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Joe replaced his hand on Melissa's breast with his mouth. He opened wide and sucked almost all her breast flesh inside, his saliva coating her smooth skin as his tongue flattened the erect nipple. Amanda continued kissing Melissa, who was breathing heavily as her body was being stimulated in several erogenous areas.

Four couples who had already had several orgasmic encounters and needed a break moved to surround Melissa and her two lovers. Her eyes were closed, and she wasn't aware she was center stage in an impromptu sex show.

Amanda and Joe were slow and deliberate in their foreplay. Their fingers teased Melissa's pussy, lightly rubbing her lips and sometimes pushing inside but just in brief forays. They also lightly brushed her clit, but never spent enough time on that nervy bud to do more than make their playmate want more.

Satisfied that Melissa was sufficiently warmed up, they rearranged themselves. Amanda moved between Melissa's legs and Joe straddled her chest. His cock was thick, veiny and about 7 inches with a blunt, rounded tip.

"I'm sure I'll enjoy you sucking my cock but you're gonna enjoy Amanda eating your pussy even more. All of our female partners rave about her skills."

Joe's cock was inches from Melissa's lips, and she stuck out her tongue to lap at the tip. She could feel his rod lurch and then he inched his hips closer to her mouth, slipping the wide prick inside her lips.

Amanda intended to tease this young woman before helping her reach her orgasmic crest. Her tongue first lapped at Melissa's trimmed pussy hair, slickening it with saliva. She then moved not toward Melissa's pussy but to the crease where her hips joined her pelvis. Amanda licked and lightly bit at the sensitive flesh there and on her upper thigh, then moved to the other side to repeat the process.

The tip of Amanda's tongue then moved to Melissa's mound, but again it was more tease than please. The pointed and wet oral digit licked around the pussy, barely grazing the edges of the slick labia.

She then brought her fingers into play as each index finger started at the bottom of Melissa's slit and then slowly moved up, pushing apart the labia to reveal the pink flesh of her partner's most private area. Then her tongue pushed inside that exposed opening, pressing against the opening to Melissa's vagina. Amanda's talented and strong tongue then began to slip in and out, a small oral cock.

Melissa gasped and gurgled around Joe's cock, which was completely filling her mouth, her lips stretched wide to take his girth. He was face fucking her with short strokes, enjoying the underside of his cock slipping back and forth over Melissa's tongue as it attempted to service his dick.

At the top of Melissa's quivering mound, Amanda's fingers pulled apart the fleshy pink flesh that revealed the clit bud. Her tongue slipped upward, and the flickering tip discovered the aroused nubbin. Amanda moaned and the vibrations around Joe's cock sent a shiver up his spine.

Amanda's lips and tongue covered the top of Melissa's sensitive slit, her lips gently sucking while the tip of her tongue tenderly tapped and laved at the sensitive bud. With her fingers pulling the labia wide and exposing all of Melissa's gash, Amanda's tongue and lips moved from top to bottom, her tongue driving as deep as possible, moving in and out in a penis-like fashion, then moving back up to the nibble, kiss and suck Melissa's clit.

Melissa's hips were bucking up, down and sideways as the woman expertly ate her pussy. Having the husband's cock filling her mouth, its swollen head bumping against the back of her throat, intensified her sexual arousal. She was being double teamed by two experienced lovers.

Amanda's mouth was busy, and her face was being covered by Melissa's love juices. She moved her hand to the top of her slit and her thumb and index finger captured the hard clit bud, rolling and squeezing it as her tongue lapped at the gaping gash.

That was enough to send Amanda over the top again. She moaned around Joe's cock as her pussy spasmed and she had another body shaking orgasm. Her hands grasped at her breasts, squeezing the mounds and pulling on her hard nipples, enhancing her pleasure.

Joe pulled his cock out of her mouth with a loud plop, a string of saliva falling on Amanda's chin. His wife rolled from between her partner's legs and was replaced by her husband, who was on his knees. His strong hands reached for Amanda's hips and lifted them in the air. His rock-hard, thick prick was aimed at her still pulsing pussy. She felt his swollen cock head moving between her labia and searching for the opening to her rubbery pussy channel.

Amanda's eyes popped open and she gasped. Her mound was pulsing as her orgasm had yet to cease. Feeling the stimulus of a hard cock pushing between her labia was too much.

