Chapter One: A Dangerous Visit

Mary Jones, girl detective, ran in from the garden to answer the telephone in the front hallway of her father's mansion. "Hello?"

Mary was one of the prettiest girls in River Heights, a town abundant with strikingly beautiful girls, many of whom settled there after Mary had freed them all from white slavery (see the Secret of the Old Cock). Mary was a petite and striking young lady with an unrelentingly cheery disposition. Her dusky blonde hair had natural red highlights. It was cut short and fell straight in a practical bob. Her left eye was a solid blue and her right eye was greener. She had the face of an angel: a bob of a nose, twinkling eyes, and a wide and easy smile.

She was petite at 5 foot 2 inches, and her body was 110 pounds of solid muscle from her constant martial arts training that made it possible for her to take on a battalion of mobsters with nothing but her bare hands or other body parts, her wits, and her impeccable grooming. Her breasts were lean and nicely shaped, as were her hips, but people rarely noticed such features, since she was always modestly attired in clothes somewhat baggier and less revealing than the norm so that her athletic form would not be so obvious and attention-grabbing to others. Because of her disposition and future career plans to be the world's first G-Woman, she preferred to be able to walk around as unnoticed as possible.

"Hi Mary! It's Imogene." Although Imogene was from a different school than Mary, they were close friends. "You know my aunt, Selene. Since being widowed, she moved in with grandma at Triple Forests, our family mansion in Xylophone. Since then, they've suffered from spectral visitations. Can Aunt Selene and I visit in an hour and beg you to take the case?"

"Imogene, it's the year 1930! Modern science assures us that ghosts don't exist. See you soon!" Mary replied, hanging up the phone cheerily. Since solving The Secret of the Old Cock, she had longed for another case. This was her chance!

The doorbell rang, and the Jones's chocolate colored housekeeper and Mary's dear friend, Margaret Roberts, rushed down the stairs to answer it. The dusky maid was four years Mary's senior, lithe and stunning, with an ample bosom, a proportionate bottom, and flashing teeth. Mary creamed for her sable friend, since she had known for some time she fancied both men and women. Alas, she respected Margaret's and her father's monogamy. True enough, they had taken lovers and even swung on occasion to Mary's knowledge, but it would be unseemly at the very least for Mary to involve herself so closely in her father's affairs. The closest she would bring herself was peeping on their raucous lovemaking every chance she could while beating off furiously.

Upon Margaret opening the door, a short, stooped, middle-aged man unknown to them stepped into the hall. Margaret shut the door. "Is Mr. Jones here?" asked the man with a Southern drawl. "My name is Ofbert Humpf. I'm here to warn your father that his life may be in danger. The railroad he represents to buy property is cheating some of our fine citizens, most notably my own client, Miss Xenia Xarton, and people are up in arms. He should be careful."

"My father is not here," Mary told him levelly.

"No matter, missy. I'll wait. In fact, I have an itch." With a swift motion, Humpf grabbed Margaret by the hair and bent her over the entryway table, pinning her head down on the table. His hand was already up under Margaret's dress touching her obscenely, and the shocked young colored girl looked at Mary wide-eyed but otherwise stone-faced. The girls were frozen in surprise and had an immediate problem taking hasty action, for if Humpf discovered or even suspected how close a friend their darling housekeeper was to Mary and especially to Mr. Jones, there could be criminal charges, disbarment, or worse. The Jones household would be ruined.

"Mmm, wet enough, I'd reckon. You don't mind, do you young lady?" Humpf asked Mary rhetorically while flipping up Margaret's dress in the back, displaying her sleek chocolate legs and firm behind. From the way Margaret looked at her, Mary could see that Margaret was determined to passively suffer this molestation to protect Mary and her father. Humpf gave Margaret's buttocks a swift exploratory spank to see how it wiggled. Margaret shrieked with surprise.

