Alex reached up and squeezed Jacob's biceps, moaning as he took the rest of Jacob's length into his mouth. Jacob marveled at the feeling of his cock buried deep inside of Alex's throat. He ran his fingers through Alex's silky black hair and laid his head back, enjoying the sensations that were coursing through his entire body.

Alex bobbed up and down on Jacob's cock, taking him again and again into his throat as his hands continued to roam over Jacob's torso. Jacob began to thrust his hips to meet Alex, shoving his cock further inside him. A part of him felt guilty for using Alex in this way to make himself feel good, but he couldn't help it. He had no idea that he could feel this much pleasure with another man's mouth on his dick.

Finally, Jacob felt himself about to burst. He pulled Alex's head off of his cock, not wanting their union to end just yet.

"How did that feel?" asked Alex as he wiped his mouth. Jacob leaned down and kissed him, holding his face with his hands. He could taste his own cock in Alex's mouth, and to his surprise it made him even more excited.

"I... I wanna try," he said as he pulled away.

Alex nodded. "Are you sure?" he asked softly.

Jacob kissed him again. He rolled Alex over onto his back as he reached into his pants to take his cock in his fingers again. He could feel Alex's sticky precum leaking out of his cock and onto his fingers, and he used it to help him stroke Alex.

"Lay back," he said as he lowered his head towards Alex's crotch.

Alex sat back on his elbows as Jacob pulled down his pants and underwear. Jacob gasped when he saw Alex's uncircumcised cock for the first time.

It was a thing of beauty: 7" and tan, with thick, bulging veins running across it. Jacob could feel himself salivating at the thought of taking him into his mouth.

He lowered his head to be level with Alex's cock, pulling his foreskin back to look at the thick, bulbous head underneath. A bead of precum dribbled out onto Jacob's finger. He wanted to taste it the way that Alex had, so sexily and assured. But he was terrified at the notion of performing oral sex on a man for the first time--what if he did it wrong? What if he was terrible?

"It's okay, baby," said Alex as he stroked Jacob's cheek. "You don't have to do anything you don't wanna do."

Jacob could see the sweetness and concern in Alex's eyes. It made his heart skip a beat to think that Alex cared about him feeling comfortable. He wanted more than anything to give Alex the kind of pleasure that Alex had opened him up to. He closed his eyes and took Alex's cock into his mouth, taking about half of it in one go.

"Fuck, Jay, your mouth feels so good," Alex moaned as he lay back, closing his eyes.

Jacob tried to focus all of his energy on taking as much of Alex's cock into his mouth as possible. He knew that avoiding his teeth was the most important thing, so he made sure that his lips and tongue were covering them at all times. He could feel Alex's penis hitting the back of his throat, slightly triggering his gag reflex. His mouth was drooling around Alex's dick, making it nice and wet as he bobbed up and down on it quickly.

"It's okay, baby, take it slow," Alex said, rubbing Jacob's head. "Just breathe. It feels amazing, I promise. Just take as much of it as feels comfortable."

Jacob slowed down, relaxing as he tried to focus on breathing through his nose. He concentrated on the feeling of Alex's cock in his mouth, the taste, the texture. He was surprised to find that Alex's cock tasted mostly like nothing, although there was some taste he couldn't put his finger on. Whatever it was, it felt intoxicatingly masculine.

As he rolled his tongue around Alex's cock to try and figure it out, he realized how much he enjoyed the feeling of it in his mouth. Alex had a smooth cock that felt at home in Jacob's mouth, and his soft pubic hair lightly tickled Jacob's nose every time he pushed up against it.

"Come here, Jay," Alex said as he lifted Jacob off of his cock. Jacob let Alex's cock plop out of his mouth, staring up at Alex in innocent confusion.

"Was I okay?" he asked quietly. "I've never done this before."

"You were fucking incredible. But there's something else I wanna show you. Something else that I think will make you feel good."

He rolled over, pushing Jacob gently down onto the ground and getting behind him. Jacob rested on his forearms as Alex kissed his lower back, just above his butt cheeks. He let out a small moan as Alex put his hands on his ass, squeezing it with his fingers and using his thumbs to pry his cheeks apart.

Jacob could feel his heart beating a mile a minute as he knew that Alex was looking right at his asshole. He had never had this level of intimacy with anyone, not even his wife. But here he was in this tent, laying it all bare with a man who he had only just met that week.

"Baby, your hole is so beautiful," Alex said as he ran his index finger across it.

Jacob shuddered as a lightning bolt of pleasure rippled through his body. Alex stuck out his tongue as he leaned down and lightly licked Jacob's asshole.

