The event I'm sharing with you had a profound effect on my personal sense of sexuality. It happened about two years after our first child was born. My parents come to town to provide childcare while my wife and I took a few days for a Florida Keys camping trip to recharge our batteries and perhaps rekindle some romance.

Our campsite was in a state park and directly facing the Atlantic Ocean. Daily swimming, snorkeling and sunbathing with nightly bonfires and star gazing was wonderful, but my hopes of lots of sex was not materializing.

I certainly was enjoying the company of my wife, but her idea of a relaxing retreat was less about sex and more about not having to meet the demands of a toddler. Needless to say, my hormones were in high gear and daily views of my wife in her bikini was causing my horniness to reach dangerous levels.

One morning while I was still rousing from sleep, my wife left to go for a jog. I knew it would be at least a half hour before she returned and was already fully erect from watching her change out of her sleepwear into her running clothes. Instinctively, I reached into my boxers and started to stroke my cock, which was practically throbbing at this point. The morning light and a warm breeze only made the sensuality of the moment more mesmerizing.

I wriggled out of my boxers and was now laying on top of the air mattress, rubbing my hand up and down my cock. While I would certainly have preferred to have my wife's hand, mouth or pussy touching my dick, the pleasure I was experiencing was still amazing.

I knew it wasn't going to be long before I came and didn't want to make a mess in the tent, so I sat up to reach for a t-shirt I'd worn the day before. It was then that I noticed that someone was standing about five feet from the front of the tent, staring right at me through the thin mesh screen. It was the wife from the campsite next to ours. We had chatted with this couple briefly the day we'd arrived but had not talked since.

My heart stopped. I had never been caught masturbating before, though I had done it a million times. I was mortified. Bordering on terrified. I froze in motion. One hand reaching for the t-shirt, one hand around my throbbing cock.

Staring back, I attempted an apology but only stammering came out of my mouth. She was standing there motionless, her eyes moving slowly from my face down to my cock and back up to my face. Very slowly, she raised one hand up to her chest and gave her breast a gentle squeeze. She was wearing short terry cloth shorts that revealed her gorgeous, tanned legs and a tank top. I could see that she wasn't wearing a bra or bikini top as the outline of the nipple she wasn't gripping stood out in evident excitement.

The initial shock began to subside, and I picked up the t-shirt and draped it over my erection. She began to slowly shake her head, as if she didn't want me to cover up. I wasn't sure I was reading the situation correctly, but my arousal was at an all-time high, so I very carefully began to let the t-shirt fall to the side. The head shake then turned into a deliberate nod of approval. This was all the green light I needed.

We were staring at one another now as if we were the only two people within miles. Her nodding continued as I rhythmically moved my hips in time with the stroking of my cock. I could not believe how erotic I felt. How exposed and vulnerable. I'd never felt so sexual. This stranger was not offended by my nakedness or state of arousal. In fact, my own arousal seemed to be transferring to this very sexy voyeur.

I was caressing my own cock and this woman was enraptured with the sight of it. The moment of shared sensuality did not last very long, and I came with an intensity I had not experienced in years. My orgasm caused spasms in my torso as cum shot out all over my chest and thighs. I had to catch my breath before I could make a move to wipe up my cum.

It was only then that she spoke.

"I just wanted to see if you guys had some sunscreen we could borrow."

"Um, yeah. Ah, hold on one second," I stammered as I reached for my baggies. Pulling them on was a challenge because my cock was still completely hard. I wiped my hands once again and reached in the duffle bag for the sunscreen, then unzipped the tent screen and stepped out and extending my arm to her with the tube in the hand that had a moment ago been gripped around my cock.

"Thank you. I will bring it back in just a few minutes. I hope I didn't bother you," she said.

"Oh, no, you're fine," I stammered, lost for words.

She took the tube and walked back to her campsite. I stood there in a daze. Had I really just been caught masturbating? Had I then continued to masturbate with a total stranger watching?

Indeed, I had.

And it was amazing. & postID=7595743343832844781

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