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Chapter 2. Relief.

Danny's second visit only compounded Cynthia's arousal. When Jayne left the room for a minute, she felt compelled to ring Paul and issue some instructions.


"It's me."

"Oh, how's your day going? I was just..."

"Paul? Be quiet and listen to me. Listen carefully. When I get home I want you in your ballet outfit... No, cancel that. Put on your pink blouse and those red latex hot pants I got you, with some white socks and your red trainers."


"Sports training for you, sweetie. You're going to need all the stamina you can get - so no wanking, okay?"

"Yeah, but..."

"And put the plastic fitted sheet on the bed, and charge up two nice big dildos. Oh, and don't forget your lip gloss. You know I like the feeling. Might as well be red. Match your pants. Well, what do you say?"

"Yes, Cynthia. Thank you, Cynthia."

"Good. And be prepared for some hard work. I need satisfaction. I need it badly. So if you don't think you're up to it, you might as well get the riding whip out right now."

"Yes...I mean no...I'll be up to it, my love. Don't worry."

"I'm not the one who needs to worry. I'll be back about six. Be ready."

Jayne returned just as she was finishing her conversation.

"What's he got to be ready for? Paul, right?"

"Yes, Paul. Believe me, darling, he needs to be ready for anything when I'm around!"

"So it's true, what you said? He really can I put it...minister to your every need?"

"Well not every need. But the ones he's able to, yeah."

"You should lend him to be sometime. You know, when Mike's away..."

"Oh...maybe I will!"

"If you didn't mind..."

"Darling, it would be a pleasure! He's well trained. I can guarantee his complete obedience. You'd have to promise not to be soft on him, though. I wouldn't want him getting lazy."

"No chance of that, let me tell you!"

And they both curled up in giggles.

Paul was quite ready when she got home. The bed was prepared, and he was kneeling at the foot of it, the sex toys arranged next to him on a little plastic tray. He looked sweet in his little shiny hot pants, and she could see he already had a nice firm erection. She bent down and thoughtfully adjusted his penis, sliding it around under the taut rubber until it was lying vertical, flat against his tummy.

"There, that looks better. Now I'm just going to have a shower, and then you can get to work."

After her shower, Cynthia returned to the bedroom and, with a sigh of anticipation, lay down luxuriously on the bed. Paul needed no second bidding to commence his duties. Cynthia felt his warm, smooth lips connect with her moist pussy, and soon his tongue was deep inside her, the tip of his nose pressing against her clitoris. She moaned quietly and opened her legs a little wider. She could feel her juices flowing freely now, and her husband lapping them up greedily. But her mind was elsewhere. In her imagination she was sitting next to Danny on the sofa. He had his arm around her, and she was unzipping his jeans. His penis emerged slowly from within, swelling and stiffening until it stood proud and throbbing before her. She took it gently in her hand, feeling its firmness and its heat, but it was too large for her to close her fingers around the shaft. She gave it a little squeeze, making a flow of juice issue from its glistening head, and trickle down over the back of her hand. Danny groaned. In a moment she had leant over and taken it in her mouth, scooping the fluids off it with her tongue and swallowing them. He felt his hand caress the back of her neck, and then he held her head between both hands and began slowly to move it up and down...

But her fantasy was interrupted by an explosive orgasm. She cried out. "Oh...GOD!" Even Paul was surprised at the violence of her climax.

"Darling...are you all right?"

"Don't stop, idiot! Oh, no, no no... That's it...yes, harder, please...yes..."

Eventually she relapsed into a state of semi-consciousness. But there was a smile on her lips. Paul sat back on his haunches. He hadn't even started with the dildos. Wow, he thought, my technique must be improving. He looked sideways at himself in the wardrobe mirror. His cheeks were glistening with his wife's sticky secretions. His pants were slippery with his own juices, and he was longing to be able to cum - but he knew he dare not do that without permission. Nevertheless, he was feeling quite proud of himself. He was about to rise to his feet when he was addressed in a drowsy voice.

"Stay where you are, Paulie. I want five minutes to recover. Then you can get started with the dildos."