"Oh, fuck," said Jacob as Alex began to slowly eat him out.

He reached his hand back and touched the side of Alex's face, stroking his cheek as he dove deeper and deeper into Jacob's hole. The scratchy 5 o'clock shadow on Alex's chin tickled the area just below Jacob's balls, adding to the feeling of pleasure that was coming from Alex's tongue. He had no idea that he could get so much pleasure from his asshole, but Alex was making him want to cum in a matter of seconds.

All of a sudden, Jacob felt something hard pressing against his anus. He sat up in alarm.

"What are you doing?" he asked fearfully.

"It's okay, baby!" Alex said, sitting up. He held up his finger. "I was just gonna use my finger to-"

"No," said Jacob. He sat up. "I'm sorry, I just... I don't know if I'm ready for that."

Alex reached out and cupped his cheek. "Of course. It's okay, Jay, we don't have to. We can stop if you want."

Jacob grabbed his hand and held it. "I don't want to stop, I just... I don't if I'm ready to have you... inside me."

Alex nodded. "We can do whatever you want."

Jacob looked at him nervously. Alex smiled.

"What? What's that look?" he asked playfully.

"Could we..." Jacob said quietly, struggling to look Alex in the eyes. "I mean, could I..."

Alex laughed. "Do you want to fuck me?"

Jacob nodded. His cheeks were bright red. Alex kissed him softly.

"Of course you can fuck me, Jay."

Alex laid down on his stomach, looking coyly back at Jacob.

"Just make sure to go slow. And use a LOT of saliva. We don't exactly have any lube," said Alex.

Jacob nodded excitedly. "Okay!" he said.

Jacob got up on his knees, maneuvering behind Alex. He reached out and touched Alex's ass, squeezing his round but firm butt cheeks. He slowly pried them apart, exposing Alex's hole like Alex had done to him. He let out a bit of saliva onto Alex's hole, working it in with his finger. He stuck the tip of his finger into Alex's hole, surprised at how warm and inviting it felt.

Curious, he leaned down and stuck out his tongue, licking the outer walls of Alex's hole. He noticed that this had a much stronger taste than Alex's cock, but it wasn't unpleasant at all. In fact, Jacob found himself even more turned on by the taste as he worked his tongue as deep into Alex as it would go.

Alex moaned as Jacob explored his asshole with his tongue, teasing open the outer ring. "I'm ready, baby, just put it in," Alex said breathlessly.

Jacob sat up, gripping his rock hard cock and pushing it up against the outside of Alex's ass. He rubbed his leaking cock against Alex's anus, letting out a big glob of saliva and covering his dick with it. He slowly began to press his cock inside of Alex.

"Oh, fuck. Deeper, baby, deeper," said Alex.

Alex's hole put up little resistance, as Jacob had done an excellent job relaxing him with his tongue. He slipped the head of his cock past Alex's anal walls, marveling at the tightness with which Alex's ass gripped his cock. He continued to push his cock in, sliding further into Alex until his pubic hair was pressed against Alex's ass.

"Jesus, Alex, your ass feels so amazing," Jacob said as he breathed heavily into Alex's ear.

Alex's ass felt like nothing Jacob had ever experienced. It was so warm, so tight, so perfectly fitted to Jacob's cock. Whenever Jacob had had sex with his wife, he was always so focused on trying to maintain an erection, on trying to make himself ejaculate. With Alex, it felt so natural. The way he felt inside Alex was the closest that Jacob had ever felt to God in his entire life.

"Fuck me, Jay," Alex whispered.

Jacob began to thrust in and out of Alex, his heart racing at the warm, wet feeling of being inside Alex's asshole. He grabbed onto Alex's shoulders, holding onto him tightly as he plunged his cock inside him again and again.

"You feel so amazing," he panted as he continued to ram Alex's ass.

"Ugh, oh GOD, yes Jacob..." Alex moaned.

Jacob began to fuck Alex even faster, spurred on by Alex's moaning. He was elated to know that he was making Alex feel every bit as good as he felt fucking Alex's hole. He felt like he had no idea what he was doing, but fucking Alex made him feel like he could do anything.

He wondered what it must feel like to be on the receiving end of things. Alex seemed to be having the time of his life, as his moaning got progressively louder.

Alex took his cock in his hand and began to jerk himself off as Jacob fucked him. Jacob wrapped his arms around Alex and began to kiss him on the neck, holding him as he thrust his cock deep inside him. He could feel himself approaching the point of no return, but he was powerless to stop himself from his merciless attack on Alex's prostate.

