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Man, I just love living in the Modern Age. Technology is such a wonderful thing -- and so sexy too! Here I am, all frillied up for my lady, kneeling before her with her collar around my throat, with her hand on the back of my head pressing my face into her beautiful, beautiful pussy, and with my tongue working all over that gorgeous clit of hers as I try to coax it into becoming a cock. Yes, it is true that if you lick it hard enough and lick a clit well enough it can become a cock. At least in this day and age -- the Modern Age. The age of high tech body mods. Damn, I love high tech!

Back in the 90's I don't think anyone was even dreaming of stuff like this when they first announced that Human Genome project. The so called "map" it initially produced of the human genetic code wasn't really worth much, at first. I mean, yeah, it was a "map," of sorts. Kinda like saying some image which shows the shape of the continents is a "map." That's nice, and it was a great improvement over what they had before but it really didn't do much if what you needed to do was find your way across town. It took a while for them to map things down to that level.

It didn't take that long though, not with all the money the pharmaceutical companies were throwing their way. First came the mapping, next came the understanding of what each mapped bit, and then came the chemical compounds designed to affect the things those bits did. That was nice for medical treatments but the real changes started happening only after they figured ways to not just identify what particular genes did but to also be able to alter them to suit. That took longer too.

Once they'd figured out how to make effective nanomachines is when things moved beyond just creating new drugs to fight diseases to actually altering a person's genetic structure such that disease was no longer possible. From there it was correcting physical problems and from there it was altering a person, physically, to suit.

Yeah, boob jobs changed for good at that point. No more need for silicon or saline or even "implants" at all. At that point a lady (or a guy!) simply specified what size, shape, look, color, texture, heft, sensitivity, and even functionality (Got Milk?) she wanted. Guys started in on that action in no time and there soon followed a wave of the first "bams" (slang for body modifications i.e. BM's of "bammers") and those quickly got out of hand -- literally! Hell, some ladies got themselves tits that were unbelievably huge! Giant "jug size" (no mere "cup" rating would do justice to these things) tits that yielded gallons of milk a day. And guys started having horse sized cocks --literally.

But, like all fads -- even body modification -- things changed. Bammers went from getting huge and garish mods to getting ever more subtle and discrete ones. Oh sure, there are still some bammers who go for the big stuff. Some do it because that's what they've always fantasized about being and they're willing to put up having to have extra muscles added and a reconfigured lower spinal column to support having beach ball sized titties. Some folks, the ones with real money to burn, go through mods like that as part of a ritual thing.

They get into the bammer lifestyle and want to try it all. Big tits, big cocks, prehensile pussies, you name it. They'll try a bit of this or a bit of that and move on. Some keep on changing simply change's sake. Hell, some folks I know have gotten into changing their genders as an annual thing! Some even are getting into animal mods. That's a bit extreme for my tastes and it's also expensive as all hell because it's so new. And risky.

But for most bammers these days, keeping things subtle is now the thing. The bams we go for aren't obvious to the naked eye and we like it that way. A bit of surprise and mystery is good for the soul, no? That brings me back to my lady, Jenna, here. She'd done a little bamming before we met. Just the usual stuff, filled out her tits a bit, fixed that little bit of scoliosis, and had her jaw realigned to end that TMJ that was starting to nag her. After we'd palled around a bit though, she wanted more. She was a kinky fuck, like me, and it all started with strap-on play.

Jenna, my love, took to that like a duck to water. She found that she truly loved throwing a good fuck. Almost as much as she like to be thrown one herself. She was pretty dominant (and a pretty dominant too!) and being the one to pound away like that fit her to a "T." But she soon realized that no matter how good the strap-on was it wasn't the same thing as having a real, live cock of her own to do the fucking with. And in this age, that's no small statement.

I mean, I've seen what strap-ons used to be like. They were simply these thick plastic rods held in place by these straps which went around a woman's body (hence the term "strap ons" -- get it?) I've been fucked by one or two of those old things and it really wasn't nearly as much fun as today's strap-ons. What with their neural interface, pseudo skin with its sensitivity receptor matrix, and nanite skin glue, strap-ons of today can be very, very difficult to tell apart from the real thing! Especially for the woman who wears one. But even with all that, there's still no substitute for having a cock of your own. As a guy, I can attest to this!

So, after a few months of fucking my lights out with a series of strap-ons - some of which I really, really liked - we decided that it really would be better if she had her own cock to fuck me with. So, off we went on dick shopping. These days there are plenty of clinics that are offering these things. As usual, the differences come down to the quality of the product and its workmanship. We finally found a place that offered what we both wanted and that's the one we chose.

She had a full medical workup over there and they took a bunch of samples with which they'd build the cock of our dreams. She knew their taking all those little biopsies wouldn't actually hurt but you still can't help but cringe a bit when a doc is coming at you with a big needle thing to stick in you. True enough, she didn't feel any of it and we couldn't, for the life of us, find any marks on her where they'd stuck. We sure did enjoy my searching for those marks though!

