Lindsay's eyebrows pushed together, her pretty lips curling into a one-sided scowl.

"Oh, of course -- that's all you think, isn't it? I knew you were stupid but I didn't think you were quite that stupid as to think that! Do you really want to know what I've done to her, huh? Do you really?"

She didn't give Matt a chance to reply, yanking her shorts and thong down, though it no longer sat comfortably around her new cock and balls, to expose her crotch, the soft length of her shaft begging attention. Her brother sucked in a gasp and yet she knew that it was not in admiration for her but shock, bulldozing on without any care for him or his feelings. Those had fallen by the wayside long ago.

"This is her -- my dick! I turned her into my cock, since she always was spouting off at me about shit." Lindsay spat curses, eyes blazing, no holds barred at long last. "This is a better place for her, trust me, but you... You I have always hated. And now I can finally put you just where you need to be!"

Matt may have been able to do something about stopping her if he had been quicker of wit and will but he was too slow as the gold coin flashed out again. He reeled and then everything slipped from his mind as Lindsay dragged him down and down and down, the hypnotising glint of it capturing his attention and draining his mind of any humanity that should have remained there.

"Look. Watch. Look. Watch. This is what happened to her too. Look. Watch. This is what happened to Jenniefer."

If Jenniefer had done it didn't that make it okay too? His head fogged over and Matt no longer even had the strength to clear it, thinking about shaking his head and then allowing the thought to slip away. No, it wasn't worth it, it was only Lindsay, nothing bad would happen there.

His mind fell blank as he stood there, Lindsay looking him over triumphantly with a wild-eyed smirk.


She did not break his mind totally, allowing him to react, though everything in him leaned towards obedience, breathing shortly and sharply through parted lips so that the rise of his chest could be seen.

"You'll be broken first," she said, fury lacing her tone. "Let me see your mind."

She slipped into his head and he allowed it, the hypnosis linking them, showing her everything that he could never have told anyone else about. And it was in the darkest, deepest recesses of her brother's mind that Lindsay uncovered his secrets, dragging them forth into the harsh light of day to be laid bare.

"Well, well, well..." She rolled her eyes. "My brother is a kinky bitch. Come on then."

She perched heavily on the edge of the bed, crossing one leg over the other so that a bare foot dangled in the air. His eyes, of course, followed it lusciously, enraptured by that little movement alone.

"Go for it, you disgusting brat. This is what you want, isn't it?"

Matt wasn't thinking as he closed the distance between them, his lips finding her feet and moaning lewdly as he sucked on her toes. His cock throbbed up within his jeans and yet that was not the main moment to focus on as his need grew, rocking and yearning, his desire coursing through as he swirled his tongue around her toes. All he needed was right there before him and there was no longer even any thought of Jenniefer left in his warped mind as his sister shoved her other foot into his face, smearing her soles over his lips and forcing him to lick them.

"Do a good job and maybe I'll go easy on you..."

Of course, she had no intention of doing that as she forced him to take both of her big toes in her mouth and suck on them, his hands lifting obediently to massage the soles of her feet. A contented sigh could not help, even then, but escape her lips, leaning back heavily on her hands, his mattress bowing lightly, finally getting every bit of the respect that she deserved.

Matt knew none of that, wrapped up in obedience, though she scoffed and told him that he shouldn't have been clothed. That had to be fixed between foot worship sessions, every time he pulled away to obey forcing her to snap at him, dragging him back in. She gave him an impossible task to fulfil and, still, Lindsay demanded more of him, his tongue lashing over her heels, the light smell of her feet from simply walking about the apartment luring him in all the more.

When he was naked and his cock hard, she scoffed and turned her head away.

"Look up much you like this, you little whore... Is this really what you get off on? You're disgusting. You like it. You fucking love it."

With such power rolling through her, such crude language came more and more easily as he whimpered under her, only striving to please. Nothing else existed for him anymore as he moaned around her toes, suckling on each in turn, cleaning them with his tongue, nothing more than a slave to her and her feet, a broken remnant of the brother that he had once been under her complete and absolute control.

Yet even Lindsay could tire of that as he sucked on her big toes again, the lap of his tongue pleasing but a little on the ticklish side again. It was his kink and perhaps not hers, her lips twisting in revulsion as she caught sight of his hand working his hard-on furiously, the slick fap of skin sliding over flesh rising to fill the room.

"Gross... Cut that out."

He stopped immediately, though the stalling of such pleasure did not come without a moan as he knelt up, licking and swirling his tongue all over her feet. All he could do was obey, his mind blank to all else, cock aching furiously.

In that moment, he would have agreed to anything she asked him to.

A smirk spread across her face. It may as well have been fixed there permanently.

"It is your birthday," she crooned. "Do you want this to be your last birthday gift, oh brother of mine? I don't remember getting you a gift before. It's fitting that this should be your last, don't you think?"

He could only answer "yes", his lips spread into a grin that told a tale of not really understanding what was going on. But she was there and he had to obey her, nothing else existing for him. All he saw was the beauty of her sister, tasting the lingering feel of her feet in her mouth, wanting more of that even then.

Naked and ready for her, Matt got onto all fours.

"I don't want to see your fucking face."

That was okay. That was very okay, as long as she used him, as long as she got everything she wanted from him. He was there to serve her and do anything she wanted, the sexual side a delicious lick and nuance to it all that fed his incest kink something terrible. For there was some part of him, the buried depths of which she had dug up, that lusted for her too.