"Oh...OH, Alex, I'm cumming," Jacob choked out as his cock began to shoot inside Alex's hole.

Alex could feel the warm, gooey liquid coating his insides as his hand brought him closer to his own orgasm. He savored the feeling of Jacob's load shooting inside him, plus the way Jacob's cock rubbed against his prostate as he continued to weakly thrust. It was too much for Alex--he stroked his cock even faster, his balls tightening as he reached orgasm.

"FUUUUCK," yelled Alex as he shot his load all over the floor over the tent, covering it with jizz. He collapsed onto the ground, with Jacob on top of him and his cock still inside him. Alex laid there in post-orgasmal bliss, enjoying the fullness of Jacob's cock in his ass as he came down from his orgasm.

Jacob himself was dead to the world, unable to detach himself from Alex. He had never before had an orgasm that powerful, not with his wife, not even when he had masturbated while watching Brad and Wesley fucking the other night. The difference was like night and day--Jacob finally felt like he understood what all the fuss was about.

No wonder it was so difficult to be straight! Dealing with just being attracted to other men was tough enough, but now that he knew that you could feel this good having sex with a man? He had no idea how to come back from this.

But that was a problem for another time. Right now, all Jacob could comprehend was that he had just had what felt like a sexual awakening. He felt like he was on another plane of existence.

The two men laid there for a few minutes, Jacob's cock still lodged in Alex's asshole. They listened to the sound of each other breathing, felt the warmth of each other's sweaty skin, breathed in the smell of each other's sex. It was a terribly intimate moment, and neither of them wanted it to end.

Finally, Jacob rolled off of Alex, lying on his side next to him. Alex turned to him, pushing his glasses back up his nose.

"That was amazing, Jay," he said.

Jacob took his hand and brushed back Alex's black hair, gazing into his eyes.

"You're so beautiful," he whispered softly.

Alex took his hand and kissed it.

"Come here," he said.

He pulled Jacob in and held Jacob's head to his chest, rubbing his back. Jacob wrapped his arms around Alex, closing his eyes and cuddling him like he was a little boy again. They laid there like that all night, wrapped in each other's arms as they fell asleep.



Jacob woke up to the sound of his phone buzzing down at his feet, hidden in the pile of clothes he'd strewn off the night before. He picked it up and looked at it. His heart sank when he saw the name: Ruth.

He looked over at Alex sleeping naked next to him, then got to his feet, reaching for the zipper to open the exit to the tent. He stepped out, naked in the early morning sun as he answered the phone.

"Hey Ruth. Everything okay?"

"Hi honey. Everything's fine, I just... where are you?"

Jacob's heart leapt into his chest. "What are you talking about? I'm in Vegas for work, you know that."

"I know, it's just that... your boss called the home phone this morning. He said he was sorry to interrupt your vacation but he wanted to know if you'd gotten the email from your client."

"My vacation? What do you mean?"

"That's what I said," said Ruth. "I told him you were at a work conference, but he said that you'd taken the week off for personal time. Are you... Jacob, what's going on?"

Jacob's heart was racing. He forced himself to stay calm.

"Don't worry Ruth, it's nothing like that, it's... I am in Vegas. I'm here for an interview for another job. I didn't want to tell you until it was official, but I was thinking about leaving the company."

"Oh," said Ruth. "Wow. I don't... did you want to move to Vegas?"

"No, no, it would still be in LA. Listen, can... can we talk about it when I get back? I'm just, I'm still going over the details and I'll know more by the time I return."

"Okay," she said. "I miss you."

"I miss you too," said Jacob.

"And Ethan misses his da-da. So we'll see you Saturday, right?"

"I'll see you then," Jacob said. "Goodnight."

He hung up the phone. He felt bad enough lying to his wife about coming here in the first place, but he'd told himself he was doing it for her. Now who was he lying for?

He crossed his arms, shivering in the cold as he began to cry.

"Jay? Are you okay?"

He turned away as he heard Alex climb out of the tent and approach behind him. Suddenly he felt Alex's arms wrap around him from behind as Alex put his head on Jacob's back.

"What's wrong, baby?" Alex asked as he rocked Jacob from side to side.

"Get off me," Jacob cried as he grabbed Alex's hands and tore them away. He suddenly felt shame at their nakedness.

Alex stepped back, staring at him in confusion.

"What happened?"

Jacob wiped his nose. He turned to look at Alex.

"We made a mistake. I did. Last night was wrong, I betrayed my wife, I betrayed my family-"

"You're being too hard on yourself," Alex said.