"Please ... wait," she whispered between deep breaths. "I'm still ... I'm still ... I'm not ready yet."

Joe heard her pleas, but he knew that even though she was still in recovery mode, starting a fuck so soon after a big orgasm was pleasurable to most women. When he felt that his cock had found its proper place, Joe thrust his hips forward and his thick rod plowed its way all the way inside Melissa's pussy.

"AAAHHHHGGGG MMMMMM, SOOOOOO gooooooddd," she moaned, her back arching as her hips met his, pushing her mound against his crotch.

Joe fucked her with hard deep strokes, his cock sliding out until just the head was inside her tunnel before thrusting back inside. Her pussy walls gripped his phallus tightly as they adjusted to his girth. He grunted in reaction to the wonderful sensation of his phallus being milked by the velvety glove.

Amanda's hand moved to the top of Melissa's pussy and pushed her clit so that it rubbed against her husband's thrusting cock. That was enough/too much for the young woman. Her legs encircled Joe's lower back, her ankles crossed as she pulled him against her.

"AAAIIIEEEEAAAAAGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHH." Melissa's sigh/moan/scream signaled her cresting orgasm, one that was as powerful as the one she had experienced just minutes before. As her pussy clenched in pleasure, it squeezed Joe's cock tightly.


His crotch plastered against hers, his rod deeply embedded inside her, Joe's butt clenched and twitched as his balls began emptying their contents. It had been some time since he had felt an orgasm this powerful and he relished the sensation of his thick cream spurting deep inside this sexy young woman.

Amanda's lithe body arched like a bow, only her head and elbows in contact with the floor. Her eyes closed and she literally was seeing stars -- a kaleidoscope of colors as her body succumbed to intense sexual release and pleasure. Then her legs relaxed their grip around Joe's waist, and she collapsed to a prone position. Her mound felt like it had melted; part of that sensation involved the sperm from Joe's orgasm starting to seep out of her slit.

Lori, the petite blonde who had provided Melissa's first orgasm of the evening with her scissoring, scrambled between Melissa's limp legs, and pushed them apart. "Gawd, that was hot. He really unloaded in you. I can't let it go to waste."

Her mouth them clamped on Melissa's slit, her pointy tongue lapping at the copious gobs of cum combined with pussy juice. Melissa could hardly react to this oral assault; it felt good, but she was still stuck in post-orgasm recovery.

She then felt what she knew was a hard cock prodding her lips and her half-closed mouth. Her eyes opened and saw the slender black man who had been fucking Lorraine earlier in the evening. He was on his knees and when he took his hand off his rod, it popped free of her lips. It was probably the longest cock she had seen.

"Damn, girl, you fuck like a porno star. How about you show me if you can suck like one."

He then moved so his cock was again against her lips. Melissa closed her eyes and opened her mouth and his thick cock head slipped inside her hot cavern. Her tongue lapped over the bulbous knob.

"Oooohhhh, yeah, baby. Use that tongue on my dick. I got super hard watching you."

As Lori's tongue and mouth continue to suck and lick on her pussy, Melissa brought her hands up to stroke the long rod and fondle the man's swollen testicles. She was rewarded with a deep groan and he pushed his cock deeper into her mouth. Melissa had not mastered deep throating a cock and her hands helped keep the man from pushing all of his cock inside her mouth.

Lori accomplished her mission; she had sucked all of the jism she could from Melissa's pussy, which was glistening. Lori sat back on her haunches, licking her lips. The Asian who had been fucking doggy style scooted over to Lori and clamped her mouth to Lori's, tasting the combination of cum and pussy juice.

The black man saw this coupling as Melissa's tongue teased the tip of his cock head, one hand was squeezing the base of his cock and her fingernails were teasing his ball sack.

"DAMMMMMN. SUCK MY COCK, YOU LITTLE BITCH. SUCK IT GOOD. ... Here it comes. I'm gonna shoot my load."

Melissa could feel his cock twitching in her mouth and then the hot jizz started to shoot and fill her mouth. She swallowed as best she could, but it was soon flowing over her lips and on to her chin. He leaned back, withdrawing his prick as a few final strands were ejected, landing on her cheek. Melissa surprised herself by scooping and scraping the cum from her face and depositing it in her mouth.