A couple of days later we went back to the clinic and she was fitted with a "cock simulator." Getting a cock of her own was a complex thing and the particular model we'd chosen was one of the more involved ones to operate. You see, Jenna is a lady and likes that. So do I. So, she wanted a cock that only came out to play when she wanted it to. She's tried spending a few days with one of those ultra-realistic strap-ons that fully duplicated having a real cock and balls hanging between your legs. She didn't like that. Oh, it was fun fucking with it and she enjoyed some of the sensations that came with having her own "package" but it got in the way too much for her tastes. She also didn't like how it made her dresses fit and all. So, no package for my lady.

Instead, she wanted a "retractable cock." That's where things got complicated. This was pretty high end stuff here. Top of the line. Jenna's cock would be a living, throbbing demonstration of just how advanced the state of the bammer art had become. They based it off of her own clit.

The reason the process was taking so long, and was so involved, was because they needed to duplicate that clit -- in all its beauty -- and still have all the rest of the stuff behind it. You see, they created the cock shaft and designed it such that it fit back behind her clit with the clit becoming the cockhead. There's some truly sophisticated plumbing going back there which makes use of her own blood flow to both engorge her new cock and bring it forth outside her body.

They designed the whole thing such that she has to concentrate to release a couple of new muscles down there and she also has to physically manipulate two spots on either side of her clit in order to get her hardon. That's to prevent her dick from just slipping out on its own. The work they did to fold up the necessary skin, keep the size, shape, look and feel of her clit, and to make the end product look just like the cock we'd specified, was awesome work indeed.

The simulator was for her to get used to working those new muscles and also to the neural sensations that came with having a new organ in her body. Of course, the fact that a successful simulation of this usually resulted in her having a climax only whetted her appetite for doing those simulation runs in the first place!

After a couple of days with the simulator though she was deemed ready for the real thing. We went back to the clinic that morning and were back home by Noon. The doc had cleared her for unrestricted activities by about 11 that morning after having run off some full-up "systems tests" and that's where my lady had her first cock orgasm. That afternoon she had her first "non-clinical climax" with her new cock. We've not looked back since.

Her cock is a thing of beauty -- and that's as it should be for we both have fine taste! It's a bit larger and thicker than mine but not much. I'm cool with that. My meat is big enough for me and we both get a kick out of her having the bigger dick in our household. She doesn't mind that this one doesn't come with any balls. Getting such a rig like that to suck back inside her would've been too much - in every way. They had such a model available but it cost a lot more and was too problematic maintenance wise with lots more skin folds to clean -- and you really don't want to get infections once it's all pulled back inside - as a lady she's all too aware of stuff like that already! So, we just opted for her having a beautiful, thick, long, veined, and nicely knobbed cock of her own.

That afternoon I managed to exhaust her from my swinging on it so much. That's a rare thing and it must've been due to the surgery that day because since then she's the one who fucks me out first. At least on most days. You have to remember that even though she has a dick, she's still a woman, so she gets a hardon and she gets her multiple climaxes too. That means she can keep fucking, and fucking and fucking. Yeah, I got it rough!

I also love being able to switch back and forth between that cock and licking her pussy directly. We've also had little parties where she's done a four way. Her cute little ass getting plugged as her tight little pussy getting plowed as her sexy mouth is getting filled as she is pumping away with her cock. There was some pretty slick contortions involved there but it was worth it.

Right now though, it's back to my lady's clit and my licking. I've got my fingers up on either side of her clit and am gently working those release points as she's grinding her pussy into my face. I've got to be careful that my long nails, as pretty as they are with the French manicure, don't dig into her there as that could break her concentration on getting her cock out.

I love how this feels. I started sucking on the tip of her clit as I feel it begin to swell. It goes from being so small and hard to being so big and hard in such a wonderful manner. With each bobbing of my head I can feel her shaft get bigger and thicker and spread into my mouth. I love that. Soon I'm feeling its length against the back of my mouth and my lips are beginning to stretch with its girth. She's got her hands laced into my hair now, "forcing" me to keep on her cock. Yeah, "forcing." Right. At this point she'd have to force me off of it! As I'm working my "magic lips" on her wonderful cock she starts talking dirty to me. We both love that too!

"Oh baby," she says "that's it. Suck you lover's cock. Make me hard, baby. Make me hard. Do a good job now and I'll take all those nasty clothespins off those big titties of yours. Yeah baby, that's my little pussy boy cocksucker. Yeah, oh, you suck my cock so good it's almost a shame to have to stop -- but you do want me to fill that pussy of yours, don't you?"

Oh, did I mention I also have a nice pussy of my own? And tits? Sorry, I guess I was thinking too much about my lady's cock and having it in my mouth. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love it when she grabs my ankles and rams that cock into my new pussy. It's made for fucking and nothing else. No worries about getting pregnant or anything like that. And the extra bands of muscles inside there make for a fuck like little else in this world! She likes that. I also like being her little sissy -- tits, pussy, cock and all. At least for now. Like I said, I'm a kinky fuck and while I like this now, our tastes might change. Who knows. In the meantime, I've got my lady's beautiful cock filling my mouth and all her dirty talk has made my new pussy so, so wet. So, you'll excuse me but I've got an itch to scratch!


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