"I fucked a man!" Jacob shouted. "I cheated on my wife, I committed sodomy with another man and now my life is ruined and I'll never be straight and we'll never be a family-"

"You're right," Alex said. "You will never be straight. Because that's impossible."

Jacob scoffed. "What are you talking about?" he asked in exasperation. "Seriously? If it's impossible, what are we doing here? What is the point of any of this if we're just powerless over sin?"

"It's not a sin."

Jacob stared at Alex, confused. "Of course it is," he said.

"It isn't," said Alex adamantly. "And it isn't necessary or even possible to change who we are. This place is a sham."

"It's not a sham-"

"It is a sham. Ezekiel can't make you straight. He can't make anyone straight. No one here has ever successfully changed their sexual orientation, and anybody who says they have is lying. To themselves, to the world, it doesn't matter. People like Ezekiel and Brad, they don't care about me and you. They care about making money and they care about power."'

Jacob's head was spinning. "This doesn't make any sense. This place can't be fake, I mean, why would you be here if it was all fake?"

Alex took a deep breath. "I'm here to expose it. To show the world that Ezekiel and Brad are liars and that conversion therapy is wrong."

Jacob blinked. "But... your sponsor, you said that he told you to come here, that you wanted to-"

"I lied." Alex looked away, unable to look him in the eye.

Jacob stared at him accusingly. "You lied to me?"

"I lied to everyone," said Alex. He reached out and grabbed Jacob's hand. "I had to, I had to stop them, to show the world what was happening so that they couldn't do this to anybody else."

Jacob ripped his hand away. "You... you lied to me, and you told me that you cared about me-"

"I do care about you-"

"And then you made me do things, you did things to me, you touched me, you violated me..."

Alex looked at him in shock. "We did those things together. Because we wanted to, because we care about each other, it was an expression of love-"

"You don't love me!" Jacob yelled. "This isn't love, it's a distortion of love. Love is what I have with Ruth, with my wife. It's what a man and a woman have together. Two men can't be in love. It's sick and it's wrong and God hates it."

Alex looked at him, hurt. He turned and went back into the tent. Jacob's face was trembling as he felt the tears coming back.

Alex came back out of the tent carrying his phone. He handed it to Jacob.

"Look at this if you don't believe me."

Jacob looked at the phone. A video was playing of two men fucking against the side of a wall in the middle of the night.

"What is this? Get that away from me," Jacob said angrily.

"Look at it!" yelled Alex as he shoved the phone in Jacob's face.

Jacob reluctantly looked at the video. He could immediately tell that one of the men was Brad, but he was shocked to see that the man Brad was with was not Wesley, but Chris.

"That's Brad fucking Chris, the man he's supposed to be helping turn straight," said Alex. "The man who's engaged to marry his girlfriend in less than six months. What kind of a Christian does that?"

Jacob handed the phone back to Alex.

"What kind of a Christian lies about who he is and then fucks a man with a wife and son?" he asked coldly.

Alex reached out to touch Jacob but Jacob slapped his hand away.

"I'm sorry, Jay, I didn't mean to put you in that position-"

"It's not your fault," Jacob said. "It's mine. I'm the one who broke my marriage vows. I'm the one who ruined my family. I'm the one who believed a liar when he told me..."

Jacob trailed off, his lips trembling as the tears started up again. He pushed past Alex into the tent, grabbing his clothes and quickly pulling them on.

"Jay, please-"

"Do not call me Jay," Jacob snapped as he pulled on his shirt. "We are not together and you are not my friend. I'm going back to the cabin and I want you to stay as far away from me as you can for the rest of this trip."

He turned to leave but Alex grabbed his arm.

"I need to know that you're not gonna tell anyone. About me," Alex said. "Please, I just need a little bit longer to find what I need to take down Ezekiel."

Jacob scoffed. "You can do whatever you want. I don't want anything to do with you."

He walked out into the desert, leaving Alex behind in the tent looking after him.

His head was spinning as he walked back to the cabin. He could barely process his own betrayal of his wife, let alone Alex's betrayal.

They had walked pretty far out into the desert the day before, but luckily Jacob was able to find some hiking route signs that helped him make his way back to the main road. By the time he made it back to the cabin, it was just past 8, almost an hour before the time he was supposed to be back.

Jacob walked into the empty house, quickly realizing that none of the other guys had made it back yet from their walkabout. He immediately headed for the shower, as he was covered in dust and sweat and his skin was slightly sunburnt. He lathered himself in soap, turning the water to scalding hot as he tried to wash away the memories from the night before.‘super-mario-maker-2’-game-review-nintendo-gives

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