Anna's Mystery Plan - Part 6 - Preparations for Combat

Back at the new home base after the harrowing events in the desert, I was full of energy to attack our new circumstances with Anna. Lots of questions for her, which I was content to let Talia and Chelsea pursue. My academic career required attention. Professor Greenberg would need a story about my unexcused absence from class. Other instructors as well.

In the kitchen, I nuzzled Karen's neck and asked, "What is my plausible explanation at school for unexcused absences?"

Sipping her coffee, one hand on my chest pushed me away. "Chasing girls, which is what you have really been doing, is not good enough."

I growled and she flashed her eyes at me. "Hmmm. A family emergency, I think. Something that could be documented, if necessary. What about an accidental propane explosion and fire at your aunt and uncle's motel in Southern California?"

From behind me, a sudden thrust into my mind, "I'm getting stronger, aren't I?" Before I could turn, a female body had me in her grasp. Direct head contact amplified her words. "We really need this now. Karen, are you hearing me?"

My mother was staring at us. "Yes. We should practice keeping the volume down when it isn't needed. More secure that way."

Another female body arrived under my arm and said out loud, "I could sense something in the bedroom, but no words." Carolyn required a kiss and a press of her front to mine. I giggled, and they both said, "What?"

"Two professors hitting on the same poor freshman?"

"Oof! You are all hard. Why wouldn't we hit on you?"

Backing them to the counter, my knuckles rubbed between their legs. "I should attack you both. But actually, I have two messages. The first is that Chelsea and Talia will chase all our construction from now on. You are to concentrate, with help from Karen, on our psychological counter-warfare. I have a feeling that a western shoot out is not the answer we need."

Looking serious, they took headlocks, "What is the second message?" I thought momentarily of seizing them to my hips and dashing back to bed, but a little voice said it was time to demonstrate some maturity.

"The second message is that you need to sort out your sexual identity."

There was silence and then three females shouting and beating. "Our sexual identity! You have got to be kidding!"

I calmed them with kisses. "I am only partly joking. You are going to be seen together around the department. Inquiring minds will wonder what the relationship is. You could decide to be openly gay. Or perhaps a couple of male dates could stop that kind of talk?"

Unhappy eyes stared at me. Sophie said, "It isn't fair, but you are right. We will think about a solution. If we fall in with the lesbian alliance, you may have lost two bed partners."

I stared back, daring them. Holding hands, they went to dress, giggling.

Karen dragged me to her room. "That was cruel, even if you are right. You know darn well your new girlfriends like each other!"

I fell into the bed, tugging her on top. After a soft kiss that got harder and longer, I said, "Yes, and the atmosphere on campus is pretty liberated, but since we are all working on disguises, I want them to plan their message, not fall into it."

Karen was wiggling and getting me hard, as she always did. "Fall into it, eh? Like we all fall into your arms?"

I stood us into a tight clinch. "Wanting more, aren't you? Trying to forget the thought of your son getting himself killed in the desert?"

"Yes. I have work this morning, but please come to the old house at noon for a swim and lunch and..."

With a brief kiss, I said, "Sounds like a hot date," and went off to school.

Walking to class, I was struck by the disconnect between campus academic atmosphere and the all too vivid excitement in the desert. Here is my real problem, I thought. How to work towards a degree and at the same time be prepared to take up arms in service to Anna's grand plan, whatever it might be.

The next few weeks were intense. School was harder than I expected. Greenberg made it clear that anything except A's was not acceptable from me. Every perfect exam got me faint praise, which I figured was more than most of his students got. More important, he opened his most advanced research. I got one lecture about confidentiality, and after that only occasional reminders when we were into something that probably would be classified if DARPA knew about it.

Chapter 17 - Secret Construction Underground

Talia and Chelsea were doing a fantastic job on the construction at the house. They had found a sympathetic young contractor who was willing to take chances. He acquired the pool permit, including a sheltering berm and associated landscaping. But what actually happened was a nighttime carnival of excavating a cut and cover underground vault. Nothing on paper, each night's work carefully concealed. A lot of quickset, high strength concrete to carry the overhead closure. Jeff pretended his crew was having a terrible time with the pool, so that months would be available for the underground work.