Chapter 3. Quid Pro Quo.

It was nearly ten when Cynthia at last allowed Paul some rest.

"Ah... That's better. Well done, dear. I quite enjoyed that. Now...what about you?"

"Please, darling, could I...?"

"You want to cum, I suppose. Well, all right, then. But remember to use a condom, won't you? We don't want you wasting any, do we?"

Cynthia made sure Paul never wasted any of his precious sperm. She insisted he harvest every drop. It was then stored in the freezer, and when there was a sufficient quantity, she would use it to make sweet, tasty desserts for him. It had originally been a punishment for masturbating without permission, but it seemed to her that he was developing a taste for it, which she found amusing. And she even had a vague hope that it might awaken his latent gayness, whose existence she had never doubted.

"No, Cynthia. Can I look at my videos while I...?"

Cynthia looked thoughtful for a moment. "No. Not tonight. I've got a better idea. Go put on a condom, and come and stand by the bed."

Paul experienced a sudden access of hope. Was she actually going to...wank him off? Normally he was expected to provide his own relief, aided by videos or pictures he'd downloaded from the internet. He quickly took a condom from the box in the bedroom drawer, ripped open the packet, and, sliding down his hot pants, rolled it onto his tumescent penis.

"Good boy. Now pop it back into your pants, and pull them up."

Oh. So she's going to do it through my pants. Well, better than nothing, I suppose. He did as he had been told, and went back and stood beside the bed. Cynthia was lying on her back, propped up against the pillow, looking at him with an amused expression on her face.

"You do look cute in those, you know, Paulie? I think I'm going to get you another pair, but with straps, like real girls' hot pants. You can wear them to Tanya's party next month. Would you like that?"

This was not what he wanted to hear. His arousal began to subside. He frowned, and shook his head like a frightened kid. She loved teasing him like this. He was so paranoid she was going to out him to all her girlfriends. Moreover she knew he fancied Tanya, though he didn't know she knew. She could tell by the way he tried to behave all macho when she was around. Tanya would have creased up if she had found out the truth. He was so delightfully easy to manipulate.

"Well, would you?"

"No," sulkily.

"I think you would. I know you. You're just a little show-off really, aren't you? Imagine Tanya's face when she saw your fat little sausage straining at the latex! I bet she wouldn't be able to keep her hands off it."

"Don't be silly!" he shouted, angrily.

"Well, one day we'll find out, I'm sure. But I'm getting you those hotpants anyway. I like the way those ones look on you."

There was a pause.

"What do you want me to do?"

"Nothing. Just stand there. Tonight I'm going to make up a story, and you have to see how long you listen to it without touching yourself. Okay?"

Disappointed, he wrinkled his brow, but didn't reply.

"Good. Then I'll begin."

And she began to retell her fantasy of that evening - and embellish it - like a piece of fiction. Which of course it was, for surely none of it would ever be realised. Would it? She even used the name Danny, which was somehow exciting, and moved on from the scene which had brought her to her first orgasm, into the most perverted an exotic developments she could think of. She recounted her tale with such passion and attention to detail, that soon Paul was listening open-mouthed. A minute or so later, he began kneading his erect member with such eagerness, that it was clear to Cynthia he wasn't going to last very long. And when she introduced Paul himself into the story, as the devoted slave-maid whose job it was to lick and suck Danny into erection preparatory for entry into his mistress's pussy, his reaction was spectacular. He seemed to choke, his eyeballs drifted up under his eyelids, and he came violently, gasping and jerking, and finally sank to his knees.

"Goodness, Paul, I didn't realise you were going to enjoy my story quite that much!"

"I...I...oh...I don't know why..."

"Was it the idea of having to take that big, juicy prick in your mouth...?"

"No! Course not!"


"Well, I'm going to clean up," he said. He rose, embarrassed, and headed towards the door.

"Don't forget to put your condom in the box in the freezer..."

"Course not!" he replied, irritated and a bit confused. He went out and closed the bedroom door.

"Well, well," mused Cynthia, smiling an enigmatic smile.


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