"Ooohh! I'm Kayla Jones slut! Ooohh my!"

It didn't take long for Allison pussy to start dripping profusely, moistening not only her crotch and inner thighs but also Kayla's hand. When she sensed Allison was on the verge of orgasm, Kayla withdrew her fingers from her pussy and released her breast. Allison was panting, and still with her hands behind her head, her body sexily writhed as if for a few seconds she forgot what was really happening.

"Now, take that thong and the garterbelt off."

Even in that state of confusion, Allison knew it would end only when Kayla wanted it to end, so she proceeded to unhook the garters and garter belt and took her thong off. Kayla put the garter belt around Allison's neck and hooked it. She spent a moment deciding what to do with the thong before unzipping her own pants. Kayla's crotch was also dripping wet, so she used the skimpy thong to collect a good deal of her juices. When she was satisfied with the result, Kayla made Allison open her mouth and stuffed it with the soaked thong.

"Now you can go Mrs. Montgomery. When you get home you will jerk off remembering what I just did to you."

Completely naked except for her stockings and heels, Allison climbed into her car and closed the door while Kayla zipped up her fly and collected the suit and the bra from the car's roof. The humiliated white milf was about to leave when Kayla made her open the window. It was an unforgettable view of the classy blonde with her face reddened, munching a thong soaked with her juices, a garter belt as a necklace and her blue eyes pleading it all to end.

"Have a good evening Mrs. Montgomery, hope to see you soon."

It only took Allison 5 minutes to reach home. Holly was surprised that her mother parked the car inside the garage instead of leaving it in the front drive as she usually did. But she was more than shocked seeing the state in which her beautiful mother returned home.

Naked except for a skimpy thong, stockings rolled down to her ankles and high heel shoes. Silicone breast bouncing freely, disheveled blonde hair, face reddened with streaks of eyeliner running down her cheeks, and a garter belt around her neck. It was clear that something had gone seriously wrong.

After Allison's luxury car disappeared from the parking lot, Kayla felt really horny, but more than that, she felt proud of how she had dealt with that conceited white bitch.

Though she considered masturbating in the car to release the sexual tension, she couldn't wait to go back home and tell her daughter Jada what had just happened.

After a twenty minutes' drive she finally arrived home where Jada was eagerly awaiting the details and outcome of the meeting.

"Hey mom, how did everything turn out?"

"Better than expected, hon."

Kayla waved the recently acquired suit and bra in front of Jada's face.

"What's that? You gotta tell me what happened!"

"Well, it's a long story. First of all you won't be expelled from school and the Principal will issue all the recommendation letters you may need."

"That's great mom! But what's this?"

"Just a little something Mrs. Montgomery donated to me in the school's parking lot."

"Hmmm... It's Armani, we could get good money from selling it online!"

"No... I intend to keep it for now..."

Jada didn't need an explanation to figure out that the donation was less than voluntary. Mom and daughter laughed loudly while they sat on the couch and Kayla began to tell, in great detail, what happened during and after the meeting.

Although Jada could imagine that her mother would do something like that, she was surprised (and aroused) by her mother's account of that evening. It was surprising how Holly's mother had allowed herself to be humiliated without even trying to stop Kayla.

"Oh mom! That's exactly what I wanted to do to that prissy bitch Holly!"

"Don't worry hon. I think we'll be paying a visit to the Montgomery's home very soon... What do you think?"

Jada nodded with an evil grin and mom and daughter headed to the kitchen. As they prepared food, during and after dinner, Jada bombarded her mother with questions about the parking lot events. Questions her mother answered in great detail, over and over again.

Meanwhile, at the Montgomery's, Holly repeatedly questioned her mother about what happened. Allison, knowing that she had to tell her daughter something, gave a partial version, omitting the part in which she was groped, fingered and almost brought to an orgasm by Kayla.

"She can't get away with it! You must report it to the police, Mom!

"Pay attention to me. Don't talk to anyone about this and avoid that girl Jada as much as possible, in just one month we will never see those brawlers again."

For a moment, Holly was going to continue the discussion, but she was smart enough to realize it didn't make sense. After all, the school was big enough to avoid Jada.

To be continued.










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