Sophie and Carolyn had classes to support at the same time they worked on the grant project and disappeared behind closed doors to think about our psychological warfare strategy.

Karen kept us well fed, and handled Anna, if you could call it that. Her report was that Anna appeared distracted, but pleased with our progress. I asked, "She is still recovering from the fiasco in the desert?"

"She won't say anything about it, but I think her own council of leaders is upset. They are all brilliant and possessed of special skills. So having the rogue group in Arizona put one over on them, especially with fatalities, is upsetting."

"Yes, I was a little upset myself when those guns went off."

It was the end of the day and we were lounging on her big bed with a drink. She rolled on top for a long kiss. "When we lost the comm link, I was sure you had been killed. That was my upset. My very big upset."

Rubbing her back, I said, "Think of it as a fortunate lesson. A live ammo training session. We escaped casualties, and won't expose ourselves like that again."

Talia walked in from the shower, her naked black body more glorious than ever from the hard work outside. "I heard the end of that. Damn right we won't let it happen again, but it complicates things. More training, more planning, more bodies committed to each event. We have to concentrate hard on agility and instant reaction."

"Come here and show me some agility."

Talia launched herself in my direction, but I intercepted the body in midair, bringing it down across my legs for an immediate tough massage, fingers digging deep.

"Karen, this kid has shanghaied me. These hands make all my juices run. What is to be done?"

I broadcast with a big smile, "I am the alpha male and you will obey!"

She rose up with a mighty heave and flattened me. "I'll alpha you!"

I was expecting a vicious knee between my legs, but got kisses instead. Karen asked, "Do I need to leave?"

She responded, "Stay," and wiggled herself into a tight alignment, back to my front. "No sex right now. We have to plan."

I kissed the back of her neck and wrapped one hand comfortably around a firm boob. "You're right. No sex right now, even if you are unbelievably horny and juicy."

She closed her eyes and turned into me. A soft whisper, "Baddd."

In less than ten seconds, we were coupled as tight as nature would allow. Karen was giggling and pinching here and there. "I do love it when passion overcomes reason."

Talia was trying feisty tricks, pretending I was forcing her. "Not in front of your mother! Stop this minute. I'm breaking up with you!"

I smothered her voice with my lips and concentrated on getting her off. A dozen hard strokes later she was wailing, "Nooo! You beast!"

The top to bottom shaking was marvelous to behold. I touched foreheads, "You are the best lover ever."

"God, Jeremy, you do things to me..."

Karen moved into our arms. "You two are fantastic together. Don't let that get away."

Still kissing here and there, I had an idea. "Talia, why doesn't Anna invent a new identity for you as a civil engineer with a P.E.? Then you could submit plans for this place over your P.E. signature."

She drew my head to her luscious breast. "Lover, don't we have any respect for the law anymore?"

"We are justifying means with good ends." My tongue teased her nipple.

Karen pulled my hair and said, "There are other good reasons to have a P.E. in the family."

My teeth tugged gently and Talia squirmed, "Stop, you devil!"

I stood us up and got a hard smack on my rear. "You are impossible." Karen was smiling as Talia and I looked for clothes. I grabbed her and growled, "There is more if you are needy."

She danced away, amazingly light on her feet for her age. "Talia, I think he is after an orgy. We must redirect all that energy..."

As the school term advanced, Greenberg got harder and harder on me. One Monday morning, he texted he wished to see me and I hurried to comply.

"Jeremy, you are doing good work. I've just received a new grant for nanotechnology research and would like you to manage it and be co-principal investigator. Does that appeal to you?"

I stumbled over my words, "P..Professor, you do not have to tease me about anything nanotech. When do we start?"

"I submitted a crude design for subminiature gyros. Requires investigation of magnetic properties at small scale, plus sensor design to acquire and amplify the signals. The reviewers gave it very high marks, saying it was an area needing work. They agreed with my assessment of a broad range of applications, including tiny space vehicles."

"Work on this could get one of your junior professors a tenure track boost. Why me?"

"Don't get a swelled head, but I am impressed with your capacity to take hazing from me and keep going, usually further than I had in mind. You are already working at the graduate level and this assignment will give you a chance to broaden your engineering knowledge base."

"Well, I'm impressed that you are impressed. When my assignment to you began, I had no idea whether you could tolerate someone as junior as I am or not. I guess I can stop worrying about that?"