Chapter 10

The party -- correction, orgy -- was winding down. Melissa had become the main attraction but by the time she swallowed the black man's cum most of the couples had departed. Melissa's mind was floating, and her body was limp. She knew what she had experienced had been real, but it was difficult for her to accept the reality of participating in an orgy.

Then she heard Brad's voice. "Melissa, you OK?" He was kneeling next to her and his wife was standing behind him. The each were wearing robes.

"I hope you enjoyed yourself," Brad said. "And I hope it wasn't too much for you. But you seemed to handle it all OK. But we don't think you're in a condition where you should drive home tonight. Spend the night here. We've got plenty of extra bedrooms."

With that said, Brad and Lorraine helped to her feet and handed her a robe. They led her back upstairs and into one of the spare bedrooms. "There's a private bath," Lorraine said. "Take a hot shower and try to get some sleep. There's a sleep shirt on the bed."

Melissa followed the suggestion, spending about 10 minutes letting the shower spray play over her body. The scented soap was luxurious, and she soaped up her body. "My body," she thought, "my body has become a way to produce sexual pleasure. The island ... and now tonight. Wow."

She dried off and walked into the bedroom, then slipped on the satiny silk shirt. Her nipples were semi hard and poked against the clinging fabric. Melissa crawled under the covers and it took little time for her to go to sleep. Like that night on the island after the captain had made her suck him off, her dreams were about sex, a porno mix tape.

In the middle of the night, those hot dreams became reality. As she slowly returned to wakefulness, she could feel the covers had been pulled away.

"Hey, Mel," Brad whjspered. "Sorry to wake you up, but god damn, girl you put on such a show at the party. I can't get rid of this."

She could feel his hard cock poking against her hip.

"Yes, poor man," Lorraine chuckled. "I gave him a great blow job and he filled my mouth, but it didn't make it go away."

There was enough light for Melissa to see that both her companions were naked. Their hands reached for the hem of her sleep shirt and started to pull it up her body, tugging it from under here ass and then stripping it off her arms. Mel complied by raising her arms. She shuddered in pleasure as she felt Lorraine's full breasts pushing against her as Brad's fingertips lightly teased up and down her upper thigh.

Lorraine turned Melissa's face toward hers and her full lips made contact with her young partner. Brad's hand was cupping Melissa's mound and his mouth had captured a hard nipple bound. Then his middle finger was slipping between her labia and he grinned at finding a welcoming wetness.

Lorraine broke the kiss. "Melissa, Brad and I have spent the last few months discussing what happened on the island," she murmured, her face close to the young woman's. "We wondered if we should have done more to protect you. Once things got back to normal, it appeared you were handling it well, that you enjoyed what you experienced. That's why we thought you might enjoy one of our parties."

Brad felt like his cock was so hard it might snap off. He was beyond excited to have another chance to fuck his young receptionist. Brad pushed her legs wide and rolled between them. She could feel his swollen cock head brush against her mound, and she shuddered in pleasure and anticipation.

Lorraine shifted and brought her mouth in contact with Melissa's left breast, her lips encircling the hard nipple bud. Brad hooked his elbows behind Melissa's knees, raised her legs up and pushed them back and up. He moved his hips to maneuver his cock to find lodging at the entrance of her pussy. It took him several tries and Melissa it was delightful feeling his swollen head poking and rubbing over her tender labia.

"Aaahhhh, there we go," Brad moaned when he felt his prick find the tight entrance to her pussy. His swollen head pushed against the slight resistance and then popped inside the rubbery ring. Melissa gasped and her hips bucked.

Lorraine's mouth was paying homage to Melissa's breasts as they rose and fell with her heavy breathing. "Oh, you sweet girl," Lorraine whispered. "Brad wants to fuck you sooooo bad. Ever since we got back on the island, I've had to compete with his thoughts of you."

Brad slowly and steadily slid his cock inside Melissa's tight, clasping channel. He sighed when his rod was fully inserted, and it twitched in pleasure. In the position he had placed her legs, Melissa felt fully impaled by his dick, pinned to the bed.

Lorraine's mouth left Melissa's breasts and she got on her knees to kiss her husband. Her hands moved to cup his clenched ass as his hips began their fucking motion. "Give her a good ride, stud," she whispered. "Fuck her hard."