Conversationally to Mary, Humpf drawled, "Young lady, please leave the room, as I'm about to properly remind this here darky of her place," he continued, tearing off Margaret's panties in a swift motion and kicking her legs apart to reveal that the tearful maid's pretty pink gash was surprisingly wet, considering the ugly circumstances. "I happen to be an expert in such matters." When Mary hesitated, he added, "Unless you'd like me to take her with me to some nearby friends of mine and return her nicely used and extra humble and docile, a more proper servant, let's say, sometime tomorrow. Would you prefer that, young lady?" While he was saying this, he unbuttoned his pants.

"Please, mistress," Margaret pleaded with Mary, "Let's not have any trouble. You are GREEN in these matters. Let me handle this."

By saying the word "green" as she had, Margaret secretly signaled to Mary that she wanted the matter to proceed. Margaret must be really worried that Humpf would cause trouble if they didn't appease him if she was willing to have another man's dick enter her willingly, as she knew she loved her father dearly and was scrupulously faithful to him except under the most dire of circumstances.

Mary guessed she should play along and say humiliating things to Margaret to fully sell her feigned indifference. "Suit yourself, you disgusting slut," smirked Mary, backing away. "I'll leave you two in peace." She left the room and immediately opened a peephole she had installed so she could watch Humpf's attack on Margaret and make sure that her delectable maidservant was not being hurt too badly. Mary could see that the excitable brown girl, her legs spread, was already trembling and distinctly displaying the pink glistening folds of her open inner labia.

Unknown to Humpf, Mary knew that Margaret had suffered some rapes in her childhood that were disturbingly formative for her sexually. As a result, Margaret was deeply excited at the prospect of being humiliated and forced by men. Mary had witnessed (and masturbated furiously) countless times while watching her father brutally mock-rape Margaret, call her vile names, and even piss on her after he'd finished his brutal enjoyment. Such treatment within a context of love was deeply exciting and satisfying to Margaret. Now this was the real thing, and she could see that Margaret was quivering with excitement rather than fear, knowing that Mary was close by to intervene if matters got out of hand. While Mary braced against the wall with one hand, her other hand was already up her skirt and down her panties tickling her moistening love button as she watched the real live actual rape progress under her safety-conscious surveillance.

Margaret whimpered as Humpf thrust his member into her delicate pink snatch with a squishing noise, divulging her rising excitement. "I do believe the darky likes my attentions! How long has it been, honey?"

"Years!" Margaret cried. Actually, Mary knew her father had fucked his dear lover and housemaid loud and long just that morning. Some things in the Jones household were impossible to sleep through, not that she'd wanted to miss it anyway.

As Humpf fucked her, he slipped off his belt and looped it tightly around Margaret's neck. "Now tell me all the household secrets, honey, or I'll make you pass out before you can finish," he demanded. The wild-eyed choking girl whimpered as her vile little rapist sped up and tightened the belt. "Tell me what I need to know. Is the daddy of the house a nigger lover? Has he ever done anything like this to you?" The dusky maid's eyes fluttered and she gurgled, and Mary could see through the peephole that Margaret's legs were shaking in orgasm. Mary herself was getting close, two fingers rapidly slicking across her clitoris. "Well, at any rate, it'll feel real good for me to deposit my high quality semen deep in your jungle bunny womb, conscious or not. Would you like that, niggeress? It's a lot better than you deserve."

Between chokes, Margaret shouted, "You're going to make my pussy RED and sore!"

Mary heard the "stop" signal and immediately guessed why Margaret had given it: she must have realized she was fertile during this time of the month. If she got pregnant from Humpf shooting his ejaculate into her, it would be a huge problem for the Jones household, since everybody would assume it was her father's baby, and he would be disbarred or worse. Mary knew herself to be infertile, so her plan became clear. It was time to step up her feigned humiliation of Margaret in order to protect her. "Mr. Humpf," she shouted, "A word, if you don't mind."

"What is it?" Humpf shouted back irritably. He stopped thrusting in Margaret and dropped the belt. Mary saw Margaret's head hit the table with a clunk, her loins shaking in climax. Mary, still fingering her slick love button, also shook quietly in climax at the delicious sight of this.