"As I said, don't get a swelled head. There is a pile of background material over there on that credenza. Dig through it this week, and let's conference on next steps a week from today."

I went home and told the women I had a swelled head. I was flattened on the couch, and permitted a short description of my new assignment from Greenberg.

Karen broke out champagne while Talia said, "Anna is going to be pleased. I am sure this matches her plans for us."

Talk of Anna's mystery plans got me thinking about our own plans. The three of us sat thigh to thigh on the sofa. I took a deep swallow and said, "We are coming to a decision point."

They waited for me to continue. Instead, I turned first one way and then the other with kisses.

They looked at each other across me and asked, "What is he up to?"

"I am enjoying a nice afternoon with two of the incredible women in my life."

Now they were on my thighs, facing me and frowning. "We are not coeds and we are not falling for your tricks."

More kisses later, I said, "We have been so busy building and studying that we don't have any plans left. Something tells me not to wait for Anna."

A head on each shoulder, they squirmed a bit and hummed. I tightened my arms.

"Should we fortify the underground vault? Turn it into a proper command center? If this was a military exercise, there would be perimeter defenses."

More humming as they thought about that. My mom's voice was warm, "Talia, this is the nicest way to plan I've ever had."

The gorgeous black one spread herself across Karen and me, keeping her eyes closed.

"It's not defensible. But what if we turned it into an armory? Stocked with the kind of gear elite troops would need? And hardened communications."

Karen said, quietly, "This only stays as our secret until we have to ask for money for stocking the expensive armory items. I think we are saying to each other that if the Arizona group could attack without warning once, they could do it again, despite Anna's threats of retaliation."

My hands had turned Talia over and were working the muscles in her back and muscled behind.

"Ahhh, you are killing me."

"You are tight. Need more stretching. Need to find a guy to work out with."

They were sitting on me when Sophie and Carolyn walked in from work. "What's he done now?"

"First, he stretched our brains, then he tried to stretch our bodies."

Sophie smiled and said, "He needs water torture. When is the pool going to be finished?"

"I asked this morning. Two weeks if we say to stop fooling around."

Talia joined in, "He says we need to get ready for trouble, and build an armory in the vault."

"We were just talking about that on the way home. Ok to shower and get a drink?"

"Yes. There is Thai dinner simmering in the kitchen that we can have anytime."

Lying there on the floor, I could feel the buyin. Karen was pulling hair and Talia was beating my butt. If we were going to equip an armory, we also needed to practice using the weapons ourselves. Another challenge to add to the list.

I turned on the overhead propane heater and we ate on the patio, surrounded by piles of dirt. There was a new moon to add atmosphere.

Sophie asked Talia, "He came home all puffed up and attacked you?"

Sophie belonged over my knee, but that could wait. "Talia is so upset by our lack of a defense plan, she has become a specialist in charge of early warning devices at this location."

There was a long silence, then, "I am going to install and operate them, but you are going to design and build them. Not more than six ounces. No heat or metal signature. Battery lasts at least a month. Technology is fully mesh networked."

There were laughs, but her eyes spoke truth to the smart guy who liked nano. The eyes said the product would be commercially valuable and help fund Anna's projects and defenses. The eyes softened and she said in a low voice, "I am sorry."

Karen nudged me, "Go give her a hug, that was brilliant advice."

Instead, I scooped her up and said to the others, "Bring dessert to the bedroom."

She didn't say anything, and neither did I until we were hugging tight in the bed. "Will you be my partner as well as my lover?"

Her quick mind did not have a quick answer. She wiggled and turned over, so she could mash my hands into her front.

"There will be fights."

I chomped on her shoulder muscle. "Yes."

"I was always the smartest kid in class."


"Until I met you."

"Hush. You are the better athlete, the quicker mind. You saved my life in the desert."

She sat up as others filed into the room. "What about the sex?"

"Everything can't be perfect."

They almost threw the desserts at me, but I quickly apologized. "Just a little tease, that's all!"

I spooned ice cream and berries, watching football jerseys covering up special flesh. A few little growls got me frowns and quick addition of sleep shorts. An indirect message that there were no favors available this evening.