Lindsay, of course, did not need a strap-on to fuck him with Jenniefer acting the part of her new cock, hard and ready, though not because he was her brother that she was about to fuck. She shoved his face down into the carpet, forcing him to slant his torso down, grinding his face into the wet spot that was all that was left of Jenniefer, the woman that he had thought he had loved.

Lindsay scoffed as she pushed into him. What even was love? Something that one person took from another? She'd been doing that her whole life and her powers had finally come to sweet fruition in such a way that she could finally make use of them. It was fitting, somehow, that it was her brother and his girlfriend that had met their ends as her first victims, but she would not have truly have had it any other way as she crammed in deep, filling him with her aching, throbbing length.

It was a new sensation for her too even as she worked her way in balls-deep, reuniting him with Jenniefer as he cried out, face half-crushed into the carpet. But Lindsay did not care about that as she fucked him dry, hardly giving his body enough time to relax around her as she worked her hips. She was all about her pleasure and only her pleasure, after all, and there was little else in the world that had ever mastered for the sister that would, shortly, be the only one left of that family's generation.

Harder and harder... There was not a single part of Lindsay that even considered holding back as she slammed into him, even dragging her brother's hips back to her cock with each and every thrust. She slammed into him without a jot of consideration or him, power pulsing in time with the beat of her heart, need rising more and more with every second that dared to pass. Lindsay's moans dominated the moment even as she dominated him, working her way up to where she could keep up a pace.

It was for her pleasure, however, and his anal ring was forced to spread around her thick girth -- a hard length for any man to take when he was not used to anal pleasures. Matt moaned and yet there was nothing in him that wanted to stop her, his cock still throbbing where it may have otherwise have wanted to soften, the pleasures of the body and her hypnotic control too much to stave off.

The coin lay on the carpet before him as she howled out her orgasm and yet, cruelly, did not allow him to have his own, reminding him of his place and position under her.

"It's your last birthday, after all," she grunted as she taunted him, creaming inside his ass. "You deserve a special treat... Something...ah...very...special..."

Only when she was good and done with him did she pull out and wipe her cock off on his backside, forcing him to turn around and suck her off, her cock slamming thoughtlessly to the back of his throat. It was just another play of power to her as her lusts rose and, once more, she spent herself down his throat, taking her leave and liberty of him as if to do so meant nothing at all to her. Truly, she had never even really seen Matt as her brother and now she could finally take everything there was of his that she had ever wanted to claim for herself.

Her seed marked his lips as she pulled out, letting the final spurts drool over his cheek and nose, a dirtied whore ready to go. She smirked. He would need that lubrication where he was going... But she didn't care about making it easy for him.

"Kneel," she breathed, hardly daring to believe that the moment was upon her. "Accept your fate, brother."

All he could do was obey, not understanding, not knowing, and yet he would have done it anyway even if the comprehension had been there. Kneeling and bowing his head before his sister, he allowed her to press the tip of her cock to his forehead, something washing over him, a cooling, softening sensation.

Only then did he begin to shrink, aware of what was happening as he blinked fuzzily. There was no disintegration of his body or reshaping it as he fell smaller and smaller, her hips following him down. She didn't want to miss anything of him, after all, laughing out loud with her head thrown back as her cock enveloped him, bit by bit. Like a monster from the abyss, it swallowed him whole, not needing to grow in size to take him even as his body shrank, his head slipping inside first as the thickness of the shaft bulged to gulp him down. It was nothing less than a beast, ravenous for his flesh.

Down and down and down the length he went. Only the size of a shoebox, perhaps, in total, Matt did not even cry out as his body disappeared, her cock sucking him down as she rocked her hips and helped him along the way through the force of gravity. The slit of her shaft pushed its way down over his shoulders, his midsection, pinning his arms to his sides, though all he could do was wriggle and squirm in absolute delight as he sank inside, put where his deepest, most sordid desires had told him was right and good.

There was no reason for him to live as the bulge that he had become travelled down the length of her cock, legs and feet swallowed up, a tiny, futile orgasm left in Matt's wake. All the way down: he dropped heavily into her balls and panted, though there was no air in there for him. There was nothing there for him as his skin softened and became malleable, his lips parted as he melted into cum, wasting away and becoming just another thing for his sister to use.

His thoughts fell blank. There was no more for Matt down there.

Rolling her shoulders back, Lindsay sighed heavily, though a light glinted in her eyes still. Man, who could have known that sex was a lot of work when she was in that position? She collected the golden coin -- best keep that safe, the medium through which she could channel her power, walking in a rolling gait to the bathroom, her cock still hard. The bulge of her brother rested heavily in her balls and it would have been a shame not to use every last bit of him, jerking off her cock with the head poised ready over the bowl of the toilet.

"Mmmph... Goodbye, Matt."

And then she laughed and laughed, her wicked mirth bouncing off the walls of the bathroom as she rocked her hips and climaxed again, wasting everything that once was her brother into the toilet. He splashed down into the water, nothing more than her semen, and she was quick to flush, sweeping away his remains as if Matt had never even existed, nothing remaining of the man who had been her brother.

The deed was done and all was well, all as it needed to be, her power in full force as she trembled in the delightful luxury of it. She needed nothing more than to relish in the delight of that moment, everything of theirs now hers and no one any the wiser as to the lives that she had snuffed out and melted into her cum.

Lindsay licked her lips, nipping at her lower one, dark giggles bubbling up.

Maybe it was where they had belonged all along.

And it was her rightful place to dominate them. & u=97808

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