[Disclaimer: all characters portrayed in this story are over 18 years old. They are also fictional and a figment of my overactive imagination. Thanks for reading. Feedback is welcome.]

The first porn I remember watching was a Roman orgy scene. I was so shocked to see all the writhing bodies I turned off the TV. I'd never seen anything so hedonistic; my curiosity got the best of me and I turned the TV back on to see what was happening; it was nothing but entangled body parts, mouths sucking and licking anyone in their proximity. Fingers disappearing in vaginas and anuses. Toys galore. Since then, I always imagine orgies when I'm masturbating but, with me a part of the bacchanal.

There are usually 7 of us; 4 women and 3 men. The men are dressed in loincloths, with oiled rock hard bodies. One of them feeds me and the other women grapes and the other two fan us with giant leaves. The other women and I are on big lounging chairs, wearing sheer, frivolous, tissue Roman dresses that barely cover us because it's such a hot day. We're in a big room with pillars and art on the wall, with a deep pool in the middle. I decide to take a dip but don't take my dress off. When I resurface, the fabric is clinging to my skin and you can see my nipples very clearly and they're hard enough to cut glass. One of the women, a redhead, joins me in the pool, caressing my neck, my shoulders, then tweaks my nipples in between her fingers.

The other women and men are watching us. The blonde woman starts rubbing Grape Man's arms and cock through his loincloth while he feeds her and the brunette more grapes; the other two men are still fanning them. I stare at their erections while I moan from the sensation of having my nipples pinched. The Redhead starts sucking on my nipples through my wet clothes and I moan louder. She holds my hand and we walk out of the pool, gesturing to one of the Fan Boys to bring me a towel. The Redhead peels off my wet clothes and kisses me while softly caressing my pussy. I can hear her fingers probing the wetness of my cunt; feel her thumb drawing lazy circles on my clit.

Suddenly, I feel her moving away and give way to rough hands and a towel on my skin. Slowly drying me, lingering on my sensitive breasts. I hear moaning, and I turn around to see the other Fan Boy and Grape Man licking the Blonde and Brunette's pussies while they kiss each other. The Redhead pushes the man with the towel down at my feet and brings his head close to my pussy. He takes one of my legs and puts it on his shoulder, grabs my ass and starts licking and sucking my clit. I feel the redhead's breasts press against my back as she stands behind me, and starts playing with my nipples and kissing my neck. I lean against her and grind my pussy into the man's mouth, holding his head.

In front of me, the other women and men were sharing each other, kissing, licking, and sucking each other. When I get close to coming, the Redhead pushes the man away from me and we join the others on the lounging chairs. The chairs were pushed together now so it looked like one big bed and the Redhead pushes me down on my back. One of the men puts his penis inside me, opening my legs wide, and the Brunette and Blonde each grab one of my legs. The Redhead now sits on my face, with her delicious wet pussy dripping on my tongue, while I get fucked thoroughly. The Blonde and Brunette are being fucked doggy style each while holding my legs open. The man fucking me starts rubbing my clit while he's inside me and I come hard. The Redhead, still grinding her pussy on my mouth, kisses the Blonde and starts playing with her nipples. After I come, we all switch positions; the grape man lies on his back and the Redhead takes his penis inside her, going up and down. The Blonde sits on his face, while sucking Fan Boy #1's cock. Fan boy #1 then licks my pussy, while I put my face in the Brunette's pussy sucking her juices and flicking her clit. The Brunette then takes Fan Boy #2's cock in her mouth and licks the shaft, taking his balls in her mouth. While riding grape man's cock, the Redhead leans down to kiss Fan Boy #2, making one big circle of connecting flesh, each of us pleasuring each other to climax

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