He didn't need the encouragement, but his wife's words enhanced his desire to do just that. Brad leaned forward, placing his hands on each side of Melissa. With the positioning of each participant, Brad had the leverage to pound his cock down into Melissa's pussy. As he began to fuck her, the thrusts produced rhythmic groans of pleasure. Melissa wrapped her legs around his back, hooking her ankles and keeping the lower portion of her body elevated so that Brad could remain kneeling.

Lorraine again changed her position, laying down near Melissa's head. She kissed the young woman deeply then watched her husband's prick pounding her pussy. "Gawd, it must feel great Mel. He's trying to push you through the mattress, isn't he?"

Melissa, her eyes closed, nodded in agreement as she arched her back, her breasts moving rhythmically as Brad's thrusts rocked her torso. Her fingers clawed at the sheets. Having her boss fucking her as he had on the island replayed that encounter and furthered her arousal.

In less than a year, Melissa had gone from an innocent and naïve teenager who was now a young woman with a healthy sexual drive. This evening of debauchery at her boss' house had rekindled the fires she had tried to bank, denying that the fateful shipwreck had helped unlock her libido. As Brad expertly fucked her with his man tool, part of her mind was wandering and wondering: "What's next? What other sexual pleasures await?"

As her orgasm built, Melissa's pussy walls began to clench around the invading cock, milking it and eliciting growls of pleasure from Brad. While his wife was the most alluring woman he had ever made love to, Melissa's young and lithe body had become a near obsession. Before this evening -- which had gone better than either could have hoped -- Brad and Lorraine had spent a number of evenings in bed masturbating before making love. Their fantasies involved replaying the encounter on the island.

Brad's hands reached for the two women, one hand clasping a breast of each. His thumb flicked over the hard nub of Melissa's mound, making her groan. Her mouth was open in the class "O" expression and he knew she was close to peaking.

Melissa thrust her hips high, bowing her body as her orgasm crested, her pussy squeezing tightly around Brad's hard cock.

"Aaaaahhhh, God!" "Aaww, awww, awwww, I'm cum-I'm cum-minggg."

Brad felt his balls stirring as his cock was fully embedded in the young woman's tight, clinging pussy. He felt the electric tingles along his spine, and he strained to hold his ejaculation. When he fucked her on the island, his basest instincts prevailed, and he had cum inside her. That had become his main regret in that he had planted his seed in a young woman and that he had no idea if she was "protected." Fortunately, he had not gotten Melissa pregnant.

As Melissa's pleasure was cresting, he groaned deep in his throat and pulled his cock free just as he felt his jizz beginning to flow from his cock. His swollen knob popped free of Melissa's pussy just as he started to spurt long streams of his cream on her body. The first few globs nearly reached her breasts and as he fisted the base of his cock, the rest of his load flowed on to her heaving lower torso.

Lorraine, as she had on the island, was quick to assume clean up duties. She moved over Melissa's body, her tongue slurping and lapping up her husband's cock cream. The residue of the sperm and her saliva left shiny streaks on Melissa's body, which was undulating in pleasure. When she had licked up all the cum she could find, Lorraine then moved up to Melissa's mouth and kissed her deeply, depositing what she had collected in her partner's mouth.

"Gawd, I love the taste of cum," Lorraine said as she broke the kiss.

Melissa's tongue licked her lips. "I'm starting to understand why," she whispered with a grin.

Brad laid down next to Melissa and Lorraine pulled the sheet over them while laying next to their young playmate. Sated by sexual pleasure, all three were ready to get back to sleep.

When Melissa woke up the next morning, she was alone. She glanced at the bedside clock which read 10:43. Next to the clock was a note.

Good morning, sleepy head. Glad you got a good rest. We left for the gym at 10. You can shower in the adjoining bathroom and your clothes are in the closet. Coffee's downstairs. If you're ready to leave before we get back, just close the front door when you leave.


B & L

Melissa followed the suggestions. After a lovely hot shower, she got dressed and went downstairs for coffee and a sweet roll. Her boss and his wife still had not returned so she went outside to her car and drove back to her apartment.

Soon after she arrived at her place, she got a text from her parents. "Hey, sweetie. Hope you're free tonight. We'd love to have you come over for dinner."


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