About five years ago I was invited to a male strip joint to meet up with a couple of friends and have some drinks. It was a Friday night in November so I dressed in a sweater and jeans. I had been to plenty of female strip clubs in the past but never a male club. I felt it could be interesting so I gave it a try. I noticed the place was ethnically diverse as I like it, being an African American male of a more caramel complexion. I was in my early thirties here and had a very athletic physique with good muscle and very little body fat.

Upon meeting up with my friends they welcomed me to the place and showed me around a bit. There was a bar, a vast lounge area, a big main stage with a huge screen right behind it as well as video cameras. All of which I found to be fascinating.

My friend Huong, a second generation Japanese gay male and his Caucasian boyfriend John showed me to the table where we'd be seated. Well, I wouldn't be seated for long but didn't know it at the time. Within a minute one of the hosts came up to us.

"Is this the guy?" he had asked my friends. Huong and his man shook their heads yes enthusiastically. I then wondered what was going on. The host then had a sinister smile on his face.

"Pleased to meet you. Come on with me to the stage. I would like to show you something" said the host. Reluctantly I followed along thinking it couldn't possibly be anything malicious. He lead me up the slight stairway and to the main stage and asked me to sit on a stage couch. I sat for a moment.

"Ok, great. Make yourself comfortable. You'll be up here for a while" the host explained. I was now slightly nervous and not knowing what to expect. At that moment the host left and another guy came on stage. This guy was completely naked, stood about six feet tall, had a chiseled hard body, had black hair, clean shaven, and appeared to be middle eastern. I saw him look at me with excitement. His penis looked excited too as it was growing from soft to hard.

"We're going to have fun today. Please get naked" he said. I looked to the crowd and saw a lot of people, mostly horny gay and bisexual males. I saw that the screen behind the stage was showing a close up of the massage table on the stage. I was wondering what would happen but just went with it. I took off everything in front of a good hundred people at least. I stood naked and erect.

"Amazing. I have something for you to put on" said the other naked guy as he handed me a long Black wig, eyeliner, and a dark reddish lipstick. I was starting to get excited. I've always wanted to put on a wig and make up given the right situation. I finally had my chance. I gladly put all of it on. Mind you I was already clean shaven from any facial hair today so after all was applied I looked just like a woman from the neck up. I was so excited sexually I couldn't control myself.

"Sweet. Now please lie down on the table. I am going to lube you up and get you started with a sex machine" this guy said. Now I was really excited. I had seen these in porn but never thought I'd actually try one. I laid down on the massage table. This guy took oils and started greasing my entire body starting with my chest while paying extra attention to my nipples. My penis was pulsating for all to see. Then he moved down my stomach, then to my genital area where he gave that dick a few soft and playful strokes. Then he moved down to my thighs, calves, and feet. He then asked me to lift my legs. I did without hesitation. He started greasing up my bottom, both outside and inside my cheeks. He then stuck a well oiled finger in my pussy ass. It felt SOOOO good. He then massaged in my rectum for about 10 seconds, making sure it was fully greased.

"Ok. Now I'm going to get the machine" he said while dragging the sex machine closer. It had a big black dildo attached to it. He then lubed the dildo, armed the machine towards my awaiting boy pussy, and turned it on. First it was going at a slow pace. It entered me with no problem as I was already so horny and wanted it badly. I felt like I was going to cum from just being entered but it was only a brief sensation. He then turned up the speed and it started to feel better and better.

I looked out at the crowd and they were all very excited and into what was happening. I looked at the big screen and saw myself looking like a woman from the neck up whilst getting pounded in my sweet spot. The combination of being pleasured in front of such a huge audience whilst being naked and looking like a female was VERY arousing. I started to feel a prostate orgasm come on and saw a bit of white semen start to exit my penis. At this point the man promptly stopped the machine.

"What are you doing!?" I asked in frustration.

"Don't worry. You'll get your orgasm. But I'm going to give it to you" he smiled. He then took the machine out of me and a little more cum dripped out. He then instructed me to the couch. He sat down with a full hard on. I automatically assumed the position on got on top, sliding my ass pussy on top of his sweet dick. I then slowly slid down his pole and then up slightly again. I got into a rhythm of riding his penis. At this point my orgasm was starting to come back. I then kissed him and he passionately kissed me. Out of the corner of my eye I saw this on the big screen.

I couldn't take it anymore. I felt the best orgasmic feeling of my life start in my lower stomach and radiate through my whole body. Very bright white cum flowed out of my penis like a leaking volcano and there was a lot. Since I was riding him it flowed down to my nether regions and this guys. He was excited and kissed me even more passionately. I had noticed that my dripping was zeroed in on very closely on the big screen. I looked to the audience and saw some of the guys kissing and masturbating. This was a very exciting night to say the least. I continued to kiss the guy and ride his penis well into the evening.

The end.











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