"Mr. Humpf, by your own words you are about to release your precious Caucasian seed into that undeserving monkey's cunt. I feel compelled to offer you my own clean and proper Caucasian cunt so that your sperm doesn't have to suffer the indignity of fertilizing her nigger egg."

"All right, if you insist," answered Humpf, pulling his dripping little pecker out of Margaret as Mary entered the room. "You're right that I was probably about to fertilize this darky bitch. Her tight and twisty little pink eye almost had me shooting. I was actually going to try real hard to pull out at the last moment and blow it on her behind, not wanting to lend my precious male fluids to propagating her degenerate race, but I'd much rather make a deposit in you instead, sweet child."

Although Mary was sick at how disgustingly racist this ugly little man was, a deal was a deal, and she had fucked worse. She removed her panties, lay down on the entryway rug, and flipped up her skirt. Humpf, his pants still at his knees, hopped over and clambered onto her and inserted his modest thing, throbbing with excitement and still wet with Margaret's juices, into Mary's slick snappy cunt. The disgusting old bigot then began to furiously fuck Mary's tight young grasping hole with little grunts of excitement, his pale ass waggling. Mary was able to look back at her dark and beautiful friend and get bit excited at finally sharing a man with her, even this poor excuse for one. Margaret watched from the entryway table, Humpf's belt still loose around her neck, fingering her juicy pink twat with wet abandon.

"Look at that disgusting darky trollop, how much she wanted your seed," Mary whimpered, locking eyes with Margaret. "Well, you're not going to get it - AHH!" shouted Mary, as Humpf started shooting his hot globby semen into her juicy cunny, which spasmed repeatedly as it gulped the seed in deep.

The diminutive man rested lazily between Mary's pert lean tits before finally hauling himself off of her and restoring his clothes. He retrieved his belt from around Margaret's neck, slapping her lightly on the face and telling her, "You're a worthless slut. I'm glad I didn't waste my cum on you." Then turning to Mary, he complained, "I hate it when a darky enjoys a rape. I want fear. I want tears. I want suffering. What a disappointment."

"I'm sorry you were treated so badly by our help, sir," Mary assured him as she let Humpf out the front door, his cum beginning to leak down her bare leg. Once he was gone, and she had shut the door, she turned to Margaret and said, "I guessed you realized you were fertile, so since I'm permanently fixed, I thought I'd better intervene and accept the load instead." Indeed, the white slavers had inserted a diabolical German device called a Grafenberg Ring in Mary's uterus (see the Secret of the Old Cock), rendering her infertile, at least until it could be removed. Nobody in America, not even the FBI, knew how to reverse the procedure safely.

"You guessed correctly as usual, Mary," Margaret replied. "This is my peak fertile day. Thanks for intervening." She smoothed her skirts down, got on her knees, and began using her destroyed panties to wipe the fluids off the floor.

"No hard feelings about the mean things I said, I hope," fretted Mary, examining her appearance in the hallway mirror and making herself presentable. "I tried to pull out all the stops."

"You did! You're a great actress, Mary," replied Margaret. "If I didn't know better, I would've believed every word."

"You too!" chuckled Mary. "Years since being fucked my ass. Try two hours!" They both laughed heartily.

Mary saw her friend Imogene and Imogene's aunt Selene arrive and let them in. Both women had dark circles under their eyes. Once they were all comfortably seated in the front parlor, Selene explained to Mary, "Ever since I moved in with my mother Petra, we've been visited nightly by many restless spirits. I warned Imogene to stay away, but she is stubborn and visited anyway, and I'm afraid that she suffered the phenomenon first hand."

Margaret returned carrying tea and dainty sandwiches for the girl detective and her stammering guests. Imogene confessed, red-faced, "During the night, I had the most disturbing and exhausting erotic dream. I dreamed I was awakened from my slumber in a room with red walls. I was lying on a big red bed. There, the six naked men in hoods repeatedly had their way with me!"

(To be continued) & uid=159265

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