Carolyn came within reach and I grabbed her. "How is the leading academic doing?" She burrowed into my chest and murmured something indistinguishable. The others were pleased. I pulled up the covers and closed my eyes.

When the two of us woke much later in the dark of night, she whispered, "You have nice friends. They make me feel part of the family."

We had a quiet chat in the dark. We were alone in the bed, for obvious reasons. The Sociology Professor and I had not connected for a week or more. I tried a short broadcast about loving.

She twitched. "That used to scare me."

Her hand on my rear drew us together. I slipped easily home to a quiet noise of pleasure.

"Now it is an excuse for finding your weapon and inviting him."

We were tight and she was on top. I thrust and she answered. The shy young PhD had come out of her shell, and knew what she wanted.

"Before I met you, I never really enjoyed sex. I thought I did, but you proved me wrong, starting that first night in the pool."

I turned us over and worked harder. Her voice had a new edge to it.

"You drew something out of me I didn't know was there. It seemed like a great flood of emotion."

"Yes. Great flood. It happens to me too." I gave a gentle thrust but got a hard squeeze back. The senior academic was on a tear.

Her voice was low and harsh. "Fuck me, Jeremy. Pound me with that big cock! Subdue your woman!"

She was lost in wild lust, and I answered, paddling the tough rear, pinching nipples, sucking on her sex with a bite to the stiff clit.

We finished with great shouts that attracted bodies to our doorway. "Jeremy! You murdered


In the first sunlight of the morning, Carolyn stood, waving her arms, pink all over.

"I couldn't take that talk of fighting anymore. Something turned me loose on him. All that noise was my fault!"

I eased from the bed and advanced. Eyes dancing, she screamed "No," and dashed for the shower.

I advanced on the others, making nasty male noises. "No, no, no. You are after her, not us!"

Sipping coffee in their bedclothes, they attempted to stare me down. The sex this morning with Carolyn had energized an alpha male circuit in my brain. Here in front of me were four females ripe for the taking. My gaze fell on Chelsea, who had not been in my bed recently, and was the most composed of the four. She wasn't glaring, either, but smiling. A smile that was half dare and half welcome. My brain said to stop being foolish, there was a lot of work to do. The intensely hard cock said it needed more action. Carolyn was not enough.

I laughed and seized the mature body, fastening on her neck muscle as she weakly tried to fend me off. "Stop, you horny thing. Carolyn comes I don't know how many times and you want more?!"

I rubbed on her, "This is Chelsea, who can subdue any male by casting a spell. You have been hiding your powers, but I have found you out!"

We fell to our sides, talking trash. When we were alone, she whispered, "Anna thought you would discover me soon. I have the power, but a different one. Anna keeps me hidden, but has decided I could assist you."

Our tongues fought and the kiss was incendiary. "Do I get to know? Right now, I just get faint whispers."

"Anna didn't tell me you were going to revive my sex life."

"Why wouldn't I? You are smart, sexy, fearless, and fuck like a coed!"

"Devil!" She reached for my shaft and coupled us. "I just received a message from Anna. She says staying ignorant a while longer is for your own protection."

I whispered in her ear, "Grump, grump." She squeezed and I answered with a hard thrust. She whispered back, "The way your cock is working on me, you can't be too grumpy."

I laughed and said, "The kid doesn't take discipline very well, but knows a good fuck when he feels one!"

"Damn, I get this marvelous cock, but a lot of impudent trash along with it!"

A terrific whack arrived on my rear. "Hey! No secret fucking! I thought you were talking about work?"

Staying tight with Chelsea, I reached an arm out and drew Talia to us. "You probably know about her, don't you?"

"I admit nothing!"

Chelsea humped and squeezed me viciously. "She is as bad as you are. No wonder Anna wants you paired up and in training for field generals."

I wasn't about to stop. Talia pinched Chelsea's nipples and I pounded harder until a great dying wail split the air. "Ahhhh!"

Three bodies caught their breath and laughed quietly. "Does Anna allow timeouts for good sex?" I asked.

Talia pushed me flat so Chelsea could find the bathroom. Sitting on my thighs, she entertained my tough behind with more whacks. "Such a bad one. Why does a decent black woman like me have the hots for you? It's not right!" & username=vucizogu;area=summary;u=838164

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