as Hades, quickly obliged. Since he was already on edge, it took only a few minutes before the stranger was draining the semen from his balls.

Joseph cleaned himself off and left. His mind was a jumble of thoughts, his body a plethora of emotions. One thing was sure; he had fallen completely into a realm of taboo. He didn't know what the next days held for him, and that was the best part of it all.











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