My heart was hammering as I stared up at him, eyes wide. I was no stranger to either side of the bed, so to speak, and didn't mind being submissive in the dungeon. But I had always had the upper hand, because I never felt anyone who touched me could ever be my equal. They all fell before me, weak and pathetic. But Naberius... he was more than a man. More than an equal. He was someone I could... I could be weak around.

I had to shut down the walls on that thought immediately. Weakness was for morons. For people who wanted to die. I may have been raised in the Middle realm, but I was no fool. Weakness was death. Weakness got your ass killed or worse. And yes, there was worse. You didn't grow up among demons and think that the worst thing out there was dying. Dominic taught me that. And it was a lesson not soon forgotten.

"Give me what I need," I murmured raggedly, half irritated he was still holding himself just out of my reach, and half impressed he managed to at all.

"Beg me for it," he commanded, and I nearly snarled in frustration. But he smiled indulgently, his hands caressing my upper body as I arched my back in heat and rolled my hips against him, closing my eyes, trying to hide the naked lust on my face as I moaned aloud for him. "Beg me, Tempest."

"Please, Naberius. I need your cum. I need you to take me, fuck me... cum deep inside me."

Pregnancy wasn't a problem, blessedly. It was one of the upsides to being what I was. I had such control over my own reproductive system that I not only controlled when and how I had my cycle, I controlled if I got pregnant. Hightened awareness of the entire process of sexual reproduction seemed to be something we were born with. So, I felt no fear telling the Hound of Hell to dump his entire load into me, sans condoms, medications or magical brews. Which was good... I didn't need a litter of puppies.

And true to his word, he grabbed me, fucked me harder, his hands biting into me, his breath warm on my face, his gaze intent on mine as he brought me over and over beneath him, begging him to quench the thirst inside my body that only his seed could soothe. Only the exquisite psychic explosion that was his complete and total submission to his own passion would give me what I needed.

His breathing changed as he neared the precipice. It got harsher, rougher. I had to give him credit, however... he maintained his human form through it all, even as he was clutching my body firmly to his, snarling my name to the heavens as he finally lost himself inside the warmth of my grasping and whimpering body.

The moment he finally let go, that he finally relinquished the hold he had on himself, it was like being zapped by lightening, and my body arched as through struck by pure electricity, a scream issuing from my lips as my claws raked down his spine, leaving red wounds in their wake. Some part of my brain was registering that I felt like I was knocked off my feet by a wave in the ocean, surprised and overwhelmed, drowning. But the rational part reminded myself I could still breathe, so I was safe. I felt my body shaking and gasping, spasms happening in little erratic patterns from toes to nose. I wasn't in control of any of my muscles as they continued to clench and release about him over and over and I felt almost weightless underneath his panting, burning body, drifting pleasantly in the afterglow.

Tingles returned to my body before sight or hearing. The feel of his breath was warm as he lay his head on my breast, waiting for both of our hearts to stop racing like horses. I belatedly recognized the telltale cold sensation on my ass that told me I had definitely cum quite a bit... in a liquid torrent around and over him. When I was able to open my eyes and focus on him, he was caressing strands of red tresses away from my face and watching me closely.

"Welcome back," he said softly and kissed me gently.

"Thanks," I said softly, feeling suddenly, stupidly, shy.

"How do you feel?" He asked seriously.

"Better. More even. You?"

"I am perfectly fine," he assured me with a smile. "I told you that you wouldn't break me." He became serious for a moment. "But when we were... when you were in my mind... saw what I wanted..."

"I wanted it too," I assured him, remembering his worry that he was showing me too much of himself, that I might be too young or too human to understand his wants, regardless of how taboo humans might find them to be. "I wasn't disgusted, Naberius... and they weren't just your desires, which is why they were so overwhelming. For us both." That seemed to calm him for a moment, but he kept stealing tiny looks at me that made me arch a brow at him questioningly. "What?"

"I just... didn't expect you to be so... comfortable with the inhuman."

"I'm no human-born mortal, Naberius," I chided him. "Lilly may have allowed me to be raised here, but I wasn't born here. And she certainly didn't allow humans to raise me. My affection for them is purely my own predilection, not at all a symptom of spending most of my life in their world. And my sexual appetites do not mirror theirs... they rely so heavily on the shell a person is in. They become drawn to the body so much more than anything else. For me, I am what I am... I want to drink a person's essence, and what shell that happens to in is utterly irrelevant to me. In fact, given that there are so few 'firsts' left in my life, the more unusual the scenario, the more exciting."

"And I excite you?" He asked, with a small, teasing curl of his well shaped lips.

"You positively leave me dripping, Sir," I said with a smile and a wink.

"Not 'Sir'" he said, his large hand curling around my delicate throat possessively and I raised my wide eyes up to his, surprised, my lips parted in a small exhalation of air as I saw the glimmer of power in his deep blue eyes, like the glint of firelight off of steel. "I think I like the idea of you calling me 'Master'. At least in the bedroom."

My heart gave an almost audible thud as it skipped a beat and I licked my suddenly dry lips and breathed out: It would have been pointless to argue or pretend I was offended, asserting my sense of feminine dominance. He already knew he had affected me. He could smell it. So, I lowered my lashes, my cheeks flushing pink. "Yes... Master."

He gave a small, gentle squeeze around my windpipe as he leaned in to kiss me, but not before whispering once more: "Good girl." & ans=60378#jump_to_here

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